• Gilly

    When Megyn Kelly reported that on the first day only six people signed up I thought of this skit. Poetic Justice or did SNL have access to the #’s

  • Tabitha


    • LoveLiberty

      Just admit you love Obama because he’s half white. Tabitha, raciest twit, member of the 47%.

      • FrankC

        I am surprised Tabitha has not figured out to blame all of Obama’s mistakes on his white half. After all, that is what I do so I won’t be called rascist.

        • William Burke

          You’ve just gotten Tabitha’s mind racing; it probably hasn’t happened in a while. Hope she can handle it.

          • John1943

            Mind? she has a mind?

    • jrob

      He’s not black he is bi-racial I guess you didn’t realize that I don’t this man because I have never met him, but I don’t care for his lies and his political view you need to wake up and really read and study Obama before you call someone a hater

      • crq

        BHO lies so much, I’m not sure he’s at all black…;-) I do know “he ain’t fum aroun’ heah”

    • NoLibLiz

      Just admit you have not a leg to stand on when the obvious problems with this legislation are made plain so you resort to the most overworked, untrue possible accusation.

    • Dawn Garland

      you are jsut too dang funny! you have nothing to prove racism–yet you throw it out there-use your brain Tabitha if in fact you own one,

      • sarah

        Dawn you are so correct. You can tell that Tabitha is one of the 47% of suckers who have no skills, don’t wish to learn and have used the system far tooooooooo loooooog. Let’s keep the pressure on her and her kind. but of course she is getting FREE Internet from Obama. LOL

    • sarah

      What an idiot you are Tabitha. But you can call me racial. I don’t give a dam, however, I do wish you would get off your ass and work. I a tired to footing the bill for you. You have sucked the titt long enough.

    • William Burke

      “Amdit”? Are you East Indian? Obama’s half-white, Tabby, and no one can make him black. Not even Tinkerbelle.

    • lokiswife

      Tabitha, the race card is what liberals play when they are losing the argument. Color is not a issue, we don’t like his policies, we don’t like where he is taking the country and it wouldn’t matter if he was black, white, brown, green or purple. Stop looking at color and start looking around you at what his policies have done. Look at the empty stores and shops, look at people who can’t get jobs because there are very few good jobs out there. Look at empty homes and look at downtown areas where homeless people hang out. Is your life better than it was five years ago?

      • Don’t Even Try It!

        I and a lot of other people understand what you are trying to tell Tabby, but you are using too big of words for Tabby to understand. I think a good rule-of-thumb would be to limit any posts referring to Tabby to no more than 15 words and no more than 2 syllables or 8 letters (whichever is lesser). What’ch think?

        • lokiswife

          We can tell it to her, we can’t understand it for her.

    • Don

      Your comments don’t cut it. Race has nothing to do with it…being a Marxist Socialist does. And by the way – what has he done to make the lives of Black Americans better…nothing. What the Liberal Democrats do is to keep you on the “Plantation” by not creating opportunities for you so the dependency on social programs continues.
      Closing comment…do know who Allen West and J C Watts are. Check it out
      if either one of these too Gentlemen ran for President I would vote for him in a “New York minute.

      • Panors77

        Maybe she got a free obamaphone eh? I’d vote for West, Powell, Rice, Keyes, Carson…….and any number of wonderful black patriots who were BORN American citizens of American citizen parents.

    • Wes

      …..Tabitha, I’d like to tell you about my lord and personal savior, Jesus Christ. I can tell you have a lot of problems in your life. I’d like to introduce you to someone who can take that all away.

    • Sook Mai Naddemz

      Obama is not black. And here is where you are the BIGGEST FOOL, those of us here who “hate” Obama, also hate equally if not more:
      Harry Reid
      Nancy Pelosi
      Barbara Boxer
      Diane Feinstein
      Chuck U Schumer
      Dickie Durbin
      Joe Biden
      Rachel Maddox
      Piers Morgan
      Ed Schultz
      and the 47% of WHITE liberals who voter for your boy, The First Mulatto President, The First Kenyan President, The First LAME President, The First Nutless President, The First Gay President, The First Communist President, and The Second “Black” President (Although Bill Clinton is technically BLACKER than Black Berries Obama), The Most Lying President, The Most Inept President, The First Man-Child President……Barry Dunham, Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama!


      HELPFUL TIP: Stay off the sherm, it will make the hair on your chest grow thicker! You mannish poster girl for all that is WRONG WITH AMERICA you!

      • Panors77

        Yep….first “Kenyan” president or if we’re going to continue to break our constitution our first “foreign born” president. I think Henry Kissinger is jealous now.

        • Don’t Even Try It!

          Henry K. would like to cut his nuts off and feed them to bho’s dogs! bho’s “dogs” can’t stand him either!

    • Mr. Bling Thing Shining

      OKAY! And why do YOU Obama, because we know you do. You come on here daily to hang with the #1 Race because it makes you feel like part of the club. You pretend to be for Barry just so no real black person strolling by sees you. You don’t want to be called all the hateful names they call a black who dislikes Obama.

      Beware! Blacks Using Offensive Language! Beware!
      and ripping on Obama and Them




      • Panors77

        Thank you soooooooo much for this. I stand with those patriotic black folks. We need obama gone!! Arrested and removed from office. Forget about impeachment. Impeachment is only good for a “legal natural born citizen” president which he is NOT. Arrest for fraud getting on the ballot in the first place being Kenyan born. Arrest for voter fraud across the board in two elections. Arrest for treason and murder over Bengazzi and Fast & Furious….et al.

    • Mark Smith USArmy

      Tabitha, just ‘AMDIT’ you’re an easily lead fool!

    • Bellagio551

      No, Tabatha… we loath and have aberrant disdain for Barry BECAUSE…

      He is an egotistical self-absorbed clown that believes he is smarter than anyone else because his boot-licking sycophants keep telling him that he is not wanting to offend his “Half-Black”-ness.

      He is a mulatto who road the affirmative-action-waive having been coddled all his life and had his education paid for by everyone else. He never earned his positions in life since any jobs he had were all gratuitous appointments or given to him by reason of the color of his skin.

      Couldn’t give a speech without a teleprompter.

      A Big government control freak and tyrant.

      Barry is incompetent, an idiot, a liar & Muslim, a hot air bag, hates capitalism, loves Marxism & collective communism, anti-American, anti-liberty, hates individualism, anti-free market, hates conservative-ism, is arrogant, thinks of himself as King, acts without constitutional authority, committed treason (numerous times), thinks our Constitution is flawed(And why not… he’s a Marxists). Marxists disdain individualism and free-market capitalism. Marxists are tyrannical, rule by force and are overlords of a collective heard of sheep, like you Tabatha.

      Barry is stinking up our white house along with his Marxist scum lying administration.

      Barry is a total fraud and traitor to the Constitution and deserves to rot in jail. Barry Soetoro is not brilliant at anything but plagiarism, self indulgence, ego, hiding his college records and lying. He is a narcistic sanctimonious arrogant opportunist.

      Every time I see that lying traitors face and read the non-stop ZOMBIE MSM Messiah fawning giddy worship drivel every day, I want to TROW-UP!!

      Obama is an epic failure and A$$clown along with his juvenile Marxist administration freak show that couldn’t find their way out of a cardboard box with a flashlight.

      Barry Hussein is a cheap used car salesman who will say anything to make the sale. You are one of his many gullible stupid and naive customers who bought the clunker.

      Odumbo has NO credentials but entitlement and being half-black… totally worthless human excrement that self-enriched him-self by receiving backroom payments, donations and committing fraud. Soooo typical a politician. That idiot wouldn’t even pass a background check for Top Secret clearance because he still can’t prove his citizenship… and Libtards like you voted for the fraud!

      Barry has absolutely ZERO experience in business and couldn’t run a Lemonade stand. SHOW ME BARRY’S BUSINESS EXPERIENCE!

      It’s the stupid low-information Libtard voters like you who elevated this sorry –a$$ clown to be employed as President. That proves beyond a doubt that credentials don’t matter… only idolizing a delusion.

      Ignorance is bliss isn’t it, Tabitha. Too bad it is you who is the ignorant.

      The only success the President can boast about is low unemployment at the Government Printing Press. They doubled the workload and hours to keep up with the demand for printing Food Stamps and paper Money!

      • crq

        But tell us what you really feel!
        Well & completely said!!

      • Panors77

        I think Edi Amin would be proud. heh.

    • Ewade

      I don’t care that he’s half black. i just want him to get his white ass out of OUR White House. His black half can go smoke crack in the bath house for all I care.

    • Marlin208

      Tabitha he is not black
      Sure he looks black but he is half white
      So you love him because he is black? You love everything he has done so far?
      You are better off now than you were five years ago?

    • texas57

      I DISLIKE his white half probably more than his black, so am I reverse racist?

    • Panors77

      No….I hate him cuz he’s communist and trying to destroy the USA. I also hate the fact he illegally got on our ballot being Kenyan born. Did you know that fact? Did you know the prime/chief requirement to even RUN for president is that you have to be a natural born citizen born on US soil to American citizen parents? And don’t come back with the certificate that’s on the WH website. Already proven to be a fake. Also his Kenyan grandmother attests him being born in Kenya. I tend to believe a grandmother despite all the hoopla.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      I’m pleased to say I AM RACIST! I hate the “BLACK” part of bho (the POS) just as much as the “White” and “Arab” parts!

  • Apollod

    I hate Tabitha

    • sarah

      Apollod, don’t hate Tabitha. You have to feel sorry for someone who was raised on welfare, taught in government schools (if she even attended) and her mama told her how to beat the system. “Now Tabitha you go right out and get knocked up and you will have a meal ticket for life”. Now people, this what we taxpayers are dealing with. We must stop the flow, break the chain and insist that they all work even if it is clean toilets, digging digs which go no where, but definitely not laying on their back with their legs spead.

      • Mr. Bling Thing Shining

        Laying on they back? Ooo girr frin, ya’ll does knot no Tabitha. Ummm mmm, no ma’am. She a “K9″ style FREAK, girr frin, if ya’ll be knowin whud I mean.

    • Willie B. Johnson

      Oooo girr frin, ya’ll jes be hatin on a old hair hatted hoolighan fuh no damn gud reason! She jes be’s on hurr to antagonize duh white honky cracka peckawoods is! Plus, dey all luv herr cuz she repasent duh ignance of OBAMA an he lo-infourmation voters is!

    • 2abner

      do not hate your brother, were the words of our leader Jesus. This is specially the time to act upon these teachings.

  • Apollod

    And the nig in chief

  • lokiswife

    Senator Patty Murray of Washington is claiming that there have been 50,000 enrollments in Washington state but gives no further details. I would suspect that if the number is correct, most of the people are signing up for Medicaid, the same people who didn’t have insurance in the pre-Obamacare days because they hadn’t bothered to sign up for it.

    • crq

      having lived in Seattle area & knowing Murray as I did…another lying snake in the grass (prob being mean to snakes), but she & her cohort will do anything, say anything to stay in power. I wouldn’t have been surprised had she said millions or billions in WA…lie like a rug…

  • sarah

    Oh what web we spin, oh what lies we tell, they will come back at hit you in your ass.

  • Darrell

    Tabitha, you ignorant slut. Another truism from past SNL’s.

  • regulus30

    the “SPOOF THAT TURNS INTO THE PROOF”;EVEN mind dead libs get a nut every now and again.

  • Just Saying

    Has Tabitha considered that with her comments she only infuriates people, and turns them agains the goverment more? As if that was necessary! What is she hoping to accomplish with her idiotic comments? MAybe she is just doing a public service by offering someone that people can vent on and rant against?
    In that case, thank you Tabitha, you are the embodiement of what is wrong in this country, and the perfect illustration of an Obamabot. Also, a glimpse into the future…

    • Panors77

      I wonder if Tabitha voted 5 times last year for BO like Melowese Richardson of Ohio did? How many Meloweses were there that bumped up the percentage per precinct even over/above those registered to vote?

  • Ewade

    Just saw the LAX Shooting on the news. Wondering if this is a false flag designed as an excuse to arm 160,000 TSA Agents with guns and hollow points.

    • Panors77

      I wonder if the shooter is a democrat? You know……another statistic,heh.

  • Steven

    Is it possible someone leaked the number to create a distraction?

  • jwn0001

    With all due respect to the families of the injured, the LAX thing looks like yet another false flag. btw – IS ERIC HOLDER IN JAIL YET??

    • texas57

      That’s funny

  • 2EdgedSword

    Those sex users were sent by their pimp to reduce his overhead.

  • Robert N. Schick

    the Irony~~maybe we better start watching SNL for future predictions~~Megyn Kelly’s doing a terrific job reporting~~Obama-Crap-Care will fail~~and maybe that’s the plan to say~~we tried but this just won’t work~~so we have Plan B~~single payer that will work for the Totalitarians ~~then all Healthcare workers will be Unionized~~checkmate !!

  • bynbel

    Allen West for president! His qualifications make Obama look like the window dressing that he is. We need a real President!

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