• Trust no one

    Bet Barack Obama loves looking at that one more than Moochelle’s!

    • The Lamest Ducker Yet

      In fact, This just in, Prez Barry said

      “Allah, I’d love to hit that
      My how I loves some tit fat!
      That’s better than A Kit Kat
      or a damn full bag of Skittles!

      I’m sworn to do my DUTY
      Love to shove it in her hootie
      Damn girl has a big FAT bootie
      Hope she get her twerkin’ on!

      She look like a bowl fulla candy
      My Moo Chelle look so manly
      Oh look, I popped a DANDY
      A skeetin’ I will go!!!”

      • ligersaurus

        Thanks alot. I’ve got milk coming out my nose.

  • Nick Santos

    How does someones butt even get that big?

    • ligersaurus

      “Twerking” gone wild!

      • Worship Dancer

        twinkies gone wild, “diet” soda gone wild, pie gone wild, cookies gone wild, fast food gone wild.

        • Genius Con

          TWINKIES! Ohhhhhhhhyeah! Watch this Video from ROB THE KNOB! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQrWyI5DgBs —-that boy crazzier than a muffaluckas!

        • ligersaurus

          I LOVE IT :-)
          “I’ll have 2 double cheese Whoppers, super size fries, and a Diet Coke!”

          • Worship Dancer

            they ALWAYS order a diet coke

          • ligersaurus

            Cancels out the 5,875 calories of the burgers and fries!.

    • Skeet Skeet

      FIX A FLAT!

  • AR154U

    Maybe she has something there!!,.. Seeing that industry and wealth are fleeing the inner cities and the middle class will be no more,.. perhaps the large butt industry will be the next BIG thing!,… or NOT.

    • Glad It’s Night & the Pimps

      She HAS something there alright, look like she has three mo’ just like her on the inside. Maybe she were QUADTUPLETS and they conjoined at the intestines is. Did her momma survive the berffin process?

  • ligersaurus

    Hereditary? Really? Receiving ‘disability’? Put the fork down once in a while.

    • Jarquavius Johnson

      You is a trip, G! FORK????? Did you….wait a minute….uh….did you suggest this gal eat with a FORK??? N*GGA PLEASE! Try SHOVEL!

      • ligersaurus

        L M A O

  • ASM

    Mentally and physically SICK & WRONG!!

    • J. Biden

      You cannot blame a hoe for being a lil bit HOINGRY! Not her fault she ate one pound of food for every lie Obama have told. Damn, that was a MISTAKE!

  • Sonny Phillips

    sick b*tch getting paid for a ghetto bootie..

    • Plascene Dinosoes

      She starting a fitness club for hood rats. Ya’ll give her a minute. She didn’t gain all that in a day and it is going to take a little minute to lose it….or….no….wait…. What Rob the Knob said!

  • rick0857

    The hereditary part is the generational food stamps she and her mother and probably grandmother all received. This pig has been eating like a Queen all her FAT MISERABLE LIFE. And I for one know how to fix her big fat a$$ so she can go to work and payback her welfare disability payments. CUT HER DAMN FOOD STAMPS IN HALF EACH MONTH ONLY GIVE ONE HALF OF WHAT SHE NOW RECEIVES, THAT’LL HELP HER LOSE SOME OF THAT A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fat Hoingry Bs

      You try to stop this hog-a-moga from eating and see what up! She will rip you limbs from limbs and eat dat white meat like you a Popeye’s 22-piece!

      • rick0857

        The fat b itch would have to catch me first and I’m guessing she can’t run but about three steps before her fat a$$ is winded, out of breath and unable to go any further

        • Dave

          Check out Jim Croce’s Carmella Rap on YouTube.

    • ligersaurus

      Butt, she be proud o’ dat boooootay!

  • TRex

    Disability? Self assisted spoon big assedness. Plus she does porn? and gets $1000 a month?

    • YUCK

      WHO the HELL be watchin’ porn with this big, greasy, nasty, assed hoe?? Shoot them please!!!!!

  • greyghost69

    What a fat POS! This is where your tax dollars go, to fat, useless, ignorant babymakers.
    Fat is NOT a handicap. Go figure, it is Chitcago, Hellinois!

    • Bavarian Creme

      How dare you call her fat! She prefer to be called “exceedingly swole” thank you!

      • jtmurphy

        IT’S still a FAT PIG

  • Phil1985

    I’m reminded of the late great Jimmy Castor. “I’ll sock it to ya, daddy!” NO QUESTION!

  • Ham Landers

    Dear Precious, damn girlfriend, you has gained you a frue pounds!

  • Rob the Knob

    All i has to say on that is THIS —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQrWyI5DgBs

  • jtmurphy

    all I can say is PIG—PIG–PIG

  • Bernie Koerselman

    That would be possibly a 7′ circumference, NOT diameter.

  • Whatzrname

    Oh, sister, there’s something you can do about it BUT (pun intended) you’d have to work at it!

  • http://cia.americanspecialops.com/air-branch/ NASA

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….there is no accounting for taste. Or lack of it.

    Obviously a glandular disorder….called the brain.


  • http://vacsagov.blogspot.com/ Confederate Son

    How did anyone even manage a c**k up into that sloppy bag? Did they just have a bukkake party and let it dribble down into her?

    Fantastically gross.

    • tom cook

      That sounds about right: She is no doubt on all of the available “entitlements” and her only useful attribute would be many candles if she were melted down.

    • disqus_xLn56CDAGb

      Boyfriend whacked off in her bath water…..ain’t NOBODY putting a dick near that!

  • http://yahoo.com/ peter kirk

    probably looks like the dark side of the moon back there since there is no way she can wipe herself! yikes!

    • Dave

      I’ll bet that she is a ripe one, and for more reasons than we could imagine. Human arms are not made of elastic………..

    • Henry

      Just lost my supper with that.

      • Dave

        That just reminded me of Allen Sherman’s “Grow, Mrs. Goldfarb”. You can listen to it on YouTube.

  • conservative

    Just your average democrat.

  • Frederikahere

    “Proud to be me”…good at scamming the system.
    Gotta be proud of something I guess.

  • Kat

    Has 2 kids…how the heck did they find them during birth..

    • Bob Spittler

      The question is, why did they want to bother?

      • j

        no, the question is, how did the man… never mind.. you get the drift.

        • Dave

          …man…get past the stench?

    • Dave


  • FSHNT21

    Wait…. let me guess…
    A Democrat, a welfare mom, free Medicaid, food stamps and hasn’t worked in at least 5 years…..
    Imagine that…

  • Stephen Bennett

    Sick, disgusting, degenerate. Rather than “do something” she is trying to make $$ off her sickness. She says she knows how to eat healthy? Check out the Mac ‘n’ Cheese or whatever the hell she is pouring out of a box in the video. This person knows NOTHING about health or fitness.

    Utterly shameful to commercialize this sickness.

    • Mr Ed

      It is not genetic. She could do something about it if she wanted to! She’s just too lazy and can’t afford to lose the extra income. Join Nutri-system (sorry)!!

    • Grizzly907

      What do you expect? Black women are some of the most fat, unhealthy and nastiest women in the world. They blame it on whitey when you suggest that they change their lifestyle. Then they give you a history lesson that the reason why they are fat is because your ancestors fed their ancestors slave food. Of course no ever mentions the “C” word-choice. As in they make a choice to eat the food that their ancestors were forced to eat. Shes just another fat savage gaming the system.

  • Bob Spittler

    Does MacDonalds charge her rent for living there?….she is the first half of garbage in, garbage out.

  • Sam

    It gets old reading about the perverts and bums getting all the breaks. The world is upside down.

  • Bob Spittler

    The Coast & Geodetic survey will have to issue a special chart for people to be able to navigate across that derriere. By the way, that must be seven very ugly feet in circumference….not in “diameter”. I don’t think the doors in the nearest zoo cage, where she belongs, if indeed anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, would accommodate that immense a blob of protoplasm.

  • JJ

    Apparently, the writer doesn’t know the difference between diameter and circumference…

  • Mario

    She must be in Britain. 750 pounds per month is a little better than $1500. I think she (according to the pictures) isn’t as disabled as she would have us believe. Like here in America, not everyone who is drawing disability checks is disabled. It’s a natural progression from unemployment compensation to disability, if you don’t want to work.

  • Grizzly907

    Another milestone for black people in America. They get started young.


    • wanda faye rigdon

      WE are tired of buying you Fried chicken you damn Useless worthless Liberal DemonRat !!!!

      • Grizzly907

        You summed it up perfectly. I don’t giving people a hand up or second chance but I am sick of these people sitting on their asses, committing the vast majority of violent crime, spit out bastard kids, blame whitey and do nothing to better them even though they everything they needed handed to them. Whereas white people are actually given a high bar to get over in the spirit of “equality.”

        Many white, and some black Americans are getting sick of these peoples crap. To quote Ross Perot “You people need to get it together.”

        • Don.B

          drugs much?

    • ligersaurus

      Could someone translate this ghetto ho baby momma ebonics?

      • Grizzly907

        I could but its not worth it.

    • Ricky Bristol


  • gvanderleun

    It’s all just a freak show all the time now, isn’t it?

  • Denver Kitty


  • warpsix

    Sign said “do not feed the bears because they become dependent” . Food stamps do the same Take a look at the Poster child for limits on benefits. I Know she is a Drain on the British people not the Americans where Butts are given zip codes…

  • DaveO

    There she blows, the great black whale. Harpoon the fat worthless slob. The great liberal lie that they are just like us. Fat, check – useless, check – on welfare, check – food stamps, check – low IQ, check – proud of all the above, check = paracite

    • wanda faye rigdon

      Useless Check Worthless check YEP

  • dan from ohio

    A whole lotta junk in that trunk

    • Don.B

      That’s not a trunk. Its an aircraft carrier.

      • dan from ohio


  • Lari

    Just disgusting!

  • John in Brum

    Hey Fateesha, I have the secret. Use a spoon instead of a shovel.

  • mary dean

    when she gets older she won’t be so proud – if she gets old not breathing takes your pride & then some

    • stonemike

      Hopefully dies young to get her off the dole! She is the enemy of freedom!

  • infidel81

    I wish she would sit on Piers Morgan’s face. Naked.

    • Henry

      LOL, even though thats a disgusting picture.

  • dhenley

    I don’t understand why this is ok, and she gets disability for it. Gets paid for being this big. I guess getting paid for being large would make almost anyone happy.

    • wanda faye rigdon

      you WOULD be shocked to death if you knew just how many of these kinds of people GAIN weight just to get a Check

    • stonemike

      Not big, FATTTTTT!

  • stonemike

    Bi–tch should be FORCED to work and lose weight! Why are Americans putting up with this! Civil war is preferable to being enslaved to scum like this!

    • Don.B

      If we go into civil war, I want her on my side. She could just sit on Washington dc. Problem solved.

  • stonemike

    Hereditary, my 36 inch a—-, no more hereditary than her next slobby mouth full of food!

  • armydadtexas


  • Tweety58

    1500 bucks a month for having a fat ass.Coming to America soon.Hereditary-HER ass!

  • Tim Caldwell

    The only thing that genetics affect is where the fat gets stored (in her case, her butt) and metabolism (how easily/hard weight gain/loss.is). But to sit back and take a dole for being morbidly obese is sick. I am morbidly obese but I fight daily to lose weight and I work MY FAT ASS off to support my famil, and my $ doesn’t buy what her £ does. Step one lady, step away from the carbs.

    • armydadtexas

      Now that one earned that FAT ASS. Look at her FAT ARMS and her FAT BODY. She is definetly on a SEE FOOD DIET. SEE FOOD and EAT IT. She is going to have to not only step away from the carbs, but EXCESS FOODS SHE Shoves in her fat face as well. Big Birtha butt has nothing on that hilda-beast

    • armydadtexas

      Now that one earned that FAT ASS. Look at her FAT ARMS and her FAT BODY. She is definetly on a SEE FOOD DIET. SEE FOOD and EAT IT. She is going to have to not only step away from the carbs, but EXCESS FOODS SHE Shoves in her fat face as well. Big Birtha butt has nothing on that hilda-beast

    • armydadtexas

      Now that one earned that FAT ASS. Look at her FAT ARMS and her FAT BODY. She is definetly on a SEE FOOD DIET. SEE FOOD and EAT IT. She is going to have to not only step away from the carbs, but EXCESS FOODS SHE Shoves in her fat face as well. Big Birtha butt has nothing on that hilda-beast

    • armydadtexas

      Now that one earned that FAT ASS. Look at her FAT ARMS and her FAT BODY. She is definetly on a SEE FOOD DIET. SEE FOOD and EAT IT. She is going to have to not only step away from the carbs, but EXCESS FOODS SHE Shoves in her fat face as well. Big Birtha butt has nothing on that hilda-beast

  • Henry

    Typical sheboon on the dole.

    • blight14


  • jzandensky

    I was thinking bull dozer butt, but that’s obviously inadequate.

    • Mr Nobody

      Now “THAT” is Funny.

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    Citizens: Alter and abolish the ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • fanovnature

    the only way she deserves being paid for being that fat is to get a job with a freak show circus

  • Thomas in Jacksonville

    Mother of Two?? As big as she is there could be a third one in there somewhere.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

      …or ten.

    • Grizzly907

      The thing has probably fossilized between one of her folds already.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

    That is not sexy and it is not curvy…it is fat. Plain and simple.

  • Chicago Zephyr

    This is not good…I’ll bet money that she has high blood pressure and sleep apnea (sorry, it’s the clinician in me). This is not a record one should be proud of. She’s still young (33) so there’s time to go on a program. Think Jennifer Hudson.

    • Ricky Bristol

      Only a foolish, low I.Q. moron would be proud of looking like this. In a normal world she would be shunned until she behaved normally.

      • Chicago Zephyr

        I agree…she’s nothing to gain from this.

        • Dave

          Pun intended?

          • Chicago Zephyr

            I had to laugh…I’m not that clever. But good catch.

  • Jay Star

    I just don’t believe that there’s nothing that can be done about it. She is going to cut her life short if something is not done soon.

    • blight14

      You say that like its a bad thing…………

  • Dwightmannn

    That is not a BUTT, that is a state. . .

  • barryinnewburg

    Where is the flour?? I remember that old joke, anyone else. Who was able/willing to impregnate this gal. WOW.

  • ca1

    …. and we’re paying her disability why? b/c she can’t fit her azzzzz thru the doorway?… only in america!

  • Melbo58

    Strange no where in the story does it mention welfare. But check these two “southern bells” from Alabama. Medicaid, food stamps and AFDC. How long will our tax dollars go to these human chigoe?

    • Don.B

      Is moochell obowel?

    • Ricky Bristol

      It says she’s on disability because she’s such a lard ass. Sick!

    • Carrie

      Yes, the article does in fact mention welfare. And the fetish photos you posted of the fat white women go to show that the fat white women got PAID to have their photos taken. In other words, they HAVE JOBS AS MODELS, while the woman with the MUCH larger physique is on welfare.

      Good try to malign white folk for no reason whatsoever though. People can be any color and be fat, you dope.

      • disgusted

        I don’t think she collect disability check anymore bc she does fetish porn as well. If that makes you feel better. Didn’t realize one was better than the other

  • scottymoore


  • truuuth

    again, a sub species, not human

    • blight14


  • buckwheat

    Oooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Lik dat booty.

  • blight14

    Just another taxpayer-funded POS……………

  • Jane18

    Poor delusional Sarah! There is nothing that you should be proud about your butt being the size it is. Sure, big butts may genetically run in your family, they do in mine, but you are overweight-BIG TIME! Your arms, legs, waist, face, your back, thighs and probably your feet are just plain fat. That is cellulite making the bumpy areas on your butt and thighs. No, you have nothing to be proud of, and your children will be the losers(no pun intended). You will probably die early, your body cannot hold up to 448 pounds!!

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Although we benefit from others’ efforts, civilization’s advance is not the result of any sort of directed collective effort by humanity.

    • Boxhawk

      You are a bit offsides there…. The advance of civilization is a voluntary collective effort in that what you do for your own selfish reasons usually ends up helping the community. The invisible hand theory.

      • Liberalism is Nonsense

        That is very true.

  • TPM

    If Obama had an aunt …
    Hey, was that an Obama phone, in her pocket?


    If her butt measured seven feet in “DIAMETER”, she would not fit through DOUBLE doors. Diameter is the measurement across the width of a circle. The writer should have said, “PERIMETER”, meaning around the circle.

    • http://yahoo.com/ peter kirk

      the bottom line is,,,it’s still a whole lotta azz!!

    • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo


    • rick0857

      I think she put a tailors measuring tape around her BIG FAT A$$ and where it met the tape read 7FT.

  • NoRINO

    Too much EBT.

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