Encouraging Words for Frustrated Parents

stressed-working-mom-making-dinnerSometimes, as a parent, you can get caught up in the pressures and hustle-bustle of daily life. You sometimes get stressed. You will sometimes over-react. You might sometimes compare yourself to an ideal which you think that you — as a parent — are supposed to live up to.

Because of course we want to set a good example. We want our kids to grow up strong, and good, and wise. We want so much for them, and yet sometimes it may seem like everything is going off the rails.

You are not the first parent to feel that way. You will make mis-steps. You will fail in some areas. You might even wonder if you are a bad parent for the frustrations you feel.

Before you write yourself off, take a minute and read what this parent says about the sort of
frustrations and feelings that are more common than you think.

Sometimes knowing you’re not the only one struggling with these things is in itself an encouragement.

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