Rick Perry to Colorado Gun Co. – “Move to Texas!”

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 9.09.42 AMTexas governor and former GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry is rolling out a Texas-sized red carpet for Magpul Industries, the Colorado gun-parts manufacturer that has vowed to find greener pastures if a bill banning high capacity ammunition magazines, like those that Magpul makes, becomes law.

In a letter to Magpul founder and CEO Richard Fitzpatrick, Perry touts Texas’s business climate, citing such things as “low taxes, a fair legal system, reasonable regulations, a well-trained and skilled workforce and unmatched transportation and communications infrastructures.”

“There is no other state that fits the definition of business-friendly like Texas,” Perry wrote.
Perry mentioned gun rights only briefly, in a business context.

“While I support the efforts of law enforcement to identify, apprehend, prosecute and punish criminals who use firearms in the commission of their crimes,” he wrote, “I do not believe that imposing additional requirements or restrictions on businesses is the correct approach.”

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  • redwolf6911

    Texas is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. if I had my way I would still be there. Moved to Florida to be near family. But not the same. Perry has been an excellent Governor. The state supports Second Amendment Rights. Magpul would find that TX is easy to do business, and they would make a lot of money and can grow their business.

    • TexasJester

      Only problem is, and we in Texas were wondering about this, Rick Perry isn’t the hard-core conservative that the rest of the nation thinks he is. Generally, he runs ultra-conservative, gets elected, and governs left-of-center. The only reason that he’s as far right as he is right now, is (I think) he’s positioning himself as THE republican candidate for prez in 2016 – and that’s not bad for Texas! If he actually will govern as he says he will in the elections, I got no problem……

      • BruceInBaghdad

        I think you’re right on the money with Gov. Perry. Of course anybody that is anywhere near the center looks far right compared to the Obamiacs.

      • WellNowDear

        That is exactly the way Rick does. We always look forward to election years because we know Texans will get some things done. The rest of the time it’s wine em and dine em ( a figure of speech) Perry and let’s see if we can get that corridor finally in Perry. He knows most of Northeast Texas doesn’t want the thing but, some of the wheelers and dealers who stand to make BIG money want it so ever so often he will try to get it through. God help him some of us do love him though. I know compared to the Obamas he looks like a fanatical conservative but, here in Texas he is a little on the liberal side which means he is just a little left of center (Texas style) but, not by much.

  • TexasJester

    Last sentence, last paragraph:

    “Democratic senators have their own Gun Control bills to introduce, including one that would hold gun manufacturers liable for any harm their products might cause.”

    Really? So that would mean that in addition to the cops trying to figure WHO shot WHOM, now they would need to figure out WHO shot WHOM with WHICH manufacturer.. And if the weapon isn’t found, WHICH do you find responsible???

    • BruceInBaghdad

      That’s like finding a silverware manufacturer guilty for an obese person dying of a heart attack.

      • WellNowDear

        If liberals can get by with it that is exactly what will happen.

    • Coryahicks

      There are federal laws that were enacted in 2005 that protect a manufacture from liability for there products unless the product itself is defective, not the nut job using it. Like suing Stanley for smashing your own finger with one of its hammers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leprecaun14456 Robert Myles

    I get the feeling that an awful lot of gun and ammo manufactures and suppliers are going to be moving toTexas in the very near future. I live in New York and Remington,Henry and a host of other manufacturer’s will probably be pulling up stakes here due to our little mussolini Andrew and his midnight madness move on dracoian and ignorant gun restriction’s. By the time we manage to thru the courts nullify this crap of his they will be long gone as the courts are known for extreme footdragging especilly federal courts

  • BruceInBaghdad

    Called the wife and told her to start packin’.

    • WellNowDear

      Since Perry has been out in California trying to get some of that bunch to move here I think we need to get as many true conservatives to move to Texas as possible just to have a healthy balance.

  • Dempseycoleman

    Offer to rebate them i/3 of moving costs

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