Rick Scott Screwed Us Alert: Fl’s Gov Flip Flops on Obamacare

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 8.54.44 AMWord is that Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has decided to throw his support behind, or at least drop his opposition to, ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion. His formal announcement, which may come tomorrow, will receive much attention. Scott was an early opponent of ObamaCare. He parlayed that opposition into a bid for governor in 2010, and rode the anti-ObamaCare wave into office. Shortly after becoming governor, he announced he would not lift a finger to help the federal government implement the law. I followed all this pretty closely. I served on Scott’s gubernatorial transition team, at his invitation.

Now, it appears Scott doesn’t see the point in opposing the Medicaid expansion. Never mind that – according to my colleague Jagadeesh Gokhale, whom the Social Security Administration consults when making these types of projections – the expansion will cost Florida $20 billion over the first 10 years, and add 3 million Floridians to the Medicaid rolls. Never mind that many of those Floridians currently have private health insurance. Never mind that Medicaid will provide them inferior access to care. Never mind that expanding Medicaid would make those millions of voters dependent on government for their health care, and thus would expand the constituency for more government spending and higher taxes.

There is speculation that Scott made a deal with the Obama administration: he would drop his opposition to the Medicaid expansion in exchange for HHS approving Florida’s plan to put its Medicaid enrollees in managed care plans. HHS approved Florida’s plan today.

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  • Erica

    What a liar. Looks like we have us another Charlie Crist minus the grey hair and the tan. Disgraceful.

  • DCW16

    RINO . . .

  • Denny

    20 BILLION to cover 3 MILLION Do the math..Government efficiency at its finest.

  • waho6o9


  • http://twitter.com/215manfred John Manfred

    Gov Scott made a very good decision for Florida citizens. He approved it in a way that benefits the State but does not lock in debt prospects. My initial reaction was to condemn this turn of events however after review of the details Gov Scott made excellent choice.

  • Atilla the hungry

    Call me cynical but when I hear of a politician suddenly flip-flopping on an issue that they’d adamantly opposed the word blackmail comes to mind. I wonder if perhaps they weren’t advised of a possible Justice Department investigation or unexpectedly treated to photos of themselves clad in makeup, wig and a tutu.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Millard-Huff/100001533647046 Millard Huff

    I live in Florida and thats not true the government is picking up the tab at 100% for the first three years and then 90% after that.The guy that wrote this is a liar.

    • Victor

      p.s. It doesn’t change a thing about my comment above. Just telling it as it really is…

    • Ed

      how is the gov. paying for your 100% – 90%. Seems funny that NOTHING is ever free

  • Victor

    Just because you are a Republican surely doesn’t mean that you do not belong to the “devil” just as Democrats(Marxist’s) love to brag about(i.e., “fundamental transformation of government”) in marxism(anti-christ) promised to our single largest majority voters, “WOMEN ALONE” voted for, this time, the “RIGHT” ANTI-CHRIST(MARXIST) over U.S. to end man’s given 6,000 year age! If you think no, watch, especially beginning on the coming Feast of Trumpets(war)! Again, just saying what’s already been written by better folk than I…p.s. Welcome to Adam’s world before the first murderer was even born…

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