Former Jim Carrey Fan Sells Autographed Pic to Buy a Glock

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 9.58.12 AMA seller on eBAY is auctioning off his autographed photo of Jim Carrey so that he can afford to buy a gun to protect his family.

The seller says in the auction description:

“I’m selling this Jim Carrey Autographed B&W 8X10 Photo (mint condition) in hopes that I sell it for enough to buy a GUN to protect my family.

“I’m thinking of getting the Glock G30S .45 ACP Pistol which retails for $640 U.S.

“Hopefully I can get at least that much for the autographed photo. If it sells for more than I’ll get a laser sight for it and take some gun safety classes and get my “concealed carry” permit.”

The seller says he lost all respect for Carrey after watching his video which mocks Charlton Heston and gun owners.

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  • Angel Rodriguez

    I love this. I too was a fan of Carry, but now, he needs to take his rear up north and mind his own business.

    • letfreedomring10

      What do you have against the North? He should go where he can get WARM, got it!

      • Angel Rodriguez

        LOL. Nothing against the North. Just meant he should get out of here. Apologies if that came out as an attack of our brothers and sisters up North. Not the intent at all.

  • CJ

    I am afraid he will fall short on his goal. Nothing about Jim Carry could begin to garner the value of one round of ammo for a glock, much less the weapon itself.

    • Donald Joy

      He’ll attract plenty of offers from conservatives who have lots of money and just want to make a point, help him out, and then burn the picture–or better yet use it for target practice!

      • Ummer

        Seems like ebay removed the listing.

        Heck ebay seems to have banned all listings with the word gun in Jim Carrey related says.

      • caskinner

        I was thinking it would be good next to the toilet.

  • medivac

    A noble gesture for a great cause !!

    • disgusted demacrat

      Just how much is he willing to pay for someone to take picture off his hands?

  • fliteking

    Get rid of a picture of a buttwipe and pick up a glock? DEAL !

  • bunky doodle

    he’s a comedian. he thinks he’s funny. he promoted not vacinating your children. that proved false too. glad i didnt fall for that one. heston marched with martin luther king…..what has carey done? i used to like him. hollywood freaks know how to ruin their careers when they open their mouths. i turn them off when they do. no mas. lo siento jimmy, no mas

    • letfreedomring10

      Se como no!

  • letfreedomring10

    Screw Jim and all the scum in Fariyland, they are all worthless (sic) and I do not even rent thier movies anymore, nor Chinees food, or Arbys, Walmart, etc. they are all anti-American, yet they like the money they make here and use it to NO GOOD! The hell w/them. . .

  • Jeff Shouse

    Hahaha. Aaaaaalrighty then!

  • Barb Patton

    Use the pic to start a fire – hell who would want anything with that fool’s picture on it.. Get a loan and buy a Glock to protect your faily

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    Is it waterproof? Would make a great urinal target. A wonderful complement to my Obama inauguration pic.

  • CaptTurbo

    Yep, some rich guy might buy the picture just to shred it on the target range. I’m done with Hollywood. We would have to be fools to enrich those commies further.

  • VocalYokel

    I hope the handful of admirers that may still exist for Dumb and Dumber will pool their money and purchase this POS at a price that will enable the seller to buy an M1 Abrams.

  • TAM44

    What kind of idiot gets a jim carrey autographe from this sick puke?

  • Stephen Russell

    Love this how many more fans will do same for other celebs aside Carrey, awesome,
    Yeah recycle that stuff & get cash for Guns

  • GrizzlyIX

    Good for him!

    GOOD FOR HIM! ! ! ! !

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