NOT GUILTY MY A**: Black Thugs Who Brutally Murdered WWII Vet Plead Not Guilty

The two Spokane, Washington 16-year-old boys  accused of brutally beating to death an 88-year-old World War II veteran last  month have each entered not guilty pleas. This despite fingerprint evidence on Delbert  Belton’s car that places both Demetruis Glenn and Kenan Adams-Kinard at the  scene of the crime, where the elderly man was found dead and wedged between the  two front seats.

The boys will stand trial separately in  November and both will be tried as adults in this case that has sparked  nationwide outrage. The teens said little during their separate  appearances Thursday before Spokane County Superior Court Judge James  Triplet.

They are accused of beating Delbert ‘Shorty’  Belton to death with  flashlights in his car outside an Eagles Lodge in Spokane  August 22.

Investigators allegedly found Glenn’s prints  on the outside of the car and the inside of the passenger door behind the  driver’s seat, according to Fox News. Prints said to belong to Adams-Kinard were  found on the outside of the  driver’s door and inside of the back passenger  door, the affidavit said.

The teenagers face charges of first-degree  murder and two charges of  first-degree robbery. They could face life in prison  if convicted.

Belton’s body was found wedged between the  front bucket seats, with his lower body folded into the back seat.

A letter found at the home where Adams-Kinard  was arrested said they  punched Belton three times before taking his wallet and  drugs from his  pockets, authorities said.

The letter indicated Adams-Kinard had called  Belton and arranged to buy  crack cocaine. However, police have said there was  no evidence that  Belton was a drug dealer.

Glenn, who turned himself in, was being held  in lieu of $2 million bail, and  his trial was set for November 9. 

Adams-Kinard, who is suspected of hiding  from police after the slaying, is jailed on $3 million bail. His trial  is set  for November 4.

Adams-Kinard and Demetrius Glenn both have  previous convictions for assault and were caught on security cameras at the time  of the killing.

Glenn gave himself up immediately to the  police, but Adams-Kinard went on the run for four days and allegedly told  friends during his time in hiding  that the beating occurred because of a drug  deal gone wrong.

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