McAuliffe in VA. The Commonwealth Has Fallen — and Maybe More

The Commonwealth of Virginia has fallen. Recent elections have given the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor to the Democrats, which means that the financial stability of Virginia and the nation is endangered. That is because Democrat leadership is dedicated to grossly reducing the nation’s military budget which will, in turn, greatly reduce the amount of defense money available to be spent in Virginia and other states that house large numbers of military installations and defense contractors, and thus provide a myriad of jobs.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe won Virginia’s Governor’s seat in an unexpectedly close election, fewer than three percentage points. All polls since July had shown McAuliffe to be winning the race by about a dozen percentage points. What went wrong?

President Obama chose to come to Virginia a day or two before the election took place and threw his presidential political weight and prestige behind McAuliffe’s candidacy. The result was that the race became a referendum on Obamacare and almost sunk McAuliffe, which caused a political Tsunami to crash over and through the ranks of those Democrats who will need presidential help to get elected in 2014.

Democrat fund raisers from out of state stuffed McAuliffe’s election coffers so full of walking around money that his campaign had a difficult time finding places to spend it. In contrast, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Republican candidate for governor, was almost financially deserted by his state and by the national party and was forced to run a poor man’s campaign. Politically and financially, he found himself on his own. Political gurus maintain this was because of his social conservatism.

That is sheer nonsense. Republican candidates will not win election in 2014 by tempering their core constitutional and social beliefs. They need to be more aggressive, not less. Being a conservative is not the same thing as being an extremist; and it is stupid for a Republican running for office to let his Democrat opponent paint him as an extremist, or as someone hostile to women.

The Democrat Party’s so-called war on women can also be characterized as a war on unborn children or as a racist war on black families, since about half of all black pregnancies end in abortion, most are performed by white doctors. By far, most Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are located in black neighborhoods, because that’s where the black abortion victims live; and they are truly victims and it is ludicrous for Republicans not to portray them as victims of racism.

Black women make up only twelve percent of America’s population, but offer up for termination half of the babies killed by abortion. Each year black people make up a smaller and smaller percentage of the nation’s population. If nothing changes, a day will finally come when black Americans, as a racial minority percentage, will almost cease to exist.

During the civil rights wars, Birmingham’s Sheriff, Bull Connor, and his police thugs were Democrats. If there was some way to tell, even the political persuasion of his vicious police dogs was probably Democrat.

It was the the Democrat Party that opposed integration and black voting in the South and in the U.S. Congress. Had it not been for the Republicans — the conservatives — there would have been no Civil Rights legislation passed by Congress.

That is one of the reasons why in 2014 Republicans should proudly display their conservatism, not try to hide it or make it something it isn’t.

The President and the Democrat Party, in addition to warring on women, are also warring on our nation’s armed forces, and they are waging a worldwide war on our soldiers, sailors and airmen. They are also waging a war on our veterans and those who daily risk their lives on mid-east battlefields. Meanwhile, the size of the Army, Navy and Air Force is drastically shrinking. Their military equipment is deteriorating and adequate money is not being made available to them for replacement equipment and repair parts.

Since the Revolutionary War, Virginia has been the titular home of America’s Armed Forces. The Pentagon is located in Virginia as is the huge Navy Base at Norfolk. Countless Army and Air Force bases are scattered throughout the state. When the size of the nation’s Defense establishment shrinks, the amount of Defense money spent in Virginia and at and around other military bases nationwide also shrinks.

Having a political party and an Administration in power, like the Democrats, that is hostile to our armed forces does not bode well for states like Virginia with large defense populations and defense contractor organizations. Democrats and this Administration see the U.S. Military as the enemy.

Conservatives running for office in 2014 need to make it clear to voters that if they vote into office a Democrat administration like this one, defense spending will continue to contract and so will the payrolls of those states that house military and defense contractor bases and installations.

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About the author: Jerry Curry

General Jerry Ralph Curry (D.Min.) is a decorated combat veteran, Army Aviator, Paratrooper and Ranger. He enlisted in the Army as a Private and retired a Major General. For nearly forty years he and his wife Charlene have served this country both in the military and while he was a Presidential political appointee.

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