• pete

    Yet more demonstrable evidence that Obama disdains the warrior mentality of our Navy SEAL’s. RIP, Chris Kyle!

    • 7papa7

      I’ll bet that if Mr. Kyle was black he would have ordered the flags at half mast. He is a flaming racist and this is just more evidence of it. Between the fact that she was black and he has contempt for those who keep America safe, this is no surprise. The saddest part of this is that he was actually allowed back into the white house.

      • hookemowls

        Thanks to voter fraud and low-information voters……….pathetic!

      • PrincessTamera

        Did O forget that his Mom was white & that he’s half black & half white? Too bad he couldn’t claim his white half & act like he cared about white people rather than divide our whole country & set race relations back at least 50 years! He does anything that is convenient to him-he’s a narcissistic, unintelligent psycho that the sheeples voted back in!

        • 7papa7

          His goal is to divide the country.

    • Cheryl

      I applause our Military.i have a nephew in the Army 26yrs. I’m grateful for what they do for for us. You can see how this so called Pres. cares about the soldiers& even the USA. Impeach him is the way to go. Congress what are you getting paid for. Do you job not vacation like Obama or be fired.

      • Susan

        Speak English
        Use Grammar Correctly
        What else? Oh yes…
        Stop USING MY NAME

        • tompro97

          WHAT is your problem??? You’re the only stupid one that I see.


      And don’t forget that BOBO is also a RACIST MUSLlM FLEEBAGGING LlBT@RD POS !!!!!!!! BOBO proves this a little more each day doesn’t he !!!!!

  • Todd

    Theyre Giles goes again showing his rasicism and his love of the military. Whitney Houston was a sweet treasure and a victim of fame. WHY DON’T YOU NAME THIS SIGHT HATERS.COM?

    • CWO

      Todd I still can’t see why her being a star warrants the Flag at half staff and yet a true Hero doesn’t even get a word from this so called commander and chief if any one should show some kind of respect for any fallen hero of this country but I guess he didn’t die in country and you know he would not be mentioned then.

    • tom cook

      Todd–aren’t you the d-bag from Sat Night Live? Take a look at your sweet treasure, d-bag. Why don’t we name you slutlover.com

    • dandeman

      Thank the “current” military for defending your sick-minded rights to post your opinion here. You should spend some time in a third world country with dictators and then revisit your retoric about love of military.
      Whitney Houston was famous for singing and acting. What part of patrotism is there in that? She was a money slut like every other person who wants to be famous and live the free life. Then instead of basking in the glory of her success, she decided to blow it all on a little high time. How is this defending or contributing to our countries freedom?
      I for one would never offer up the flag flying at half mast for anyone other than those that laid down their life to insure the stars and stripes flew FREE forever.

    • Ben Pincus

      I appreciate Todd’s opinion and the fact that he is brave enough to share it here. His belief is sincerely representative of a large segment of American culture. Beating Todd up will not change his mind—and we very much want to change his mind. I agree that phrases like “victim of fame” are ridiculous, although the phenom of celebrities wrecking their own lives is very common. It betrays the inner emptiness that is only deepened by the secular Atheist culture. One way to change things over time is to make a committed marriage and raise 6 or more conservative children. If conservative whine about “affordability” and “how hard it is” then liberals will bury us. Liberals are too busy having “fun” and doing their crack to bother about the future. Walking the walk for conservatives means reproducing (a lot!) and raising our children with positive values. I worry that too many of us don’t do that, we are so busy yelling at the liberals. Make babies!

      • Susan

        Oh my God
        This is HILARIOUS
        have lots of sex and stop yelling at the liberals

        BAGGERS are such idiots

    • JMWinPR

      Please name one thing Ms. Houston did or gave to the U.S. Entertaining for vast personal gain really doesn’t count.

    • bigotist

      Put the pipe down, ur gonna burn ur fingers!!!!!!!!

    • clbrown

      There goes one of the moron-radical-left, who see nothing but skin color (because that’s about as far as their ability to discern goes).

      That Todd sees ONLY the race here is a sign of TODD’S RACISM, and of nothing else.

      Show me any remark, by Gyles or anyone else, who said that “Whitney Houston was less important than Chris Kyle because she was black.”

      The point was not about “the color of the skin” but about “the content of the character” of each individual. You may, Todd, remember who’s most famous for talking about that. Any clue in that pot-addled brain of yours? No?

      Houston was a talented singer… but she was a human being, not a “treasure,” and the only thing she was a “victim” of was her own behavior. HER BEHAVIOR. No one else’s.

      Houston killed herself, through her inability to behave as a mature, responsible adult. You can say that she was “destroyed by her fame,” but let’s be clear… lots of famous people never go down that path. It’s just that the path to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on drugs is not available to those who haven’t found that level of “success.”


      It’s a sad thing that she died as she did, but her death was just the culmination of a long, sad decline… one that people like you, who “idolized” her, pushed her along. Yes, your “worshipful” tone towards her… as a societal thing… is a primary contributing factor to her decline. So, in a sense, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HER DEATH, Todd. And by continuing to treat her as something other than an ordinary human being who just happened to have a good singing voice, you’re potentially pushing others, who’ll follow in her self-destructive footsteps, into the same path, and to the same sad ending.

      Naturally, Todd shows his own true (pathetic) colors here by associating “rasicism” (sic) and “love of the military” as being similarly “negative” traits. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single hint of “rasicism” (sic) coming from anyone on the right. It’s always you moronic neo-fascist leftists who insist on viewing people, not as individuals, but as members of some easily-stereotyped “group.”

      As far as “love of the military” being somehow a NEGATIVE… Todd, you’re a clueless @#$*. You only have the freedoms you have today due to those of us who either serve today or have served previously. We put our lives on the line to defend the right of sniveling little self-indulgent brats like you to express your self-righteous, preening, self-stroking fatuous rants… the least you could do would be to recognize that, in every case where “your side” has won the day, suppression of any form of societal (social or political) dissent has been the first casualty.

      Don’t believe me? You might want to wipe the crack-pipe-smoke residue from the corners of your eyes and actually read a history book or two. In particular, you might want to study the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Both saw exactly the sort of program which people like you are promoting at the core of their “liberalization” which eventually led to the abuses which we’re all familiar with (well, except for those of you who’ve burnt out too many brain cells to be able to remember past this morning, I suppose!)

      Finally, Todd… I haven’t seen a bit of “hate” on this site, coming from the authors/owners… but your post, above, was undeniably an expression of your own intolerance and hatred. I don’t “hate” you, by the way, but I do find your behavior to be pathetic and reprehensible… and I really hope that you might, someday, actually grow up and figure out what all ADULTS understand…

      That “honoring” someone who was given every advantage in life, and yet destroyed herself entirely of her own accord, may be sad, but it’s not something worth of HONOR. Meanwhile, Chris Kyle, who put his life into danger VOLUNTARILY every single day in order to protect people like you, and who wrote a best-selling book and gave all proceeds from that book to charity… and who died trying to help someone who desperately needed his help, putting himself (once again) out, selflessly, for others… he deserves all the honor we could give to him.

      See the difference between Whitney Houston and Chris Kyle, Todd?

      It’s not the difference you (being the racists you are) see… it’s not about the color of their respective skin.

      It’s the fact that Whitney Houston represents self-indulgence, lack of self-control, lack of self-respect, and total devotion to herself, ignoring everyone and everything else.

      It’s the fact that Chris Kyle represents self-sacrifice, tremendous self-discipline, embracing of personal honor and responsibility, total devotion to others and to what he believed to be right, even at the cost of his own life.

      If you could get past your own racism, you might be able to see that.

    • Aristophanes

      This is why I figure there is no hope for liberals. Whitney DID have a beautiful voice until she decided drugs were better. She was not a “victim”, she decided all by herself that she liked drugs more. I just love how you liberals can close your eyes to obvious racism on YOUR president’s behalf and yet try to claim racism on a conservatives behalf when he points out the obvious racism liberals display. You are such hypocrites!! Try, just once, to use what little brains God gave you and realize that you fearful leader is a RACIST!!

    • AFZoomieTim

      How about: “We all just hate Todd”.com? That would be more appropriate!!

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      Because it isn’t about haters, Todd. You missed the point. BTW: If you’re going to accuse others of racism, please learn to spell the word. It helps.

    • boccagalupe

      Victim, victim?? That broad was a victim? The woman was given talent and she wasted it. Was she victimized by some errant needle jumping into her arm? or maybe some pills jumping into her mouth? Or was she victimized by earning a fortune which she used to sicken herself. She had it all, Talent, beauty, career but she herself wasted it. So very very sad. She earned no national honors.

  • Camden

    There you go again Todd, showing your ignorance to double standards and disdain towards the Military. Stick to the Huffington Post and Occupy blogs…

  • roger

    Obama clearly despises the militay, any clear thinking person can see this. He will do everything in his power to dismantle our military before he leaves office. Chris Kyle is a hero and has done more for this country than this lousy community organizer and crackhead singer could ever do. You see he loved his country and his fellow teammates and was willing to pay the ultimate price. And unfortunately while trying to help another vet he did just that. I dont need the organizer to tell me when to lower my flag to half staff, I did it on my own! If we wait for him to do the right thing it will never get done. May God bless all of our troops.

  • marineh2ominer

    The a–hole-in-chief has struck again .

    • Evermyrtle

      .Anti-GOD, anti-America,is his official name

  • Mountain Cowboy




    • mfernandez57MN

      Even though I agree with everything you shouted, I voted you down for that very reason. You shouted EVERYTHING! The occasional use of all CAPS for special emphasis is fine, but when you use all caps for an entire post, you’re figuratively shouting at everyone. Not cool bro.

      • bigotist

        Your not cool, stupid reply, I didn’t hear anyone shouting!!!!!
        Ya read it, didn’t ya? Cap this!!!!!!!

        • Redstater

          Umm.. it’s spelled : ‘you’re’

        • Aristophanes

          I agree with Michael. I do not even read the posts when it is all caps – it gives me a headache. So, if you really have something to say, do not SHOUT.

          • http://twitter.com/CharlieHolmes62 Charlie Holmes

            Oh, jeez! Grow a pair already!

          • Aristophanes

            Wow. Because I do not want a headache? If your definition of courage is to be able to read caps, you really have low self-esteem.

      • Mountain Cowboy


        • DrDulcamara

          In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream…think about it. And there are no cows in the mountains.

  • redwolf6911

    Chris Kyle is a true Texas Hero and Patriot right up there with another Texas patriot and hero Audie Murphy. Chris was a good and decent man and did not deserve to be murdered nor did his friend.

    • Black Rain

      Honorable Kyle should not have dead the way he did! Personally, I believe he had been in the real world to long. He put to much trust in this man he was trying to help. This shooter had problems and for Chris to turn his back on him, I don’t understand or turn your back on him with a loaded gun. I believe there is more to this story than what we will ever know. Chris, you were a great American and will be missed. Rest in peace, watch over those in harms way.

    • Steve Thomas

      My dad was in “To Hell and Back” with Audie Murphy.

  • mom2marine

    Chris is getting his reward in Heaven. God bless his family.

  • capitalust

    Whaddya expect? Did you happen to notice their races? Great pic of Whitney – she must have cleaned up a lot for that one.

  • agbjr

    Kris Kyle should have lain in state at the Capitol with all flags at half-mast … Obama should be laid in the gutter. The day he goes my flag will fly at full mast, I will salute the procession with two raised middle fingers, and I will loudly play a recording of Handel’s “Alleluia Chorus”.

    • Lee Baldwin

      tomorrow is the start of the O packing for home! here is the Supreme Court Docket 12A606, that will be brought up Feb.15th! link~ http://www.supremecourt.gov/Search.aspx?FileName=/docketfiles/12a606.htm
      the Court will decide his eligibility to be president.

      ~enjoy! ~dream of FREEDOM again for Ameica!

    • Susan

      I guess you live on a SHIP Half mast= ship
      Sail on out of here

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Would this be racist on Obama’s part?

  • mustang

    The Liar in Chief daily shows his racist viewpoint and anti-America postions. This is just ine more. Ask your Democrat friends about this example. It is a microcosim of obama’s thinking.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Ever met young men heading willingly to Afghanistan for a year’s deployment and hear their families say, “they will be fine. It is what they want to do?” I did just last night, and it was a touching scene. Those who rant about the military are cowards.

    • chrismalllory

      “Those who rant about the military are cowards.”

      Says the person who posts under a fake name.

      • clbrown

        Prove that “Chris Mallory” is your real name… and prove that “4lifeandfreedom” is different than the overwhelming majority of other net-identities out there.

        I’ll meet you in person and repeat what “4life” said to your face, if you want to come to Texas.

      • Poodleguy

        chrismalllory, you appear to be a very small minded dweeb & your idiotic post validates it!!!

      • Steve Thomas

        Or don’t even put in a picture of themselves.

  • TPM

    Flags flown at half mast, for a crackhead, who set a horrible example for those who followed her life. What’s honorable about that?
    We already knew that the Commander in Chimp has nothing but disdain for our military. I’m not a bit surprised that Obama dissed Kyle. Kyle was a hero, in many ways. Obama is a snake.

    • Steve Thomas

      At least he didn’t go to the funneral and try to hug the dead body.

  • Jim28thReg

    Another no surprise Ms. Houston was a fellow drugy. Congress also went along with it didn’t they ! Course for most of them their drug of choice is screw the public give me money and Monkey Man can do whatever he wants.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ernie.cloutier.5 Ernie Cloutier

    Chris Kyle is not a person of color so he will not lower the flag to half mast >>> Sure says alot for our so called laesder

  • Lonesome

    Obama re affirms what we already know…obama is a piece of shiite!

  • worldwatchman

    UNFRIGGIN’ BELIEVEABLE!!!!!! Too bad someone couldn’t frag his arse.

  • BobM001

    IT’S BECAUSE SHE WAS BLACK PEOPLE!!!! Obama is as BIG a RACIST and any BLACK RACIST out there. He is also a MUSLIM! Therefore he can employ “Taqiyya” which according to the Quran states that it is “acceptable” to LIE TO AN INFIDEL. That means especially to a mostly Christian nation. Chris Kyle single handedly “whacked” 160 of Obama’s “brethren”. This is why he would call for “half staff” for a black crackhead instead of an AMERICAN HERO. How that for “change”?

  • JD Sparks

    well, to be clear, I believe it was Chris Christie who ordered the flags in New Jersey lowered for the crackhead.
    Am I wrong?

  • BarryOduma

    Oduma is a total moron….

    • Marc

      The morons are the people here blaming Obama for something done by a Republican governor.

      Chris Christie (Republican) ordered flags flown at half staff for Houston. Rick Perry (Republican) was asked to order flags flown at half staff for Kyle and refused to do so.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aviyah.menachem Aviyah Menachem

    I haven’t read all the millions of comments about Chris, may he rest in peace. Has anyone mentioned that his murderer may have been subjected to hypnotic suggestion and directed to kill Chris? In other words, it may have been a hit. Is this crazy?

    • nmgene

      Every mass shooter in the last 20 years was on prescription drugs with mental problems. It is easy to manipulate these people and the government knows how to do it. Even Chantics to help you stop smoking can cause strange thoughts and suicide.

      • nmgene

        Is that my real name????

        • http://twitter.com/CharlieHolmes62 Charlie Holmes

          No. You’re a figment of your own imagination. Have a good day!

    • http://twitter.com/CharlieHolmes62 Charlie Holmes

      Not crazy, but unlikely. There is evidence that the guy was suffering from some serious PTSD. Still, it having been a “hit” is a very real possibility.

  • dave

    Our hero is not the right color. obama is a racist.

  • The Old Man

    What do you expect from a POT smoker ????
    He will soon legalize it and then we will have more road rage incidents and accidents too.

  • she said it

    Wow, I didn’t know this. That is a real shame. It says a lot about this president.

    • Susan

      Oh don’t cry
      “Wow What a shame”
      Give me a break

    • JB

      ……Gov Chris Christie is the one who ordered flags of NJ flown at half staff for Ms Houston NOT the President! AND no doubt,Mr Kyle a hero, the flag code states flag is flown at half staff for active duty members of armed forces…………that’s why you didn’t know this.

    • Marc

      It says nothing about the President, and a lot about the Obama haters here who will blame him for something he has nothing to do with … Chris Christie (Republican) ordered flags flown at half staff for Houston. Rick Perry (Republican) was asked to order flags flown at half staff for Kyle and refused to do so.

  • v ropp

    he’s white, she’s black.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MBAK4TYXWM6FIPEJKO7Q54QPBA TIGERPAW


  • Howard Joseph McTaggart

    He is a low life worm

  • Tom

    All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way.
    People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own
    wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are

    George Orwell

    Obama is after the Mid Term elections and will be campaigning in full form to get the House and the Senate. If he succeeds we the US is lost and our future becomes Orwellian.

    • rikker45

      The only thing he has ever done in his life is campaign so it will go on until he declares himself king, or as many of his low info worshippers think God.

  • James Maxwell

    Should not suprise anyone that an admitted crack head morns another crackhead who
    was “smoked” when she drowned in her bath water. His distane for the American
    Military members is well documented and he has never missed an opportunity to
    disrespect the miltary or its veterans. Those of us who served will never forget one
    of our own who served with pride and honor.

  • nobodysfool

    Too bad Chris Kyle was a white man. If only he had been black….well, and also if he were a rapper promoting cop killers….and also if he were stoned on drugs…then and only then would oBlamer have hailed him as a hero. Taking out nasty terrorists who aim to kill Americans? Nah.

  • waterman

    This tells you where our world is going, right things are wrong and wrong things are right.
    I see it everyday and have been effected by it in my life.
    The up-bringing I received from my parents (which were very traditional) has become an oxi-moron to the world. When you try to explain to young people what is truelly right and what was wrong, compared to life back in the day (50’s, 60’s & 70’s) they look at you like a calf looking at a new gate. They can’t comprehend what you are trying to explain to them, they are a lost generation, they live entirely based on emotion and what feels good or bad to them, there is no logic or common sense in their view of life.
    The conservatives have lost the younger generation and we are can’t seem to get them back, we have let the media and the loons re-educate our youths to their thinking and logic and now we have what we have today.
    Faggot loving, God hating, America hating idiots that couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Pay me cause I don’t want to work for a living and you owe me for some reason, attitude that just makes my stomach turn.
    Now, I feel better.

  • OrlandoRican

    The crack head voted for him. The American hero probably didn’t.

  • Fisher

    What a tragedy to honor a drug addict instead of a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!!!!

  • art

    Typical for a racist, muslin, American hating President

    • Susan

      Muslin is a piece of cloth…
      Slow down BAGGER
      You are getting so excited
      You forget how to spell, to think….

  • slickzip

    This tells you alot about how ODUMBA thinks , drug users YES ,,, MILITARY HEROS “NO”

    • Susan

      Why didn’t Rick Perry have the flags lowered for Chris Kyle? Hmmm
      Where is the OUTRAGE ?
      You are too transparent
      Or just too slick…

  • akro

    As much as I absolutely LOATHE the POS Marxist/muslim in the White House, this is not correctly attributed. Chris Christie did the half-mast thing for the crackhead Houston.


    Snopes can be left leaning too, but I can’t find any connection of obummer to this event elsewhere.

  • harry mole

    Why do people still support hollyweird, NBA, MLB, NFL??? ** Side note: Pete R. cannot get into the hall of fame, but D. Strawberry was given 5 (I think) chances to come back to MLB, after being tested and busted, for drugs.** The criminals, drug addicts, and the ne’er-do-wells (an idle worthless person.) are put on a pedestal. Un-effing-belieable. Also, Whitney looks like a great roll model doesn’t she. I’ll pray for her daughter, because a child is usually a product of their environment…

  • harry mole

    roll should be role…sorry

  • 820 REDHORSE

    This sickens me as a veteran and a American!! This is the path WE’VE allowed our country to bump along on, WE can’t blame anyone but ourselves for this moral death roll OUR nation is in now! Kris Kyle was the picture of American will , strength , determination & can do spirit that OUR nation used to be praised and respected for and OUR employees in the cess pool that is Washington, wouldn’t even give him a speck of respect! There thousands more like Kyle that have made the same type of sacrifices to serve this nation who will get the same slap in the face as he received , and it is truly a shame & disgrace!
    How far will WE THE PEOPLE allow this kinda crap to go on?

    • Susan

      Go away
      I blame You
      Don’t include me in your stupid ranting

      • 820 REDHORSE

        GFYS You stinkin skank!!! If you get a chance walk in front of a speeding bus or take a long walk on a short cliff, take obumbler with you!

  • Evermyrtle

    Is this not what you would normally expect out of a non-American.

  • DenverKitty

    Really. Really? Does anything that this Butcher of Benghazi do (that’s adverse to Our Country and our heroes and beliefs) surprise anyone with more than one brain cell??

  • David I Nelson

    Pop Culture baby – that is what the Big O is all about. He must keep the circus going and handing out bread. O is not about what makes & made us great, but keeping the masses fooled into thinking he wants to do the right thing for all the folks. If you could stomach the State of the Union address, which he did not address, but rather bloviated on and continued to spout lofty ideas without substantive solutions. He addressed nothing, but tickled the ears of those who listened.

  • Poodleguy

    Flags are @ half mast only on a ship, dammit!!! Half staff is the correct term for it!

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      You know, you’re right. I was in the Naval Reserve for a while and I should have remembered. Thank you.

  • pointdan

    Obama needs to go. Take him now Jesus, please.

    • Susan

      Oops Sinner
      Jesus will be taking YOU home Get Ready
      Jesus will be ready and he is NOT happy with you AT ALL

  • Gary Smith

    Obama IS a CRACKHEAD!!!!

  • gordon

    dont you remember obama used to be crack head he wrote about it maybe he still is that might explain things

  • wganz

    I really don’t want 0bama to defile Chris’s name by him mispronouncing it.
    The 200 mile turnout means more than any PC BS from the Community Organizer in Chief.

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      That procession confirms how Texans think and act, respecting those who are deserving of it. We’re proud of it, and really don’t care if the Resident Pothead treats us like dirt. We’re Americans, doggone right, but we’re Texans too. (Despite LBJ, for whom we apologize).

  • phunyfarm

    It’s all about priorities…I don’t recall any half mast mentioned for the Benghazi victims or the agent shot during Fast and Furious. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • phunyfarm

    Lookin’ GOOD there Whitney, lookin’ good…

  • jerry wood

    No surprise here!

  • patrick

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ordered the State’s flags to be flown at half-staff, not the President.

  • Harvey_Steele

    barry soetoro wrote about his long term marijuana ‘fog’ and his use of cocaine due to depression.

  • Pakinpastor

    The pictures pretty much tell the story. Very very sad…

  • hookemowls

    The Racist-in-Chief is thrilled that America’s morality is a cesspool….it is so much easier to control the morally depraved, those that care more for the Hollyweird bunch, sex and drug addicts than what atrocities this government is partaking in. I wish some brave militia/congressman (ha!) would have the treasonous group in the WH arrested.

  • Mario

    Seems the Republicans are afraid to call Obummer out on anything he does, for fear of being branded ‘racist’. If lowering flags to half-staff for “the Screamer”, and not for Chris Kyle isn’t ‘racist’, I don’t know what is. There is a lot of difference between a hero and a zero – apparently, the Liar-in-Chief only looks at skin color.

  • nmgene

    But we spend billions to fight drugs and there are more drugs now then ever before. It is sad we lost Whitney to drugs but she did not deserve to have the flags flown at half mast. Chris Kyle did!!!!!!!!!! He was a true American Patriot HERO

  • Leo2Leo

    I’m Pro-Military/Chris Kyle and a music fan and a fan of Facts. This is Not accurate. Only Republican Governor Chris Christy ordered flags in New Jersey be at half mast for Whitney Houston. She did not take a fatal dose of drugs & alcohol but suffered a heart attack & then drowned as a result of her long use of drugs. It’s disgusting that Obama didn’t recognize Mr. Kyle in the State of the Union address or in some manner. Ms. Houston honored the military just as well as you do so let her rest in peace.

  • obxned

    Didn’t you get the word? Under ObamaSpeak, crackhead now means ‘innocent victim’ and hero is now ‘probable terrorist’. Since up in now down, flushing money down the toilet is ‘investing’, and Christians, conservatives, gun owners, patriots of any type, and Tea Party members all need to be watched closely, this should all make sense to you.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Sniping, like war in general, is dirty work and corrodes the soul. Some of the stronger are able to survive it without going insane, and some others can’t. Kyle was killed working with one who couldn’t handle it.

    Who among us would volunteer to be an executioner for the State? Indeed, what sane person loves killing?

    It’s a dirty job, but until the need disappears, SOMEBODY has to do it. Do not curse the man who drains your septic tank or collects your garbage or kills the beef for your steaks! It demeans you as a rational being.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    You want more?: If (God forbid) Jane Fonda or Barbra Streisand were to die suddenly, would our flags be lowered in their honor? What do YOU think?

  • rikker45

    We need this POS to die or be impeached, tried and hung.

    • Susan

      Sick Vile Freak
      Go back to your hole and die
      The sun is blinding

      • rikker45

        The sun can only blind you if you can open your eyes enough to see it. Unfortunately yours only see the inside of your rectum.

  • jim

    Why am i not surprised?

  • Lee Baldwin

    So, who REALLY killed Chris Kyle? ~ disdain for a fallen HERO kinda points a finger straight at whomever has this disdain. hmmmm…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/whisper.atnight.5 Whisper Atnight

    Ovomit is a disgrace in the White House.

  • VirgoVince

    The ugly mu-slime POS ni666er needs to be hung at half staff!!!!

    • Susan

      Secret Service on the way,,,
      Good use of tax dollars btw

  • krome2ez

    Chris Kyle was certainly a hero.
    And Obama is by far the worst president in history.
    But your story is false.
    Obama did not order flags to be flown at half mast for Whitney, but rather
    Gov Chris Christie from Jersey made the order for his state.
    Leave the lies to the libs, or your no better than they are.

    • Susan


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000170393810 Randy Taylor Jr.

    hello???? hatemongers???? it was gov. christie who ordered half mast in his state… had nothing to do with obama… keep the hate going…sounds like it’s all you people have…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000170393810 Randy Taylor Jr.

      and gov. christie is white so there goes more HATE theories… sad people

  • boccagalupe

    People understand, and respond to their ‘life experiences’is surely the reason that potus did not order flags at half staff for Kyle, yet did for Houston. As a person, he would no more fight for this country that he wants to dismember than he would fight for antarctica. therefore he simply does not understand what it means to have empathy for a person that has ‘love of country’. On the other hand, he is familiar with the drug culture (by his own words) and has understanding and a sense of brotherhood with the druggies. Tsk,Tsk, and here you thought he was cold hearted. He’s passionate about the demise of the U.S.A.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    And what exactly did Ms. Houston do for America, other than sing the National Anthem?

  • Huffer

    Most people do not fully appreciate the role a military person serves. Always thank the military for TRYING to protect the people of a nation against the foreign enemies. Remember too, the fight is actually between the governments of the different nations and not always the citizens. Governments have powerful people who pretend to be on the peoples side but are actually causing wars for wealth and personal power. If every young person knew the real reason they were offering up their lives for, they would all head to Canada like during the Viet Nam era.
    Every soldier, in war, believes he is doing right by the people he/she loves at home. Chris Kyle did an excellent job for the country he loved because he believed he made a difference back home. He did, but not the way most soldier’s think.
    God knows the heart of every man and woman and their reward, or discipline, will be handed to them in due time.
    Chris did know more than most returning soldiers and he offered them his best advice on how to recapture their civilian lives and to look ahead and not linger on the past.
    We will miss him dearly…..

  • Zoomie72

    According to Snopes.com Chris Christie ordered flags flown at half-mast in NJ and Obama didn’t do the same nationally.

  • Earl Figgeroa

    As a veteran, I’m insulted with this guys arrogance. Can’t wait for this traitor to get his! That day should be a national holiday!!

  • Keenan Lee

    The same individual that barred voting from the military. I really hope in the end the military doesn’t support the disarmament of the civilian population.

  • Tom

    When is Congress and Senate going to start doing their job and either impeach Obama or vote his policies down and support the Anerican people. We are sick of this phony Waahington Administration and Obama’s false power.

    • Susan

      Nope We are sick and tired of people like YOU
      no one wants to take your guns little boy
      We need weapons to protect ourselves from ignorant Anti American crazy ass BAGGERS like you

  • foxxybey

    Once a stupid nazi always a stupid nazi and that is obozo’s claim to fame, a real nut job demo-rat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.eaton.946 Steve Eaton

    Dear America, You sleep tonite because of men like Navy Seal, Chris Kyle and our Warriors ALL over the World that have your backs!. It is a travesty of justice how Obummer ever got elected in America.He IS a racist,Socialist Donkey. Thats my story and I’m stickin too it.Cpl.SCE,HMM165,CH53CC,RVN,RNVN,1972/73. Semper Fi.

    • Susan

      Look in the mirror bud
      Idiot Racist ….You are an ignorant FOOL

  • Dempseycoleman

    Thinking about it this is a National Shame

  • Tom Rork

    It was not Obama. The governor of New Jersey ordered flags in his state only to be flown at half-staff on the day of her funeral.

  • http://yeehee.com/ Yeeheecom

    Because Obama is a racist piece of dog doodoo. Reminds me when i was in the Air Force and My supervisor wrote a commendation medal to a hispanic for just extending his tour of duty overseas but yet I went TDY in the desert in Egypt during Bright Star excercise and got nothing but a few letters of appreciation from a General and Colonel. But they are worthless towards promotion. A commendation medal is worth 3 points I believe.

  • WileyP

    Now, if you can give me legitimate, substantiated reference to Obama calling for half staff, I’ll believe it. Right now, though, the only viable information I have seen is that Gov. Christie called for New Jersey flags to be flown at half staff because Houston was a resident or past resident of New Jersey.

    And yes, while Mr. Kyle was indeed an American hero of the highest order, if we were to fly the flag at half staff for each hero that passed, our flag would never see the top of the staff.

  • tp

    Need we say any more. One pos honors another.


    Obama, The Great Divider. He has done more harm to this country than any other person in history. We will suffer, our children and grandchildren will suffer at the hands of this arrogant man.

    He said he read scripture to make him a better man. I don’t think he reads the same Bible Christians read.

    • Susan

      You are so ignorant and scary

  • John Nixdorf

    Republican Governor Chris Christie ordered the flags, in New Jersey only, flown at half staff for Whitney Houston. It was not a nationwide thing (people really should remember this, it’s not ancient history)

    Republican Governor Rick Perry refused to order the flags in Texas flown at half mast for former SEAL Chris Kyle, because he wasn’t Active Duty when he was killed.

    Obama had nothing to do with either decision, but that won’t stop this meme from being uncritically recirculated by people eager to share anything that makes a politician they dislike look bad.

    • Susan

      Yes and the REPUBLICAN gov. Of Texas…Rick Perry… REFUSED to lower the flags in Texas….where Kyle is from because Kyle was not on active duty

      • Susan

        Not you John
        I meant YOU as in the Kool aid drinking ranters

  • Tank

    I think I’d rather die with my American pride and dignity intact than to have my memory tarnished by Obama muttering any insincere accolades about me or my military service… Think about the value of a Nobel Peace Prize now that Obama has one… RIP Chris.

  • lokiswife

    The reason is obvious – people honor people who share their same values. Chris Kyle’s values weren’t the same as Obama’s, Obama has more respect for Hollywood and the Beyonce crowd. Thank God that almost half of America has a higher set of values than Obama (they voted against him!)

  • Randy131

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Obama’s motive for the desceptancy here, one is white and the other is black, which do you think the honor of the flag flying at half-mast went to. All the many little details of racism exhibited by Obama, and people claim you’re a racist if you bring them up or to anyone’s attention.

  • Ken

    Why not put the Kenyan deamon on the mast.Everyone would fall to their knees in admoration! Just kidding but something should be done yesterday!

  • Isabelle

    Hey idiots
    The REPUBLUCAN Gov. of New Jersey ordered the flags lowered. He did the same for Clarence Clemmons when he died. Two entertainers that CRISTIE felt were important to New Jersey.
    You are all a bunch of BAGGERS and IDIOTS

    • Isabelle

      They were only lowered in NEW JERSEY.

  • Susan

    Hey Idiots
    The REPUBLICAN Gov. Of New Jersey ordered them lowered ONLY in New Jersey. He did the same for Clarence Clemmons. Two entertainers CRISTIE felt were important to New Jersey.

    • Susan

      Why don’t you all go after fellow IDIOT Rick Perry??? He REFUSED to lower the flags in Texas because Kyle was not on active duty when he was killed??

  • meglvsJC

    Please…Where is the story? Come on…As far as I can tell it was CHRIS CHRISTIE
    who did this. Mr Giles….you need to keep all this stuff on the up and up. If there is nothing to report for the day …don’t report anything.

  • 3BeanCrispy

    NJ Gov Chris Christie (R) is the one who ordered the flags at half mast, not the POTUS. How often do presidents mention ex-military who were murdered after leaving the force? I can’t recall any. I’m sure if he had been mentioned the outrage would then be over him using the opportunity to push his political agenda. You people are pathetic and love to use any nonrational excuse to bash Obama while gleefully concealing your racist motivations. Thank goodness i don’t frequent these boards often, i’ve lost enough faith in humanity as it is.

  • theronald

    Is anyone surprised that Zerobama would honor a drug addict over a patriot? I’m not.

  • TraceySavonell


    you guys should try this site before you work yourselves into an incoherent flag waving anti-obama tizzy…… over something not even true.

  • jamohio

    We have a delusional fraud squatting in the White House!! He will minimalize and trivialize anything sacred in this country!!

  • apf2

    Obama is a racist. If Kyle were black he would have at least mentioned his name.

  • Luzmark1

    Appeasement of the very low info.voters.

  • Luzmark1

    Mobama reaching out to his troops.

  • Snakeman

    Great headline, too bad THIS IS NOT TRUE. Chris Christy ordered the flags to 1/2 mast for Houston because she was from his state. Did Rick Perry do that for Kyle? If you don’t believe it look it up. There is a web site for Presidential 1/2 mast declarations. Hopefully someone else in this thread has already said this. Too many follower responses to read.

  • coastx


    America has guns, but it has no intelligence! Obama wins again. Americans are indeed stupid!

    Hello stupid America! Hiya! HELLO! You’re stupid! You like that, don’t you?

    [Pats American livestock on the head]

  • AL, Orange Park, FL

    Why hasn’t this FRAUD been impeached I just don’t understand I keep writing my congressman and senators and nothing is done! He is a traitor to the Republic and needs to be treated as such! WRITE your congressman and senators it’s easy just find their webpages and that’s as easy. Maybe if enough of us keep hammering the politic’s with impeach obama emails they’ll actually do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JB

    HEY !! Speaking of low info voters………..Gov Chris Christie is the one who ordered flags of NJ flown at half staff for Ms Houston NOT the President! AND no doubt,Mr Kyle a hero, the flag code states flag is flown at half staff for active duty members of armed forces…………look it up High information people or just be lemmings.

  • marc

    This is one gigantic lie. Obama had nothing to do with this. Blame your beloved GOPhers.

    Chris Christie (Republican) ordered flags flown at half staff for Houston. Rick Perry (Republican) was asked to order flags flown at half staff for Kyle and refused to do so.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Volkert314 Thomas Volkert

    It was Gov Christie of New Jersey… get your facts right.. my god, does no one do fact checking anymore

  • http://womenofmetal.net/ Metal Ladies

    This picture is a fraud… President Obama never made such an executive order, It was governor Christy of New Jersey who issued that order and it was only for the state of New Jersey. And all you sheep are believing this crap. What a bunch of carp. IDIOTS!
    RIP Chris Kyle….

  • Pistachiofarmer

    President Obama did not order that flags be flown at half mast upon Whitney Houston’s death. You are mistaken. Chris Christie, governor of Houston’s home state of New Jersey did. Flags were not flown at half mast at the White House. It’s important to note that Mississippi, the birth state of drug addicted Elvis Presley, also flew their flags at half mast upon his death, along with several other states, including Tennessee where Graceland is located. In addition, President Nixon suggested all Americans should fly their personal flags at half mast in honor of Presley. President Obama did mention Kris Kyle’s death at the Medal of Honor ceremony held on the day Kyle was laid to rest. He also contacted the Kyle family personally. Just keepin’ it fair and balanced….

  • Shoe

    This is not true, by the way. Governor Christie ordered flags in Jersey to be flown at half staff for Whitney. Governor Perry in Texas opted NOT to fly them at half staff for Chris Kyle because he did not die in service. Obama did NOT order flags at half staff for either.

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