• Bret

    Works for me.

  • melindaB.

    You people are digusting. Rejoicing in the poor mans death. Maybe he wouldnt have done that if you didnt oppress and stereotype him so much!

    • Furious

      Go f@#$ yourself.

    • Charles

      Well at least he won’t be seeing the little eight year old he killed where he is now. That little guy is in Heaven!!!

      • Jane18

        Oh yeah, he will see that little boy, Charles. Right now there is no hell, but, there is a place in heaven that is separated by a gulf. The “bad” guys are on one side and they can see across to the other side where those who loved GOD and lived for HIM are, and that little 8 year-old boy is there. Trust me, the bad guy is seeing there are no virgins, that he and others have been lied to for centuries, and he is tormented with the fact that he will be burned in the hellfire at GOD’s White Throne Judgment. Read about the rich man and Lazarus ….Luke 16:19-31(the word hell is used as hades, which is a place for departed souls AND they KNOW they are on the wrong side! All the bad feelings are of degradation and great embarrassment that they were so stupid to have believed all they had ever been told). By the way, their are many of our loved ones on that same side, and GOD only knows who and for what reason. We have many so-called pastors, preachers, ministers, priests, father this, holy that, reverends, etc., that have mislead sooooo many of our own people. Like I said, that stinking terrorist sees that little boy……..and he knows he is a murderer!!! (Guess WHO else he can see…………………….)

        • panors77

          Yes….you need to read again the “rich mand and Lazerus”. The rich man was in hell and on fire, begging for a sip of water. Hell is real….Jesus himself verified it.

    • Alfred Ferguson

      Idiocy–you–on stilts.

    • Daniel L Cameron

      His family came to this country for freedom and political asylum, which they were granted. They were known to be good kids well liked by all. They went to college and were doing well. Doesn’t sound a whole hell of a lot like they were being oppressed or stereotyped to me! Sounds like they were POS who decided that those who they considered Infidels should be killed, which would probably have included you!

    • Al Chemist

      The problem was that he was not stereotyped you crazy (bleep)! If he had been, that little eight year old boy might be alive, and his little sister might have all her legs. And, all those other wounded people would be at home with their families…not in the hospital.

    • Bulldog74

      Hey melindaB(ithch), why don’t you come here to Boston and tell us that to our faces?

    • Rattlerjake

      melindaB, I think you should buy a one-way ticket to Chechnya. You like these scumbags so much, go live with them, and don’t come back!

    • The Big Easy

      @-mb———–COMRADE——-IS YOU CRAZY ????????? We give them safe harbor from their own country,and then they repay us with this———-You sound like one of those ADULT DIAPER GIRLS that has a very heavily soiled ADULT DIAPER that is ooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzinf out all over your ADULT DIAPER GIRL BED and yourself.You should get your ADULT DIAPER GIRL DADDY to give you a CHANGE and be sure that your ADULT DIAPER GIRL DADDY wipes all that ADULT DIAPER DRIBBLE from your mouth————What a ADULT DIAPER GIRL TROLL———————————

    • Paul Brown

      Disgusting is people like you that believe a terrorist are a poor mans death, maybe you could be his next victim, Well not his. Too bad

    • Jane18

      Melinda, you are one confused and ignorant(to ignore)person. This guy has no excuses for what he and his stinking little brother did. They chose a path, it was a path of destruction taught to them by people that hate America, Israel and any Caucasian nation. You are much like the wife that he got to convert to Islam(Muslim), BLIND!!

    • JCWS1

      Tell your pathetic little diatribe to the families of the victims, you heartless twit.
      You maam are the disgusting heartless black souled person on this page.

    • $5708171

      Call us what you will. YOU are part of the problem in this country. I’d add a few thousand more of them with him.

    • Augustus Gustavius Salvatore C

      Yes melinda anyone who gets off on this photo is no friend of mine….. lovers of violence are one of the #1 problems they use their amygdala for processing life’s events

    • kill em all

      U got any kids lady how bout they killed one n blew the leg off the other no mercy for these dirtbags by the way u liberal go sc r we yourself

    • jany38

      Obviously it wasn’t one of your loved ones killed or maimed in the Boston bombing. It is you who is disgusting. Maybe if you had been there you could have used your Obamaphone to call someone who cared enough to help that ‘poor’ pos as he was dying. You erroneously called him ‘a man.’ He’s as far from being a man as you are from being intelligent.

    • panors77

      The poor man’s death??? What about the poor innocents he killed? Oh…so you think that if we just put our blinders on and not profile he wouldn’t have done this? I hope you’re kidding?

  • mazzy star

    Yeah, works for me too. Pretty disgusting, but what he did will surely send him straight to hell. Too bad I don’t believe in it, but if there was one, that is where he would be. What a POS. Oppress and stereotype. You have got to be joking. He is a muslim terrorist, period, end of. Maybe if he had not been indoctrinated with hate from Islam, he would not have done it. I hope he is enjoying his 72 virgins. NOT!

    • leesjokers


    • John

      I have never seen a dead person with an erection.. ha ha for the virgins.

    • Sally

      72 virgins and 28 young pre-pubescent boys. Don’t forget the young boys…

  • Tammy K

    Rejoicing and celebrating!! great Police work!

    • Alfred Ferguson

      Works for me. One down–many,many to go.

  • Furious

    Ah the best kind of terrorist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000173780821 Ken Pennington

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ….

  • Charles


  • socon

    I wonder if his 72 year old virgin was waiting for him.

    • doctorbob

      Hope she looks like Nancy Pelosi.

      • James Maxwell

        Nancy “Botox” Pelosi, Barbara “Gorgol” Boxer, Diane “Freakout” Feinsteine
        are others from the Left who knows maybe even Jane “Hanoi” Fonda.
        Think that would be a good start for his just rewards.

  • Daniel L Cameron

    I love it, they took him to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center! Awesome. Start the burning in hell immediately!

  • http://www.facebook.com/katrina.frush1 Katrina Frush

    a video shows him walking naked and getting into a police car unharmed, then we have the story of his brother running over him by an eye witness cop…then a statement saying a cop car ran over him, defenetely looks like him in the video,again, unharmed…. this is crazy to say the least….

  • russellsmith4

    A dead raghead, whats disgusting about that

  • Mort Leith

    We SHOULD be plastering these pictures all over every news channel,,
    only we should be showing them covered in pig guts to show these satan-worshippers what we do to garbage so they don’t get to the virgins…

    • Al Chemist

      Not a bad idea at all. I would also favor a pig-blood transfusion with pictures of that plastered all over the internet.

    • Rattlerjake

      They should put them in a wooden box and prop them up in a window for all to see like they did in the old west.

    • 7papa7

      A dead mulim terrorist, what a beautiful site. We need many more of them.

  • Arthur Ittus

    This is a beautiful picture- It should should be framed and sent to his loving family
    as a testament to his upbringing~

    • John

      WOW, well said brother. Parents were zero parents. Put a child upon the right path when he is young, and he will remain on it when he is old.

  • dave

    Where is the Sandy Hook shooter now that we’re proud with photos.

  • doctorbob

    Looks good to me. Hope all would-be terrorists see these before-and-after pix. But, the treatment is not quite complete. Wrap his body in bacon, and fill his mouth with lard. THEN bury him. And make sure that ALL Muslims KNOW what happens to terrorists here. We have plenty of bacon for all.

    • POTUS mime

      you have to cut off his balls too..the Russians would do that because it means they can’t get to Paradise and get their virgins.

  • doctorbob

    By the way, why couldn’t we see bin Laden’s body exactly like this? I think after 9/11, we paid to get a look.

    • noname

      You can still he his head. It’s around somewhere.

    • panors77

      Beat me to it. :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/denise.mitchell1956 Denise MItchell

      because I do not think he is dead

  • leesjokers


  • James Maxwell

    Put the picture on the front page with the headlines “This is what happens to terrorist
    who attack America and Americans”.

  • bitemehardleft

    I have been waiting for years to see pictures of what happens to terrorist. This is fantastic….I don’t want to see pictures of the innocent victims anymore the there Ahmed the Dead terrorist….

  • bitemehardleft

    yeah now lets see the Sandy Hook shooter, Oh yah that’s right we cant show him he is a left winger….

    • WhiteFalcon

      Muslim extremists are left wingers too.

      • LARA


      • TexasJester

        They sided with Hitler as well. Only fits they would support obucky.

  • John

    Send his body to the rendering service and make dog food out of him.

    • JCWS1

      More fitting would be to make pig feed out of his remains and let him end up as pig poop. (Dung for the censors)

  • TexRancher

    Now if a secondary autopsy team in masks (like muslims like) comes in, removes all his vital organs and replaces them with pig’s and flushes the embalming fluid with pig’s blood and then release the corpse to his family for disposal!
    This is how we should deal with terrorist murderers!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joycepearson57 Joyce Pearson

    But some of you will have to remember, God loved him just as much as He loved you! Jesus came to set him free also.

    • msueh

      but he did not accept Jesus’ gift.

      • panors77

        yes….and as a matter of fact his “religion” calls Christians and Jews “pigs”.

    • gundog1911

      He’s free now. Free to roam around HELL forever. Finally a picture of a good terrorist.

      • stonemike

        Even if you really believe that, why be unfeeling enough toward the victims to say it! This bas–rd got less than he deserved ! You might naively consider him ‘just one of gods children’, but I guarantee he hated you and ALL INFIDELS!

  • agbjr

    No terrorist ever looked so good!

  • larryincamden

    Were his bullet wounds the cause of his death, or was it being run over by his brother in the car jacked SUV?

    I also saw this claim made on CNN, but can not find it on the web now.

  • Fred_K

    Maybe he will get the 70 virgin beefcakes to make him happy in his afterlife.

  • Lucy lu

    Where are all the bullet holes? Some news reports stated that there were so many the police couldn’t count them – I only see one in that photo.

  • Sagebrush6

    Looks like a good little terrorist to me. Whats the problem ?

  • Sagebrush6

    When does he get wrapped in the pigskin ? He needs to be properly covered to go see the 72 Virginians.

  • All the Way

    Suits Me!

  • kabulgeorge

    Looks like a case of lead poisoning to me!

  • Lee

    Did not help his condition having his lil brother run him over trying to escape….Sorry bro gota go.

  • Chris Ogle

    Translation for those wut ain’t got no book learnin’ : It wuz them A-rabs what did it. I seent ‘em I did.

  • Real American

    Hope he rots in Hell!

  • Tag3463

    Why block out the incision made by the morgue? I’t not hidden on the website that you find when you google it – too bad he didn’t suffer that wound while he was a live and feeling it! He should feel the paid he caused others – and too bad the brother is still among the living – hopefully, not for long! This is what happens when our goberment does not heed a warning given them about these creeps! People are dead, maimed and wounded unnecessarily IF these POS had been deported in spite of their citizenship here – just revoke those papers and kck their butts out – easy!!!

  • donl

    We have a radical communist muslim in the white house!! Deport him!!

  • ck

    He really doesn’t look presentable to those 72 ugly virgins!!!!

    • bigkid1950

      Those are 72 MALE virgins awaiting his arrival. Won’t HE be surprised!

  • $5708171

    Looks good to me. Think I’ll make it my wallpaper.

  • Marlin208

    Hey, isn’t that a tire track across his face? After all this his brother killed him. Ran that POS over .

  • RockyMtn1776

    This monster is dead but his innocent victims face months of rehab and a lifetime of learning to cope. It’s going to be hard for Obama to write this one off as a “workplace accident” as he did with the Ft. Hood Islamic terrorist.

  • Mutt

    Let us hope his death was as painful as the life he’s made for his victims and their families.

  • Sigpro74

    Being born, raised and still living in the Boston area, no one would like to see these guys rot in hell more than me, I don’t hold much hope in the authenticity of this photo. We have all seen many, MANY times the surveilance video footage of the douchbag brothers moments before the explosions. Suspect #1 (supposedley pictured on the table above…) was clean shaven in the videos. Look closely at the above picture and you can clearly see what looks to be a full, closely trimmed beard. Once again proof that the media likes to fill the main stream with falsehoods.

    • stonemike

      Doen’t matter, its the thought that counts!

    • AppraisHer

      Sigpro74, Clean shaven on 4/15, died 4/19, typical 4 day growth, probably too busy to shave. Definition of Irony: Muslim terrorists, treated in a Jewish hospital.

  • WhiteFalcon

    To bad you can’t see the tire tracks where his brother ran over him. It could well be that he was killed by his brother. If that is the case, I would like it if that information were given to his brother.

  • pana2

    You won’t hear the media talking much about muslim/islam terrorists becuz..we have a muslim prez in the white house. Talk about sleeper cells, look no further then right there at 1600 pennsylvania ave. Obama is one and laughing in our american faces.

    • stonemike

      I live for the day I see a similar photo of the BLACK INTERLOPER, himself!

    • panors77

      I think we have a communist in the WH who is using the muslims for his agenda of taking us down.

  • stonemike

    AWWW, I love seeing terrorists blown all to he-l!

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    Nice picture wish there were more like it. Looks like a terrorist, dead as a terrorist should be and want to see more pictures like this one.

  • LARA


  • Indiana Conservative

    Looks like dead pig with all that white skin.It is appointed unto man to die once.Then comes the judgment

  • southtxcowboy

    Good riddens, the taxpayers won’t be paying for food, medical or housing in prison. Burn in Help!

  • panors77

    Ok……now wheres OBL’s death photo!!

  • Mike11C

    I’ve had first hand experience with dead insurgents/terrorists and I can tell you that they smell just as bad before they rot in the 125 degree Iraqi sun as they do afterwards. I’ve collected their weapons, cell phones, and documents for intel and I’ve transported their corpses on the bumper of my HMMWV in black zippered body bags. I guess no one ever told them that their “72 virgins” are really sheep. I hope this guy enjoys their fuzzy a$$e$. May they rot in hell!

  • catnip24

    why haven’t we seen any pictures of the muslim terrorist bin laden after he was killed? will obama send orders to have this muslim terrorist get cleansed and have a muslim burial like obama ordered for bin laden?

  • Deepizzaguy

    What would the caption read on the show “1,000 Ways To Die” that is reruns of Spike TV. Would it read “Dead Terrorist?”

  • suegee

    Great picture.The best part is that his own brother ran over him with his vehicle and dragged him. Great ending for terrorist.

  • jimbo124816

    Governorship of Tasker H. Bliss (1906-1909)
    On February 1, 1906, Major. Gen. Tasker H. Bliss replaced General Wood as the commander of the Department of Mindanao-Jolo, and replaced him as governor of Moro Province sometime after the First Battle of Bud Dajo. Bliss’ tenure is regarded as a “peace era,” and Bliss launched no punitive expeditions during his term in office. However, this superficial peace came at the price of tolerating a certain amount of lawlessness. Constabulary forces in pursuit of Moro fugitives often found themselves forced to abandon their chase after the fugitives took refuge at their home cottas. The constabulary forces were outnumbered, and a much larger (and disruptive) expedition would have been required to dislodge the fugitives from their hiding place. However, this period also demonstrated the success of new aggressive American tactics. According to Rear Admiral D.P. Mannix who fought the Moros as a young lieutenant from 1907-1908, the Americans resorted to the extreme measure of wrapping dead Moros in pig’s skin and “stuffing his mouth with pork” thereby creating a religious “defilement.” By inference this eventually deterred the Moros from continuing with their suicide attacking tactics On November 11, 1909, Major General John J. Pershing, the third and final military governor of Moro Province assumed his duties.

    Ps: Moros were Muslims.
    This was in the Philippines.

  • Skeptical

    Too bad it’s not a picture of the marathon bomber. The guy in the above picture has a beard. The douchebag in the surveilance videos on the news is clean shaven. It can’t be the same guy.

  • preacher

    Massy, You can be sure there is a place called hell. Read Luke 16. No need to go there though. Jesus paid for all sin. Sad many people do not find out until they die. The bible answers all these questions. But America is too smart for God now.

  • budo

    You get what you ask for. I doubt his virgins will be there, but the man with the spirit and hellfire will be.

  • gwedem5995

    A sight for sore eyes

  • Duz2600

    Actual cause of death was his bro driving over him!

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