• Abby

    Whoopsie…that will make him think twice. Poetic justice served.

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      Yeah, it doesn’t appear that he’s had a standard NRA-approved firearms training class :-)

  • cambeul41

    Robbing someone who knew him well and knew where he lived? That sounds as though he wanted a nice warm cell, three hots, and a cot.

  • Jeff Gabel

    Just gotta love these Democrats in action.

  • http://www.facebook.com/markbuse Mark of WA

    Thug violence has ruined so much of Portland. That part of the city once had block after block of very nice homes and churches.

    • Blue shirt

      Is Portland a bastion of socialist/progressive democrats? If so, you’ll be a Detroit or Chicago. Buenas suerte amigo.

  • Bartek

    Mr. Johnson should become a consultant to the GOP. If they would adopt his method to control welfare benefits I would wholeheartedly support the GOP.

  • Blue shirt

    That’s what happens when you go around half cocked. The gun became a pisstool.

  • JLogre9182

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  • AR154U

    Well,… he stood his ground ! Those nuts just seemed a little crazy and were asking for it !!

  • Bingo

    Thank God an idiot finally gets what he deserves. That had to be hilarious.

  • bobby1122

    How about a little sympathy for the ” bro”– He needed to rob the guy because Obamacare took all his money….

  • greyghost69

    Was he wearing an obama shirt? ( It really makes me mad that I have to go back and delete the “O” and replace it with an “o” in obama. Here we go again. This moron does not deserve an upper case letter.)

  • rjhollydog

    Hopefully it will stop him from producing any more criminals…..

  • AR154U

    From “Bro” to “Flo” in one shot !!

    • The Survival Wire

      Bro to Hoe!

  • The Survival Wire

    If Obama had a son….., I mean daughter… I mean: NEVER MIND!

  • The Survival Wire

    Big Johnson shot little Johnson. The horror! :)

  • The Survival Wire

    The good news is, no more future Hillary voters from that Johnson!

  • garyamusic .

    Two birds with one stone or in this case two stones with one bullet!

  • texas57

    Stupid is as stupid does. Greatness……

    • Connie Alsip

      And you can’t fix stupid.

  • Mark Marquis

    Probably Obams illegitimate son.

  • Tommie

    Ouch, had to have left a mark. Obamacare birth control!

  • lastconservative

    I find this hard to believe. Johnson was a felon. There are laws against convicted felons possessing guns. Do you mean to tell me that a convicted felon ignored this law? Do you mean conservatives are right when they say that crooks will not pay any attention to gun laws? Jeez, all the liberals in Portland must be flabbergasted.

    • Charles

      I’m sure they (liberals) will say this is an isolated case.

    • SuperDave2

      I am Shocked…..Shocked, I tell you, that someone would have the BALLS to break a gun law.

      • charlie

        you can rest assured that he is a DEMONCRAT, probably one of obumblers sons

      • Rattlerjake

        Wonder if the doctors finished his sex-change therapy. He-she would be a welcome addition to any prison population.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        I’m shocked that rightwingers make it easy for felons, terrorists, and the mentally ill to get their hands on guns by allowing them to buy guns without a background check at gun shows, flea markets, and through classified ads in the vast majority of states.

        • TexasJester


    • ThomPaineJr12

      Repubs/ rightwingers make it easy for felons, terrorists, and the mentally ill to get their hands on guns by allowing them to buy guns without a background check at gun shows, flea markets, and through classified ads in the vast majority of states. Stop the BS.

      • lastconservative

        Oh really.

        • ThomPaineJr12

          You didn’t know?

      • TexasJester

        Gun show and flea market sellers have to be FFLs. Most weapons sold privately are NOT through classifieds, either online or in newspapers.

        Recheck your sources, SendTheMeteors. You’re looking at liberal sites again, instead of getting the facts. Stop your own BS. We are TIRED of it.

        • ThomPaineJr12

          I’m sorry to learn that you are misinformed/ ignorant/ and/or

          • TexasJester

            Look in the mirror — you’re referring to YOURSELF!

        • ThomPaineJr12

          I would cite sources and post links, but I know that you would say they are all wrong/ lying. Jesus himself could come down and confirm what I say, and you’d accuse him of lying.. Why don’t you post a link to a site to back up what you say? You can’t.

  • Stealth

    I wish someone would send this to our IDIOT Socialist Governor and legislature- here in the STINKING, LIBERAL DISEASE-BRAINED state of Connecticut… Oh, and this guy should be the laughing stock of any prison he ends up in!

    • Charles

      Now HE will probably want to become a SHE, at the expense of the taxpayer.
      Like that other creep that is in prison for murder.

  • Al Chemist

    Do we now have to pay for the operation to replace his with a couple of ball-bearings? Oh well, at least he will not be able to sneak up on people. Click, click, click…

  • GRA


  • Ray Burby

    Hopefully, he can no longer reproduce.

  • Kat

    Made my day!

  • Isschade

    I have never been able to understand why men have been doing that for years. Their most valued part and they aim the muzzle RIGHT AT IT !!! DUMB !!! Have you ever watch old westerns ?? They always did that. Talk about “Cocked and Ready”. ROFLMAO

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      With those old Colt 6-shooters, it was dangerous to load all six cylinders. If you did, you could not lower the hammer without setting off a round. Colt designed a “half-cock” notch, but the hammer could easily slip and still fire the gun. So cowboys avoided going around “Half-Cocked”. ;-)

      Those cowboys solved the problem by rolling up a $20 bill and sticking it into one chamber of the cylinder, then loading the other 5 normally. The cylinder was rotated to place the $20 under the hammer, which was then lowered safely.

      Why $20? That was a price of a cheap funeral in those days, prepaid.

      This goon should have studied cowboys a little more. Maybe, joined the NRA. He could have avoided powder burns and the danger of de-cocking.

      • genann59

        Well, apparently he will no longer be able to play Democrat’s favor sport of pocket pool, but wonder if he is Half-cocked now as well? They didn’t mention if he got that as well.

      • Harry_Buskin

        There’s another corollary. During the flintlock days, when a gunsmith was engaged to make a custom rifle, he would ask “how long?” (referring to the barrel). Often, the buyer would answer “to here”, putting his hand under his chin. That way, after he loaded it, he could prop himself up and “stand easy”, with the muzzle pointing up at his head. Sometimes he or the gun got jostled, and the thing would go off. End of story.

      • TexasJester

        Interesting! I hadn’t heard this..

    • Connie Alsip


  • lara


  • Andre Leonard

    I just love stories like these. If there ever was a reason gun control, nuts like this is why. In this case he got exactly what he deserved.

    • annie1845

      How is this a reason for gun control. Would think it speaks loudly that people should carry them to stop illegal gun owners. Which he was. With gun control he would be the only one with a gun. The innocent would again be unprotected.

      • Andre Leonard

        Annie, perhaps I should have said this is the only reason that could be used to support gun control. Stupid people who should not have them.

    • Connie Alsip

      Really?? That gun didn’t shoot the guy in the leg, the perp did. The fact that he was too stupid to put the safety on before shoving a weapon into his pants is his fault, not the guns, and the fact that he paid for his ignorance and stupidity with his balls is what I’d call divine intervention. Still laughing. Isn’t he the guy you’d like to be friends with?? pfft #MolonLabe

    • brkdrvr

      Gun control = keep finger off trigger while scratching balls w/muzzle, particularly when using loaded weapon w/firing pin intact. Refer to ErSwnn as stated above.

  • dave

    These are the people obama should go after not the law abiding citizen. He possessed the gun illegally.

  • sreynolds

    LMAO If obama had a son……..

    • USMCVeteran


  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Why am I thinking this perp never took a firearms safety course? And doesn’t have a CHL? if he’s out of the gene pool, he might be nominated for a Darwin.

    • KingofThings

      He has to die to qualify.

      • Shears_of_Atropos

        Not so. The nominee must be out of the gene pool, i.e. sterile or dead. See the Darwin Award Official Site, Rules: Reproduction. There are other rules too, like being capable of rational mature judgement, and the injury/death must be self-inflicted. Worth the read.

        • brkdrvr

          If this guy is not eligible (he shot his own balls off) then he is either an amoeba or more gifted than Houdini. The only glitch could be the “rational mature judgement clause” which his public defender would surely use in court (diminished capacity) but what would you expect from a cretin that would likely kill his own mom for a carton of Kools and a 40oz?

      • muf69

        There has been an award given to a living person in the past. Had to do with a golf course a ball washer and a stupid golfer. Just as long as they can no longer pass on their stupidity through their genes.

      • flyovercindy

        Not necessarily, check the award requirements – removed from the gene pool/not able to reproduce qualifies – at least for honorable mention… :-)

    • ErSwnn

      Keep the booger hook off the bang switch until on target. Thank God he never heard that. Too bad he wasn’t scratching his ear.

  • Scott

    Hit 2 bulls eyes with one shot.

  • Weezie

    Instant Karma

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Very “painful” karma.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Look on the bright side! He lost a little weight, quickly and without pills or exercise!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Saves a fortune in “condoms!”

  • Amber

    That is too funny. Hopefully that means he will not be able to reproduce. He is too mean and too ignorant to have any offspring.

    • Sharon

      Actually, he’s stupid, and there’s no cure for that. Ignorance is definitely curable.

    • ErSwnn

      Problem is, he’s 32. He may have already bred.

  • Clem Cadiddlyhopper II

    Well, I guess it shows you that felons aren’t going to the shooting classes like the responsible gun owners…Rule #1…..DO NOT SHOOT YOUR BALLS OFF!!…….Rule #2……..And as others have stated Obummer said “If I Had A Son”…..

  • Pablo Descartes

    Ok now that’s funny! :-))) Did he use the kill shot?

  • victoryman

    I guess the Judge said, “No bail” or maybe, “No ball.”

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    The article is not quite complete. Did he also shoot himself in the “head”? I’m curious.

  • DrBobNM

    always use a holster

    • my.hairy.mole@gmail.com

      He never saw a holster he could steal…

    • brkdrvr

      Taking a page from the NAZIS perhaps he could be gifted with a holster made from his own scrotum as he no longer needs it

  • ayebeesee

    Bad luck of “karma”…… yeah buddy, we need more gun laws and now “testicle protection laws” to protect a male criminal’s junk. Hello, nut job law-makers that love rights for law breakers…. now your mission has been expanded. After all the criminal was merely attempting raise himself out of poverty and injured himself. How about some affirmative-action on some disability!!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Maybe he can start his own business “Bullet Proof Cups!”

  • dhwilson58

    Stupid ass idiot !!! Yea he bad, he bad !!! LOL

  • muf69

    But the question is, has he been removed from the gene pool. If so maybe he should be summited for the Darwin Award.

    • brkdrvr

      He had to shoot them both off to get a Darwin Award, but an honorable mention is deffinatly merited here. If they had any ballls the local law enforcement would issue him a medal in scrotal marksmanship! Can’t wait to hear what the gun control croud has to say, have to admit this could be a strong argument for a NRA gun safety course not to mention Kevlar jockstrap w/ceramic cup. This guyis the poster child of requiring training before issuing concealed carry permits; rule #1 never conceal loaded weapon in front of jockey shorts.

  • Thought Criminal #1

    Heh. The phrase “more balls than brains” doesn’t exactly apply anymore here.

    • Phillip_in_TX


    • oldman50

      seems ya need to reverse that one; make it “more brains then balls; but not by much” LOL

  • Huffer

    I love a happy ending to stories like this!
    By the way, I wonder if he got a background check before he stole that gun?

  • Connie Alsip

    Bwahahahaaa!! Well, one more win for the gene pool. AAAhahahaa!!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      He can be awarded the “Darwin Award” for successfully removing himself from the “gene pool.” Normally, the award is giving to those that successfully “dispatched” themselves; however, they do make exceptions.

  • Jim T

    Well at least he won’t be producing any more like himself

  • my.hairy.mole@gmail.com

    We need about 50,000 more thugs like this. Gee, it seems a law abiding person has a harder time to get a gun, than your everyday, run of the mill, normal criminal.

  • CQQL33

    Just think about this, the guy could be a voter ! Real smart dude. Maybe he could now sing as a soprano at church…………..lol.

  • jr1776

    Shoot more of them in the nut’s , and there will be fewer of them !

  • Mary


  • Phillip_in_TX

    This is TOO funny! Good shooting “Dead Eye!”

    • sovereigntyofone

      Amen.. laughing my arse off. !

  • TexasfedupGramma

    Great! Another subhuman thug took himself out of the gene pool! He could be Obama’s son!

    • Neal Avery

      He’s too old. Might be O’s Bro.

  • genann59

    Hope he performed a nonsurgical vasectomy on himself. Hahaha, way to go creep.


    this is GRRRRREAT,,dumb @$$ got what he deserved !!!!

  • bikerbill

    Justice is served …

  • Jim

    He should be a candidate for the No Ball award

  • usmc1063

    Now I hate to say this being a Christian man, but this dirt bag got what he deserved. At least one good thing there ain’t gonna be no more bootie calls for this guy and his seed won’t be contaminating the gene pool ever again.

    • Neal Avery

      The State will have to pay for reconstructive surgery while he is in prison. His Baby Mommas will get more freebies than they are getting now.

      • usmc1063

        No matter what surgery they do he and his willy ain’t gonna be spreading his love around. Besides his children are already more than likely getting the freebies on our dime.

  • Jeff Shouse

    What a shame. This criminal missed his calling. He could’ve been a pitch man for Galco IWB holsters.

    Gangsta 1:”Yo man. This IWB holster is like a squirrel!”

    Gangsta 2: “Like a squirrel?”

    Announcer: “That’s right, Homie. Galco: We’ll save your NUTS!”

    • coman1

      Priceless !

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Homey been watchin’ too many movies!

  • johnanaguski

    Could have been obama’s son.

  • brkdrvr

    Sorry, but this story is too funny not to comment on. Whoever quoted Clint E’s line “go ahead make my day” don’t forget Arnold “No pain no gain”. This guy will be the butt of jokes the rest of his life. A friend of mine that was a second generation NYC cop said they had a local thug who shot himself in the foot twenty years ago who would flinch at any loud report, every cop and local criminal would pop balloons, Burst paper bags and slam books/hands on counters to elicit a response. This guys punishment will be every slamming door and backfiring car for the next few decades, Karma’s a bitch.

  • Nam1

    WO!!! That had to hurt… That’ll teach him to play with guns.

  • brkdrvr

    The Portland police have just announced an new fundraiser for their PAL gun safety course, they will be selling chances to run up behind this guy and yell BANG!!!

  • Annymous Patriot

    So, another person who was not legally allowed to have a gun committed a crime with one. Go figure, you mean CRIMINALS break the law? Amazing. Let’s pass some more knee jerk laws, that’ll stop them!

  • Toastertreat

    Holy Macadamia, Batman!

  • Irma

    Shot himself in the balls — now THAT’S poetic justice!

  • DrRGP

    I hope it wasn’t insensitive for me to have laughed–as it did, heartily, in fact–when reading the first lines of this story, but so seems like poetic justice.

  • sovereigntyofone

    How sweet it is ! Okay now that I’ve stopped laughing and have more or less control over myself, talk about sweet revenge. Not only did he shoot himself, he’s also prevented from polluting the Gene pool. Normally I don’t laugh or even think it funny anyone getting shot. However in this case, what goes around, comes around.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • bobwhite

    I’m going out on a limb and bet the gun charge will be plea bargained away.

    • Ruawakeyet

      Yep, the charges will be dropped, he will get a public lawyer free, sue the gun manufacturer, bullet manufacturer and the Police. We all know he is a good person and it’s not his fault, the gun made him do it!

      • bobwhite

        Since the Federal Government loves gun laws how about this one. Anyone committing a crime with a firearm will be sentenced to a term of twenty five years in prison on the gun charge. There would be no plea bargaining away and the prosecutor would not have the option of dropping the gun charges. All other charges would be added to the criminals sentence.

        Start making the jerks using guns to commit crimes to pay dearly and stop making law abiding Americans from paying dearly for exercising their first amendment rights.

        • Allen Arnold

          I agree. The whole system is fixed. First the prosecutors get to “bargain” away charges, and then the bleeding heart liberal judge feels sorry for the criminal and goes easy. The cops will tell you – they risk their lives catching these thugs, only to have to re-arrest the same guy a few months later. In Philly, it’s a revolving door. The existing laws are irrelevant because they don’t get enforced. Liberals think new laws are the answer. They are wrong.

  • Ed


    • Alleged Comment

      I want him on my team. One shot – DOUBLE balleyes!

  • tuvals

    I have no pity for this guy!! Hmm, a true case of; you got no balls!

    • Alleged Comment

      Why? You like kicking people in the nuts?

      • tuvals

        Only STUPID people!!

  • Conservativesniper

    Obviously a democrat. Oh well, highly doubtful he’ll father any more welfare chilluns. NEXT!!

  • Scott

    I wish there was someone(after you get up off the floor from laughing so hard) out there who could print this article along with all the comments and give obumers son a copy. I bet he would be to embarrassed to try it again.

  • SGT Big Dawg

    I will have to say that any shooting is most times a sad event butt in this case it seems he has received a part of his punishment for his crimes.

    • Alleged Comment

      Well, two wrongs don’t make a right.


    That culls the gene pool somewhat. No loss at all. History will never miss him or his offspring. I wonder if he looks like Obamas son? After all he has the same thought process. This guy just robs people on a smaller scale. Obama just shoots off his mouth.

  • the_punnisher

    He deserves a Darwin Award Special Mention. That award is given to spectacular solutions that eliminates pollution of our gene pool…that do not kill the candidate. ( I used to be a judge at DA on line )
    An OLD Gunny quote: Think SAFE first…you wont lose your wedding tackle that way…..

  • http://theawakenednation.ning.com/profile/KevinMKeener Snowman8wa

    “Yea also, when he that is a fool walketh by the way, his wisdom faileth him, and he saith to every one that he is a fool.” [Ecclesiastes 10:3]

    He also foolishly failed to comprehend one of the most important RULES of gun safety.
    That means, ONE IN THE CHAMBER ready to inflict damage.

    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  • earlwatters

    just like obama every time he opens his mouth he shoots himself in the balls

    • taliesin319

      No he doesn’t. You have to have a pair to shoot them off. Valerie and the Moocher could lend him a pair. Oh, not the good ones made of titanium but a spare pair of Brass could do in a pinch especially for a switch hitter.

      • earlwatters

        heheheh you got that right.you want to run for office?

  • Neal Avery

    Craig’s List,”Sixteen Portland, OR Baby Mommas looking for new Baby Daddy. Must know how to safely handle firearms.”

  • Bonney Bacon

    But it works in the movies and on TV, right? Justice served.

  • msVickiFlorida

    Too funny.

    • Alleged Comment

      Not if it was your husbands. I assume you are married, but I doubt it.


    He hasn’t got the BALLS to ever do it again, LOL. He got what he deserved and I’m sure he will make a few good friends inside of prison.

  • medivac

    An apparent suicide attempt !!

    • Alleged Comment

      Well, he succeeded if it was done for his children.

  • Marine101

    Added bonus! He can’t breed more just like him now too! Too cool.

    • Alleged Comment

      Yes, it is too cruel!

  • Chuck

    Natural selection

    • Scirel

      Yeah – Hey Darwin Awards panel, are you listening???

  • foxxybey

    Seems fitting to me, no brains and now no children, pure justice if you ask me, LOL

    • Alleged Comment

      He did pretty good with on shot. I mean, how bad an aim can one have?

  • Lummi

    Does this mean the gonads are now “gone”-ads?

    • Alleged Comment

      Are these ads cast rated? I like to watch the best!

  • joe

    A real nut job.

    • Alleged Comment

      I think you meant nuts!

  • Goldfinger

    Instant karma!

    • Alleged Comment

      How do you know, maybe he was aiming for his p* enis?

  • rappini pasta

    I wonder if he can sing soprano now.

    • Alleged Comment

      Whatever it is, he don’t need a kickstart now!


    A great means to using this birth control method to contain the criminal element…no more reproduction for the morons..

    • Alleged Comment

      This is the way these morons screw us. We foot the bill, pal.

  • steven

    Now he can be called no balls MacGraw.

  • Robert Messier

    That was called “Chlorine in the gene pool”

  • Marlin208

    Braaahaaaahaaaa< too bad he didn"t shoot himself in the head he would have done less damage

    • jb80538

      I think his brains are in his pants!

      • TPM

        In his case, I don’t think there was a brain in either head

  • Ballistic45

    Ah Crap, LOLOTF, This is too funny…. At least he won’t be reproducing… Most likely a Liberal and just goes to show you “Stupid is as Stupid Does”….

    • Alleged Comment

      How do know? Maybe he was really aiming there!

  • Mark Aman

    Portland, Oregon? Now he will qualify for public assistance.

    • Alleged Comment

      I think he will need pubic assistance.

  • Mark Aman

    A Johnson without any balls.

    • Alleged Comment

      Is like oBama without a teleprompter. Kind of matches.

  • jb80538

    That’s just nuts!

    • Alleged Comment

      Has a nice ding-a-ring too it.

  • DocJimmy

    Johnson misses his Johnson, but; still manages to ‘balls’ things up for himself.

    • Alleged Comment

      BTW, how is Misses Johnson taking it?

      • DocJimmy

        Contraception in its most effective form.

      • 48TENN

        She’s taking it from someone else.

  • 48TENN

    Breaking News: Gunman, Joseph Johnson legally changes name to Chelsea.

    • Toastertreat

      and lands a gig singing soprano in the Leavenworth choir.

    • TPM

      I’d have gone with … Oprah

  • pysco

    KARMA, strikes again…………………..

  • sargeant rock

    Probably another Democrat… At least he won’t multiply…

    • Alleged Comment

      Doesn’t need to. He only needs to get rid of US!

  • Lummi

    This reminds me of a story from a few years ago. A car load of good ol’ boys were out late shooting up road signs when the head light fuse went south. Being McGyver wannabes, they pulled the fuse from the panel under the dash, and substituted a .22 cartridge in its place. figuring that the brass case would be a good electrical conductor. They also found that it was also a good heat conductor, when the case got hot, set off the primer, and sent the bullet straight into the driver’s crotch.

  • armydadtexas

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha another “thug nuts” ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Thug-NUTS= NO NUTS. Self inflicted HATCHET WOUND. Ha, ha, ha,ha, ha,ha. No more dingle dangle dingle. He will make an appropriate b-otch in prison.

  • UnCL3

    But…but…I thought it was ILLEGAL for a felon to own a firearm!!!
    What in the world happened to the system???

    • Alleged Comment

      This is what happens when you do away with the 2nd amendment. Must of started where he lives.

    • jstarusa

      Probably also a “Gun Free Zone”! Can’t he read? Oh I forgot, never mind!

      • UnCL3

        caught yourself, huh?

  • Richie

    Now the Thugs in prison will have lots of fun, 3 way gangbang

    • Alleged Comment

      I don’t know what that means, but you sure do!

  • Gary Halmich

    Can you say pull the train

  • commie hater

    The boy was an ovomit thug …..now he/she is just a bit-h

  • Medic01

    There is a reason for keeping your finger off the trigger.

    • Alleged Comment

      Many men died that way.

  • John Munro

    I read some where 70% of all the men in prison were raised with out a father. I would believe this should be as important as abortion or any other cause to stop children from being raised in a broken home. Its it truly a right to stand before God and they break your vow? or to have children without being married? Somehow their should be accountability for the hurt in these lives.

    • Alleged Comment

      I feel sorry for the kids he didn’t have, then.

    • Chubby Freen

      Okay. Let’s shoot the nuts off of all of them…

    • bodica

      Yes, that is the mature discussion that is so desperately needed. It is a horrendous injustice to abandon a child; paternally or maternally. I’m doing the ‘daddy’s’ job with a relative – nothing pc or ‘weird’ – just paying the bills, backing up mom (guys if you live with a gal who becomes ‘Linda Blair’ every month you deserve a medal for standing by! Even when the dear lady is a close relative you just want to get a ticket outta there!) and rescuing the little guy from danger, and it really highlights just how difficult life can be when people KNOW that the child and mom do not have a MAN in their life who is committed and dedicated to them. Non PC I know, but the feminazis have tried so hard to make men feel like redundant sperm donors that I feel strong counter information is desperately needed.

  • Sam

    At least he won’t be making anymore welfare babies. That’s good.

    • larrygrant876

      But what about the 14 he already has? Well, they won’t ever know, so your right, it’s good.

    • American

      As Martha Stewart said it’s a good thing!!!!

  • Alleged Comment

    He does not look too happy about it! Ammo is expensive, ya know….

    • Clint

      Testicles in Washington, D.C. are really scares.

  • rebel587149

    dipshit left his finger on the trigger.

  • Marlin208

    So now that he is nutless and on his way to prison, do we have to pay for his sex change? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, shouldn’t be as expensive since he blew away half of it.

    • TPM

      This is how ALL imprisoned felons should be given sex change operations … with a Glock

      • Marlin208

        Or a shotgun. Either way , works for me.

  • NoRINO

    His gun is racist.

    • Clint

      His gun is a patriot!

  • James in Texas

    Forthwith, he shall be known far and wide as “Stubby” Johnson” and will be the lead soprano in the Prison choir! He must have missed one the the Concealed Carry classes.

    • freedommonger

      Now the prison choir can do all of the old Mariah Carey songs they’ve wanted to do!

  • Cougar Smith

    If Obutthead had a son…..

  • freedommonger

    So he’ll be a ….what….a….prison eunuch?

  • tarnishedcopper

    Perhaps he will no longer be able to reproduce.

    • denoferth

      Until the extent of his injuries are made public we can only hope his ho’ing days are over.

  • Michael Lawrence

    Nice shot!!!

    • NPlethell1984

      мʏ ʀօօмαт­­­­­­e­­­­­­’ѕ ѕт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ք-αυɴт мαĸ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕ $78/нʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ʟαքтօք. ѕн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­e­­­­­­­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴ υɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­мքʟօʏ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɖ ғօʀ 6 мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ ƈн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ƈĸ աαѕ $17з67 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ʟαքтօք ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. вʀօաѕ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ αʀօυɴɖ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ɢυʏѕ fox800&#46com

  • Griz

    Attention all Kmart shoppers.

    There is a blue light special in the women’s department.

    All pink panties are on sale, for the next 30 min.

    These are the perfect Valentine gift, for family members & friends.

    Who are newly incarcerated & ball less cell mates, rooming with Bubba!

  • Michael John Naretto


  • GenEarly

    Doesn’t Oregon have gun control? A felon with a gun? How did that happen? Need to restrict the citizens some more! And it is just racist that black men who are felons, illegally possessing guns and shooting their black(?) neighbors, over a drug deal(?) are victimized by having their testicles shot! Just more white wacism! I bet this poor man is “O”‘s brother-in-law.

  • Redwhiteblu

    well……that I one way to keep the gene pool stronger

  • TDG

    He looks like a guy whose testicles have recently gone missing due to a firearm he was handling. Too funny, as long as your not the nutless dipstick in the pic.

  • Work2SnowSki

    Covered under ObamaCare?

  • MissTrixieB

    This genius must have watched too many movies – idiot believes Hollywood’s take on gun safety. Dude is a Darwin candidate. Took himself out of the gene pool.

  • thaidude

    Chuckle! Chuckle!

  • Art Hock

    Don’t laugh guys. This may be another Obama cousin. Notice the resemblance.

  • bob machaffy

    What could have been a cheap sex change operation sorry he missed his 3rd leg

  • John in Brum

    He could have been Obama’s son.

    • American

      You are right! ROFLMDAO!! Sure wish I could have seen this happen!!

  • robertleo

    I hope his chances for reproduction rights are not diminished?

  • Bryan Williams

    I don’t think robbing someone should warrant losing your testicles, But if you rape someone you should. Even if you shoot them, then sure you probably deserve to be shot too, but you should only be shot in the balls if you rape someone or shoot them in the balls first.

  • millerstwo

    He won’t have the ‘balls’ to rob anyone else!

  • Jan

    He looks just like obama’s son (if he had one)

  • Al sharpton

    Just another baby who didn’t do nuffin. Racist gun be blowin innocent babies balls off n chit.

  • Tom

    If he decides to change sides the state will now pay for the sex change, maybe we’ll get a discount since the job is half done.

  • Jjk

    Let’s hope he can’t father any more children.

  • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

    Heck, the next thing you know is that he will be elected to public office. Having a “set” is obviously NOT a requirement.

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