• Audie Bible

    Oh yea, the compassionate liberals again prove the stupidity they posses. Kyle would have given the shirt off his back if they needed it, not to mention saved their miserable lives whether they were liberal or conservative. Thats just the kind of guy he was. Give this world more heros like Kyle and trash the liberals in the dumpster.

    • BourbonGhost

      Proof again that so many are only compassionate about the causes they support. Kill a baby deer? How tragic. Kill a human being? Let’s all laugh about it. We live in a sick world.

      • TLady62

        Indeed we do, sir.

      • WASP

        The inmates are running the asylum. Liberalism is prima facie evidence of insanity.

      • DrSique

        Selective outrage is the MO of the modern liberal. They kinda make me throw up in my mouth with all of their hypocratic nonsense.

  • Abby

    People like this just need to leave our country…they are not American’s and know nothing of the American way.

    • ADRoberts

      If you were to find them at a Tea Party rally or a march for 2nd amendment rights, you will not hear a PEEP. They only spew out their venom when they are safe in anonymouse conditions. Talk about a lack of integrity. Makes Sarah Palin look like Paul Bunyon.

  • Wes Walker

    Tell me again how their side represents compassionate kindness? I still don’t see it.

    • TLady62

      Please don’t hold your breath waiting.

    • ADRoberts

      It is all WORDS. As Yasir Arafat said, it is just words. But on that site, they reveal their soul. They are not trying to deceive when they post that kind of hate. Watch their actions. See if they come to the rescue of someone being killed by the government WHEN that happens. Not a chance.
      They are cowards when it comes to actions. YOu might say they respond much like a criminal when he sees a gun in the hand of his proposed victim. THEY RUN.

  • Bill

    Freaking Libtards make me sick !

    • buck

      ditto !!

  • VirgoVince

    WE already know that ALL ugly idiot libturds are brain damaged!!!!
    WHY aren’t they getting shot????

    • DJ_Fisher

      Because they hang in packs so they can make everyone else feel left out….

  • Everett

    These fools are a fine example of the liberal thinking, really fine examples of human beings. It goes to show you that such creatures lack any evidence of being caring human beings. Their abscence would be no loss to the gene pool. But then these libertards support the murder of unborn babies. Nuff said.

  • danclamage

    Sorry to say the Marine who shot him probably didn’t know what he was doing. Semper Fi.

    • DJ_Fisher

      If that is what really happened. Now me, I suspect a CIA operative at the orders of “you know who”, “him of whom we do not speak”.

      • wayne74467

        ‘him of whom we do not speak”, that would have to be Obama, Reid, Pelosi or Karl Rove. any one would fit.

    • ADRoberts

      Kyle would have been high on the list of targets for all Muslims. They did not mention the race or religious beliefs of the perp. Do you wonder why? NBC and others are CAREFUL to NOT mention such details, for fear that Americans will realize that the civil war has already started.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    Liberals show thier true colors ,,, they are SCUMBAGS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Longhunter

    To those who celebrate the death of Chris Kyle, it is my fervent hope you’re in a situation where you’ll need a SEAL or some other authority figure with a gun to save your life but the last thing you see is the cold eyes of the person who kills you.

    Rest In Peace, Chris Kyle, one of the elite of the elite.

  • rowleya

    LibProgressives expose their real purpose and ideology in their own words. You cannot hide evil behind a Mask of propaganda.

  • rpg

    Liberals are human filth. They’re the enemy of liberty.
    Stop doing business with them stop associating with them.
    Starve them.

    • ADRoberts

      That would includ UPS. They caved to homo pressure and pulled their support for the Boy Scouts.

  • Bobseeks

    Well duh, liberals are hate-filled scum; so what else is new?

  • BigUgly666

    Hmmm! This guy put his life on the line defending the “rights” of these idiots to bad-mouth him and to celebrate his murder. Shows what kind of filth and trash they really are.
    If they hate the people who gave their blood to protect their “rights”. perhaps “we” should just start exacting “payment” for the protection of those “rights”? Sounds fair to me.

  • Kosenator

    You claim to love your constitution. Does your constitution give permission to get rid of imposters and traitors who threaten your freedom? Do you love your constitution or will you cry for it when it has been removed completely? Don’t give up your guns. And get your souls right with God. Those are the two main point to keep your freedoms.

    • ADRoberts

      Last Wednesday, a man in Albuquerque faced a swat team led by Homeland Security. He did not fight them. He did not even wound one of them. They took 1500 guns from him. He was a collector and a licensed FFL gun dealer.
      So you say “don’t give up your guns.” Yet they WILL come for yours. Will you fight back and be killed or be like this gun owner. By the way, NOT A SINGLE CHARGE has been filed against him. But they did say something about a few documents being missing. What do you want to bet, they were responsible for making those documents go missing.
      Don’t trust the government. And try to get a Sheriff who will resist the Feds. Obviously the shefiff in Albuquerque did not. I suspect he provided the Swat team.

  • Dean

    Liberals are really a sad bunch!!!! They don’t think about how many American troops this heroic man saved. Too bad they were not in the battlefield. They would have a totally different outlook.

    • ADRoberts

      Maybe not. The coward John Kerry was supposedly in battle and look what h is doing. John McCain is NOT any better. Some people just don’t seem to have ANY compassion, morality, or sense. And yet they seem driven to be in charge. Thus we see McCain, Kerry, H. Clinton, Obama, Schumer, Feinstein, Waters, You get the idea. You could list most of the people in DC and not miss. They NEVER do any real work But they sure do want to be in charge.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dyatalese David Yatalese

    Liberalism, the ideology of compassion? Or is it equity? How about fairness? None of the above. Never, NEVER, turn your back on a liberal. They’re true selves will come out and kick you when you’re down.

    To really get to know liberals, don’t listen to their leaders and don’t listen to any blather they tell you to your face. You won’t hear the truth.

    Listen to the truth from their own lips, (or keyboards as the case may be), when conversing with each other. No use lying when you’re all in on it.

    I wonder what it looks like on Huff-Po and KOS.

  • The Old Man

    It’s hard to believe that there are people like that …. he served his country with distinction which is probably more than any of the liberals did.

  • BrassRing

    I doubt Kyle would be bothered by this. The bleats of these sheep, along with the threats and rewards offered by the mooozies just prove that he was doing the right thing.
    He was a real man and the rest of these babies are jealous

  • Rey Palmer

    In the Lame Stream Media & a Liberals mind, Murder, Abortion, Lies, Deceit, Hate and Voter Fraud are only BAD when they are used against a Liberal. Used against a Conservatives, well Conservetives deserved it!

  • http://facebook.com/bruce.feher Bruce Feher

    Nothing but a bunch of low life “progressive” PIGS!

  • 19gundog43

    Just more proof Liberalism is a serious mental illness. Chief Kyle is worth
    more dead than the entire lot of these sub-humans put together. Chris was a real
    man. These despicable soulless scum aren’t fit to lick the dirt of his boots. Live large
    in Heaven Chris. One more solder in God’s Heavenly army. Gonna rock when Jesus
    comes back with the likes of Chris and millions more like him. Hoooyahhh!!!!!

    • buck

      down with all libtards with their brains full of mush ! they are one sick group people !

    • ADRoberts

      Lesson for those in the future who are trying to help disturbed vets. Don’t take them to the gun range. Don’t trust them with a gun in your presence. If they could not handle combat, they are not to be trusted until they get their head straight.
      PS. Call me a skeptic. I think a lot of these guys are looking for a way to retire on taxpayers dime. Don’t jump me. Not all but I draw my conclusion from the LARGE number of people who have filed for and obtained disabilities in the last 4 years.

  • lizaz

    These poor people are sick individuals….too bad, but fortunately we don’t have to read their moronic garbage. They are the ones who should never be given access to any type of weapon……

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rodney-Small/100001199649958 Rodney Small

    These Twits are part of the 99% that sit in N.Y. and do drugs, rape women, crap on police cars and only God knows what else. They should remember that there are a lot of retired snipers that had high respect for Mr. Kyle. If this vermin that think his murder was okay than they need to be removed from my U.S.A. in a plastic bag.

  • Papi

    The America I love is being rapidly destroyed by the “progressive” left. They will not be happy until ‘meat is murder by law’ and anyone can abort a child at anytime for any reason. Planned parenthood has killed more children so far this year than all U.S. Soldiers have since 1776! Fact of the day, eugenicist Margaret Sanger (founder of planned parents) was well revered and a close friend to Adolf Hitler. As both had nearly identical goals.

  • David Han

    I can’t believe that anyone would celebrate his death. He served, as all servicemembers do, to defend our country and our way of life. Then he gets murdered and the liberals celebrate his death? My anger knows no limits right now! He deserved so much better alive and especially now that he is dead. The fact that a former Marine killed him makes it hurt so much more.

  • XSF

    Not sure if my comment is a violation of the posting policy but its not vulgar or profane, if it’s true! In light of some of the other comments posted here, I’ll take a chance.
    LIberals = licentious ignorant blaspheming evil repugnant asinine lying sycophants

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.allred.568 Jeremy Allred

    There is a special place in hell for sorry low down pieces of trash like this. R.I.P. MR. Kyle

  • http://twittertruthmatrix.blogspot.ca/ Jean-Marc in Canada

    Pot, Kettle, Black

  • tncdel

    These were not Liberals. I wish rightwing media would stop abetting the charade by the commie-socialist Progressives masquerading as true Liberals. The two are almost polar opposites of each other.

    A true Liberal is a freedom-loving supporter of U.S. sovereignty. Whereas, the globalist Progressives seek to dissolve our borders, as do the neocon and RINO traitors in the GOP like Boehner, Rubio, McCain, Bush, etc. who support a “pathway to citizenship” [a.k.a. AMNESTY].

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    Put it this way, do you really think JFK, a true Liberal and genuine war hero fiercely loyal to America, would applaud Kyle’s murder? Of course not!

    That is why I say we need to stop calling globalist Progs “Liberals,” because that only helps them maintain their charade.

  • barbiecakes

    Liberalism is the party of surrender.

  • gwedem5995

    I am hoping each and everyone of the people that were glad he was killed have to face a gun in their face sometime in their lifetime.

  • ADRoberts

    There is nothing rational, moral or ethical about the liberals. They are hypocrits in every sense of the word. But if the Bible is correct, and it is, they will be judged with the same justice they have judged Kyle. So by their OWN MOUTHS, they are condemned. God have mercy on them.
    To use one of THEIR favorite word, THEY ARE FULL OF HATE.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wanda.williams.58323431 Wanda Williams

    You have to keep in perspective that these ppl r the ones who have no remorse for killing the unborn (the most innocent).

    Kyle fought for these arsholes to be able to spew forth their hate.
    Kyle fought to keep our freedom.

  • singingcowboy674

    Least Paticia’s account has been suspended. Probably more to follow.

  • DocJimmy

    I don’t know the details surrounding Chris Kyle’s death and that’s my fault, but; he served his Country with Honor and that’s good enough, in this instance, for me. As was touched on by Wanda Williams below; liberals have NO problem extinguishing the life of a ‘Heart-beating’ fetus for the sake of convenience, but; revel at the death of a Veteran. I’m not sure this is the kind of ‘Free Speech’ the 1st Amendment spirited for, but; does paint a ugly picture of those who use it this manner. They are shameless and void of conscience and that is most pathetic, in deed…

  • granny_forUSA

    Do they have an open season on Liberals? Just asking. Seems that the liberals are as stupid as BOZO. BOZO has his girls guarded by armed security, does that mean that he knew that more schools were going to be targeted. Like they knew 9/11 was going to happen & were warned. Do they ever tell we legal citizens about any warnings that they get or had…..of course not, what better way to lower the population so they can open the borders. Hey you liberals…STUPID is as STUPID does, and you do STUPID so well.

  • Paladin

    The liberals celebrate death every day a woman goes in and has an abortion.

    America is being bred out of existence, thanks to liberals and their propaganda that woman have bought hook line and sinker that the government wants to take over their bodies.

    Hey ladies AND gentlemen… if you don’t want a baby, insist on protection or keep your damned legs closed and your parts in your pants.

    Take responsibility for your actions, don’t have them flushed down the toilet.

  • mthammer

    I wish these fake liberals would like to identify , where they live and we can meet up, so you can tell me to my face that it was karma, laugh alot and patricia the next time someone comes after you , instead of defending your honor , I will just walk away. I live in Hilton Head,SC reply and we can go and have some coffee,Semper Fi

    • maddog2008

      Mike, I would be more than happy to join you and buy the coffee for these lowlife “liberals”.I would bet that none of these POSs would have the guts to show up,they are nothing but brainwashed cowards with big mouths. That being said,I would like to invite all of the leftist scumbags also for coffee,I live in Rochester NY and are more than welcome to set up a day and time.I’ll even buy seeing that all of you progressive loons love to “live” off of other people. Semper Fi. Mike,aka: Maddog2008.

  • conservative

    Sad that they cheer the death of a man who saved, God only knows, how many of our troops lives.

  • Debra T

    Sorry that one of our best and brightest (Chris Kyle) was murdered…hope he chose Heaven so that I can see him someday and talk with him…guess it was his “time”. Meanwhile, I know God said “Vengeance is mine; I will repay”; and thank God they caught the murderer!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629591346 Gary Jones

    The universities teach activism to replace patriotism, I hope they reinstate the draft so you can practice your activism and learn that the enemy don’t care what you have to say. Go to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or even Egypt. Hey Obama killed more people with drones than this Seal did protecting his own men. Why are you hypocrites not in the streets like you were for Bush. There has been more American lives lost since Obama pulled out troops than the whole time Bush was in office. Maybe if the draft is reinstated you pink panty wearing boys will run to Canada or Mexico. I remember you sissy’s returning from Vietnam. Activist or/ progressive idiots the same animal walking FEMA will take care of you soon. No guns, No bullets but feel free to shoot your hot air chants. RIP Chris Kyle, for a job well done for honoring your oath in and out of the military. To the Kyle family I’m sorry for your loss. Semper Fi

  • darkcyder

    I think Chris Kyle would most appropriately quote Patric Henry at this point: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” And he DID. They should all at least thank him for having cared so much for them ALL that he was willing to go in harm’s way on their behalf. Do they not realize that had we not taken the war to them, they would have brought it (again) to us? And the first to go would have been the loud mouthed liberals who were busy hiding in their parent’s basements.

  • Eddie G.

    Liberals favor innocent unborns to be killed on the altars of Planned Parenthood. Given that, human lives are no longer sacred regardless of age. The “anti-violence” liberals are the most bloodthirsty,barbaric,humans to walk the planet since the Inquisitions of the Dark Ages centuries ago. Amazing how far back Dummycrat ancestry goes. Twitter by liberal twits the celebration of a decorated war hero’s loss of his life not on the battlefield, is totally sick. It’s so disheartening how Godless this country has become.

  • marineh2ominer

    Any more doubts about the level of insanity among liberals and progressives ? by the way , KYLE never MURDERED anybody under one year old like abortionists do everyday , he just killed the enemy killing our own personnel . Huge difference between murder and killing .

  • Deepizzaguy

    Liberals can go jump off the Bridge Of The Americas into the Panama Canal for all I care but I do not want the city of La Boca to be flooded with the stench of their stupid minds.

  • irishw

    Most of these pussie tweeters lost their balls many years ago. Now they can hide behind their tweets. They’re so brave.

  • pmonly

    When I read about Chris Kyle’s death yesterday I was so saddened that it made me sick and I could not comment on it. Did I personally know him? No. Did I ever meet him? No. But that did not diminish the grief I felt at the loss of one of our American heroes. This is a man who served his country. This man was a true Patriot. The reason some people are so viciously callous is because they don’t know what those words mean. They’ve never felt or known what true patriotism is. They don’t know what love of country is. They laugh at what they don’t understand. Our hearts are heavy with grief but their loss is much greater. They just don’t know it.

  • boss7777777

    how sad that people would say such foolish and heartless comments,may God have mercy on there soul,my prayers are with all his love ones and friends

  • bob

    Chris Kyle was an American Hero. God rest his soul. I first heard of Chris on an episode of Sons of Guns. I had tears in my eyes when I heard he was murdered. He was such a sincere and generous man always trying to help his fellow warriors survive the ordeals they went through while at war. My heart goes out to his family.

  • kimjim4042

    I cannot bring myself to ask Gods forgivness for someone who would celebrate one of America’s most heroics death or murder. You are all the most disgusting animals on the face of the earth and I wish I personally could throw your sorry arse out of this country and you never be able to return. You don;’t deserve to ive in this country! DAMN you, each and every one who is guilty of this horrible behavior. Chris, enjoy heaven, you deserve it!

  • Juan Motie

    There are no people on earth more hateful, mean-spirited, non-compasionate and intolerant than American democrats and/or liberals and/or”progressives.”

  • 1LTVeteran

    God Bless this American Hero! This is how much compassion we would get if the liberals took over; the same compassion Stalin showed the Ukrainians, Hitler showed the Jews and Mao showed the Chicoms. Keep your guns boys and girls!


    An awful lot of Navy Seals killed recently…Something seems fishy…These guys would not cave in a civil war….We needed them..None of the bad guys going anywhere

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