• Ben

    Trust me, they will spin it some how.

    • 7papa7

      The one thing you won’t get is the truth from this administration.

  • Phil1985

    George W. Bush will get the blame in 5…4…3…2…

    • michael lawless

      thats what i said

    • elmcqueen3

      Chris Mathews of MSNBC fame has basically already mentioned something to that effect…Poor old George…He can never escape the hate of the MSNBC CommieCrat crowd!

  • melindaB.

    the “left” does stuff for your own good! you should be grateful!

    • robert

      melindaB,surely you jest??

    • Dawn Garland

      oh wow! and hahahahaha–you have no CLUE! look dufus, the left is evil and only does what it can do to perpitrate evil…which obviously you condone! you might want to start payi9ng aattention to what is going on im AMERICA, before your loving left turns it into Amerika!

    • felix1999


      The “left” wants to do what is NOT good for you.

      There. I corrected that statement and made it true. ;)

      • rivahmitch

        I thought Melinda’s sarcasm was quite apparent.You’re both right.

    • felix1999


      So you think we should now ban pressure cookers, nails, nuts and bolts because they KILL to. They are WEAPONS! Do you think we need a BACKGROUND CHECK, WAITING PERIOD before you are allowed to purchase, pressure cookers, nails, nuts and bolts? After all won’t that STOP violence? LOL!!!!!

      melindaB – banning “weapons” will not stop violence. People will always find a way to kill you if they want to. What is wrong is the “left” with its silly idea that they are going to control people through force or political correctness or banning items. What’s wrong with that is what’s in the HEART comes out through the behavior. By removing the Judeo Christian God from our culture you are not letting people have this change of heart. And no, ALL religions are not equal. The Islam “allah” is NOT the same as the Judeo Christian God. Islam is PURE EVIL. All yo have to do is LOOK at Muslim countries and see how horrendous Islam is and Sharia Law, the legal arm of Islam is. So yes the “left” is destroying our country and our culture.

      • FIRE1949

        Me thinks dat melindaB was using a wee bit of satire….

      • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.rhinehart2 Stephen Rhinehart

        As I recall bible history the first murder was commited with a rock. other weapons that have been used to kill and would be rather hard to ban include sticks, clubs, water, animals and hands, I bet you can think of a thousand more.

        • panors77

          Yes….the left seems to think there was no “real” warfare or weapons until gunpowder was invented.

    • Dirty Daug

      melindaB, you maybe don’t own a gun which is good because you are nuts.

    • michael lawless

      no thanks i can take care of myself

      now get in line sheeple

    • panors77

      Yes…..we should all be bowing down to “great leader” BO. “All hail”……..or something, heh.

  • retiringfed

    We should be grateful every news station was on site and jumped to get the event on air. At least it isn’t a Gosnell blackout.

    • panors77

      Only to see if they can spin it leftwards.

  • Chris

    Unfortunately Obama and Napolitano have no desire to bring the perps to justice and are doing their best to hourd ammo and disarm us to prevent us from bringing justice to the enemy. America’s enemies used to fear us and now our current leaders aid our enemies. Sad.

    • felix1999

      Notice how LONG it is taking to state WHO did this. They are busily dreaming up a cover story …. they don’t want to admit that YES, it was another MUSLIM!

      • elmcqueen3

        To wit: We still don’t know who exactly was to blame for the terrorist attack on Bengahazi…And the 30 some witnesses who worked at this consul have disappeared into thin air…Not one came forward to testify at the investigation hearings…So much for Obama’s transparency policy which the left wingers
        bought hook, line and sinker…But then again…What’s to expect from a bunch of CommieCrats!

        • carlenefrazierwendel

          Give the 30 time, they have to live after it has blown over, and someone will talk… IF THEY ARE STILL ALIVE THEN…

      • carlenefrazierwendel

        Those are his buddies, helping him destroy our nation.

    • rivahmitch

      The mulatto Mussolini and its minions ARE the enemy. Semper Fi!

      • Heather James

        “Mulatto Mussolini” WELL spoken!

    • 7papa7

      I am not accusing but I would NOT be surprised if obama were some how behind this. He has no respect for life and he has shown he will do anything to further his Marxist agenda.

      • hh

        i if it can further thei can further their agenda

        • 7papa7

          That is all they are interested in, furthering their communist agenda.

      • Goshawk

        That same thought crossed my mind.

        • 7papa7

          After seeing the deceit of this administration it must be considered.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1667808582 Pamela Mon Carter

        agree and he was behind the school shooting

        • 7papa7

          It wouldn’t surprise me since he expected to use it to confiscate guns from the law abiding and trash the Constitution again.

      • Joel W

        not obambi directly (needs plausible deniability) but this looks like something that if not planned by the government, was at minimum facilitated by them. keep in mind constitution following, white, christian gun owners are now terrorists and within hours cryptic blame was cast on right wingers. amatuer bomb to make it look like an amatuer. fast and furious, benghazi, underwear bomber. all got false flag written all over. gun control push was going nowhere so they had to up the ante. all part of the plan.

        • Joel W

          and we cant forget the granddaddy of all obama’s false flags, sandy hook.

        • 7papa7

          This administration is a serious threat to America and needs to be overthrown. They will do anything to destroy the country so that total chaos ensues and they can declare Marshall law and do as they please after that.

  • docdave1

    Special Report: Inside Boston Marathon Bombing Press Conferences


  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Where common sense prevails, the people realize that Rahm Emanuel’s comment was prophetic to the liberal/progressive agenda, and we are seeing it in action, with the blame not being placed where it belongs.

  • Dirty Daug

    If the bombing was done by the Muslim Extremists we will maybe never know the truth from the major media. However if it was done by home grown Americans which the Media is hoping for it will be front page news.

    • jimd1

      Get ready for another Richard Jewel persecution like in Atlanta. Anything but the truth will be told by the MSM to get us “righties”.

    • Bob

      This will certainly play into the narrative to close the darn borders and limit illegal immigration.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fred.schneider.50 Fred Schneider

    With all the cameras around the finish line, personal and surveillance , you’d think that they’d have an idea who did this. They look lost in what to say and do. Maybe because they did it. Black flag maybe. Burn down the Reichstag situation. Remember : Never let a crisis go to waste.

    • Grayzel

      Just think of the mountain of pictures they have to look at!

  • Graywolf12

    I posted this monday on facebook.
    The LSM, and their idiots at CBS,NBC,CNN, and the others are spreading the rumor via questions that ” could the TEA party be responsible for the bombs in Boston?” Can they sink any lower? If it turns out that a Muslim did it they will drop the story like a hot potato. Other possible seniaros, Skinheads did it, Christians did it, old white men did it, NRA members did it, on and on with lies to hide who really did it. Obama will call it a celebration that went bad, or work place violence.

  • figmo

    I can see a future america where our cherished right to travel in freedom will be limited. There will be check points much like the check points for DUI today where the courts will uphold random warrantless vehicle stops and searches so long as they are done in compliance with a set of guidelines. The 4th Amendment exclusionary rule will be turning over in its grave. Some americans will gladly give up their protections in order to feel safe. Those who say “I don’t mind government intrusion, I have nothing to hide” just don’t get it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/we.palmer.31 We Palmer

    How much do you want to bet either A – they cut loose that Saudi and sent him back to Riyadh so they can blame some group connected to guns, abortion, or the Tea Party or B – an agent of the administration actually set off the bomb to blame one of the aforementioned groups?

  • Sgt. York

    Now if the gov can outlaw American made IEd’S wonder why they cannot go east and outlaw them? Could it be they are in favor of dead American Mil.People as they wont vote Communist to keep Oblubber butt in office?

  • The Old Man

    It seems just a little strange to me that the response time was in seconds, not minutes or longer. I understand some of the responders were there because it’s customary to be there to give aid to the runners, but they were prepared for triage and doctors were on the scene too.

    It seems strange that Homeland Security was also right there and so was the FBI on the scene also.

    There was a lot of ambulances also immediately available.
    Maybe I am just a sceptical old man but the response just seemed too prepared and too immediately available. I will admit that lives were saved because they were there, but it still makes me wonder.
    Did they know something they are not telling us ???

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.rhinehart2 Stephen Rhinehart

      From one old man to another. I do not know how it works in your neck of the woods but in SGF, FMN, PHX and any other place I have lived, in an emergancy the PD show up in 1 or 2 minets ( of course they are already out lookin to bring in revenue in the form of fines) Then the EMTs about 5 minets later and another 10 minets for an ambulance, and never a docter. In the case of an obvious crime. it is then nessecery to get the defectives out of the coffie shop to investegate.

      • The Old Man

        Hi Stephen, Boston is just one thing that has happened in the last couple of days and now a senator and the president both have been sent a letter with ricin in them.
        We are getting closer and closer to martial law, especially since the president was also targeted.
        My humble opinion, just one more nasty thing has to happen and ..WHAM, we will be living under martial law.
        He needs martial law to disarm the population, also it’s strange that he decided not to go to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, one of the most powerful persons in our time, but he does have time to play a part in gun control voting today at 4 pm …
        Like I said… I am sceptical….. I am also a patriot and a conservative.

  • http://www.facebook.com/terry.adams.7902 Terry Adams

    They can do whatever they want as far as terrorists go because we have a weak kneed president and a gutless senate and house. These people are not leaders. They all need to be replaced now. start preparing, we need to impeach and put them in prison. We need to take back this government now. 38 states is all it takes. The tea party and good republicans can do it. convene 38 states and remake our government.

  • carlenefrazierwendel

    Nothing new.. They never wait for details. That shows the stupidity and desperation of the so called Left Lib loving media.. That is why I watch Fox. You get the truth, (when it comes out.) They don’t try to make their own disasters like the Left wing idiots do.. WE NEED TO BE WATCHING OBAMA AT THIS TIME. HE WILL BE UP TO HIS LITTLE TRICKS TO GET HIS BAD BILLS THROUGH THAT WOULD NOT GO THROUGH LEGALLY. HE HAS DONE IT EVERY TIME THERE IS A BAD DISASTER LIKE THIS ONE… HE KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS TO PASS WON’T IN THE HOUSE… Get a hold of your Senators and House members and remind them of his little habit he has of doing this, and ask that they keep an eye on him.

  • dgm

    Has anyone else noticed how quickly authorities moved in with all the necessry equipment to aid attack victims? Almost as if they “knew” this was going to happen. Hmmmm…….

  • agbjr

    The leftist mantra is to label an assault weapon any item used to kill and immediately demand federal oversight and control on that specific item. I am a proud native-born Constitution-abiding United States Citizen. I am a Christian of deep faith and openly tear at the first strains of “God Bless America” and our National Anthem. I own TWO pressure cookers. I happily use them often and encourage others to purchase and use pressure cookers as well. I frequently and unashamedly talk about their convenience and share pressure cooker recipes (anyone want my pressure cooker corned beef recipe?). I am now certain the federal government will demand I register my two pressure cookers and put me on a ‘watch’ list. Because I own two I may likely be considered a terrorist by DHS.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.rhinehart2 Stephen Rhinehart

      Guess I better buy a couple while I still can

  • http://www.facebook.com/billie.walsh1 Billie Walsh

    Ban Assault Pressure Cookers.

  • larryincamden

    Will there be a call for banning pressure cookers?

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.rhinehart2 Stephen Rhinehart

      Thanx I had not thought of that

  • Red55bird

    I see the American people being lied to again, I see a Muslum who wanted to kill American citizens by putting bombs on the side walks, and has anyone notice with camera on every corner in Boston they still don’t have a picture of the person or persons who put the bomb on the side walks, folks if you rob a bank your picture is all over American in mins. Today they showed one bomb that a person had to put over the fence, clearly this action the camera would have pick up on. Again Obama said we will get to the bottom of this in Boston and justice will be inforce to the max. America in the World Trade bombing we new the same day who the men were who high jack those plains, even had the name of each high jacker, is the Government holding information back on we the people again like Benghazi.

  • shamu9

    Round uo all the Moslems, and Deport them!! They’re all in on all of the Jihad B/S.

  • shamu9

    The Democrat Party Should have been Outlawed/Destroyed after the Stalinista ROOOOOOOOOOOOOseveldt!!

  • Average Joe

    If it was an American who was pissed they had to pay taxs like Mcvay. Would’nt they have hit A federal bilding like Mcvay? I think obuthead is terraffied its the alkada you know the ones HE defeated

    • panors77

      Exactly……plus just putting a bullet through the POTUS head a la Dallas is much cleaner than bombing the WH or other historical/precious American sites,etc. In other words I think a pissed off American over taxes would be more thinking about ridding us of a tyrant in government rather than killing as many Americans as possible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    The first thing they should do is those that do not believe in the free enterprise system is to take away their paychecks. If you do not believe you should not receive., Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Emanuel, Chris Mathews, Van Jones and many more. Why should we give them money to destroy our system.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1181395670 William Smith

    “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

    Yes, use anything to advance their liberal controlling agenda. These elitists see us as nothing more than inconvenient eaters to be used for their interests and to eliminate those who disagree.

    This incident smells like another gov’t backed false-flag to be used to further their aims of socialistic domination of the American people. Notice just how many similar incidents are occurring in such a short span of time? And pay attention to the fact that so many incidents involve the use of materials that the average person has no access to. They are getting away with it due to the fact that most people are morons who can’t think for themselves, programmed to get their information from the state run/owned MSM.

    I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As a US Veteran, I am still bound to my oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

  • Sagebrush6

    is the religion of peace – right ? Islam Does Not Mean Peace


    Islam only means peace to Muslims who blindly submit. To Christians
    Islam means war, persecution and death.

    The Qur’an says: “Fight and slay the pagans [Christians] wherever ye find them and
    seize them, confine
    them, and lie in wait for them in every place of
    ambush” (Surah 9:5)

    Kill the unbelievers wherever you
    find them. Koran 2:191

    Make war on the infidels living in
    your neighborhood. Koran 9:123

    When opportunity arises, kill the
    infidels wherever you catch them. Koran

    Any religion other than Islam is not
    acceptable. Koran 3:85

    The Jews & Christians are
    perverts, fight them. Koran 9:30

    Maim and crucify the infidels if
    they criticize Islam. Koran 5:33

    Punish the unbelievers with garments
    of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water

    & melt their skin &
    bellies. Koran 22:19

    The unbelievers are stupid; urge the
    Muslims to fight them. Koran 8:65

    Muslims must not take the infidels
    as friends. Koran 3:28

    Terrorize & behead those who
    believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.
    Koran 8:12

    Muslims must muster all weapons to
    terrorize the infidels. Koran 8:60

    • panors77

      “Terrorize & behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.
      Koran 8:12″
      Funny on this one that their “scriptures” were put together by going “eenie meenie miniee moe” picking one manuscript then burning the rest. Judeo Christian scriptures are saved throughout the centuries and studied for clarity. What makes them divinely inspired is the accuracy and overlap of the same message throughout time. Also with them being written hundreds of miles apart from each other and centuries apart plus also the prophecy factor. The Bible will stand on it’s own in a court of law. The koran being the “johnny come lately”(600 years AFTER Christ and thousands after the OT) which has plagerized a bunch of Biblical scripture to it’s own agenda……not so much.

      • Sagebrush6

        Any religion that believes in killing someone that believes in a different religion strictly for that reason is simply A CULT. Nothing more.

  • Arationofreason

    BAN pressure cooker sales!

  • John

    “Spin”? I’ve seen many comments from the Right whose “Spin” was to say “Kill all Muslims”. Criticizing the left is hypocrisy after that.

    • NVRAT

      Hey, I`m a right winger and I did not say that,. I say export them back to their beloved camel countries…then bomb them.

  • Brad

    I guess this means that the liberals of the US will now want all bombs to be illegal. Oh wait — bombs are ALREADY illegal. Hmmm — then how . . . wait a minute! Do you mean that the bomber or bombers used ILLEGAL bombs in the Boston attack?? They can’t do that! And they can’t use ILLEGAL guns either! Just ask any liberal advocate. Criminals using illegal bombs??!! What next?!!

  • http://twitter.com/r1944gmailcom ron

    been suspended from twitter over the sandy hook assault weapon lie,,be back when it is lifted,,dont think those in congress wanted to hear it.


    The spin started minutes if not seconds after the bombings when Obama and Axelrod said they thought it might be Tax Day Related. That opened the door to Liberal Socialists to start spinning.

  • Bimbam

    I like the way someone put it. We have only sociopathic criminals in Washington. The negro and his racist handlers must be removed from office. Trials setup. I mean it is obvious that crimes are being committed left and right (no pun intended) and someone must pay.

    The sooner you do it the better because when the SHTF you’ll have the mob do it!

  • Bob

    There will be an instant background check and a 7 day waiting period before buying a pressure cooker. In addition, those that already have them will be required to register them prior to use and if not, will be confiscated by Napolitano’s gestapo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    The left is so blind and have their hands out so much they would rather be on the plantation of the dumb and blind slaves rather then admit they are a lost bunch of brown shirt idiots who need to get their head off their thing and heads out of where the sun don’t shine, little give me idiots who need a nanny to take care of their weak selves since they have no morals, no guts and need to be government bottle fed. Poor idiot butt heads of all races and colors, you make this man sick, little give me idiots.

  • Holly Campbell

    One certainty is we cannot believe anything that comes out of Obama’s mouth regarding his not supporting or preventing jihadist individual(s) or collective groups of jihadists’ terroristic attacks.

  • blackhawk132

    Congress must immediately ban the sale of all nails and ball bearings .We can no longer allow these ,people killing’ weapons to be sold.All liberals; We need your support on this ban.

  • Dawn Garland

    unlike you , our eyes are open. we pay attention-we care what happens to America & Ameicans. go back to you nappy time.

  • felix1999

    I don’t know how the LEFT does it. The LEFT are the most shallow and ignorant people out there. Perhaps THAT is why they are so insecure and wanna be control freaks.

  • michael lawless


  • panors77

    Please move to North Korea or Viet Nam where you can be more “secure”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fred.schneider.50 Fred Schneider

    Well said.

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