ABORTION BARBIE’S CAMPAIGN SONG: ‘I’m a Barbie Girl in a Bullcrap World’


I’m a barbie girl, in a bullcrap world,
Fabrication, is my vocation!
I’m a barbie girl, in a bullcrap world,
It aint crazy, if we kill babies!
C’mon on barbie, let’s go party!

I’m a Barbie girl, in a bullcrap world,
I’m made of plastic, it’s fantastic!
I’m a barbie girl, in a bullcrap world,
I’m a progressive, let’s steal Texas!
Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

By Doug Giles © 2014

Click here to Watch Wendy Davis Sing – I’m a Barbie Girl In a Bullcrap World!

Check out the story here: ABORTION BARBIE: Wendy Davis’ Life Story Not What it Seems

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  • AR154U

    ” BRIDGE GATE !!!,.. BRIDGE GATE !!!! ” ~ MSNBC staffer (frothing at the mouth)

  • Michael Geer

    Graduate of Harvard School of Lying.

  • AG Dot Com!


    Also, useless liberal self-absorbed miserable scumbag trailer trash socialist wench.

    • pappap42

      What do you really think? LOL

      • AG Dot Com!

        Sorry. I left out “hit-it-and-quit-it slut”.

  • Chuck Palenti

    If she wins this race, TX is done

    • speedle24

      If she wins this race we are ALL done.

    • tlk244182

      I’m afraid we’re done either way.

  • Scirel

    Here is another slogan:

    “I SWEAR I will lead Texas down the right path!”

  • justathought22

    Her slogan should be “If you like Texas you can keep your Texas” wink wink nod nod. And they she can destroy the state like obama is destroying the country.

  • Bulldog74

    Is there anybody outside of Austin who would really vote for this woman?

    • snowmaggedoned


    • tlk244182

      I’m afraid there’s a whole countryside of people who are itching to vote for her. Remember November 2012. Obama/Biden convincingly beat a reasonable Republican ticket. It’s over, and has been for a while now. The American Century has passed.

      • Sharon

        If you give up, yes, it’s over. I refuse to give up!

        • tlk244182

          I refuse to give up also, but the political process as we know it will no longer work for us, since we are or soon will be a political minority in our own land. The best outcome “conservatives” can hope for is to postpone the inevitable by a few years. To preserve Western Civilization, White Americans must have our own ethnic state, which will likely entail the sacrifice of traditional American notions of liberty and autonomy for the sake of our survival as a culture. But the America of 50 years ago, the America I knew as a child, is gone forever. Drive down the main drag in your home town and see if you dont agree.

  • James Maxwell

    Plain and simple she is a Bimbocrap and all she can do is spew lies and distortions
    across the landscape while she rake in million for the Socialist Democrat in
    Washington DC.

  • jong

    She should get a new boy friend. Say a ten gauge double barrel shotgun. She could come and go at the same time.

  • Arschloch

    Democrats are liars by choice. The Clintons, LBJ, Obama, etc. Their only means to steal a political office is to lie. When ever the truth is told they lose, it worked for the others so why not Barbie? The last real Democrat was Harry Truman, the usurpers of the the term democrat, at present, are closet socialist and wanna be communists.

    • Tonto

      All of those you mention cheated on their wives……liberals are not only liars, they are morally defunct….and rumor has it that Hitlery, a closet fag like Obama, cheats too.

    • regulus30

      it is a requirement to be accepted into the [Worlds biggest liar’s} club, before being endorsed by the left. re; Elizabeth Warren; Terry McAliffe; Al Franken; Allen Grayson; Nancy Pelosi; Sheila Jackson Lee; etc.

    • Henry

      I totally agree with this person . If she is so abortion prone why didn’t she have an abortion and kill the baby she was carrying?They are all Marxist and therefore liars. I also agree that perhaps Truman was the last truthful Democrat .I was and am still doubtful that Kennedy was truthful..

      • David S. McQueen

        Truman tried to nationalize the steel mills during the Korean War. He wasn’t THAT far from being a socialist. But, yeah, even so, he was head and shoulders above puking Marxists like Clinton and Obama!

  • pappap42

    If only her mother believe in abortion.

  • jb80538

    Am I the only one that finds it odd that the only people in favor of abortion have already been born?

  • TPS12

    The new role model for dems.

  • regulus30

    she is also a lying sock of crap666.

  • DOOM161

    I’m sure she had a committee hard at work to figure out how this is all Perry’s fault.

  • Marsha

    once a tramp always a tramp!!!

    • J. Brown

      Wasn’t that a James Carville line?

      • Buford

        He dragged the same dollar bill through a trailer park five times before learning that Wendy only takes Bitcoin.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    It’s popular to lie in the democrat cult! San Francisco’s former mayor hire’s his best friend’s wife for instant and constant access to sex with her, taking trips on the tax payer’s dime in one of the highest local and state tax areas in the country, blames it on alcoholism, goes to rehab, keeps his job and wins the Lieutenant Governorship of California by plugging in to Tom Seibel’s Daughter!

    Susan Rice wholesale lies to us about Benghazi, on 5 major networks in a day and she gets a promotion!

    obama’s administration wholesale goes after groups that want to participate in the political process, harassing, delaying and illegally violating the privacy act through the irs and the head gets a promotion, the primary violator, lois lerner is sent home and paid almost $90,000.00 to vacation for half the year and is allowed to retire on a huge pension exceeding $100,000.00 a year, a nearly $4,000,000.00 pension, lifetime.

    obama himself, lied 41 times, on television, to the country, to pass and to support the (un)Affordable Care Act, his signature achievement. It’s been proven and documented that his immediate reports brainstormed about the strategy as to whether to have obama tell the lie or not, resolving to tell the lie.

    democrats still won’t call it a lie! obama still won’t accept responsibility for it. All of the “scandals” that have either never, in history, been perpetrated or have ended in disgraceful resignation under impeachment, he calls “phony”!

    It’s called the langurage of the left. Being more focused on the details isn’t the problem with democrats. Being more focused on not deliberately doing wrong and lying is.

    By the way, the man that abortion barbie hooked up with, married and left, supported and paid for most of her undergraduate degree, all of her master’s degree and she left him as soon as her tuition for her last semester was paid.

    She spent very little time on her own, 2-3 months in a trailer park, wasn’t unmarried or not a kept woman for an appreciable time.

    The real issue is that the democrat party cult has taken on a decidedly, Machiavellian, cynical modus operandi, devoid of ethics, absent morals and fully entrenched in emotional, inflammatory, misrepresented, relabeled moralistic arguments of little or no substance, science or fact.

    In short, they give their lying scumbags a pass while they hold others to a different standard.

  • bandit

    Lying is a job reqiurement for these morons !

  • J. Brown

    She is a real Blond?
    Firestorm to follow?

  • Darlenam

    It doesn’t matter how much the Lib lies, their sheep will follow, I know, I have a family full of Texas Libs who don’t care about the lies, they go and pull the D-lever like a zombie. As long as she supports the killing of the unborn, she’ll have their vote (disgusting but true).

  • Pa John

    So the doctor sees the test results and informs his blond patient that she is pregnant. She looks confused for a few moments and then asks, “Are you sure it’s mine?”

  • lizaz

    I wonder what gutter they found her in…….she’ll be the liberals mascot for TX, I guess…

    • H8 the left

      The first question? Fort Worth along the feed lots.
      Second comment. She already is. Her big problem is that she completely fabricated her biography. (that must be a democrat trend)
      Abortion Barbie is an appropriate name.
      I cannot believe anyone in Texas would be stupid enough to vote for this twit over General Abbott. She is Ubama in drag.

      • Marlin208

        It all depends how many dead people are voting. If they get a high amount of dead people voting then this witch will get in.

  • lonebear

    Wendy needs to stick to barbies and leave governance to someone who at least has some sense and is class too much to ask for. This beeatch is just scum

    • Floyd

      Kind of reminds me of Sebelius. How could the good people of Kansas elect that woman governor of Kansas. I doubt Texas would do the same.

      • lonebear

        One can only hope but the unfortunate reality is Texans aren’t immune to Satan either

  • fliteking

    Barbie? Not so much.

    Worn out, hatred filled, low IQ Barbie? Yeah, that’s it.

  • jerrycollie

    The most dangerous place for a baby to be?
    In its mother’s womb.

  • jerrycollie

    Clerk, “Do you want your pizza cut into 12 pieces or 6?”
    Blond, “6 please; I couldn’t possibly eat 12.”

  • jerrycollie

    Blond girl is tired of reading dumb blond jokes on the Internet, and listening to the same while driving home. She comes around the corner and sees another blond girl out in a field paddling a row boat. The blond screeches to a stop, jumps out and screams to the blond in the rowboat,”It is dumb blonds like you that make everyone think we are stupid. If I knew how to swim I would come out there and really give you what for!”

  • scrambo

    why did the blonde have lipstick all over the steering wheel…she kept blowing the horn…

  • scrambo

    what do you call a red head standing between a blond and a brunette….interpreter…

  • wanda faye rigdon

    shes a Hag like all liberal loon Bitches

  • freckles

    Most often, blonde hair is a northern European trait (or someone that had ancestors originating from that area) Those are not stupid people. Sure, your bleach blonde California types are pretty empty, wendy davis is a bitch, but let’s not resort to blonde jokes. OK maybe just one……
    How many blondes does it take to make chocolate chip cookies?– 5. 3 to mix the ingredients, and two to peel the M&Ms!

  • Suzanne Olden

    Hey blonde joke guys, please… not very creative and bleach blonde abortion Barbie certainly doesn’t represent all of us real blondes – she’s an idiot, most of us aren’t. BTW, blonde/blond is the only word in the English language that is gender specific – blonde is the spelling for women, blond for men. So while it’s a fun fact for the day, try to get the right spelling!

    • Marlin208

      UGH, grow up

      • mary

        Susan’s right guys. Real Blondes aren’t going to vote for bleach blonde, trailer trash barbie. Put a halter and a thong on her and set her out on Avenue “D” and she get all the votes she can steal……err…deserve out there!

    • jubilee

      blonde/blond… true blonds/blondes have skin similar to redheads, while the rest of us, the ones with the undertone to carry the color, have to BLEACH.. there are pretty blonde black women similar to Dr. Rachelle on THE DOCTORS

  • PhilJourdan

    Very clever!

  • Marlin208

    That has been the plan for a long time now. If Texas goes so goes the country and they know it.
    What a prize if they can pull it off.
    But, they are not taking into account the Texans!

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      I’m glad you brought that up Marlin. So many people are ignoring a whole lot of Texans who have no desire to live in a state that’s run by a woman without any traditional values in her resume. Pundits can crunch all the numbers they wish but, at the end of the day, they have no idea what they’re up against. There just isn’t a majority of folks down there who are pro-infanticide! Baby killing is at the top of this woman’s list of personal values… and she’s proud of it! Go figure.

  • dandeman

    If only her mother had the same opinion years ago. Self fulfilling extinction of the liberal mind. Texafornians are like a virus gone bad.

  • Pam Spangler

    Do you all think this is a plan? To take Texas? Will they try and destroy us State by State? Us , meaning USA. New York is in their clutches,California. Dead people vote , illegals vote ,corruption,and takeovers are not done legally.

    • Marlin208

      It absolutely is the plan. Look what they did to Colorado. Texas is in the cross hairs and has been for a long time.
      The plan is to turn all the red states purple and then blue.
      The liberals have been pouring into Texas to turn it around.
      Hopefully they are still outnumbered by red blooded Texans.

  • SiRobertson

    It’s such justice that this stupid woman has been exposed for all her fraud and lies. She’s just a typical libturd, phoney and evil.

    She couldn’t even keep custody of her children and had such alcohol and drug problems that her visitation included her having to show she wasn’t high or drunk.

    She committed adultery in every marriage and her 2nd husband put her through law school, whom she promptly left after he paid her school off.

    • jubilee

      Ive known women who had 2nd trimester abortions.. i hope TX doesn’t become stoopid like WACO states. I believe they are trying to turn red states purple at least. I say WACO because POT IMO doesn’t work on men the same way it does on women. it makes MEN or the ones I know, unable to do anything else, while women could still function in college, if they don’t get the paranoia from the narcotic effect.

    • Freebyrd1968

      She certainly doesn’t take criticism well. She doesn’t like her “story” corrected either.


    Throw the harpoon Ahab, the whale has surfaced…..blubber for everyone tonight men…..

  • Al Chemist

    She will do very well in Austin. Outside of that area…not so much.

    • UnCL3

      Abbott’s gonna kick her a$$, EASY

  • Jim

    Is that really her? Cute! Call me! Either I’ll convince you or you’ll convince me. Either way, we’ll have fun! That’s the lib philosophy, right? Have fun? You’re cute! Let’s have some fun.

  • The_American_Way

    She abandoned her children. That’s all anyone should need to know.

  • TC

    No problem figuring her out.
    Freedom is working for a living that serves others not forcing them to support your lifestyle.
    Outlaw the criminals and those who break the laws.

  • Bo_Kassa

    We have her clone running for the Senate in Kentucky….another product of the Democratic party phoney politician machine.

  • mary

    Good Ole Wendy can talk so freely about abortion because she didn’t even raise her own children did she? Wasn’t it one of her stupid husband’s that did the child rearing? Hey, Wendy….It’s no wonder you dumb Libtardsare for abortions all libtards say it takes a village to raise a child!!!!!!! Obviously…not parents!!!!!

    • Marlin208

      Or a mother

  • Marlin208

    So her self centered money grubbing ways are not a sign of her character? I had a liberal tell me that she would make a terrific governor, that should tell you all you need to know.
    She dumped her one daughter when she was 14 at a time when I think a girl really needs her mom.
    Cold blooded, self centered, money grubbing skank.

  • UnCL3


  • Abby

    Send it to your local radio station TEXANS!

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