IN LIGHT OF BOSTON/TEXAS CATASTROPHES Middle School Counselor Said, “Whites Will Be Wiped From Earth. LOL!”

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GRAND PRAIRIE — Karon Wright, a counselor at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Grand Prairie ISD, has been “immediately relieved of all duties,” the district said, after an offensive remark written from her Facebook account on WFAA-TV’s Facebook page in regards to the explosion in West, Texas.

“It’s amazing how the ‘whites’ get angry when Obama speaks,” the comment read. “Oh well….its most of the whites who is getting blown away. So they will soon be wiped from the earth. Lol”

The comment has since been deleted, but a viewer sent us a screengrab from their phone.

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  • Janet

    She got fired!! WHat happened to freedom of speech??!?!?!

    • TexasLady

      What happened to common decency? Obviously, this woman has none!

    • Dewey Ragg

      Just because there is freedom of speech doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences from dumb hateful remarks made from ignorant racists. And apparently grammar skills aren’t important to be a school counselor in Texas.

    • Dave

      Freedom of speech protects us from legal recourse, not recourse from an employer.

    • Mike Protor

      You can say what ever you want….but there are rules and policies, and moral clauses that I’m sure agreed to when she took the job as student counselor. I’m sure her comments violated a few of the those policies.

    • Franki Bee

      There is a difference in freedom of speech and making public, racist, and insensitive remarks when you work along side of children and the parents as a counselor. You cannot be in the public eye making racist comments and “lol” about them. Ignorance promotes ignorance. Would you want her counseling your child after these tragedies? I would have the school boards butt if they let this happen and turned a blind eye where I live!

    • Suzanne Lara

      A school counselor cannot be making that kind of statement. I bet she has to councel students of all races and colors. Might not work too good. Get it?

      • Maus Mann

        Plus, her written command of the English language is abysmal. It should read, “whites who are“. I mean, if you’re going to be a fool in public, at least be a literate fool!

        • worldsgreatest

          Ironic. Suzanne’s response to you was just as riddled with incorrect grammar.

    • cambeul41

      What happens to whites when they make equally stupid comments? Do you ask the same question then?

    • Don

      If it were reversed and a white person made this statement about blacks it would be considered hate speech. So the ignorant racist get what she deserved!

    • 71 911E

      What about Jane Geiler, a DC mayoral staffer who lost her job because she used the word “niggardly?” The word has nothing to do with blacks, but the Jesse Jacksons of the world are too stupid to know the meanign of the word. Here it is:

      nig·gard·ly [nig-erd-lee]
      1. reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly.
      2. meanly or ungenerously small or scanty: a niggardly tip to a waiter.

      3. in the manner of a niggard.

      nig·gard [nig-erd]
      1. an excessively parsimonious, miserly, or stingy person.

      What about her free speech? It’s good to see GP ISD get rid of this racist.

    • OSJ

      Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can scream “fire!” in a crowded theatre. Geez.

  • JessieGrl

    Disgusting. And these are the people “edukating” our children.

    • TexasLady

      “…who IS getting blown away…”? This woman doesn’t even know correct English grammar and she is teaching our kids…. The question is, what is she teaching?

  • Northohio

    She better hope that whites aren’t wiped from the face of the earth, her race has certainly proved they can’t run the show.

    • dixiecup

      Or pay for all of the slackers in the country!

    • pearl87

      Who’s gonna pay the bills?!!

      • Joel W

        unfortunately its better we pay her bills than she poison children’s minds

      • $22091572

        not the Mexicans.. they can spray paint their name small enough on the checks.

    • freedomringsforall

      Well, she could always go live in Africa where slavery and racist slaughter is the worst in the entire world.

      If she moved there and the neighboring village were to come and rape, pillage, and enslave her village and family she would be shocked that racism there has been black on black for over 5,000 years.

      She might think racism is by color of skin but she is so ignorant she would have no clue that most racism around the world isn’t, it is about tribal DNA not her stupid cognition of it.

      • elmcqueen3

        Perhaps she has forgotten it was her cousin’s in Africa who went around camp by camp tribe by tribe, capturing them and then selling them to the Dutch slave traders!…”When will They ever Learn?”…Peter, Paul and Mary.

      • LLinLa

        You make a valid point, freedomringsforall, so what I’m about to say is not a repudiation. But all sides, colors, races, etc., need to understand that although imperfect and flawed, our society offers freedom like no other EVER in history. As a country, yes, we have been racist in statute but it was corrected. But racists will always exist: white ones, black ones, brown ones . . . Listen to some naturalized Americans who have fled tyranny and other worldly transgressions for the freedom of our shores. THEY understand and some comment on the slippery slope the US is currently on. Most of our citizens have NEVER experienced the hardships of the Depression Era or the sacrifices of World War families during that era. WE ARE TOO SOFT. If our cable TV goes out, we want to sue. If somebody texts me calling me an “X” we immediately call the ACLU! Our “poor” receive credit cards, drive better cars than I do and usually have more big screens than I do. In the meantime, Evangelicals, right-to-lifers, Conservatives and taxpayers are the dregs of our society because we oppose free phones, excessive debt, cronyism . . . while many–too many–hope we soon drown in our cups of tea. America, if you think you’re “suffering” now just keep on this track toward Idiocracy and your dreams will soon be realized . . . and there won’t be any going back to the good ol’ days . . .

    • elmcqueen3

      Obama has created more racial diversity since I don’t last remember!

      • Alfred Ferguson

        You mean “division”, I think. Quite the antithesis of “diversity”.

    • Guest 3

      Is this what she learned in college, how to be a racist?

      • Alfred Ferguson

        Yes. And a collectivist (socialist-communist-“progressive”) as well: a roosting flock of vultures, feeding off the skeletal remains of what’s left of our Republic.

    • StarDust Dolittle

      Their race are loved even less by Muslims and Islam. They just prove no threat to them yet while trying to take control of the world. This uneducated Black needs to tune into Africa. Or at least move to Africa. She shame the American Blacks all over. Just another democrat slave.

    • Keith E Holder


    • gypsy314

      Obama and crooks prove that.

  • Truth

    Janet, freedom of speech doesn’t protect you from your employer firing you. You were obviously educated in a gov’t school by the same type of people as the ignorant moron in this story.

  • Pamela Walker

    she deserved to be fired

  • Suzanne Lara

    Honey, seems like that kind of thinking makes you a RACIST!!

  • mikeinidaho

    Hey racist, get a clue! We the People will fight to restore the Republic, with or without you and your ilk. (By the way, I wonder when Chris Mathews and Toure will condemn this racist. I know, I know the answer is NEVER!)

  • whitey

    she might want to check her roots…she looks considerably white

  • Lazy Dimocrat

    Typical black trash. And they wonder why we can’t stand them.

  • Walter Jenisch

    racist, the true racists

  • disqus_Ao3LmdU11e


  • heilbama

    Talk about racist!

  • Pjs8200

    As a white guy with a license plate that reads CRKABOX, I think you people need to take the stick outta your asses and get over yourselves. Was what she said offensive? Maybe…to some, to me, no. Not in the least. She’s certainly entitled to her opinion and honestly, she’s got a point. I just read a comment elsewhere from a guy in Boston that said when you see someone coming down the street you get nervous and then you think “Thank God it’s a black guy.” Fact is both sides need to get over this racial bullshit and quick. It does nothing for us as a country and only divides us further.
    Regardless of color or ethnicity, if you are so offended by people of other colors, religions or sexual orientations, please, grab a baseball bat and keep bashing it against your head until some sense sinks in.

    • Shawn Fifield

      Get over ourselves? I think it has to do with being white and not being unable to say anything without being called “racist” yet other races can say the most vile things without any consequences. Just imagine a white man saying

      “It’s amazing how the ‘blacks’ get angry when Romney speaks, Oh well….its most of the blacks who is getting blown away in Chicago. So they will soon be wiped from the earth. Lol”

      Why don’t you get over yourself and see how the real “racists” are the ones who make no effort to be civilized no matter the color.

      • $22091572

        thank you

      • Pjs8200

        Yeah…I see exactly what you mean.

    • gladiusmaximus

      disqus is a clueless, spineless POS

    • Aware

      I don’t think you’re a white guy….”crakabox” license? And that comment you made about a guy in Boston saying “Thank God it’s a black guy.” was really a comment by Jesse Jackson saying that when he walks the streets in Chicago and he hears someone coming up behind him…how relieved he is when he turns and finds it a white guy. And what is the black chick’s point to which you refer, “she’s got a point?”

      • Pjs8200

        You think a black guy’s going to have a license plate that says CRKA? Doubt it. Yes, I actually am white, and in my mid fifties even. The person in Boston I was speaking of was nervous because they hadn’t caught the bombers yet.

    • TexasLady

      White or black…CRKABOX….you are an idiot!

      • Pjs8200

        I’m not the one that lives in Texas

        • TexasLady

          Thank God! As you can see, we already have our fair share of idiots like this “counselor”. Please….stay where you are, idiot!

          • Pjs8200

            You are correct, you certainly have your fair share of idiots and only prove to reaffirm your point every time you open your mouth.

    • OSJ

      You are so far beyond stupid, that the light from stupid will take 1 billion years to reach you. For the love of heaven, please stop posting.

      • Pjs8200

        What exactly did I post that you found to be so stupid?

  • Hallett Newman

    I wonder if she’ll be called a racist or charged with a hate crime?

  • David Englert

    This isn’t about black or white… no one in their right mind cares what color someone’s skin is! What President Obama says, does and believes in and what he really wants to do to the USA is the real issue.

  • Julie Miller

    So, All because she is a Racist it doesn’t mean everyone else needs to comment with Racist remarks. This was an alleged professional woman that will be denied unemployment for you lack of professionalism. I am just glad I don’t have kids at that school or any she may counsel!!

  • pmcogs_#TGDN

    And the libs say we’re intolerant bigots.”Glass houses” mean anything to you.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Karom Wright is obviously unfit to guidance counselor far saying such a irresponsible statement considering she to help troubled children in middle school. Therefore should be fired as an example while their is freedom of speech the safety of her charges was more important than her career.

  • Kevin J Sindle


  • Johnny Walker

    And there’s the real race card. And it’s the Joker! Since Obama was elected on 2008 – he has coaxed this latent black racism to the surface where it corrodes civil discourse throughout this once diverse society. Now it is armed ethnic camps, no longer the least bit reluctant to spew their tribal hatred – given Obama’s apparent blessing. Another campaign promise down the toilet….

  • James312

    Then what will all the blacks wish they were?

  • kjd

    dumb ass spook…..enjoy the welfare lines ;)

  • conservative

    I notice that she didn’t post any comments about the deceased in Chicago and their hopes for a future.

  • The Big Easy

    And ole erick ( the red ) holdem will NOT bring her up on charges as she is black,just like those black panthers that were out in front of the voting precinct in para-military outfits carrying billy clubs in Pa.—————What a puke————–

  • lizaz

    This is what Common Core will be bringing us!!!

  • babbes

    Shame on her, and working with children too. I am extremely grateful she does not work with any of my children. I have known several counselors what with working in the school system myself at one time. The counselors I know are very professional and their number one concern was for the children. So once again, shame on her!!!!

  • John Samuel Wilson

    “…whites IS getting blown away…?” And she ‘are’ a public skool edu-mah-kater… ?
    No WONDER our kids can’t $%#@& READ…much less get a job!!!

  • jgbrite

    White folks don’t want to pay an idiot racist she dog, to counsel human children.

  • Maus Mann

    Hey, just consider the source!

    What I’m appalled at is her poor command of the English language. It should be “whites are”. LOL

  • Mort Leith

    The ol’ black Double Standard of Racism,,,,

    where only Non-Blacks should be held accountable for acts or comments that are racist.

  • infidel81

    The sad thing is she’ll probably still get a paycheck while she’s on “leave”.


    LOL…I thought noir Americans couldn’t be racist! Ohhh my!! I guess it’s just like islam, the religion of “peace.”

  • MarqSheb

    If a white had said something like this, it would be front page news everywhere. How sad that with this “president” we were supposed to bring people together. But with his constant class warfare speeches he’s done more to divide this nation than anyone.
    Hey Michelle,. I’ve never been more sad for our country since your husband took over!

    • worldsgreatest

      And I’ve never been more sad for our country than since the day you were born.

  • Robert Myles

    I would only be willing to ‘pay her bill’s’ if they include housing in a Federal Penitentiary. This lady regardless of skin color is the true face of Racism in America

  • ParkerShannon

    Now, she’ll really hate “whites.”

  • gwedem5995

    I would like to remind this woman and I say that loosely, and I doubt she is even human. but what would the world be like without a great deal of whites. When you think of all the things that have made our lives better, most were invented by whites. Most of the great doctors were also white.

    • worldsgreatest

      And I would like to remind you that before their kings and queens sold them into slavery Africa was one of the wealthiest, advanced continents in the world. Addtionally inventors like Benjamin Banneker, brilliant minds like Frederick Douglas, and groundbreaking doctors like Ben Carson would ABOUND…if not for that pesky little TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS OF SLAVERY. You a**holes are truly unbelievable.

  • Mickie Ortiz

    Anyone else commenting racial intolerance and bigoted comments are every bit the same as her. I hope your kid doesnt run across my little “wetback” american baby because she has been taught to treat people with the same respect they proffer. This lady is a jackss, and we see in you the same thing!!! I dont hate Obama for his color….it’s his how he is taking this country and turning it from a melting pot of tolerance to a cesspool of division!

    • worldsgreatest

      He’s not taking anything. People are reacting of their own accord based on whatever prejudices or preconceived notions about America they already own. I’m not talking about racism either; I mean prejudices related to how people live their lives.

  • Leeboy

    People need to make a point of getting this out to their friends,this needs to follow this racist negress for the rest of her life,if she were counseling my children,I would be filing a lawsuit immediately.For more news on Transplanted africans that are anything but American,go to,if you choose to get your head out of your behind we can put a stop to these non Americans destroying our country,most of them will never assimilate and if she thinks she’ll live to see the day when blacks run this country,she’s wrong,blacks make up only 12% of the American population and at the rate they are murdering each other,they’ll be extinct in another 15 years.All I can say is good riddance to a race that never evolved to something truly human,this is what happens when you try to treat a primate like a human.Most blacks are like illegal aliens,we allow them to live in our country and they have no idea of what appreciation is.Personally I wouldn’t have one this lowdown as a slave.

  • Mikey

    Her facebook friends also need to be outed,birds of a feather,or in this case,racists of a feather flock together.I’m glad the current regime is causing all this racial trouble,it was wrong for humans to ever try to mix with monkeys and people with half a brain can see what the negroid species is all about.

  • lilmuse

    She said is, it should have been are. Glad she’s fired.

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    Her usage of the English language is atrocious. And she’s a cow.

  • timt223

    If she has access to our youth she at the least should use proper grammar….oh wait I forgot about Ebonics and affirmative action. ..

  • john

    This is the racist trash teaching in our schools?Get your children out now.

  • Brianna Aubin

    “whites who IS getting blown away”?

    At least she wasn’t an English teacher. Or is insisting that the people who teach your children speak proper English racist too?

  • terry kemp

    Is she really that dumb? Look at the inner cites stupid, blacks killing black!

  • Craig Brockman

    Who are the three that gave thumbs up?

  • fcutch


  • Oldman66

    You can’t be very bright putting something like that on your Facebook account. and not expect someone will not expose you to your boss. As a supposedly educated person, she doesn’t rate very high in intelligence.but then again they have reduced the education system down to the lowest denominator.

  • Rene Thompson

    This person is a school counselor? Not only is she a racist idiot, she obviously has a limited grasp of the English language…her grammar is atrocious. She (and others like her) are the reason our students are failing in the classroom. She shouldn’t be anywhere near children.

    • Franki Bee

      ***She (and others like her) IS the reason our students… Since the phrase is in parentheses, it does not have any bearing on the outside of the parentheses.

  • Mutt

    She would go ballistic if the “N-word” were applied to her, yet she has no clue that she’s acting like the very same kind of racist who uses that word. Basically, a stupid slattern.

  • worldsgreatest

    Every single on of you idiots makes me not only embarassed for humanity, but embarassed that you represent ‘traditional America’. Sad, pathetic, disappointing.

  • worldsgreatest

    Excellent. All of my comments deleted while every single other post is racist, and some dude posts a link to a racist website. Perfect.

  • Keith E Holder


  • Keith E Holder

    Beside her comment showing her true self what really bothers me is she was a counselor who was suppose to help all kids regardless of race.

    • stonemike

      I suggest calling her School District to make sure shes not just being given a vacation on the WHITE PEOPLE she hates!

  • erehwon

    Did you notice that her comment had three ‘likes’? Makes you wonder which other racist numbskulls read it and approved of it.

    • stonemike

      More bums and dependents, N I G G E R S ! How ignorant, who will feed all these WHITE HATERS? I’m ready, why don’t they just start killing whites and we will remedy the problem! White Americans have given more to the “so-called disadvantaged” (SELF INFLICTED) than any group in history! Government generated entitlements and racism is destroying the greatest nation on Earth !

  • $12994363

    And maybe she will be wiped from the face of the earth as well. No great loss, that. At least to civilized persons.


    That is because most Blacks are aborted!

  • James312

    Then what will all the blacks want to look like, a Mexican?

  • gypsy314

    Good the negros think they can do any thing. Next NAACP will be marching for her.

  • Alfred Ferguson

    The lady does not look very intelligent. Nor are her words those of a thoughtful person or an intelligent person. A perfect match, apparently, of theme and variations. (In fact, her facial expression appears somewhat maniacal, if not diabolical.

  • WASP

    The spoiled, whiney, entiled American Blacks, the unassimilated Messicans, and even more unassimilated Muzzies have a big adjustment on the way when Civil War II starts.

  • amused

    first thing I noticed was the incorrect punctuation from this middle school “teacher”. No wonder the U.S. is falling behind…..’Let’s eat Grandma. Let’s eat, Grandma. Commas save lives….” – and apostrophes are wonderful too!

  • NoWhiteGuilt

    She, like most black women, is just angry since she can’t get any black men; they all like white girls, unfortunately for us all. I’m sure that stuff SMELLS so that sucks for her too.

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