Left Behind Movie Poster Revealed: Nicolas Cage To Play Lead Role

Left BehindIn the past few months there had been rumors going around about the Left Behind reboot and who would play the lead role, the main suspect was Nicolas Cage. Now the poster revealed that Cage will be, in fact, playing the lead role of Raymond Steele alongside Ashley Tisdale and Chad Michael Murray. Although the movie is said to not cover parts of the first book, it is certainly going to have a Christian theme due to its plot being centered around the rapture.

Tim LaHaye, one of the Left Behind authors, read the movie script and said: “It’s probably the worst script I’ve ever read.” The initial production attempt in 2000, starring Kirk Cameron, was a success for being first released on video and DVD before theaters. Still, the book’s authors were gravely disappointed in the production of Left Behind and its two sequels calling it glorified “church basement movies.”

Nicolas Cage has had a great amount of success in the past but his most recent roles have earned him great amounts of criticism. Do you think his role in Left Behind will bring him back into the spotlight?

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  • jda

    This is satire, right? I mean both the “reboot” and especially the Nicholas Cage casting?

    If, sadly, it isn’t, then I must take issue with Bro. LeHaye’s comment that the “reboot” is the “worst script I have ever read”. It can’t be any worse than that of the first “Left Behind”.

  • MontanaMEL

    IF Hollywood can screw something up or around, it will…
    I read this that LeHaye read the “first” script, back in 2000+/-…
    Anything for a buck, eh?
    that’s OK…the way things are going, the “real thing” will overtake the production schedule.

  • Robert Burke

    Doesn’t rapture preaching send out fear? And isn’t fear not of God.

    Just sayin’… And isn’t it good to be open to Higher Ground, ground that isn’t fearful… you know, Moses turned aside from Troglodyte thinking and went to higher ground… ground that isn’t fearful… you know?

    • 1waco64

      it is the fear (RESPECT) of God, SILLY.

      • Robert Burke

        Humans have three base emotions: fear, greed and laziness.

        Fear is provided abundantly by the rapture preaching and movies and books. Have you noticed rapture books are often what is sold at garage sales?

        Greed is provided abundantly by the prosperity preaching style of “give-to-get” and indulgences sold. Have you ever desired perspective to see this?

        Laziness is provided by “amen-ing” emergent gobbledygook preaching style of “whatever is whatever!” So rapture adherence is one of three things sold by Churchianity to fill bank accounts.

        But have you ever thought about how low-mentality preaching fills people with fear, greed and laziness?

        Is it too much to ask people to think, with wide-angle perspective, about that?

    • Paladin

      No, the rapture event does little to cause fear. Ending up in hell is also scary and Jesus taught more about hell than he did about heaven. What follows after the rapture is the Great Tribulation and the fulfilling of the book of Revelation, which to some is scary. To the believer the rapture is nothing to fear, but is something they hope will happen soon. Most unbelievers when they hear of it dismiss it as a myth, and many worldly Christians today take it lightly–supposing it wil not happen in their time. Some churches do not beleive or teach it, often defending their postion by arguing , the word “rapture” is not found in the Bible. That is true. The word “rapture” does not appear in the English bible. The reason for it’s abaence is: the word “rapture” is from the Latin word “raptus”.The New Testament was originally written in Greek, not Latin. The Latin word “raptus” however, is equivalent to the Greek word “harpazo” which Paul uses to describe this event and is translated in the King James Bible “caught away , pluck out, or take by force. The word “harpazo” is also used in other passages of New Testament which have nothing to do with the rapture. So yes, it is in the Bible. It is strictly a Pauline doctrine found only in Paul’s letters. 1st Thessalonians 4:17. 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-7; 1st Corinthians 15:51-55.

  • Camden

    I have all 3 Left Behind movies and Kirk Cameron was great. How watered down will this new movie be if Nic Cage is starring in it?

  • Deb

    Does anyone remember the movie “To End all Wars” that starred Kiefer Sutherland during his years in movie wasteland? It’s a good movie with some positive Christian messaging while the book it’s based on is definitely Christian. Looks like every now and then some major Hollywood star will act in any movie if it brings some $ in, and we can enjoy a few decent movies out of the lot.

  • Gustavo Dias

    I hate when a philosophers attempts to delude theology. Tim LaHaye is a philosopher not a theologian.

  • 1waco64

    when hollywood put moses on a raft in the great floood, i quit watching their lies.

  • Oldchopper

    I find Christian based movies more believable when done using Christian actors/actresses and/or unknowns.

  • Stephen Russell

    Now remake the serial for TV use or TBN ( So CA) for libraries, churches alone & Outreach missions.

  • sadnana

    I’m always surprised when authors sell rights to their work without retaining control of how they will be exploited. I remember how ridiculous little Tom Cruise looked in “Interview with the Vampire” in a role that clearly called for a more physically imposing actor. Ann Rice should have insisted on cast approval just as Mr. LaHaye should have retained the right of script approval. Since he apparantly did not he has no one but himself to blame for this disaster in the making.


  • Jesus Is God

    They can start by correcting the error that during the rapture people will not “disappear”,
    rather, their souls will depart their bodies leaving their bodies behind. To the secular world they will have the appearance of simply dying, in mass, all around the world.

    That is based upon scripture:1Cor 15:50 I declare to you, brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.

    When Jesus calls up his church, we will all go just as those before us, we will be absent from the body, and present with the Lord. 2Cor 5:8

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