• Chuck Palenti

    dictator in chief

  • Marge

    Paranoia setting in on Obama?

    • Constance Alsip

      Not really paranoia, since we know he’s out to get us. #ImpeachObama #blameharryreid #impeachnancypeolsi

      • Kathleen

        those three think they are the “Holy Trinity.” Just think about what God has in store for them. Pay Back!

      • History Has Past

        Re-read her question. She was asking if Obama was becoming paranoid. She just asked it the wrong way. LOL!

  • gitarzan57

    It ain’t paranoia if the bastard is really out to get ya.

  • mustang

    Obama & his handlers operate just as saul alinsky & communist doctrine outlines.

    • Robert Haavisto

      He knows exactly what he is doing. Read history about how Hitler was able to take control of his country.

      • patkuhlman

        Hitler had the Press and that is why he was able to control most people. We do not have an honest Press in this country anymore and that is what scares me. Somehow all these Socialist got in and no one noticed while it was happening…..and now they have control over this country and the schools where they can indoctrinate the children. Really scary stuff.

  • Jeanne Ballard

    When you have a paranoid narcissist in the Oval office bad things can happen. No one read the signs before 2008 and they were all there

    • raccman

      A gay paranoid petulant Marxist narcissist scum bag !

      • IHateLibs

        And RAHM is his BUTTBUDDY too

        • History Has Past

          Whew! I had to re-read that one! LOL! All I saw was “RAM HIS BUTT BUDDY TOO!” Thought we had lost you to the other side, fo sho! LOL!

      • eman

        and those are his “good” points.

      • Pablo Descartes

        tough talk bout’ ol’ bathhouse barry. 1st Amendment yet lives…

        • bull57

          I was the one to coin “BathHouse Barry”. It’s so appropriate!

          • Pablo Descartes

            not gonna debate an ally on an insignificant point. good call, i will use the name to annoy the progressive wingnuts every opportunity that arises. thanx! ;)

          • History Has Past

            He is the perfect poster boy for the YouTube meme: “FAKE & GAY”??? LOL!


      • yaki534

        You forgot muslim.

      • don

        that sums it up

    • John Stratemeyer

      No, not enough people read the signs. Even many of those who did read them blatently ignored them. Obama was re-elected, even with his sorry record, so they did it twice.

    • MARYANN33

      Many of us read the signs and voted for a Rino to save the day…but it could not be saved…Oprah is to blame for his election. She managed his campaign…The Republicans ran to lose…They muzzled Palin and kept saying how nice Obama was…A phony Republican stance…they are the enemy as well…We can only trust the Tea Party. See how Jenna Bush loves the Clinton’s? same same…all one tight group.

    • rwp24382

      I think you’re right. There was a report a couple months ago, that Obozo could be seen going through the WH crying that he was going to be impeached. They said Obozo was close to having a nervous breakdown.

      So, this explanation could be something taken two ways. Either he is truly feeling pressure for things lately that have gone wrong or they are throwing out a trial balloon to get his numbers back up and get the public back on his side.

      I try not to watch the POS on TV. Some say that he doesn’t look good, others say that he seems flat and doesn’t have that spring in his step like he used to, and some say that he has lost a considerable amount of weight. Guess it is something people will have to watch and determine for themselves.

    • Frederikahere

      Not true. Some of us saw and spoke about the signs that so many refused to see. Not enough people listened.

    • History Has Past

      Lots of people read them and spoke out on them, but white people were packed to the eyeballs with “guilt” and fear. Same in 2012. Obama and his mealy mouthed minions forced their way back into office in 2012 by frightening weak-minded white folks who spend too much time with The KARDASHIANS or SPONGEBOB.

    • Scott A. Hagen

      many of us read the signs, but no one would listen

    • Dominic De Falco

      Actually, some of us read the signs and tried to inform! We were laughed at!

  • Gerald

    It seems that he’s about to go off the deep end.

  • frankenbiker

    Well DUH!!!!! I’ve been saying this for over five years now. He’s a narcissistic paranoid, delusional control freak. A wanna be dictator who’s well on the way to total tyranny.

    • John Stratemeyer

      No. Obama wants to retire a rich man and rest on what will laughably be referred to by future historians as his “legacy.” The liberal/socialist/Democrats (LSDs) plan is to pass the baton on to Hillary “What difference does it make how they died?” Clinton and probably later on down the road the Chelsea “Chip off the old Block” Clinton. The LSDs intend a tyrannous dictatorship, but it will be one of party, not a single individual.

      • frankenbiker

        My guns say differently, and so do those of a hundred million other Constitutionalist.

        • John Stratemeyer

          I’m with ya!

  • antiliberalcryptonite


  • IHateLibs

    He THINKS he is KINGKOON. I mean Kong ??? nah KOON is right

  • IHateLibs

    He SHOULD be brought up on Charges of TREASON, then throw in the FRAUD ILLEGAL part too

  • Pazuzu

    Paranoia is common amongst tyrants.

    • MARYANN33

      Obama is a snake choking off our air so we suffocate.

  • VirgoVince

    FREAK, how fitting, he belongs in a side-show, NOT in OUR White(?) House!!

  • Robert Haavisto

    I am 70 years old, served in the military, and am a successful business owner but I very worried about my country.

    • bjreg3

      You’re not the only one. What concerns me is the morons that think he’s doing a good job. They are the dangerous ones too.

    • MARYANN33

      Obama is getting to us big time…It is time for our golden years but this country will not allow those anymore…We struggle…we had a plan but the economy is anti our plan now.

  • Pat C

    Sir, prepare to be audited.

  • Constance Alsip

    Well, we have all seen what he has done so far. Created a multitrillion program for health care which will suck 2 Trillion dollars out of the economy in 2014. With those of us who work being forced to pay for the insurance of the welfare society, 13M Mexicans and unknown numbers of Muslims, Mexicans and Chinese living here, soaking up tax payer resources. Impeach Obama. No amnesty.

    • Pablo Descartes

      the Cloward-Piven theory is in effect.

      • bjreg3

        So True!

      • MARYANN33

        Glenn Beck told us….Not enough listened. But he did enough so they tried to shut him down…It is a wonder he is still alive.

    • MARYANN33

      Right on…
      Get the illegals out of here now…and the illegal pres as well.

  • leadfolloworgetout

    Irs, Benghazi, Fast n Furious, Fake emails, AP, Rosen, Sealed Documents, No rule of law anymore. This administration is NAZI like.


    You mean to tell me it took this guy this long to figure this out? The things this administration has done and is still doing was clear to a lot of people. The disgrace of it all is the MSM is still not on board. When you have the number of people in this county who pay no attention to the important things necessary to retain our Republic because they turn on TV to the 3 networks and they in turn do NOT report it this is exactly what you get. More people have got to care if we intend to win back the Republic. Unless and until that happens we are going to suffer.

  • Pablo Descartes

    obama is TYRANT!

    Are we prepared Minutemen? Who will make the call?

    • EdKulzer

      Are you sociopathic ignorami bordering on seditious freaks?

      Elocute very precisely what “call” you are so very bravely requesting be made.

      Shower the interwebs with your courage, bow hunter.

      • Stan

        Too much kool-aid this morning?

        • EdKulzer

          That’s idiocy. Not an answer to what Pablo was so bravely calling his “Minutemen” to actionably execute.

          • Wes

            If I’m not mistaken, Pablo Descartes is referring to the American Revolution, in which Minutemen fought off the oppressive and invasive government. Our current government is also undeniably oppressive and invasive. Therefore, Pablo is making a call to stand against unconstitutional tyranny. And Stan’s inquiry was probably in reference to your strange “shower the interwebs with your courage” comment.

          • EdKulzer

            The question, Wes, was originally requesting Pablo to further detail that action to which he aspires to compel those “Modern Day Minutemen”.

            And the call to again have him “shower the interwebz with his courage” is for him to be most forthright about the actions he is specifically compelling.

            Minutemen were well-armed militia. What exactly is it he is compelling these modern well-armed militia “to do”?

          • David

            EdKulzer, do you really think that anyone would give such information to an Obama Fan like you.

          • EdKulzer

            David: “Such information”? That he so gleefully pissed all over a wall on an extremist Right wing site? What— you have the courage of your “convictions” but only when chest-thumping for seal barks of applause from other leprous Rightists?

            You cower like cold clams when called on your depravity?

            There’s nothing “Obama Fan” in not wanting to see the President of the United States assassinated.

            Kinda frickin’ sad that I have to stoop to teach you this, but standing up to that extremist filth? Is a little thing called Patriotism.

          • Wes

            It seems rather extremist to assume that Pablo’s call to defend our liberties is the equivalent of calling for the assassination of President Obama. Seriously. If someone actually calls for killing, please feel to free to call that person out on it. But until then, please to not make assumptions that do nothing but inhibit communication.

          • EdKulzer

            Do not make assumptions that do nothing but inhibit communication.

            Wes? I very clearly asked him to elocute precisely what he meant, did I not?

            Wes? Pablo, for the past several days, has been insulting my wife. Very clearly. In exceptionally plain language.

          • Wes

            You did ask him clearly. I was just referring to your comment where you said that no one wants to see the president of the United States be assassinated. Pablo said nothing of the sort. I have no idea what he said about your wife, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the accusation of planning to assassinate the president.

          • Wes

            He is compelling the patriotic citizens of the United States not to give up their rights meekly, but to fight for them. I know what you’re insinuating, but Pablo is not calling for offensive violence. At worst he calling on us to defend ourselves from the government, if it comes to that point. The government is a far more seditious enemy than any private group could ever hope to be. Hundreds of times in history, governments have turned on their people, or specific groups of people. In the present day, an example is the IRS targeting hundreds of TEA Party groups (yes, I know that a half-dozen or so progressive groups were “targeted” also). That’s not extremism, it’s realism. I do appreciate your asking for clarification.

          • EdKulzer

            Thank you, Wes, for demonstrating a gross apologism for the most base, crude elements of Conservatism, and for registering that you’ve no clue what sedition is.

            And then there again you whimper incorrectly about the IRS.

            Wes: do you know why Conservatives at the IRS called to heightened scrutiny the applications of overtly political Tea Party organizations? Do you know what that is?

            Do you know why your complaint that “Conservative political groups were unfairly targeted by the IRS”— is, in and of itself, the defeat of your argument?

            Because those groups were applying for a tax-exempt status designation that required they NOT primarily be politically-oriented organizations.

            End of story. Finito. Done. The flood of overtly political orgs trying to gain entry into the system as something they are not: that is why they were called to heightened scrutiny: and why they were undeserving of approval— though most did get it.

      • History Has Past

        When the moon rises, where will your shadow fall?

        • EdKulzer

          …slightly to the right? With a bit of a curve?

    • Stan

      Very good question? Who indeed!

      • EdKulzer

        So the question falls to you. “Who” indeed, to do “what”?

      • Pablo Descartes

        answer: bathhouse barry or whatever puppet replaces him.
        who made the call to begin the Revolutionary War? King George w/ Boston Massacre,he may not have fired first shot personally, yet his tyranny forced the events.
        I don’t want what’s happening in Syria, Egypt, Libya happening to my beloved America. Please God protect America.

  • Reelman1946

    Elect the arrogant apostles of secular socialism and you get them…I am not surprised or shocked as millions now are…they did not read his books, look at his track record or his mentors…I did.

  • judy

    polygraphing their own contacts… and peeps.. keeping people on a short leash so as not to divulge the secret garbage that goes on ‘in house’ inside the White House walls… wow.. this sounds like a movie i saw once about the end of days.. satan is a control freak operating under the table in secret too. hmmmmm. Maybe The Truth is on The Way to shed The Light…. :-)

  • Mickey

    Obama is using this no negotiation tactic with the GOP to buy more time so he can find the “missing quart of strawberries!”

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ Dave the Barbarian

    Ah, welcome to the ministry of ‘Hope and Change’! Check your freedom at the door! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

    • MARYANN33

      God help us all.

  • regulus30

    obam the 12th imam is not a control freak ;; he is an overbearing mentally ill bast666rd.shock treatments at GITMO.

    • Gwynn Ap Nudd

      The 12th Imam stuff is from the Shiites – the Enemy of the Regime. The Regime is allied with Sunni Extremists.

      • regulus30

        with the waffling and inconsistencies in this regimes muslim policies can you honestly say which side obam the imam is on?

      • regulus30

        inconsistencies in obama’s life; American citizen or indonesian citizen?; Christian, black liberation theologian, muslim?; communist, socialist, fascist? Constitutional scholar or Constitutional termite?; black , white, yellow or all of the above. heterosexual male, homosexual male or bisexual male? see where I am going with your purist identification of his islamic sector?

  • Igor

    “Just because you’re paranoid does NOT mean they’re NOT out to get you”

    Because we are, you a**wagon SCOAMF.

  • yaki534

    Obama is the worst person that EVER occupied the White house. He hates America and it’s Constitution and Christianity.

    • MARYANN33

      Where are the Christians and why aren’t we rising up and making our voice heard…We have the King Of Kings….

  • sargeant rock

    Welcome to Adolph Obama’s Nazi controlled Muslim run world… Sieg Heil and Salaam;

    Your new accommodations at the newly remodeled FEMA concentration camp are ready for you…..

    Your supreme leaders personal police will supply your transportation at no expense to you.. They will spare no expense to insure your cooperation….

    Also, his personally trained “black shirt” guards there will attend to your every need as long as it does not exceed the free bread and water that is supplied, compliments of the management…

    Please enjoy your stay while you await your execution for being a Christian, Jew
    or anti-Obamaite dissident …. Thank you for your cooperation….
    B.H. Obama

  • bungicord

    You elected a muslim communist, what do you expect?

  • reggiec

    The more you have to hide the more secretive you must be. Normally something that needs to be hidden is illegal, corrupt or tyrannical. O’Vomit qualifies for all three.

  • John Stratemeyer

    Wail ’til he gets a load of Hillary “What difference does it make how they died?” Clinton’s Administration! He ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

    • http://theawakenednation.ning.com/profile/KevinMKeener Snowman8wa

      You “ASSUME” he will relinquish command…..uhh I mean…CONTROL…..There is something in the oven for FEMA REGION III and it will be ready around 2016. Emergency Executive Action in the event of an “catastrophe” in which Martial Law must be put in place and as CURRENT pResident he must see it through. The Bloomberg Plan…..He won’t run because that would seal his fate as a martyr…..some other Left winged nutjob will pull an “Oswald” which will be the necessary action……..just watch as all of this takes shape…..

      Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

      • John Stratemeyer

        I “ASSUME” nothing. According to the U.S. Constitution, i.e. the law of the land, Mr. Obama MUST relinquish power at the end of his current term. There’s no “what if” or “in the event of” clause in it.
        As to the rest, I have no idea what you’re getting at. FEMA Region III? Emergency Executive Action in the event of “catsatrophy (catastrophe)?” I’m sure that you mean “Martial” Law, not “Marshal,” but the fantastic leap from the Bloomberg Plan to some left-wing nut-job is a confusing sequence. I’ll keep an out for anything out of the ordinary though. Tks for the heads-up.

        • http://theawakenednation.ning.com/profile/KevinMKeener Snowman8wa

          Thank you for pointing out and spell checking my errors……corrections have been made…more coffee will be ingested before early morning commentary…

          I understand what you are saying and I concur with the “Law of the Land” FACT….but the REALITY is………pResident Post Turtle and his Administration could give a “Rat’s behind” about Constitutional Law; they RAPE America daily……

          Nemo repente fuit Turpissimus-“none reach the height of vice at once”

          I do not TRUST THIS ADMINISTRATION for ANYTHING, with one exception. I trust them to destroy OUR COUNTRY if left in Power.

          Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

          • John Stratemeyer

            If anyone understands the need for coffee, it would be yours truly.
            Your concern that this Administration will be left in power is not what you should be worried about. If there is a conspiracy at the highest level of government, it isn’t about turning any sitting President into a king or a dictator. The actual conspiracy is about entrenching the liberal/socialist/Democrat (LSD) party into a permanent and impregnable position as the dominant party in American politics. I don’t think they can achieve that goal for at least 3 good reasons:
            1.) America is still a majority Conservative country that supports the Constitution, particularly the 2nd Amendment.
            2.) The LSDs have no military.
            3.) The LSDs don’t support the 2nd Amendment.
            The LSD plan is to pass the baton to Hillary “What difference does it make how they died?” Clinton and whoever comes after her, even as Obama retires a rich man. We should be putting our energy into beating her.

  • Worried

    obama and the dems are the 4th Reich

  • Worried

    gov workers are obamas GESTAPO

    • MARYANN33

      I had a health care worker at my home yesterday….They are coming….

  • sickpuppy70454

    Obummer lied about transparency. Is anyone surprised?

    • bjreg3

      When has the liar told the truth? His koolaid drinking mental midgets think he’s the messiah.

  • Andre Leonard

    Interesting article that catches the hypocrisy behind the man. While touting himself as an agent of change to pander to voters. Obie has turned out to be one the biggest supporters of federalism and the status-quo to ever occupy the White House.

    He must be given credit for being glib and employing sleight of hand. He can talk smack all day with the best of them. As far as rhetoric goes. He has it all down pat.

  • $13614178

    I hope his lapdogs are seeing his true colors , and they aren’t black , they are blood red , as in cold blooded communist , so naturally they have to keep the veils of secrecy black , even to his loving cuddly lapdogs .

  • Jackie

    Hitler lives……..

  • mjnellett

    “The most transparent administration in American history”! Yeah right! This guy is so crooked he doesn’t dare let anyone see into his White House, or he’d have hauled out to the gallows by now!


    We cannot wait for God’s payback…We need the crooks out of our government now. Obama is an immoral bastard.

  • Stan

    No, I think hes being very transparent now. We all know exactly what he wants to do to this nation. Of course with all the fantasy tales his speeches consist of, the low info crowd doesnt have a clue. And even if they did, they probably would not admit they made a mistake, or we would not be having this little chat now. Right now both sides are playing a dangerous game of chicken. They dont suffer because they already have the perfect job with all the perks they could ever want.

  • Wes

    So many broken promises. “Transparency.” Utterly false. “Protecting privacy.” The NSA has gotten way out of hand, to name only one example. “Slash the deficit in half.” Biggest spender in history. “No more foreign wars.” Started one already and wants to start another. “Slow the rise of the oceans.” You go ahead and do that, King Canute. The man is nothing but a gigantic phony. I still can’t get over the fact that he got re-elected. Worst president ever, hands down.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson

    very true, nice to know the ny slimes admits it. 1 prob. bush was not corrupt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson

    the hypocrisy continues. shame.

  • History Has Past

    Stop pickin’ on the man-child President. He is tired and run down after five long years of lickin ice cream, playin golf and takin frequent, extravagant vacations on the backs of poor and working class Americans. That has just GOT to wear a good main down.

    So please — Do you Patriotic Duty and ensure that The Man Child Who would be King gets some of that fine Queen Bee Baabaque!


    So Gooad!

  • History Has Past

    Listen folks, I am the first to agree Obama is a listless leader, a phoney, fraud, commie, socialist, racist, pinko, pro-gay, anti-US pro-Islam pro-sharia fellow —But until you folks realize that he represents about HALF THE NATION who are just like him, you aren’t going to get far down this road you want to travel.

    If Obama had never been plucked from his mother’s womb in that dusky Kenyan Hospital, we would still have Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, Rangle, and countless others.

    Why do we “hate” Iran? It is to keep us from communicating with them. Why is gas $.12/gallon in Iran? Why is this not public knowledge? Why is 300mbps internet service $20/mo in second world Eastern Europe and Asia? Why does the government of the US keep grocery prices artificially jacked up with farm subsidies and trade tariffs?

    Why is there NO FREEDOM in the Land of the Free?


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002839359789 William Mdcannold Jr.

    Barry just might be the worst but while we’re talking ego………..I recall hose-nose, socialist Johnson, mama’s paranoid boy greasy Dick Nixon, the world’s royalty elitist G.H.W. Bush, Willy the lech Clinton (the SOB’s still at it!) and Poppy’s installed robot boy G.W. (Shrub) Bush. Shrub did a fair job of covering his royal ego with church and “compassionate” conservatism. Yeah, Barry’s particularly insidious but the aberrancy infests practically all of both parties!

  • Patricia McGehee

    You have to tear the US down BEFORE YOU CAN RESTRUCTURE. Obama has the US in chaos and is proceeding well on the way to destruction.

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