Wounded Warriors Project Blows Off Church Donations

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 4.00.25 PMA Christian church and school in Florida are devastated after they said Wounded Warrior Project refused to accept their fund raising effort because it was “religious in nature.”

“We were heartbroken,” said Wallace Cooley, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church and Academy in Fort Pierce, Fla.

Cooley said they had already paid a $100 registration fee to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and were about to launch the campaign when they received an email from the organization.

The church had planned on taking up a special offering on the last Sunday in February and students were collecting money from family and friends.

“We must decline the opportunity to be the beneficiary of your event due to our fundraising event criteria, which doesn’t allow community events to be religious in nature,” read an email from the WWP community events team. “Please note your registration fee will be refunded within the next 7-10 business days.”

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  • Abby

    Didn’t Mrs. Obama interject herself into this organization a while back? I wonder who is at the helm of this organization that would take actions like this?

    • Bobseeks

      Apparently WW is controlled by liberals because they have already taken an anti-gun stance which is curious because there is no reason for an organization like this to take a political stance on anything. I suspect it is a front for liberal fund-raising.

  • celador2

    I have given them my last donation.

    • Victor Passenheim


      Please see my posting above. If I were that pastor, I would have pressed more to speak with someone in their donations department or to speak with a supervisor. It is likely they were communicated to by a “rotten apple” in their organization. The lady I spoke with was adamant that they do accept donations from religious organizations and churches.

      • http://www.facebook.com/DaWildBill Wild Bill Rowan

        Apparently Victor you did not read the letter included in the aritcle that staes WWP’s official policy on accepting donations from religious organizations. It is very clear that they do not accept donations from those types of organizations. I, too, have given my last donation to the Wonded Warriors project.

        • Victor Passenheim

          You are absolutely right. That’s the thing about reading. You should read my other postings on this very article after I did my research. I’m through with WWP. USO is a better way to go.

        • Victor Passenheim

          In my “defense”, I’m not the only one who got duped by them. There’s a number of prominent conservatives who also got snookered.

    • paulie11

      Before you go off half-cocked with emotion I would do some research first to make sure you are basing your actions on fact. As I stated in my post above, they accepted donations from our church (knowing it was a church and will continue to do so.

    • gypsy314

      me too

  • Bobseeks

    There are other good organizations serving soldiers. We don’t need to give money to these PC creeps.

  • Vance

    Dave Roever, a Navy Seal severely wounded by a phosphorous grenade in Vietnam runs a program for wounded warriors and their families. His program IS faith based and is effective since Dave himself knows what these men and their families are going through. Look it up, I believe in him more than I ever believed in the WWP. Here is a link to one of his ranches for veterans http://roeverfoundation.org/project.php?id=4

  • Victor Passenheim


    I support Wounded Warrior and couldn’t believe this. I was literally in shock to think that this organization could have such a policy, so I called them to confirm it for myself. I contacted their Jacksonville offices and spoke with a lady in their donations department. I am happy to inform you that their policy is not at all what is stated here in this article. They do accept donations from churches and religious organizations.

    Please take 5 minutes out of your day and call them for yourselves. It is worth your time and effort.

    • RedStateKitty

      Good for you for following up and researching. And for taking a stand. I had learned this about the WWP at least a month ago and I hope that some of the celebrities, especially Trace Adkins, will rethink their support of this top-heavy organisation.

    • dean29685

      Did and they do not a local chapter is one thing the main office is who you need to contact. It is also stated on the website.

      • Victor Passenheim


        Read my post from about 9 hours ago. I did the research. There’s no mistaking they’re a leftist “activist” organization and promote values that are not in keeping with traditional Americans or our Constitution. I’m sick and tired of organizations who stridently try to push their values, are ashamed of America or try to strip us of our God-given rights expressed in the Constitution. I have NO tolerance for those who don’t believe in what America stands for and I frankly don’t care whether understand that or not. I’m beyond trying to explain things, especially in this day and age where so much of this information is readily available on the Internet. You want to know what the Founding Fathers believed, look it up. Our society today would no doubt ostracize and mock those great men today.

  • mikeinidaho

    Way to go, WWP, now you lose another donor, ME!

  • Debra T

    Too bad! I have bought my last Brawny (with Wounded Warriors fundraising included) paper towels…paid an extra $2.00 for them, instead of a different company’s paper towels…no more! By the way I am a follower of Jesus Christ…I’m sure the Lord will accept any heathen’s money – if it’s given cheerfully (however, that won’t buy Salvation).

  • reggiec

    I wonder if our wounded wariors who happen to be religious would go along with the board’s decision.

  • Broh

    We signed up to donate to this organization monthly, but upon further research discovered that they are extremely top-heavy (multiple vice-presidents and other excess admin) and a small amount of funds received actually goes to wounded vets. Do your research! There are plenty of great groups out there that share your values and actually help the intended beneficiaries.

  • Victor Passenheim

    Upon further investigation, turns out it’s all true: WWP is both anti-gun and faith-based support. I’m cutting them loose:



    I am disgusted with the extreme tactics the left is willing to use in order to foist their anti-American values on the rest of society, even to the point of politicizing the terms by which they will accept charity from others for those in extreme need.

  • irishw

    Just goes to show us, that it is vitally important to make the extra effort to check out who you give money to. I’m glad it’s coming out, I have given them money in the past, but “no” more.

    It’s shameful that our wounded hero’s have to suffer for this, however, there are other organizations that do help our vets.

  • BrassRing

    They still haven’t answered their anti-gun policies to anyone’s satisfaction.

  • WASP

    Isn’t Bill O’Reilly affiliated with WWP? I think he at least donates money to them. Wonder if he knows about this?

  • seeseeyou

    They aren’t the greatest veterans’ suppport organization. Theck them out at Charity Navigator.

  • virtualjohn

    A good outfit to give to help Vets is Combat Veterans Cowboy Up. For one: they work with combat veterans, to me the folks that really need our help; two, your money doesn’t go to pay a large staff, if you don’t call horses staff; three, they effectively help people with PTSD using Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, it works.
    Check out John Nash and this program in Elizabeth, CO at: http://www.combatveteranscowboyup.org/Site/Home.html
    We all need to Cowboy Up!

  • paulie11

    This seems very suspect to me. My church has donated (and they new it was a church) and they were very grateful and gracious to both our Senior and our Youth Pastor. We plan to continue. Our youth group is auctioning off themselves in exchange for odd jobs, babysitting, etc. and all proceeds go to WWP. We have had nothing but a great response all around.

  • Roger Long

    Give the money to the “Salvation Army,” they do a lot of good. No organized charities where about 20% or more go for “administration.”

  • michric

    Quite an outfit, anti religion and pro gun control. They are masquerading as a friend of the soldier, they are not.

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