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  • Ben

    Chris sux!

  • Onetirednurse

    My heart goes out to those injured or killed in the Boston bomibings yesterday. After listening to several news channels i couldnt stand listening to the new casters anymore, their sympathy sounds fake. I’m so sick of hearing these news personalities speculate and ramble on about things they know nothing about. They don’t know anymore about the bombings than the people they think they are informing. That doesn’t stop these fools from rambling on and inserting their personal opinions trying to convince viewers they have the answers. Chris Mathews has a habit of opening his mouth and proving he is nothing but a fool.

  • http://www.facebook.com/klete.squires Klete Squires

    I concur!

    It is hard to describe the emotions here in Massachusetts over the past 24 hours. In the moments, minutes and hours following the 2 explosions on Boylston street, local and national media began “reporting” about the gruesome events of the early afternoon. So many of these media outlets were already present for this day of days here, a day that normally serves as the coming of spring for Bostonians and for many New Englanders alike.

    I watched local broadcasts, national broadcasts and followed international coverage and was astounded by the amount of speculation that was reported as fact, the amount of bravado that swelled behind the bold statement of fact and the amount of absolutely false reporting that was allowed to permeate throughout the afternoon into the evening.

    unfounded stories that unfolded included a viral image of a man on a rooftop, how other devices were discovered, that a suspect was in custody, that the cell phone companies were ordered to shut down service so as not to “trigger” another detonation and that the JFK Library had been bombed as well.

    I watched endless hours of coverage those purely speculative reports (all of which were completely untrue) polarized the nation and world quickly moving from local news sources to CNN and Fox and even more quickly to Reuters and the BBC. At one point I had to shut of FOX News because of their immediate proclamation of foreign terrorism, only to turn to CNN to be regaled with the same fantastical proclamations from so called experts that also went as far as to start describing the devices used.. At one point in the day, the Police commissioner was making statements every half hour to correct the stories that these media outlets were falsely running with.

    This form of sensationalized journalism only helped in one way…it helped fuel panic and civic unrest to a community trying to grasp a devastating situation. It took organizations such as the Red Cross and Google to help provide people positive direction in the midst of such poor reporting. It’s disheartening to find out, check that, to be reminded how the news has become more about having a story than reporting the facts of the story.

    We all need to take stock in how much credibility we lend to the Wolf’s, Megan’s and Chris’s that we rely on for the so called truth.


    • $347969

      So very well put, Klete. It’s incredible the amount of misinformation. I waited for news conferences to get the real story. I cannot imagine being there and going through it. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

      It scares me to see the way the media and “journalists” really work. Someone always has to be the first to break the story. It shouldn’t be a race, it should be an exercise in giving viewers of the most accurate real time information available.

      We as consumers of these news outlets need to be heard. Accuracy over speed.

  • Light_V_Dark

    “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Quoting Josef Stalin, 

  • Light_V_Dark

    I’m a Cape Cod boy. I escaped Gayfemarxachewschitz in 1993. Boston is one of the top five most Gaytheist places in AmeriKa.


  • fliteking

    Chris Matthews et al are heartless purveyors of intolerance and hatred.

  • Bill Board

    Who values the opinion of a stupid, spitting, slobbering a$$hole? Not me.

    • 7papa7

      Matthews and his cohorts are a bunch of idiots who are definitely NOT interested in the truth but only perpetuating their communist agenda. They are actually dumb enough to think that they will move up when comrade obama is able to totally take over America and make it amerika. They have NO idea how wrong they are. They like so many leftist ideologue so called journalists think that the 1st amendment does NOT include accountability and integrity. They are to seek out what is true and NOT be a cover for any administration liberal or conservative. They lie on both sides. They make the commie left look good, or at least try to, and the conservatives look bad, or at least try to. They should be shut down for lack of integrity and being a tool of the commie left.

    • Littlefoot

      You are so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TCshore

    Showing off his math skills. Let me show you mine : Terrorist attacks since the current administration took over. 1+ ( Fort Hood ) 1 + Benghazi 9/11 anniversary + 1 Boston =3 more reasons for change.

  • soetoroisarumpranger

    Shouldn’t MM participate in Moocheles anti-obesity program before becoming a terrosim analyst?

  • Deborah G



    They’re ALL a bunch of fuktards …

  • Ballistic45

    WTH do you expect from a “FACTLESS” Main Stream Media.. They have lied so long, it matters not… Given their Left Wing Alliance, some have already blamed the Conservative movement, purposely exploiting the carnage for political gain… Why would anyone watch and listen to this Propaganda Machine for Factual News?

  • jdbixii

    The frightening thing is this…be it foreign or domestic terrorism, the governments, local, state and federal could not provide for the common defense. Whether defense is DIY or depend on government, we ought not to limit the means to do so. It will be interesting to hear the recommendations of the surviving victims of this occurrence regarding what could be done to prevent such things. Get off the “gun control” kick because security officers are not going to give up guns as weapons of self-defense!

  • tuvals

    The media has stooped even lower with their self-rightneius and speculative drivel. The net is; if you put them in a cage you still would get a bunch of a&&tards!

  • Al

    Well get ready it now gets worse. Just a few minutes ago they said on Fox news that they are looking at domestic terrorist now. Due to what they have found about the bombs. Then the attempt on Sen. Wicker who while a big conservative has a real problem making it to votes.

  • TPM

    Was it a Domestic Terrorist? … maybe. BUT, why do Matthews and others automatically blame it on a right wing terrorist? Most of the terrorist / shooting / massacres, as of late have been done by registered democrats … many of whom were off their meds.
    Hey, the Gifford, Aurora & Newtown shootings were all done by … yes, you guessed it, crazy azz liberal democrats.
    This terrorist / bomber should be hung in a public square, when they find him. BUT, there’s an interesting double standard at work here … As heinous as this act was, it’s not much different than what progressive rock stars & Obama mentors Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn did, years ago. They and their group bombed lots of public buildings and lives were lost. How does the left explain / justify Obama’s relationship with these bombers? They’re just as bad. Their crime is the same … heinous! Apparently, if you’re a liberal / left wing terrorist, you get a pass when you blow up people & property. This double standard is as hard to take as is trying to listen to azzwipes like Chris Matthews.

    • Harry Jismsm

      Terrific analysis, TPM. Liberals always get a pass without any analysis.

  • bob novak

    This was a diversion tactic, a false flag if you will, brought to you by the makers of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and Newtown. Nothing else.
    Lets distract the public from the gun debate, and UN’s SAT going through the legislation process now, and give them something else to focus their attention on.

  • gypsy314

    No telling coming from liberal idiots.

  • Apachie55

    I guess the liberals /democrates will try to ban private ownership of exsplosives now, oh wait, they are banned.

  • caskinner

    A “special” hospital should be opened up just for people like Matthews and Moore.

    • agbjr

      There is one … midtown Manhattan, east thirties, big sign: Bellevue Hospital.

      • caskinner

        Wonder if they have 2 rooms available?

      • mudguy1

        No Guantanamo is the place for terrorist. Thats who they are out to destroy America.

  • The Old Man

    Just another idiot that has no real idea who did what and why spewing bull pucky just to get a paycheck..

  • JR

    Looks like we need “pressure cooker” control now… along with ball bearings, nails, and fertilizer.

    • agbjr

      Liberals will likely require us to register our pressure cookers. I own TWO which will get me listed as a potential terrorist.

      • JR

        I am on the way out to get one before they take them off the market or you have to have specialized insurance and pay a tax surcharge.

  • proudtexan62

    If people would quit listening to and watching these inept morons and certainly responding to their endless liberal banter, they would be useless to the networks who employ them. The real story is the horrific event that has occurred in Boston and all of America should be respecting them with the human decency of reporting the newinstead of sensationalizing the deaths and horrible injuries. As a nation, we should all be praying for the people of Boston and for our country. This is most likely the second attack by enemies of this country in the last two years and we have not retaliated

    • Aristophanes

      Unfortunately, there are a few brainless liberals who believe matthews. If I see anything on a conservative site that has the words “chris matthews” in the titile, I do not even read the article. The conservative sites are probably doing more for his “career” then anything cnn (that is the channel he is on, isn’t it?) could do. I really wish the conservative sites would just ignore matthews, madcow, moore, etc. Maybe then they would shut up.

  • MontieR

    Mathewes is just as much a coward as who ever did this.

    • Joel W

      no matthews is more of a coward


    We need to begin to weed out the left now and end this absurd moving in the wrong direction and bowing to their tantrums. Begin with gun control then go to Obamacare and then move to the idiots that generated these bad ideas and then those who voted for them. SEE ALL YOU ORONS IN 2014. YOu day s are nimbered, start the countdown.!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Howard-Hatch/1380620891 Howard Hatch

    What if the feds knew but just let it happen for their own purposes…remember they will let no crisis go to waste and encourage as many as possible!

  • Harry Jismsm

    I still say, and it was my first thought: OWS!

  • Terry C

    These so called news people get in front of a camera, open their mouth and whatever comes out, as far as they are concerned, is gospel. They could not, if asked, prove anything they said was accuarate, they would not back up anything they said with evidence or with facts. But this is “news” and because they said it, you should believe it. These scumbags could care less about innocent people being killed or injured. To them, it’s just another way to push their thoughts and beliefs on others. What happened to the accurate and responsible news media?

  • lizaz

    One thing we don’t need to do is pay any attention to these morons who are only trying to further their fascist plan for our demise!!! Too bad we don’t have a REAL president….nothing will be done by the feds…we have to rely on MA and Boston police to solve this mystery. Another event which will be swept under the rug, like Benghazi and other murders of government officials…..very sad…..

  • MikeyParks

    I’m glad the Left has Matthews, Moore and Blitzer talking for them. It demonstrates what idiots they all are. You can judge a group by its spokesmen.

  • Bteri

    The hypocrisy of people like Matthews… First they go out of their way, all the time, to cover up domestic terrorism on the left and over exaggerate it on the right so it seems to the American people that it only occurs on the right, when its actually more aggressive and more common on the left. Between the Occcupy movement, unions, organizations like the Black Panthers and La Raza and the environmental groups far far far more violence has been deliberately organized and perpetuated on the left than a few white supremacists (that are mostly about money and drugs nowadays anyway.).. Perhaps if TV outlets beyond Fox News actually showed footage when cars are set on fire and trash cans are thrown through business windows by left wing protestors, let alone all the huge destructive fires set by extreme environmentalists that destroyed ski lodges and entire private homes, people would have a more accurate picture.

    So Matthews helps perpetuate this lie and then after a tragedy like Monday in Boston, with NO facts other than a date – tax day, an event that clustered a lot of people and that two bombs blew up and hurt a lot of innocents, Matthews focuses solely on the date and jumps to his vile partisan accusations?. He totally Ignores that the last bomb was muslim extremists, he ignores that the last several bomb plots thwarted over the past decade WERE ALL ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS. How do you ignore that Matthews and still have a conscience? Matthews. the entire MSNBC station, NBC News organization and Comcast mgmt team is going to burn in hell for these decisions. This goes beyond political preferences after tragedies like Monday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/reisenbart Bob Eisenbart

    Michael? Chris? I know you two are so programmed to react to anything as it was a political attack from the right but did either of you bozos remember when an Al queda operative suggested attacking sporting events just a few years ago. I’m not saying it is or isn’t but Chris as a so called journalist, you should keep your opinion out of reporting the facts. Facts are news. Opinions are just 1 man’s bias. Michael your not even worth commenting on because your neither a journalist or a proper source for an opinion. Your an opportunistic, hypocritical, moron.

  • pysco

    Chris (Retart) Mathews would rather have the attacker be an American, so it would fit his political agenda blaming right wingers, leaving out left wing organizations like Weatherman, Black Panthers, Symbian Liberation Army, PETA, ELF….. which shows and proves that Mathews is a propagadist and not a reporter.

  • agbjr

    Here’s a truly asinine comment just made by a retired NYPD bomb ‘expert’ interviewed on FoxNews Network: “Pressure cookers are not common, no one uses them anymore, they were something our mothers and grandmothers had but no one uses them today so it will be easy to find who recently bought one or two. Maybe some sales clerk remembers who came in looking for a pressure cooker.”

    Duh? That’s like saying no one has an electric fryer, crock pot, or slow cooker because “they were something our mothers and grandmothers had”. Stupid. Stupid and asinine comment.

  • johnnyu

    I’m surprised they dont want to ban…… pots and pans. yet…… as deadly weapons.. i think it will start n.y. and Colorado… buy your pressure cooker, now… the price is going up and their is enough stupid democrats out there.. one will want to ban rice for the ricin attacks maybe the same lady that thought when a rifle clip is empty your throw them away

  • $29077531

    Chris Mathews, and reporters of his ilk are total jack asses. Their comments are based on pure mindless thought.. That is not what a journalist is supposed to be using to formulate and report on a story.
    Truth, What the hell happened to the truth ! or waiting until the facts of a story can be uncovered ? It’s all about sensationalism, Divisions between people, right or left, The goal of these mindless talking heads is to generate fear and hate .
    These people should just keep quiet till the truth is found out, Report the truth . We are tired of the lies that continually spew forth from your mouth.

  • Littlefoot

    This man is crazy. I don’t know how he can keep the job. He has lost all of his senses for anything. I don’t even listen to anything he says because I wouldn’t believe it anyway. He has lost his mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.f.skaggs Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    Matthews is an idiot who keeps trying to be relevant. He is just a sad little man him and all the other pathetic liberal looney so called reporters. Actually they are just news readers. The main stream media hasn’t had a true reporter for over 15 years now.

  • Littlefoot

    Oboma says he will be there for these people at Boston, well how about those at Benghazi and those that were on the east coast during hurricane Sandy. Sure he will be there for them for the media exposure and no other reason, just like all of those other locations. I still want to hear the truth about Benghazi, wouldn’t you? It will probably be after he is not president any more though. He wants to keep that under wraps.

  • Greg Larson

    Pauline Wolak is Right On with this article!!

  • Al Chemist

    Chris Matthews is one of the reasons Fox News Channel is doing so well. I wonder if someone over at Fox is paying him (under the table) to keep up his insane blather.

  • Joel W

    these disgusting excuses for humans seem to get off on this crap. i truly believe people like matthews, that jabba he hutt wannabe michael moore, piers morgan and their ilk seem like they have sexualized fantasies about these horrific ordeals. it is literally pornography for the left.

  • BobK

    Let’s remind all these idiots that this attack was reminicent of an action taken by one of their beloved, Bill Ayres, who now is BO’s buddy and probable advisor.How stupid are the american voters to put a guy in charge who associates with domestic terrorists. This should be the major issue of the day, and serve as a reminder that unless something is done soon, this event in Boston will be a daily event.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    The subject is mute to the left, they want to control and can’t if you can fight back. Can’t fix stupid and haven’t seen one brain on any subject on the left, they drink the cool-aid, stay drunk on it. Steal from those who work and give to me because I can’t get my fat butt off of the couch, can’t think with out being told what to say, have sex any way I want as a special right, kill babies that I enjoyed making but have no joy in bringing them up, drugs good, those who say no, evil. My life, I can do what I want, those Christians that have a relationship with God, just want to mess up my wants so therefore terrorist, as they want the rules of God and not my wants. Self rules and give me rules and screw those who work, are honest and believe in a real God they mess up my godhood and have a decent society where evil men rule and hate the God of message of morals and His rules. Hope you like choice, hot as can be, no get what I want and sex? what sex? Wake up, you kicked Him out and get your choice.

  • Mutt

    We can always count on Matthews to consider muzzies innocent until beyond when they are proven guilty. Conversely, he always considers Americans guilty regardless of evidence or proof. In short, he’s an insufferable prick.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    I fly all the time and little old ladies and children get all the extra attention while rag heads walk right in, that is wrong. Baptist and Roman Catholic’s didn’t bring down the towers so why do they get the most attention? PC is a lost cause as it gives those who hate us a pass, they read the terrible Quran and they are or will be future terrorist, and that is a fact we won’t face and will destroy this once great nation, allah is satan period if they like it or not. a religion not of peace but, hate, especially women, even put the children out in front of the wild men who are real cowards for their little god satan. They have faith in a false god, one who lie’s, rapes and hates and they prove that around the world every day and the PC people are blind, dumb and stupid and will bring this nation to it’s knees for two different gods, government or allah, no different to them as they are little gods themselves.

  • pissedbutlawabiding in md

    we need to flood all the ”news”chanels that blamed americans for the attacks

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