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After college, Allan Erickson enjoyed an 11-year career in journalism. He then turned to sales and marketing for a decade. Fourteen years ago he started his own recruitment company. Allan & wife Jodi have four children and live in Oregon. He is the author of "The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence," Tate Publishing, 2012. He is available to speak in churches addressing the topics of faith and freedom. To contact him, email: allanlerickson@gmail.com

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  • Todd

    When it evolved! WAKE UP NUCKLE-DRAGERS!

    • JaeDub

      being pussified is not evolution. its more like devolution. pansy

    • John Kirkwood

      Hey Eisenstein, let me know when you evolve to the level of a fourth grade remedial spelling student and begin to spell knuckle with a k (yeah, it’s silent). I guess that would make you Piltdown Man, because you’re a fraud too.

      • garysvent

        Probably should learn to spell “draggers’, too.

    • gundog9mm

      I would class you as a pu$$y but it would insult pu$$ies. You are the spawn
      of the likes of Loraine the hog. Have your mommy PLEASE take away your keyboard
      and lock you back up in the basement.

      • garysvent

        She already did; he has a spare keyboard. She shoves pizza under the door.

    • BruceInBaghdad

      Oh it’s Todd again. Isn’t he just precious guys? I’m sure he’s lobbying his company to be allowed to wear a tu-tu to work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.frenger.9 John Frenger

    in the 50’s when we entered korea and didn’t finish job

  • Ben Dover

    During Reagan’s first term. He made a lot of promises he never kept; maybe never intended on keeping. It didn’t happen all at once but by the time the first shrub was elected we were done. Our last chance was with Perot. Actually, our last best shot died on flight KAL 007 when they killed off Larry Patton McDonald in 1983.

    • $5708171

      Wow… your login name says it all. You are a representative sample of the aforementioned wuss-wads.

  • John Kirkwood

    Around the time we changed the name of the Department of War to the Department of Defense. And maybe when we benched one of our two best generals for striking a coward in the midst of the most grave battle for existence in the 20th century. Been sliding down the hill ever since.

  • Hotnike

    When?? On January 20, 2009.

  • Terrence Daniels

    In my opinion it started when America let the government stick their nose in our business. For example, they stuck their nose in the schools business and said that they should not be paddling children any more, and then they said parents should not be paddling their children… they called it “abused.”

    This all started about 30+ years ago and now America has raised a generation of mostly wussy children that grow up to be wussy adults!

    By the way, I had many paddlings at school and at home… never damaged me in any way, shape or form! Who came up with the idea of “Time Out” anyway? Probably some wussy!

    • garysvent

      Now they disguise porn, pedophilia, pederasty, and gay recruitment under the rubric of “sex education”; THAT is real child abuse.

    • aRareSaneOne

      Psychologist Dr Spock (not to be confused with Mr Spock of StarTrek) started all this crap in the 50s and it spread like a cancerous disease (of the mind)- wtih Progressive and Govt help, of course!

    • ladyceo

      My dad’s definition of “time out”, was him taking “time out” to give me a well deserved spanking! Put a little fear and respect in a kid. Something that is now long gone!

  • TexasLady

    Love the article!

  • gundog9mm

    The so-called men of today are the products of the dope smoking hippies of
    the seventies. Being born in 1943 I saw firsthand the devolution of manhood AND
    womanhood in America. The present generation is the product of parents and
    teachers who were taught by these losers.Thank God men and women born during my
    childhood had real role models to guide us. People who worked hard, played hard
    and didn’t whine when the goings were tough. How will this generation of
    cupcakes (like Toddy) survive when everything goes down the toilet soon. And it
    will!! They WON’T. God help them because I refuse to.

    • Nancy Sternberg

      I was born in 1958. I remember 1968, things were going downhill then

      • jubilee

        I was born in 1958 and started saying things fall apart after 1968 as well.
        Some people think that Anton LaVey putting his church in San Francisco started bringing a weird vibe into the madness: FREE LOVE, etc.
        1968 was the FIRST YEAR of the drug culture, POT MAINSTREAMED and other drugs followed, LSD, cocaine, heroin, etc. I saw my family have a meltdown, being one of the youngest, who remember how it was before, and how it was after
        My husband was born in 1943 like gundon9mm

      • jubilee

        I was born in 1958 and started saying things fall apart after 1968 as well.
        Some people think that Anton LaVey putting his church in San Francisco started bringing a weird vibe into the madness: FREE LOVE, etc.
        1968 was the FIRST YEAR of the drug culture, POT MAINSTREAMED and other drugs followed, LSD, cocaine, heroin, etc. I saw my family have a meltdown, being one of the youngest, who remember how it was before, and how it was after
        My husband was born in 1943 like gundon9mm

  • JT

    I think it started with the lawyers and the threat of lawsuits so that little by little it became a hammer for anyone with petty gripes. Contributing to that is the elimination of the military draft – an experience that made more than a few grow up, accept responsibility and authority, and contribute positively to society.

  • RockyMtn1776

    I’d say about 1962 when the hippie generation started to appear. These were the college age children of the WW 2 vets who had seen everything, done everything and decided their children should never have to live through what they did.

    • garysvent

      So they set us up to live through worse.

    • BruceInBaghdad

      Sorry but the “hippie” thing doesn’t wash. I was a “hippie” and a Viet Nam vet and have spent the last 9 years in war zones supporting the kids that wear the uniform today. Men just need to take back the right to be men. Take balls in hand gentlemen and call bullshit if it’s bullshit!!

    • jubilee

      IT WAS 1963 when they took prayer out of school and american life–and we were sinking ever since…Vietnam drugs, the whole 9 yards–we had a few bright spots though…

  • 7papa7

    It has been happening for quite a while now. When you have little wimps that now occupy the white house apologizing for America it furthers the wussy agenda. When, in Korea, the government didn’t finish the job and not winning became a viable option, it never should. When the squash paddle with the holes in it could no longer be used. When getting a swat at school was nothing compared to what would happen when you got home. When real men gave up their authority to women and allowed them to be in control. The list goes on and on.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    When that piece of human waste BOY barack hussein obama was voted in this country went to hell in a hand basket.

  • dangerouspatriot

    Ever since obama came on the political scene, America has lost it’s balls. Just look at all the second amendment bashing going on and you’ll see how we’ve lost our testicles. I remember when I was in school in the 50’s and 60’s, I had teachers who tied me to my desk cause I wandered around too much, I was banished to the girls cloak room for something, a sixth grade teacher by the name of Mrs Reep(Reep the Creep,lol), came over to my desk after I had come back from sharpening my pencil, grabbed me around the neck picked me up and started choking me for the unheard of crime of coming back from sharpening my pencil by cutting through desks on my way back to my desk. Another teacher picked me up by my shirt collar and back of my pants to haul me out of his class because I called him by his first name. I had a phy ed teacher who never called my name and only referred to me as ‘muscles’, because I was the skinniest kid in class and not very big and strong. I could probably name a bunch more humiliations done to me but you get the idea. If any of that was done today, the teachers would be crucified, jailed and probably executed after everything they owned now belonged to the parents. Yes, we have become a nation of wussies and criminals getting away with murder and a military that’s slowly starting to fill up with homosexuals, etc. Change is needed but how???

    • garysvent

      So THAT’s why they want women in combat — to teach the ‘men’ how.

  • $39132868

    Fluoride in the water, and mega SSRI’s in every medicine chest. Take your Soma, Sheeple!

  • Rainman2112

    When? Thats easy when we started listening to the Political correctness BS!

  • John Kugelfischer

    PRIVATION is coming, don’t you worry. The one thing that always wakes up a nation is war, depression, dire strife.

    We’re about to encounter “badness” like no one has ever seen. Gulags? Concentration camps? Dead by the roadside? You’ll think you’re in HELL already.

    This nation is dead. Not doomed. It’s already dead. But that’s okay, cause a new generation of REAL MEN will come along and say, Hey! Why did these old fools do it wrong for so long? And then there’ll be a return to Constitutional government.

    Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.

    Just sitting here, clinging to my GOD and my guns. In flyover country.

  • garysvent

    Feminism, pure and simple.

  • aRareSaneOne

    Education was key in this fall, the News Media, Lawyers, Govt, Natl Org of Wombats (NOW), Hippies, it’s long list… Progressives like Dewey and American Communists planned this since turn of Last Century, but it took off in the 60s, momentum was going. I attended Commie meetings at an Ivy League school in 70s, so I heard it all firsthand. Another speedup with Oblahblah. Many great comments and insights in these postings!

  • Germeten

    Actually the testicles went with chemicals found in plastic bottles that mimic and bind with testosterone sites, inactivating that chemical in the body. It’s a fact, not made up so go research it and understand that modern packaging is making men “wussies.” Then maybe you will stop blaming the victims, which ‘R US.

  • VirgoVince

    When ugly idiot libturds TOOK power and control away from Americans, but were NOT stopped!!!! WHY are they still breathing??

    • jubilee

      why is HH still breathing—HHH hang hugh hefner by his heels===LOL he was one who pushed for abortion, because he couldn’t make his playboy friends and playmates suffer while he made money hand over fist
      He actually started in 1953–but only a few crazy admen were wild, and many other guys were average joes, and could make good husbands
      Not all men are into porn, but today with smartphones?! OMGGGG

  • katchaturian

    Neither may you play ‘tag’. Education administrators would rather our kids played with cellphones and other related dumbing down devices. While we are plying the waters of idiocy many countries are passing the U.S. in every educational discipline. Exchange students coming here find our curriculum, as one german girl said, ‘rediculously simple’.
    For an eye opener, interview any campus cop.

  • Rickgc

    This all started when men relinquished their management positions of the schools to women. Check it out. It’s easy to follow. Also, read a book called “NEA”, The Trojan Horse of American Education”

  • WASP

    When? How long has the gummint-controlled Youth Indoctrination Day Camps, their commie Union teachers, the Feminazi lobby, and Big Queer, been brainwashing our kids with the Radical Liberal Doctrine on our dime? Several decades, at least. We’re funding our own demise. PC is a liberal invention.

  • deesposito1

    I think it started when we turned our back on God and told HIM we could get by on our own. We’re doing a great job of it aren’t we?

  • King George

    I’d say that America started to become a Wussy nation back in 1776 when you colonial chappies decided to go your own way! :)

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