• Gilly

    This is a crazy story. It will teach her to be more alert when she answers the door.

  • davienne

    oh no… ban on bow and arrows … in 3-2-1….

  • cvxxx

    What was she thinking? Unlock the door,turn off the alarm system and go back to bed not smart.

  • gregp23199

    dang..shes 14? what are they feeding these girls.. they never looked that way when I was 14.. oh back on subject.. brave girl..

    • Jams Orr

      That’s not her in the picture…

      • gregp23199

        lol.. thanks.. dang lol

    • John Q Public

      Agreed Greg! WOW! Who cares about the intruder. Lets see more pics of the archery Queen!

      • gregp23199

        oh get a grip on it John ..dang. before long you wont be able to do anything about an intruder anyway….. just like the UK..

  • John Galt

    Whats the legal limit in that state? ;)

    • JesseMace


  • demssuckballz

    There is no way this girl is 14…..NONE!!

  • Dena Spinks

    Okay guys lets get those brains back up between the ears and not between the legs. Does she really look like she’s 14? No, because it’s not a 14yo. However, bravo girl! You did exactly what I would have done except I have a shotgun.

    • Scott Spencer


  • Ginger Ninja

    “Warrior chick”? Really? Just because the girl grabbed a bow to defend herself she’s a warrior chick. Sounds to me like the reporter spends too much time with his video games. I wonder what our brave fella would have done. Maybe locked himself in a room and called 911 for the police to come and rescue him.

  • KrisGifford

    NO WAY that girl is 14!

  • DANK

    If she’s 14 I’d happily take the bait and serve my time. Nice perky rack.

  • Roy J Stewart

    did the girl ask if the ‘intruder’ knew she would be leaking water from the ‘holes-made-by-the-Arrow?

  • Jonny

    The girl in the pic is NOT the 14 y/o girl from the story. The girl in the pic is the girl who stars in the TV show “Revolution”.

    • Gloria Blackwell

      It probably isn’t the 14 yr old, but it’s not the star in Revolution either.

  • Patrick Kilbride

    Kudos! Just be sure on who’s at the door. Get confirmation via visual. But you handled yourself well young lady. And Dank, there’s a special place for people like you; getting beat, raped, and molested yourself you pedifile!

  • Vicki Marlin Maher

    I saw this same post earlier, but with a completely different picture of another girl. Not even a resemblance to the pic I saw!!!

  • Allen

    Brains, bravery, and beauty!

  • Chris a

    What greg 23199 said Times 10! My God man, I’m saluting her as she is me! And yeah, brave girl…lol.

  • Snoopy

    I think they are putting too much “Growth Hormone” substances in the food these days!!

  • todd

    hate to tell you but that is not the girl pictured

  • ya

    This is not a fourteen year old in the picture

  • JohnGalt

    Oh yea, saw vid on youtube and Mariah Reed is a young lady with a lip ring (and possibly a tongue ring, just listen to her speak) with a youth bow and target arrows.
    Definately NOT the girl in the picture.
    Even so, cudos to the young lady for defending the castle!!
    God Bless her…
    Long Live The Republic!

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