CAN OF WHOOP ASS: Black Pastor, ‘ If Obama Had a Son, He’d Look a Lot Like the Knockout Thugs’

Pastor Aubrey Shines hails from Chicago, much like our Fearless Leader, Barack Obama. But that’s where the resemblance ends. Unlike Obama, Pastor Shines has had the courage to point fingers in the deadly trend of “knockout” that is causing injuries and death across the country. In an opinion piece, published on The Blaze, Shines wrote:

The more the media reports these attacks a few things become clear. First, the perpetrators are young black men. Second, the victims are white and most often Jewish. Because the victims are white, the game is also referred to as polar bear hunting. Third, there has been radio silence from black national leaders condemning the acts. Al Sharpton finally condemned the game at one of his weekly National Action Network meetings. But the outrage pales in comparison to the outrage that Sharpton and his fellow Race Warriors are able to muster when it benefits them financially and politically.

Yep, you read that right. A black man is pointing out what the white mainstream media is failing to explain. Knockout is a racially motivated hate crime, but since it is black on white, everyone is dancing around the subject.

When researching these shootings, race is never mentioned. In the alternative media, much of our information comes from mainstream reports. Unless a photo is published of perpetrator and victim, we are generally unable to find out the races of the people involved. Why?

Because it’s politically incorrect to make members of minorities look like criminals, even when they are.

According to Shines’ essay, statistics show that race is a definite factor, whether it’s polite to mention it or not.

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