• TeaParty Patriot (TTP)

    Violence is not a Conservative or “Gun Clulture”problem..

    Violence is a regressive ‘rat cultural problem. IE the “low information” voter.

    After going after the NRA and LaPierre, Feinstein blamed the so-called “gun culture” for the alleged carnage at Sandy Hook.

    “It’s gun culture…. that gun culture is letting bad things happen,” she said.

    Gun control (an impossible phenomenon)will not solve the problem. A change in the culture of violence and morals will go a long way towards ending violence against the defenseless. A recent survey by the Barna Group shows that, If you overlaid a map of the Democratic Party strongholds over a map of high crime and violence over a map of people who no longer read and believe the Bible, you would find that they are nearly identical..

    Violence is not generally a conservative problem. nor is it… a general US population problem. The vast majorities of Americans obey the laws. Violence is a regressive ‘rat cultural problem. Ask yourself, Who conducts the knockout game? Who has flash mobbing of stores? which is more prevalent, white on black violence or black on black violence or black on white/asian/hispanic violence? Look at where the murders and violence are, mainly concentrated large regressive democrat conclaves. It is long past time for the regressive ‘rats and thier low information voters to show some community responsibility, clean up their act and start behaving like adult humans instead of the degenerates they are..

    • rp

      It is not only that, but a decay of the family. Thank LBJ and the Dems for destroying the black family. There are so many blacks that have no fathers to help teach them right from wrong and their single mothers either don’t care or are too busy working to be with their children. By destroying the family, there is not enough influence for the children to be taught to respect others. It is now spreading to the white families as well and there is a whole society that is growing up not having respect for anything or the fear having to face consequences for bad behavior.

  • GDC97

    MLK was a DRUG ADDICT COMMUNIST and should have bee EXECUTED for treason YEARS before he was shot!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bf-Caffrey/100000376924378 B.f. Caffrey

    First, Kudos to General Curry for an insightful and concise observation of the problems. Sadly, it’s true that the most violent crime happens in the “inner cities” where poor people live. It’s almost always been that way. In the late 1890’s, it was observed that the “slums” where immigrants and poor lived always had fights, rapes, robberies and murders at higher rates than even the modest working class areas. What are the drivers for crime? Poverty, joblessness, low education and the lack of moral values. A moral person, though living in poverty, or jobless, or poorly educated, resorts to crime less than someone without moral values. Contributors are single parent households, illegal drugs, alcohol and corrupt or abusive government.

    As far as the “African-American” community goes, they need to change the expectations of their own children and young adults. Whites can help, but the change must be fostered by some leaders in the black community. It must be led and directed by visionary black leaders who can look forward and let go of ancient wrongs. The idea is to advance, to move forward to a better future, not bitterly cling to an abusive past like a victim. Until someone in the black community can step forward and commit to this goal we cannot realize MLK’s vision.

  • ddoug1

    gen curry points out some pretty basic truths. ones that are being overlooked in the emotional rush to solve problems with gun control.

    i just want to comment on one thing he said. student id’s in israel. back when id’s for voting were a hot topic eric holder made some pretty uninformed comments about the public (did he focus on the poor, uneducated, unsophistacated?) not being up to the challenge of having a photo id. i am currently in the philippines. i think the philippines might qualify as mr. holder’s asian, third-world kinda of country that is not up to the photo id challenge.

    in reality photo id’s are everywhere here. they are on a lanyard so they can be worn around the neck. easily seen and quickly checked. students have them to get onto the school grounds, employees of many businesses have them so they can be recognized by the public and by security, they are everywhere. and if you don’t wear on you have one in your pocket.

    in my mind mr. holder simply displayed his lack of education and of experience. he needs to get out in the world. visit some of the countries he suggested don’t have a ‘carry id’ mentality. it would become quickly obvious that he either has no idea what he is talking about or he purposely lies in his attempt to win his arguments.

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