• Audrey Russo

    LOL and according to today’s press conference…he’s still the King of Denial…

  • DrBobNM

    wow, finally something I agree with coming from that useless Brit.

  • fliteking

    This Mega-Lib DamNearSocialist wants to be taken seriously now? Ha! All he has done is expose his lack of loyalty !

    Bigger tool now than he was before he opened his mouth about Ob*maScare.

  • jeepdude911

    Well, we have our priorities.

  • garyamusic .

    We do love a good two-fer………………please, both of you hook up and go!

  • sean murry

    In other words get the hell out.

  • IHateLibs

    Funny . Id rather see this Pussy lipped asswipe Swingin from a Rope

  • pudintain

    So why are you still here you CRIMINAL Brit?

  • BigUgly666

    Can we just deport all of them??

  • Trappedincalifornia

    He’s still here? Why won’t Europeans stay in Europe?
    Because they’ve made such a hot mess back there, that’s why. High taxes, stagnant economy, horrible healthcare, too much stupid Government! Go home & lie in the bed you made, Mr Morgan.

    • chamuiel

      If he went back to Britain, they would take 90% of his earnings in taxes.

  • ivan scheu

    why is is idiat peirs morgan still here in our country. he should have gone long time ago. just kick this idiate out of my counrty now.

    • twiceshy

      He’s a money whore first of all and then his reputation in Britain is shot over his telephone hacking scandal.

    • chamuiel

      say what?

  • ort

    How about a “twofer” and launch them both outta here?

  • jb80538

    Yet Piers is still in America! We need to do something about that. People need to stop watching his show, then he’d be cancelled and unemployed.

    • twiceshy

      Who watches it. I don’t even know when it’s on.

      • Guest

        And you really don’t WANT to know.
        Use your time for something more pleasant, like a self-administered root- canal.Sans anaesthetics.

        • Mindy Robinson


    • robinswebnest

      I personally don’t know anyone who is stupid enough to watch it. And I am also talking about liberal friends and family.

      • jb80538

        I only watched once or twice when he was getting picked apart for his anti gun stance. Other than that, no way!

        • robinswebnest

          Someone sent me a clip showing that. I had a good laugh and boy did he look pissed. I guess he is not used to talking with a well educated man non-dem

  • foxxybey

    One real dumb and stupid Brit, they don’t want him either, so has to stay here to stay safe from his own, your a joke Piers, a lonely old sick piece of trash.

  • hiskid1964

    OMG i am tempted to put this guy on my facebook what has the world come to

  • James in Texas

    A question, Which one of your 30 or so viewers did you poll for this position?

    • chamuiel

      one of them was maryjames.

    • BevM

      He’s up to 30! WOW!! Last I heard, he was only up to about 15, 20 behind PMSNBC.

      One thing we DO know. Piers AND Obama/DemocratsDon’tCareTAX both suck!

  • Guest

    And when you leave, Mr. “President”, take that British POS with you .

  • FrankC

    Piers, wouldn’t this result show great intelligence on our part? We recognize you are garbage and want you gone, and recognize ObamaCare is garbage and want no part of it. GO US!

  • marcus johannes

    Piers Morgan ,If I had my way You would have been tossed in the Atlantic Ocean months ago and told to swim back to England You Liberal Limy Turd , As far as The President goes ,He may be your President Piers !!! Because having been born in Kenya in 1961 he would have qaulified for British Citizenship ,But not in this Country ,Maybe at best an Anchor Baby like Eric Holder

    • Oldmonkey

      I think you missed the point –→ Lack of support for ObamaCare due to hating it and Obama is greater than dislike for him. Morgan is a POS, and advocates positions we don’t like, but if here LEGALLY, it is his right to express, and the right of Libturds with money to pay him for expressing onTV.

      ObamaCare is poorly received because it’s a POS, and its existence will bankrupt, and kill people. No matter what Obama does it is pine pitch, and Morgan sees it.

      • Pablo Descartes

        Your post is true, but he’s still a jackwad.

        • Oldmonkey

          I think I already said as much. It’s the other POST in the White House that Jack”s me. Obama is more than an irritant like Morgan; 1.6 background checks we submitted for gun purchases. Likely half submitted because of him.

      • Mindy Robinson

        Here legally makes it a traitor.

        • Oldmonkey

          Yup; but he will be easier to deal with, or get into mischief out of office

  • Mary James

    I am so tired of reading these ignorant and stupid comments about Piers Morgan.
    I like him and he is doing a fantastic job. He is also educated, smart and handsome. The people that are writing these comments are the bottom of the barrel Americans and it is very obvious that most of you have never been outside your own backyard. Grow up please and learn something new.

    • andy

      Let’s see, I have a BA in education. I have, courtesy of the US Navy seen more of the world than you most likely have. My back yard is quite nice though. I am hard working. Some might say I’m handsome. I believe in free speech and the right to bear arms. What I don’t believe is that I should have to put up with the comments of non-US citizens concerning our freedoms. Piers Morgan may be a fine entertainer and a great talent critic. That does not make him qualified to establish American policy through his commentary. If he does not like an armed populace, he is welcome to return to the land of hard line gun control, the UK. Please feel free to call me ignorant.

      • JoJo58

        Well said!

      • Mindy Robinson

        I expect one day soon, America, will send these hell spawn back to hell!

    • Chris

      Have you ever had a CT scan of your brain? Maybe you should schedule one before obamacare causes your health insurance to be cancelled. Just sayin….

      • Mindy Robinson

        It doesn’t have a brain Chris, it is a one brain cell organism just recently slithered from the primordial ooze and I think it is in heat.

        • Chris

          That’s funny

          • Mindy Robinson


    • JoJo58

      You should go by the user name Helen Keller. You’re obviously blind and deaf.

      • Mary James

        You are a pathetic creature. Using name of Helen Keller tells me about your class and education. Get a life.

        • JoJo58

          LOL You’re NOT a conservative. You may CLAIM that you are, but the content of your comments give you away. You’re a troll.

          As for the Helen Keller comment, I guess you’re not as educated as you think you are. It’s actually spot on. Besides your being blind to what is going on in this country, you’re deaf to other opinions other than those that fall in lockstep with yours. The fact that Helen Keller was a devout communist wrapped it up quite well.

        • BevM

          NO Conservative talks like that. Your kindergarten name calling gave you away. NEVER have I read a Conservative post anything like that. We can get points across without calling someone a “pathetic creature.” Go to your favorite liberal site and have at it. Leave this one to the adults. Buh-bye.

        • Mindy Robinson

          This from hell spawn.

    • BigUgly666

      …. and you really expect to be taken seriously about anything, ever again?

      • carlcasino

        Mary is a glaring example of what is wrong with America today. I have not only traveled but WORKED in a lot more countries than she can point out on a World map. Liberalism is definitely a disease and medical science has no pill to cure.

        • Mary James

          caricasino –
          I am not a Liberal. I am a Republican Conservative and proud of it. What I don’t like about the people on this site they are extremely rude. Piers Morgan may be Liberal but that doesn’t make him a bad person.

          • John H. Kohlenberg

            your wrong. YES IT DOES,.

          • Pablo Descartes

            If you’re truly a conservative, then you should be able to see the liberal socialist progressives, of which piers is one, are fundamentally destroying America, and have a righteous anger towards them. How then can one support the likes of piers, save a conservative in name only?
            Perhaps some of the jokes are crude, but this is merely blowing off steam, when piers and his sort deserve nothing better.
            Are you a true conservative, or in name only?

          • BevM

            You can claim to be anything, but your words prove otherwise.

            ANYONE that’s bent on destroying America IS a bad person. Sorry, maybe you better find some thread more to your liking, where “Republican Conservatives” are more receptive to Piers Morgan, the immigrant that constantly talks down the country we love.

          • roy mason

            I agree with you, although i am not a fan of Morgan. All the insults are coming from the liberals who consider Morgan as a traitor for daring mocking their beloved obama and his failed obamacare.

          • Mindy Robinson

            And so spews the stench of evil from it’s lying mouth.

          • Guest

            Yes Mary….it DOES!

    • chamuiel

      How long did you say you have been on drugs and blind?

    • BevM

      Then why do you bother? You CHOSE to get this email, you CHOSE to read this story, you CHOSE to read the comments. WE are tired of people like you coming to where you don’t belong and spewing ignorant BS that means NOTHING to us. It’s a FACT, fewer people signed up for Obama/Democrats Don’t Care TAX than signed the petition to get him out of OUR country. Perhaps you should join him. Mary + Piers = OUTTA HERE!

    • Mindy Robinson

      Lol! This from a traitor. You grow up, you start educating yourself. If this does not turn around soon traitor, you can expect both a civil war and a revolution. You are sick! One day, soon, Americans will put an end to your murdering and oppression. One day soon your day’s of murdering living but unborn babies will come to an end. You are a parasite, an evil. you are not new , long have you and those like you walked in the blood, destruction and death that you feed from. You are not new, you old, very old, a very old evil.

    • Ray Taylor

      MaryJamesbrainless, You are allowed to like piers morgan. You are allowed your opinion, no matter how mindless. he is semiliterate, arrogant, and worthy of your esteem. I think poorly of him. I spent only forty years in Army service and approximately 20 years outside the US. I earned only three degrees, including an MA, and am working on my doctorate. I disagree with your assessment of mr morgan. he’s a worthless pos, in my opinion. Speaking of bottom of the barrel Americans, what are your qualifications to judge people who do not like him ? I believe ignorant and stupid are your hallmark. Refute ?

      Ray Taylor, Vero

  • robinswebnest

    And so should you morgan. Another words, we do not need more communist here, we got enough of our own in the wh and congress. So, do us a favor and LEAVE.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Its a pretty good signal for you to get the faaaak out of USA.

  • Victor Lawson

    I don’t wonder why Piers Morgan left England, the country is so screwed up it is unbelievable. The question should be why didn’t he go to Cuba or North Korea where the politics would be more to his liking? And rather than see Obozo and the likes throw our Constitution in the trash, I would prefer those individuals also look for other countries where they could be illegal immigrants. The USA would be far better off with all of them gone instead of them trying to destroy the country. And yes, I have traveled a lot of other places than the USA and have relatives in foreign countries that send me the real news, not the BS crap the lamestream media feeds Americans.

    • carlcasino

      I had the opportunity to travel the far & mid East for several years. one word description “Cesspool”. The British Isles ,outside London, is marvelous countryside and people, rapidly turning into Europe.

    • Mindy Robinson

      The truth is, we the people, those who value freedom , we are going to have to bring them to justice for the traitors and the hostile military invaders that they are.

  • DJ_Fisher

    Piers Morgan, so why are you still here?

    • IHateLibs

      THEY don’t want this asswipe Either

    • Rattlerjake

      I thought our forefathers ran all the Brits back to England? OOOPs, they missed one.

  • Free Spirit

    He must have screwed up Good Old England and now wants to destroy USA!

    • IHateLibs

      We kicked their asses OUT Once. Maybe we need to doit again

      • Mindy Robinson

        It’s coming , libs are a parasite that feast on the blood, destruction and death they create. They have long walked this earth , they are evil, history shows again and again the horrors the create.Ask the living babies they murder.

  • IHateLibs

    Just Why IS this pussy lipped BRIT WIMP still Here !!!???

  • Susan

    Socialism destroyed England and has destroyed English culture—that which was “good”. No more possibilities of a Churchill coming from that emasculated country.

    Piers could be smart—-like an Evan Sayat—if he would come out of Plato’s Cave.

    “Wake up, Piers—Smell the Coffee!!!! Understand Natural Law Theory, at least—(Science and Reason) and kick out the irrational dehumanizing Marxism and immorality of the Godless who make up Right and Wrong–on FEELINGS and URGES. Your whole “gun” ideology is based on emasculated “feelings””.

    Wake up—-guns are nothing, but tools—all tools can be used just as much for good as for evil. Morality of people is the crucial thing. Socrates stated—without Virtue, there is NO civil society. You TEACH VIRTUE (Goodness)—and the best ethical system in all of history has been the Christian Ethical system which created the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment and the USA–greatest political documents in the history of man.

    Study Solzhenitsyn, please. He explains how just a “little bit of Socialism” rots the soul. It destroys Virtue (Excellence) in people and makes people into infants—to be instructed in everything they do. CONTROLLED LIKE BABIES! Think of this dehumanizing nature of socialism which denies all human beings, the ability of becoming a mature adult, and making their own choices….. where they are responsible for their own actions.

    Come on, Piers—-Come OUT of the FOG…..Come OUT of the CAVE, that the Marxist indoctrination of your schooling has put you in……ESCAPE—You can do it….Reason—Logic—-easy. Remember, in Marxism, ALL ASSUMPTIONS are LIES!!! Correct those Lies—and VOILA!!!! Truth will set you Free!!!!

    • victorbarney

      Susan, Churchill also was one of the first Marxist in his ideology, as our Wilson, FDR, etc. etc. etc.

      • Susan

        We are in the Matrix—and the “white noise” and misinformation being pumped out 24/7 doesn’t help. The Hegelian Dialectics. Yes, I knew that Churchill was far from perfect. (I read “Leftism Revisited”)…but he showed male strength more so than any other Englishman at that time and gave some great speeches and has the best quotes disparaging Socialism.

        The wars decimated the best English males. He did go against the “group think” all during the 30s, which takes courage, to build up the military of England.

        History and “News” is just agitprop as Solzhenitsyn made clear in his 78 Harvard address—that the American “news” is no different than Goebbels’ stuff—only the Americans “think” they get the “truth”.

        It is hard to know the facts in today’s world—there is so much garbage and misinformation and lies out there now.

        • victorbarney

          Susan, do did Obama’s “Mao” in China, who murdered over 100,000,000 million people in China, who wouldn’t have said “sh–” if they had a mouthful! However, the Marxist manifesto said that you just had too name an enemy & murder them… I don’t know how much that you know about Chinese culture, but the only “warriors” in China are from the Bejing(sp?) area, which are to Mongals, I believe? Mao was one himself!

    • Mindy Robinson

      Susan, in regards to guns, you are right. My 3 children and I would be dead today if I had not been trained in the use of a firearm and if I did not carry. I had warning, called police who flat out refused to help. I was at work, 2 hours away from home, my children would be out of school and home a half hour before me. The police would not even go pick up my children from school until I got there. Long story short, on arriving home the man was there with a gun and my children. My training was well ingrained in me, I live , my children live today because of it.

      • Susan

        Wow!!! Guns save millions every year though. But the Leftists hide that important fact about guns.

        Do you ever notice that the people who advocate for gun control—all have body guards who carry guns. “Some animals are more equal than others”.

        As they say, I carry a gun because the policeman is too heavy.

        • Mindy Robinson

          More lives would be saved if people would just accept the truth. There will always be bad people, they will always have guns, even police who do want to protect won’t be there when you need them, when under attack you have seconds to defend yourself and loved ones, you don’t even have time to call police let alone wait for them, saying they will even go to your rescue. Seek training, professional training, be certain that using your fire arm is so ingrained it is instinct and always carry, that is my advice to all Americans , especially those with children. Yes, I notice that the corrupt and dangerous libs have body guards, I also notice many of these hell spawn carry.

          • BevM

            Mindy, you had God on your side that day. So glad to hear you were able to save you and your children. I believe all LAW ABIDING CITIZENS should be able to carry, especially in these days of more and more illegal guns find their way to our streets – MANY of them thanks to our very own AG! I’m a proud NRA Member and on the cover of the magazine this month, it says “If Gun Control Worked, Chicago Would Be Mayberry.” Priceless. Crazy people choose gun free zones because they know there will be no resistance. DUH.

            Guns don’t kill people. Crazy people with guns, knives, hammers, rope, wire, many different weapons kill people. Guns are an inanimate object, therefore cannot do anything themselves. And Susan has a great point. Those that don’t want US to be protected by firearms have armed security. But then a hypocrite and a liberal are pretty much one in the same.

  • carlcasino

    He helped to screw up Great Britain and now he wants to do the same here. I will join the choir in requesting you deport yourself back to Merrie Ole’ England.

    • Rattlerjake

      He’s just like the 11 million mexicans in this country illegally. They won’t stay in their own country and fight to make it better, so come to America and destroy it like the country they left!

      • Mindy Robinson

        That is exactly what is happening in this nation. That is the reason for the laws in regards to immigration, those laws are in place to insure that those who come here embrace American values, embrace the constitution. Piers should have never been allowed in this country , same with millions of others, they are invaders of this nation. Now that they are here by the law the military should have and should be arresting all of them for high crimes against this nation.

        • BevM

          Our “leaders” starting at the very top should all be arrested and put in Alcatraz until WE THE PEOPLE can try them for High Crimes and misdemeanors – TREASON. Just the one act of Barry giving the MB billions of $$ is treason, straight up. Aiding the enemy. And the House is bringing up Withholder up for impeachment for his multiple crimes. About time! The crime is so deep in the District of Corruption. Time for US to take back OUR power give to us by God and our Founders and get rid of this bunch of traitors. LET’S ROLL!!

    • justdooit


  • bet1125

    Piers Morgan is unique in the sense that he is simultaneously a pr*ck and a p*ssy.

    • Rattlerjake

      WWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a perfect assessment!

    • undeRGRound

      Perfect example of the old backwoods phrase:

      • undeRGRound

        Even a broken clock is right twice a day?

  • John W Tobin

    I’d be more than happy to donate for TWO “slow boat to China” tickets. obama AND morgan!

    • BevM

      I’m broke but I’ll borrow some money to chip in if it will send them BOTH away for GOOD!

  • Dominic De Falco

    Send Obama back to Kenya and Piers back to England NOW! Piers is a liar just like Obama, he promised to leave America if gun control did not go through…… WELL, were waiting! Plane tickets or boat tickets, they chose! I hear the DNC has 1.5 domestic use body bags, how about using two and floating them both back to their own countries!

    • Mindy Robinson

      I don’t want them sent back, I want them arrested by the military for high crimes against this nation, per the law, this is what should have already happened. But, once tyranny has taken hold law no longer exists, law becomes nothing more then the whims and desires of those who think they are powerful.

    • Chuck Horn

      I agree with all your comments. I have many contacts in England and have not located one who is willing to accept Morgan back into their country. It seems his ego and idiotic comments even have hit England. It appears that they are smarter than I give them credit for. I guess you body bags would fit the bill and then maybe England would accept him back.

  • hora

    That are was I said all a times, foreign come here and won control all, like illegals. Is time recover a common sense and Republic.Now he start see real American don’t like and won him out like all dem-demon-liberals.

    • Mindy Robinson

      :) Hora , the manner in which you construct sentences leads me to believe you translated from another language what you wanted to write. If that is the case , I just wanted to welcome you. Being American is a philosophy that is based on freedom and liberty. Philosophies are something we , as individuals, develop, embrace , we aren’t born with philosophies, we develop them. Being born in America does not mean you are American, being a foreigner immigrating to America does not mean you are American. Embracing freedom , liberty, putting great value on individual freedom’s and liberties, being independent and responsible for your own life, that makes one an American. God bless.

      • BevM

        VERY well stated, Mindy. That’s a perfect definition of what it means to be an American. Well, for those of us that TRULY love our country. We’ve always taken freedoms for granted and now the politicians are taking them away more all the time. I feel like the ’14 midterms will determine if America stays or goes away forever – as WE know her.

  • knowledgeisgood

    Pier’s, why would anyone sign a petiton to have you removed? Could it be that you constantly come against those Americans that are REAL Patriots, could that be it? I must say, For a legal Immigrant who decides to settle in the greatest Nation in the World, then decides to trash talk OUR constitution, and those who fought to keep it, while some has even died to keep it Free, Makes me believe that you must have made a mistake planting your roots in a very special Land that our forefathers named it, America. So Piers, just look at what we have done, by signing our names to that Petition, as a Favor, So maybe, you should start looking for a new home, or better yet, go back home to England, if they will take you back that is, they will take you back, will they Piers? Let us Just hope so, because the way it is now, America has spoken, we do not want you here, you have stuck your foot in your mouth to many times. Let us just hope that the next place you decide on, you will not be as stupid as you were here.

  • pissed off conservative

    i would like to kick morgan so hard in the rear end he would sail across the atlantic,back you limeyville,HATE that POS

  • yaki534

    Ya know, for once Piers is right.

    • Pablo Descartes

      he’s still a ruddy jackwad. “Oooh, piersss, I think I shaat myself! Ooohhh…”

  • Sig Pro 74

    Both of those meat whistles need to get a glass stomach… That way they can see where they are going with their heads shoved so far up their asses!!!

  • ExLush

    Hmm…ironic? Both attempts failed! No deportation, and no working ObamaCare!

    • BevM

      He can go back to where he came from and take Obama/DemocratsDon’tCare TAX with him.
      Thank God it’s crashing and burning. This is the ULTIMATE karma for the DEMOCRATS that voted for it, now are running away as fast as they can.

  • Hieronimous

    Dear Pier! I was in good old England when Mr. Wilson Fu…. it. Now is a chess pool. You Are a bottom feeder coming out of the same old Cesspool. Go home You ungrateful P.O.S. This is a great country. You are too stupid to see it. Bodicea would had Your Cjones on a roasting stick Pendejo.

  • Randy131

    Damn, where is that deportation petition, I missed the chance to sign it.

  • Chief Redeagle

    Piers Morgan in 1814 we took a little trip along with Colnel Jackson down the mighty mississipp we took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we fought the bloody british in the town of new Orleans we fired our guns and the british kept a running there wernt nigh many as there was before we fired once more and they kept on a running down the Mississippi to the gulf of mexico.They ran thur briars the and they ran thur brambels and they run they ran thur the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go they ran so fast the hounds couldn’t catch em on down the Mississippi to the gulf of mexico.

    • Pablo Descartes

      Clever! I LIKE it!!! :)))

    • justdooit

      Dang…needs editing…sort of…but I know that tune…goodun!

  • American Infidel

    I’m not sure Which Channel it is on, But my Low info Voter Co-workers all Watch Either, Most Socialist Network Broadcasting Communism or Communist News Network, and Whoever gets to the Canteen First chooses the Channel so I have seen this POS Piers Morgan But can’t figure out why anyone would watch it on Purpose. I say send him To Detroit or Better Yet Chicago to be the Man on The Street Reporter, Show The Country how well Gun Control solves the Violence Problem in The Big Cities. Hell Work Nights Piers I do, only I choose to Carry a .45 cal. handgun for my ride to work for My Midnight Till Eight A.M. Shift If you are a Legal Citizen , I have a Friend With a Gun Shop. But if you are an Illegal, Eric Holder is the Man to see. Either way, When You spend some time in the real world, You’ll want one too.

    • BevM

      I’m a proud member of the NRA. The latest magazine had a story with the title of “If Gun Control worked, Chicago would be Mayberry.” How true that is!

      Criminals go to GUN FREE ZONES for a reason. No competition. They KNOW no one will take them down.

      I think Piers is on Communist News Network, the one with about 10 more viewers than PMSNBC. I don’t watch. Makes my eyes want to pop out of my head.

      The ONLY thing that will stop a BAD person with a gun is a GOOD person with a gun. THAT is a proven fact.

      • justdooit

        Does steam come outta your ears too…lol

        I watched morgan the first time on Britains Got Talent, when Paul Potts won it all…piers tried to make some smartazzed statements…but I could see he was just an english BLOKE…Can’t STAND him now…

        • BevM

          I can’t ever get past five minutes of any of those shows. You know they’re all lying and it might (MIGHT) be funny if we weren’t in such horrible shape in this country. Piers is an enabler. And Madcow – diff channel but she makes me want to blow lunch too! And yeah, steam comes outta my ears. (The steam helps in the winter when the air is dry. LOL)

  • barb patton

    Another cracka that pants after the latte one – he has a better chance of getting somewhere because he is male and white – thats the way he likes it!! Oh! yea! Oh yea! – go back home Piers Morgan

  • Mberryhill

    As a guest in our country we expect you agree with are constitution, we have already kicked you English butts before

    • Roy mason

      Ah, common, i am not exactly a fan of Morgan, but let’s ne fair, just because he is not American, he is not allowed to have an opinion ? Also In regard to the English butts being kicked,let’s not forget that the people doing the kicking were all from England anyway.

      • ADRoberts

        Wrong. Morgan has a right to his opinion. But he does NOT DESERVE to put it out on the airwaves. And NO AMOUNT of rationalization on YOUR part can change that. LOL
        Also you are wrong about ALL of the people kicking England were English. There were French, Indians, Germans, some Spanish. and who knows how many others.
        YOu just can’t get ANYTHING RIGHT can you? LOL

        • Researcher

          When Morgan gets caught with nonsense he claims true revealed as just that, nonsense, his reply is, “It doesn’t matter.”

          Someone with access should publish the “book” on Morgan’s show. Just how many people watch it.

  • Guest

    Piers MORON why are you still here in America? Oh wait I know why! Britain
    Don’t want your dumb AZZ back at all, so maybe you can go to Kenya with the
    soon to be deported O’bummer! and live in a cozy Elephant dung Hut together.

    • WASP

      Don’t run the slimy limey out of the country. We want him here when the shooting war begins so we can hang him along with the other traitors.

  • karpenter

    If I Were Barry, I’d Just Do What Iv’e Been Doing
    Show Up, Collect The Pay & Goodies
    And Let Harry Ried Table All The Bills…
    Smooth Sailing

  • jgbrite

    Cable TV channels have an absolute right to lose their own money putting idiots with a .0037 rating on the air. The Constitution does not support the idiot who is stealing TRILLIONS of dollars to run an illegal PONZI scheme called Obamacare!

  • eyeball

    Maybe they could both leave on the same boat together?

    • justdooit

      They could call the boat Santa Obamanic…OMG…they’s coming afta me now…HALP!

  • lets kick butt

    i agee with you he like obama hi like a back tick so some how we have to swat this tick and get this idiote out of here now.

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