MAN STUFF: How The Boy Scouts Have Morphed Into Metros in Last 100yrs.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 9.55.26 AMAOM – What has been dropped or reduced in the modern handbook is telling. Gone is the section on chivalry, which traced the Boy Scouts’ heritage back through the pioneers and Pilgrims, and to the knights of the Middle Ages. While the 1911 handbook has a lengthy chapter on Patriotism and Citizenship (including a letter from Theodore Roosevelt on “Practical Citizenship”), which outlines the history of the United States, the meaning of the flag, and the purpose of various governmental bodies, the modern handbook has greatly shrunk the discussion of such things in both length and detail. The original is also generously peppered with references to great men in history for young boys to emulate, while the mention of such “heroes” is almost entirely absent from the one published in 2009 (being inspired by history isn’t much in fashion these days).

Perhaps most striking is the different way in which the two guides address the idea of good character. The original didn’t shy away from strong admonitions like, “It is horrible to be a coward. It is weak to yield to fear and heroic to face danger without flinching,” and “The honor of a scout will not permit of anything but the highest and the best and the manliest. The honor of a scout is a sacred thing, and cannot be lightly set aside or trampled on.”

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  • Greg Lacy

    WOW!! All I can say as WOW!!! That was some of the best reasons to be in the scouts. Learn how to be a real man, know what to do in a time of need, and have some great people in history to model yourself on. Why would they change all of the great values of being in the scouts? What was wrong with how things how been for the last 200 years?

    • melindaB.

      Boy scouts have changed with the culture…they are becoming accepting of EVERYONE. you all should learn from them…..

      • agbjr

        Everyone is NOT accepted … and rightfully so. Being a private organization BSA has a right to choose as members only those who share and subscribe to the morals and values of Scouting. BSA is fast becoming the last bastion of true American morals and values.

      • Keenan Eugene Lee

        You don’t accept rapists, criminals, pedophiles, homosexuals, thieves, traitors, liars, or those that don’t defend their families, wives, or daughters. If there is any changing, it’s because values are degraded. One of the worst things that happened to the BSA was to have some women emasculate the scouts to sniveling cowards that don’t stand up to bullying, i.e. homosexuals. Would anyone allow only men to lead the girl scouts? Can you imagine allowing men that have a strong urge for young girls to go camping or hold meetings alone? Unthinkable, right? Well, by accepting homosexuals into the realm of the BSA is allowing the same principle. Letting wolves into the sheep pen. Keep them out. Protect the boys. Make strong men and don’t degrade the values set forth by men.

  • Donald Joy


  • Thomas Sharp

    Bit by bit we are loosing America to an inferior mentality that has been educated far beyond its intellect.

  • gundog1911

    Regressive is a gibbering primate who just learned how to walk upright and type. Ignore the mouth-breather.

  • agbjr

    I have posted this before and believe it time to do so again …

    E-mail to BSA National Council, 01/29/2013, re: allowing openly gay leaders in BSA

    “I am twenty-five years a trained scoutmaster, proud to wear the uniform and proud to have mentored scores of Eagle Scouts. I work closely with our local public schools and churches to bring the lessons and values of Scouting to youth in our community. Our troop has often been profiled in local newspapers for outstanding community service and our Eagle Scouts publicly honored by local officials and organizations for their achievements.

    If the BSA National Council intends to compromise OUR stated traditional American values which have guided BSA since 1910 and thus bow to pressure from immoral outside activists and pandering politicians then the BSA will cease to exist as the nation’s premier youth organization and guardian of cherished American values. If BSA institutes such a policy change my conscience and fidelity to the Scout Oath dictates I must resign my membership and renounce this bastardization of Scouting rather than forward a policy of immorality and compromise.”

  • Benjamin Fox

    Hey the Godless, immoral idiots want special rights to put their thing is some poor little boys butt, they are immoral satan loving God hating idiots who will burn in a hot spot where there are nobody to have sex with, no place to fulfill there un-natural desires, a place where thy can’t even play with their own thing. Have fun perverted God hating choice to be that way idiot’s, so reap what you sow.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Oops, committed a hate crime? Not sorry, I don’t hate the immoral but pray they wake up before it takes them to a place they won’t like.


    at Progressives Rule: If you like everything that is AGAINST Christian standards and the American way, build a inner-tube raft and paddle to Cuba. Cuba has EVERYTHING dear to your heart…

  • Michael Geer

    Back when Men were Men … my Explorer Post leader driving our crew to Canada for a Boundary Waters canoe trail adventure. Kid in the back of our Post bus called out to Mike, “Hey, Mike, you care if I smoke?”
    “Son, I don’t care if you burn.”
    That’s how tough we were back in the day.

  • Michael Geer

    Back when Men were Men … my Explorer Post leader driving our crew to Canada for a Boundary Waters canoe trail adventure. Kid in the back of our Post bus called out to Mike, “Hey, Mike, you care if I smoke?”
    “Son, I don’t care if you burn.”
    That’s how tough we were back in the day.

  • agbjr

    You have an extremely warped view of things and make statements of ‘fact’ without specifying source; qualify, please. If you don’t like the values taught by Scouting you don’t have to have anything to do with it. BSA is private and unless you are a dues-paying member frankly none of your business.

  • agbjr

    You assume too much and your assumptions are completely erroneous. Where do you suppose I ‘obtained’ the above letter?

  • agbjr

    Nine year’s a cub scout leader does not make you familiar with the teenage-level Boy Scout program. A person with twenty-five year’s unbroken experience as a trained scoutmaster would obviously know much more than you.

  • Joel W

    tea baggett? how original. and what exactly is a baggett? a female bag?

  • agbjr

    You don’t get, do you? I am the twenty-five years-plus scoutmaster so don’t attempt to tell ME about the program. I have a thriving troop and am currently mentoring my twenty-fifth Eagle Scout candidate. I am also an ordained Deacon and Elder of the Presbyterian Church, a state-approved foster parent, and a respected member of my community. I am neither a bigot nor homophobic however I AM a proud native-born Constitution-abiding United States Citizen. As a Scout and an American I am duty-bound to uphold the morals and values of OUR Republic and OUR God.

  • agbjr

    Your commentary is sad; you repeatedly expose your blatant religious bigotry and display very serious anger issues – attributes very disturbing and not compatible with Scouting. Hopefully you are no longer a registered BSA member as your rants are clearly in opposition with the values of any youth organization dedicated to morals and good citizenship. Frankly your retorts are the sign of ignorance. You really should seek professional help.

  • lol

    from your ass?

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