Two Shot Near Tennessee Naval Base Causing the Base To Be Locked Down


An Army National Guardsman shot two others during a scuffle in a Tennessee  armory on Thursday, sources told the Daily News.

The gunfire erupted after the three men began to argue in the facility,  which sits just outside the Millington Navy Base, about 12:30 p.m., the sources  said.

During the spat, one of the men pulled out a gun and opened fire, striking  one man in the foot and the other in the leg, sources said.

Both men were taken to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, where they  were expected to survive.

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  • Troubleshooter

    North of Memphis there is a small town called Millington TN. It has been home to Millington Naval Air Station for Decades I guess SOME people are too dimwitted to be aware of the fact that a HUGE portion of our MILITARY AIRCRAFT are Navy Aircraft. Did you ever see TOP GUN? The Air Wings associated with Carriers are Home Based at Land Facilities. Careful now. Don’t hurt your fingers trying to type some stupid response.

    • jzandensky

      Gentle soul, everyone has moved on; keep up.

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