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  • Todd

    Sexistic bigott. I wouldn’t listen to Giles if HE WAS THE LAST PERSON IN THE WORLD!

    • JaeDub

      then why come to this site. i think you have a crush on doug. when you see a pic of him smoking a cigar, i would bet you imagine him smoking you. silly lil boy

    • JRJ21

      When did you lose your manhood,the feminists want to erase all masculinity and they already have reduced you to a girlfriend mentality.

  • Todd Hickman

    Love it!

  • edgar freindly

    Maybe the title should be more current; “Raising Boys the Feminists will Wanna Drug”

  • John Kirkwood

    Classic! Love it! You killed it again brother!

  • Vito Powers

    Senior Pastor Doug Giles will be giving his weekly sermon on Sunday at 10:30 AM as required by IRS regulations so he can maintain the tax-exempt status of his bogus Clash Christian Church Inc (www.clashchurch.com) and continue receiving government grant money from the Bush/Obama Faith-based initiative program. The Clash Christian Church Inc is located once-a-week for two hours in Section B of the Royal Palm Ballroom on the 2nd floor of the Residence Inn in Aventura, Florida. (breakfast buffet not included) All denominations are welcomed, especially fives, tens, and twenties.

    • Abigail

      Wow. Doug’s gay stalker from Townhall.com has wandered over here. I bet Clash now has his IP address, his phone number and address!

  • Doug Rodrigues

    The metrosexuals, homosexuals, lisbians, and feminists are probably going crazy after watching this video. In reality, these people are, in my opinion, mentally ill. .

  • herdzcatz

    Actually many feminists ARE feminists due to the LACK of strong, godly male role models in their upbringing and then in their adult relationships. Tragic.

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