“Reverend” Al Sharpton leaves out ‘Under God’ when referring to the pledge

Yesterday morning MSNBC drew controversy regarding a new ad which featured a soundbite from Al Sharpton’s show Politics Nation. In the soundbite, Sharpton monologues about how we must have a “renewed” for many of the things that “we” have fought for. In the promo he brings up voting rights, women’s rights, and discrimination. At the end of the video Sharpton is quoted by saying that we need to live up to our “creed” of being “one nation, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.” Surely, anyone could tell what famous oath he is pulling his words from, but it does not sound as it usually does. The pledge of allegiance states: One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all. The “Under God” part Sharpton deliberately left out. After being reached out to by TheBlaze.com, a spokesperson with MSNBC reassured that he was in fact not referring to the pledge of allegiance but instead was just part of a segment. This is in stark contrast to what Sharpton says in the monologue about our “creed.”

The actual segment can be seen below from January 4th where Sharpton engages in his usual lambasting of republicans and conservatives for demanding that voters present identification at the voting polls. Imagine that crazy concept.

The “segment” begins at the 4:40 mark

What are your thoughts on Al Sharpton’s liberal harangue? Was he in the right for omitting a phrase so well-known and revered by many? Post your thoughts below!

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  • Todd

    God shoud be omitted from the Pedge of Allegiance. It offends thinking peopiles. Once again, rightwingers trying to shove God down others throtes.

    • DrDulcamara

      Let me guess…you would then approve of Rev Al Sharptongue’s replacement of God in the Pledge with “punk faggot”?


      You support some really classy people.

    • DrDulcamara

      And if God allegedly offends “thinking people” then you must remove yourself from the list as you succinctly demonstrate that thinking is not a bullet on your resume.

    • Sinatra98

      Todd what hole did you crawl out of did you forget how and when this country was built on destroy GOD and you have nothing but a bunch of parasites living off of other peoples hard earned money, the way your talking i would have to place you among that percent.

    • ddt

      back to grammar school
      did you get your cell phone yet
      bo has to go

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/S3V2BVIDXBB7HOKPRQRZCBZH74 TIMERUNNER

        ddt, you know he has his onama phone. Not to mention everything else the blood sucking leech gets from the tax payers. If onama had a son of satan it would be todd.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/S3V2BVIDXBB7HOKPRQRZCBZH74 TIMERUNNER

      Todd your very evil and your are a moron.

  • Richrd Hogue

    I hope you do not label yourself as a tolerant person. Your are very intolerant of Christians or other religious people. You should love use as the tolerant athiests demand.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/S3V2BVIDXBB7HOKPRQRZCBZH74 TIMERUNNER

      Tolerant is another word for cowards. Democrats, Liberals are evil to the core. Their core is perversion of all that is good.
      Keep your tolerance, besides what normal sane person would want to be labeled tolerant of evil? such as the foolishness of democrats, communist, marxist, and liberal devils who suck the hind tit of the communist cow and are anti American, Anti Jehovah G-D, Anti- Jesus Christ and life.
      You worms can hide by not from hell that awaits you all.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/S3V2BVIDXBB7HOKPRQRZCBZH74 TIMERUNNER

      Hogue, my remarks were meant for todd, a family member for the church of Satan.
      peace brother

  • Tom

    If you want to leave One Nation under God from the Pledge, then do so and find another country to pledge. This country was founded on that and will remail that way and I do not think any Thinking Christian will miss you one bit. I certainly will not and just be one less on welfare that I have to work and help feed and give to their dope addiction.

  • VirgoVince

    Shark-ton needs to be flushed in the same toilet with ovomit, neither of them deserves any better end!!!! They were bred in the sewer so it’s fitting!!

    • ddt

      i second the motion

      • WASP

        Don’t forget Jesse Jackson and Deputy Reichsfuhrer Holder.

  • Randy131

    I guess Al Sarpton believes he’s now reached his pinacle and no longer needs to ride on the back of GOD to get where he always wanted to be, since he is now there, so since he has no need for GOD anymore, why mention Him?

  • Sinatra98

    All crap belongs in the pig pit with the rest of the slobs Sharpton and the rest like him are such rotten brainwashed liberals.

  • Charlie

    Reverend Sharpton does not seem to be as godly as he has tried to profess thru the decades. MSNBC anyone that beleives your lame excusses and/or stories just has to be a dolt. Actually have had thoughts that Sharpton & Jackson have been stirring up hate between different groups of people to achive financial gain for themselfs. To leave God out of our pledge of allegiance

    • WASP

      What is this race card playing ghetto reverend of?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/S3V2BVIDXBB7HOKPRQRZCBZH74 TIMERUNNER

        Reverend of Evil Church of Satan! All should come out of her. Christ no longer knows these evil creeps and their followers.

  • Doc

    Just another undercover muslim. Surprised he didn’t say “under allah”.

  • wildeagleone

    He is not worthy of mention in any venue

  • stinkerbean

    He is a walking turd. How can he call himself a Reverand when he spews nothing but hate. May God strike him for the lies he tells. Gotta love MSNBC who gives most frauds jobs. I wonder if the taitor to the US paid his taxes? Despise the man myself. BOYCOTT MSNBC and quit talking about them. When MSNBC falls good riddance.

  • mustang

    Sharpton has no formal theology training. He is a self appointed “street preacher” who use to work for singer James Brown. He is also a racist as evidenced by the TB incident. Please stop referring to him in any manner other than Mr.Sharpton. His journalistic experience is also limited, which fits MSNBC’s requirement to be on air.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/S3V2BVIDXBB7HOKPRQRZCBZH74 TIMERUNNER

    Al Sharpton is a full fledged in the skin, a living APOSTATE. If anyone has ever wanted to know what a APOSTATE looks like and talks like , take a long hard look at Al Sharpton, Jessie jackson, and Wright, listen to their murderous words, and then you will know in your heart of hearts you have the complete evil picture of evil men live in living color!
    (All Evil Apostates… All). )):
    Never forget it!

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