Voices For Chris Lane Need to Keep Speaking Out

Let us have a chat about the “recreational” murder of Chris Lane. I say “recreational” because the thugs that committed this heinous act said that they were “bored”. Yes, you read that correctly, these animals were bored so they shot and killed an innocent man. Chris happened to be Australian, and now, in Australia, tourists are being warned about coming to the U.S because they are much more likely to be gunned down here than in Australia. So not only is this trash responsible for taking an innocent life, they are also responsible for creating discord among two friendly nations. Thanks, you jerks!

I’m speaking on behalf of Chris Lane since he can no longer speak for himself. I also figure that the usual “race based activists” such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and members of the White House will remain silent on this one. So, yes, I’ll go ahead and speak on behalf of Chris Lane. As expected the race baiters have remained mostly silent on this topic. Jesse Jackson did tweet something along the lines of “Praying for the family”. No kidding, Mr Jackson, no kidding.

How about we call it for what “it” really is, though? If you are unsure of what “it” is, then answer this question: “What would you and all your race-baiting friends be doing if Chris Lane were black and the killers were two bored white guys and one bored black guy?”

The always reliable Allen West has taken it to the White House. In standard West fashion, he asked questions as to why the White House hasn’t said anything about this. When Trayvon Martin was killed, the President came out and spoke on his behalf. Obama said that Travyon could have been his son. Well, why hasn’t he spoken for Chris? Couldn’t Chris Lane be his nephew or something? I mean Obama is half white after all.

Why such deafening silence on a high profile case like this? The thing is, not only are they being silent, at one point Principal Deputy White House press secretary Josh Earnest claimed to be unaware of the situation. WHAT? How can you possibly be unaware of a story that is so highly visible while sitting in such an important government position?

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