• Todd

    Rasicist much, ClashSTUPID.COM!

    • Noelle’s Bootcut Kittenpants

      There is not one word about race in that article.

    • Storm

      It’s amazing how racist people are always screaming racist
      before anyone else. Nowhere in this article is there anything mentioned about

    • Soldier_Wife

      *Racist. Perhaps you should learn to spell it before claiming something is it.

    • Bob Young

      Hey Todd! Stupid Much? Yes youu are

    • anastasia

      todd, todd, todd—learn what racism is you bumbling , babling fool.

    • jlbs

      Define racism for me, please.

    • leesjokers


    • http://www.facebook.com/rips.daddy Eric P. Huffman


    • Antiliberal

      Keep tryin’ todd, you’ll get that word spelled correctly someday….maybe….with help.

    • barbiecakes

      The two most race conscious groups are liberals and skin-heads. Not much difference between the two.

  • Chicaco Cookie

    I guess the Left feels they need only one word to debate a logical argument- RACIST – but then they are unable to debate it using logic/truth.

  • DrDulcamara


    Howzabout from Day One? Try STILL!

  • Soldier_Wife

    I am sick of the entire administration, not just the Obama’s. I am sick of every other week basically being told that “the end is nigh, another financial apocalypse blame the Republicans”. I am sick of everyone placing blame on everyone else. There is not one person in this admin that can accept responsibility for anything. I understand the President does not have 100% control over what goes on the books. However, when the sequestration bill was proposed, he could have vetoed it. Instead he signed it with the “hope” someone would come along and “change” it. I am also sick of ignoramuses screaming “racism” b/c my opinion differs from theirs. It is not racist to disagree with someone else. Racism is the belief that your race is superior to another. Disagreeing with someone else is not racism. There is nothing in this article that claims any other race is more superior than another.

    • Floyd

      All of the above you stated and more. Since Obama has taken office I have vowed to never even consider for voting for a Democrat in the remainder of my life. The Dem’s stood for something different 40/50 years ago. To summarize what they currently stand for: Most of it is immoral. One then questions does immoral lead to uncivilized. Does uncivilized become a grade above that of animals. If that doesn’t bother you then join them. Maybe you’re selfish,jealous, or are a freeloader, then join them.
      I can’t recall the last time he said something that was honest. I cannot recall the last time we had a President who didn’t represent all us citizens. Nixon comes to mind but this is much worse. What is he teaching our children and young adults? Are they admirable, moral traits?

      • Ron

        The Democrat party died With J.F.K.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rips.daddy Eric P. Huffman

      they just scream racism to try to shut you up when they don’t have a valid argument. I’m not racist – I hate Biden too.

      • tkhouston

        Eric they don’t know the difference between racism and being a true AMERICAN apparently !!!

        • Hotnike

          Gosh, I guess I would like to know your reasoning behind your statement!

    • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lizotte.3 Marc Lizotte

      Exactly Kim AND the same goes for ugly acting Aholes who blame their being disliked on your being a racist! An Ahole is an Ahole is an Ahole no matter what race, color or creed!

  • Bob Young

    Sure am sick of the obama’s. Im sure the day is swiftly approaching when the secret service has their full of them to, when they will then have an unfortunate “accident.”

    • Eddy Fudd

      Oh Ya!

  • PatrioTom

    I was sick of them before they defiled the white house in Jan 2009!

    • http://www.facebook.com/david.berrian.3 David Berrian


    • Lt Roger Wilco

      You and I both Patriot. When the media were all wetting their panties about how sleek Obama’s cow’s arms are all I could see was, as Richard Pryor has so aptly put it, “ass for days.” She is so damn ugly all I can think of when I see pictures of her is what a friend used to call butt-ugly. Her physical ugliness is far exceeded by her detestable mean racist self-involved personality. She is just gross. But she is Snow White compared to the vicious, murderous, cowardly, queer, muslim, foreigner Barrack.

      • Rockcut

        What a hateful childish rant. My advice is grow up and act like a man and stop this childish insulting of the first lady.

        • nexgenesis

          My advice to you is to start praying for America, that by the time these people leave office that there will enough of America left and the freedoms we used to have that our nation can be revived.

          • jugatsu

            They’ll never leave office on their own accord. They will have to be forcefully removed in chains. They’re criminals and election fraudsters, and will either steal the next elections, as they did in 2012, or hold their positions by force (that’s what the over 2 BILLION hollow point bullets are for).

            Or they will manufacture another national tragedy and enact emergency powers and obama will remain Der Fuhrer of the United Socialist States of America. And that’s what the current body of NATO troops are here for, and more where they came from.

            We won’t get America back without force. Sitting around commenting on blogs and emailing our representatives is doing almost absolutely nothing; at best, we’re converting newly disillusioned obama followers to the Light and the Right, which increases our number.

        • Steve Thomas

          Can’t stand the the truth rockcut? Pi$$ off!

        • Reb Biker

          If you can’t see how hideously ugly Michele Obama is, inside and out, you’re blind as a bat. And not very smart, either.

      • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lizotte.3 Marc Lizotte

        OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

        • violater1

          Sometimes hard facts are painfully humorous huh marc? But Lt. Roger is dead on! HahahahahaLOL!

    • Mike Brannick

      Me, too!

    • joycersjoyr

      We’re all sick of them, particularly the Obama lies.

  • Yvette

    Regular Americans appreciate the things they earn and have! . I really wonder……do they really rest easy at night?? America is in such a mess!! Only God can help us and He is NOT Obama!!!!

    • $3846549

      At the democrat convention, they denied God three times. It was stunning, it was biblical and a majority of the people put the democrats back in power. Do we expect any thing good coming?

      • http://www.facebook.com/rips.daddy Eric P. Huffman

        They tried to keep the denial of God low key during the Democratic convention, and after realizing the mention of God had been left out of the preamble, they had God re-instated against the wishes of the Democrat delegates. My jaw dropped as I watched that vote unfold on tv. They had the the “yeah’s” and “nay’s” for whether to place the mention of God back in the preamble. The “Nay’s” clearly won it, but the people in charge of the vote smartly said the “Yeah’s” had won it, so they re-instated the mention of God anyway, I believe just to keep the true direction of the Democratic party from being brightly illuminated before the election.
        Now the Democratic party is so openly socialistic and anti-God, they don’t care who knows it. At what point will God have enough and turn his back on the US, and let us reap what we sow?? Keep fighting the good fight and praying hard people, we have a rough road ahead.

        • Dale Nesselroade

          I’m afraid GOD has already had enough of Amerika. Sodom and Gomorrah were hardly any worse then the cesspools we have in SF and Washington,DC.

        • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lizotte.3 Marc Lizotte

          One can be a socialist and believe in God (a), being communist now is a different story!

          • Ron

            Socialist, communist, Liberia, progressive, are different names for the same thing

      • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lizotte.3 Marc Lizotte

        “…..people will be as in the days of Noah.”

    • tkhouston

      You haven’t been paying attention, This aSS thinks he is God. But there are some of us that think and know different !!!!

    • jugatsu

      God helps those who help themselves. I don’t see much “doing” on our side; I’m all for kicking ass and mass burials, so let’s take it back from the Fascist Elitist Godless Traitors NOW

      • Toastertreat

        I hear strains of Charles Bronson in Death Wish. And I like it.

      • Tired of Blab

        Your opening statement is NOT Biblical! The rest will just cause more problems than cures. I agree all is NOT well in W.D.C. BUT… failure of 4 Million registered Republicans to vote in the last election shows a need to begin working at the grass-roots level on committees and delegates to local events so that GOOD candidates can be selected. Getting involved at the local level WILL pay dividends in 2014.

  • VirgoVince


  • Ken

    Are you tired of the muslem Illegals yet?

  • Darius the Mede

    I was sick of the Obaminator’s reign even before he started his first 4 years as President. For someone who wants this country reduced to a 3rd world nation status, shows his overall political bent. I ieve that he is, at the least, a “closet musli”, who thinks that muslims ought to be above the law. Left with Obama, this country will be destroyed, as we see happening all around us, with increasingly numerous people losing their jobs because of his “executive” regulations. He and his cronies want to disarm the Americans because an unarmed citizenry becomes “subjects”, not citizens. So, I am disgusted with his whole reign.

  • crusader2010

    Yes! From the moment I saw him standing with his head in the classic Benito Mussolini pose; I knew we were in trouble.

    • $3846549

      I have an 87 year old friend with a political science degree and a business degree from UCLA, exactly what he said, Mussolini.

      • http://www.LuckyLuxtonAffiliateMarketing.com/ Keith “Lucky” Luxton

        I think he is more Hitler than Mussolini

    • agbjr

      I pointed out the same to friends and family four years ago: Obama displays the Mussolini head-lift and jaw thrust with a slight nod. Obama also is afflicted with the imperial elitist Mussolini mentality … and both are fascist sonsofbitches.

      • leesjokers


        • mudguy1

          I think, wasn’t he hung upside down.

          • leesjokers


    • leesjokers


  • DCG

    The Obama’s are evil, they want to destroy America by turning us into a socialists society! They make me want to throw up!

  • James in Texas

    Yes, completely. When will this Nation awaken to the understanding that this President is dedicated to the full and complete destruction of this country, this culture, the Christian faith and the Republic which we stand for. Just think, now Joe Biden is considered to be a “wise man”, What??????

    • leesjokers


  • agbjr

    For these past four years my entire household has been sick of the Obamas! Whenever either of them appear on TV we immediately change the channel or go to mute. I flip the middle finger at them both and personally know of many who would like to just smack them across their smarmy lying mouths. President Narcissist and First Wookie are truly self-absorbed imperial elitists … Marxist sonsofbitches both.

  • gailfilerino0403

    This is a rogue president who has blood on his hands from the BP oil spill to Benghszi to fast & furious to The Colarado shootings & Sandy Hook. He has been working with radical muslims for going on 5 years. Supporting the arab spring to waging a war with Lybia wlthout the consent of Congress. To killing Qaudaffi but allowing Brashir the president of Syria continue killing Syrian Citizens. Now these cult leftist communist are gutting the 1st & 2nd amendment and he’s HLS buying up millions of rounds of ammo & tanks. Where’s these investigative reporters of yester year who would have been exposing the corruption of this whitehouse. Now he’s off to intimidate Isreal. Go back to your 1969 borders or else. That’s right he said that the Jews of Isreal need to return to the original borders. Pure evil is afoot!

    • leesjokers


      • leesjokers


  • TPM

    Moochelle took 42 days of taxpayer funded vacation, just last year, alone. The cost? … Over $10,000,000. Wow … and Obama is bitching about the sequester and a shortage of money to do what … buy more Obama phones for his zombies?

  • sickof obama

    With all the criminal acts he has committed, not to mention breaking the law trying to get rid of our constitution, why are the press not reporting this, he can be impeached on a number of things, but they are so afraid of losing their millions, but that paper money want be worth much here in a little bit thanks to their all mighty god and so called father of the country, he should be reported for child abuse, cause I sure am taking a beating at his hand.

  • RubyBlu

    It’s a tie – which one am I most sick of: obama or michelle; and that’s from Day One!!

  • glock3045auto

    Yes… I am sick of them! In fact, hate them all, with a unbelievable passion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lizotte.3 Marc Lizotte

      Do you see what they have done to you, so full of anger and hate! This is NOT the America we started out being. The more anger and hate you have for Obummer the more he likes it, your NO skin off his nose!

      • glock3045auto

        So what??? I don’t care if Obutthole likes it or not. I don’t care if he likes me or not. The trouble is, too many ‘conservatives’ aren’t standing their ground against this ba$terd, and he keeps getting away with his communist agenda. In four years, you aren’t going to recognize this country. He is NOT my president, I hate the SOB, and I hope his ‘reign’ comes to an abrupt end.

  • dad666

    SIck of the whole bunch and wish they would all go to he** an leave the gubment to the SNL cast.

  • rwc2000

    I warned my co-workers about this community organizer when he ran for office the first time. He reminds me of stories telling how Satan can speak with a honey coated forked tongue. I guess free stuff is more important to most people in this country than the prospect of becoming slaves. I’m surprised that black folk haven’t thought about this. Welcome to the USSA.

  • American47

    NY Post: Are You Sick of The Obama’s Yet?
    YES, YES, YES. Hang him.

    • mudguy1

      Yes. But I am sick of the Wimpy Republicans that are letting him get away with his lies. They don’t use the power that they have. They can start defunding Obamacare, IRS, EPA and many more. They are to worried about their jobs and not our country.

  • tkhouston

    They are both a couple arogant A-Holes

    • mudguy1

      Thats being too nice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lizotte.3 Marc Lizotte

      What are you gonna do when hes in for a third term! People are already talking about it! Lawd, Lawd!!!!!!!!

  • rwc2000

    Tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail would be too good for these musl*ms.

  • Antiliberal

    Wow, that’s the quintessential rhetorical question.

  • Mark

    I get sick to my stomach every time I see them on TV or see a picture of them in the paper, YUK !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    I wonder what would happen if God decided to suddenly open the blind eyes of all the lemmings that voted for the latte one and they see the error of their ways??? I for one really wish that such a miracle would happen – the sooner the better because America is being torn down brick by brick by these corrupt and destructive people.

  • lizaz

    The answer is YES, since 2009….

  • GWY

    I’m way past sick of them. I wish Obama would resign and move to some communist third world rat hole instead of trying to turn this country into one.

  • nexgenesis

    Tired of the obama’s? Hardly an adequate question. Sick of their arrogance and wasteful habits that are draining the public coffers, their war on Christianity, their embracing of evil, and the answer is a resounding yes. If they were white folk they would have be impeached long ago.

  • barbiecakes

    We’re sitting there watching the Oscars and moochy’s face appears on the screen and I’m thinking we can’t get away from this women’s bull no matter what you are watching. It’s in your face, michelle obama the celebrity. She is so annoying.

  • Tank

    I’m sick of the entire government. Just a bunch of overpaid Lawyers doing what they do best, arguing and bleeding people’s bank accounts dry.

  • 63Marine

    We, America have a bunch of idiots in Washington DC and they ALL need to go. All of them would screw up a wet dream. After the stupid response from Biden about firing your shotgun outside has to be one of his best yet. That took a lot of thought.
    Anyone with half a brain knows that what goes up, comes down and that includes the lead shot from the shotgun blast. All of you who voted for this bunch are getting what you voted for. Look, if you don’t like America, take your crap and go to some 3rd world rat hole where they will embrace your warped way of thinking.

  • cae973

    Yes I am sick of them..all he does is go out..either to give speeches filled with lies or to golf. He does nothing as president..no leadership, no decisions, no consequences and all she does is take vacations on our money or promote herself. She is literally starving the school children in this country because weight is an issue with her that she has to carefully watch and now she has the audacity to tell us how to care for our dogs. Listen lady I got a 10 month old dog from the pound that died 2 years ago…the dog was 21 years old…so I know alot more about caring for dogs then you will ever know. Along with that I raised heathly children without you telling me how and wish you would just butt out of everyones business. Along with that since you had to grab the spotlight at the academy awards I think you and that husband of yours deserved the award for best acting because the two of you do nothing but act pretending you are the president and first lady!

  • Dempseycoleman

    I think Obama and Democrats in general over played their hand.
    Instead of A’s and 8’s I think they only had a pair os 2’s.
    Not that the Republicans took the Pot or not is the question?

  • rangers53

    Maxine Waters. What a clown! And to think the idiots in California have sent this ding bat to Congress for 22 years.

  • francis

    since day one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Take 2

    Hire a private third party murder investigation into Fast and Furious and Benghazi. Most likely someone will not want to go to prison and net result will be an end to dictatorship in America.

  • marineh2ominer

    How we feel about them personally is irrevelant , on the other hand how we feel about their ” fundamental changes ” is reason to curse them to hell and back . The changes we wanted and needed included smaller , less powerfull government , thus leading to more freedom and prosperity . Instead the change is away from both to a typical communist state , thus fullfilling Nikita Kruschevs prophecy of taking over the United States of America withoput firing a shot .

  • Nancy Sternberg

    Been sick of them for four years+!

  • http://hoverspot.com/blog.php?userId=989817 Mike Won

    NY Post: Are You Sick of The Obama’s Yet?
    The question is proof of newspaper obsolescence!
    The question is proof that there is such a thing as a dumb question!
    Planet Earth = Sanitarium for the Criminally Insane & Acutely Stupid!



  • Gary Smith

    I was sick of them over 10 years ago!!!

  • violater1

    PATRIOTOM: I likewise and definitely not responsible for his election on either occassion but I certainly hope those that love him so get their belly full eventually but I doubt it very seriously!

  • Shadow_58

    Was sick of this basta*d and his ugly old lady in 2007. Now I’m thinking of going on permanent disability from listening to all his lies.


    I have been sick of Obama ever since I first heard his lying ass speak. He can not tell the truth in any way. I had an employee once that had rather lie to me than tell the truth. I can’t stand a liar. It is insulting to me for someone to lie to me.

  • Boris_Yeltsin

    The Obamas epitomize everything that is corrupt, self-serving, and manipulative with politics. They are ultra elitists who feign their love of “the people” only to garner the votes of the disenfranchised who are still as lost and forgotten as they were they day he became president. In truth, they despise the poor, the indigents. They hate Americans and are intent on bringing this “imperialist” “evil” country down before they hit the road in four years to sell presentations for million dollars a pop. I’d like to see them deported back to Kenya where Hussein came from.

  • cbarneym

    I am not sick of the Obama’s but I am sick of Doug Giles and other liars-of-the-right.

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