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A Constitutional, Conservative Yank Applauds the Royal Birth

Odd thing: witnessing so many of my (presumably) pro-family, pro-life brethren contemptuously jeering the birth of a baby.

Seems like, upon the announcement the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, had successfully welcomed their first bundle of joy into Britannia, not a few American conservatives couldn’t rush fast enough to cyberspace to deride what lots of folks would otherwise consider good news. 

I get it: media overkill loomed, an insistent, 24/7 obsession — as we recently, mind-crampingly experienced over the Zimmerman/Martin verdict/circus; and yes, I understand, we did endure a painful and bloody revolution to rid our nation of monarchy fixation. Nonetheless …

… a new born man-child has healthily been added to the household of a young family, to the human family, point of fact; Time was that would have gone down in the “positive development” column — particularly among those claiming the mantle of “conservative” or “traditionalist”. 

It still should.

Infant Prince George Alexander Louis’s arrival indisputably signaled one piece of welcome information: a potential abortion had been scotched — ostentatiously, globe-watchingly scotched. 

Admittedly, the singular circumstances of the Royal Couple’s life, their very public, much revered place in British culture, made slim-to-none the likelihood their potential heir-to-the-throne would be prematurely snuffed out. For months, Britons and world media have buzzed speculatively about “the baby”, “the due date?”, “boy or girl?”, etc. Did anyone, anywhere, over the past nine months ever refer to the tiny person growing inside Kate’s womb as a “fetus” or “mass of cells”? 

Nevertheless, Prince William and his bride could have ended the whole thing  — would have been celebrated,  truth be told, in not a few abortion-crazy precincts had they gone that route. Horrible, feminist harridans and their morally panty-waisted male abettors would have gone into full, ain’t-baby-killing-noble shrill. Having managed, over the course of a generation,  to gruesomely twist and silence what was once considered the most glowingly distinctive impulse of womanhood, they’d be jabbering un-shut-up-ably about Will and Kate’s “brave”, “deeply personal” decision, which was “right for them at this time.”

Have you noticed? Despite pro-aborts’ solemn invocations of “choice”, they typically fidget defensively anytime anyone conspicuously declines the abortion option for one of its less stomach-churning alternatives: adoption, proceeding with a difficult pregnancy, purposefully rearranging priorities and junking conveniences to make place for unexpected offspring, etc. 

When, for example, Holy Trinity Catholic Church’s Fr. Thomas Vander Woude recently mounted a campaign to find an adoptive family for an unborn, abortion-bound Down Syndrome child, over nine-hundred offers to raise the child arrived from families the world-over.

No shock, however, not everyone responded with affirmative enthusiasm.

Take some of the lovelies over at the condignly named Jezebel blog, who scaldingly snarked about the Gainesville, VA cleric’s efforts: “Let me pressure you into carrying to term by hastily crowdsourcing an adoptive family! …  [A]nti-abortion folks care more about fetuses with fairytale narratives than actual babies”, blah, blah,  blah … 

Predictable stuff from the pro-abort set.

Had the Duke and Duchess, instead of bringing Baby Cambridge to birth, visited an abortuary-on-the-Thames? Jezebel and Co. would be waving their hankies. 

Yes, notwithstanding all the above: the Cambridges chose life. And I say: Hooray. 

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Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.