BLONDE: Wendy Davis Slams Paraplegic Opponent, ‘Hasn’t Walked a Day in My Shoes’

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Wendy Davis is under fire following a Dallas Morning News report that found a number of factual discrepancies in the personal narrative she has made a centerpiece of her long-shot campaign for Texas governor.

Davis, who is quoted multiple times in the article, issued a statement after its publication suggesting that her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, was behind the “attacks.”

Davis said that for Abbott, who has been a paraplegic for nearly three decades, to question her story proves that he “hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.” :

The truth is that at age 19, I was a teenage mother living alone with my daughter in a trailer and struggling to keep us afloat on my way to a divorce. And I knew then that I was going to have to work my way up and out of that life if I was going to give my daughter a better life and a better future and that’s what I’ve done. I am proud of where I came from and I am proud of what I’ve been able to achieve through hard work and perseverance. And I guarantee you that anyone who tries to say otherwise hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.

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  • Marge

    I doubt that she did not know what she was saying. I’m sure she picked her words very wisely. That makes her even more abhorrent than I first thought.

  • mike

    Another Hilary Rodham Clinton……………

    • randellmd

      Hitlary is taking notes off of the bitch.

  • AR154U

    Another VP candidate for the DNC in the making !!

  • Peter Pan

    Isn’t this basically the same thing Elizabeth Warren did? She claimed a false history, then when challenged acted offended and questioned her opponents right to question her.

    • Arrgh2112

      High cheekbones appear to be the “get out of jail card” for the leftist women.

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        Won’t save them from h3ll though…

      • Amfer Ferg

        and a big mole on her face to boot!

  • Dominic De Falco

    Where do these scumbags keep coming from? Is there something in the water? Are we all eventually going to become delusional and psychotic like Dems and Libs?

  • Arrgh2112

    Davis said that for Abbott, who has been a paraplegic for nearly three decades, to question her story proves that he “hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.” :

    She’s probably right, more than likely he didn’t attempt to legalize murdering babies because they are inconvenient, didn’t marry someone to get them to pay for school and didn’t lie through his teeth under oath.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Is Wendy Davis related to Joe Biden???? Remember he told wheel-chair bound Missouri state senator Chuck Graham to “stand-up Chuck and let them see you”????

    If so, then this is the greatest evidence for mandatory sterilization of all Demcrats and Left-wingers.

  • lizaz

    Isn’t she brilliant?????

  • betty

    Sounds like someone else’ lying pitiful story.

  • Sherry Zbierajewski

    Wendy Davis is full of stuff that makes the grass grow green!! I was pregnant at the age of 16 – my daughter has LIFE. I was in a bad marrige 15 years later and found out I was pregnant again. The result is my son, he lives. Later to be adopted by my present husband. I worked at a CPC for years. I put myself where my mouth was at. I now have MS, no use of my left arm/hand, brace on left foot (for drop foot), left leg is like walking on a stick, balance sucks, I deal with dizziness and sciatica, and I have trouble talking and writing. BUT MY BRAIN WORKS JUST FINE! Don’t make fun of someone in a wheelchair. Wendy lied, I’ll take her on, been there, done that. She said the wrong things, and she has met her match in ME! I’m pissed, and I have my CCL.

  • GrannyGoGo2013

    Amazing, is she related to Joe (take a bough) BIDEN. I can see VP beside her name. She is being groomed down to the lies she tells. They even sound alike. I like what she said about keeping her comments closer and tighter to herself. I guess she is going to be more careful about what she says. Another same old same old. Nothing to see or hear here–just more lies

  • chamuiel

    “if I was going to give my daughter a better life and a better future
    and that’s what I’ve done. I am proud of where I came from and I am”

    Uh huh! Yeah, that is why both of her daughters are in the custody of her ex second husband.

    she could care less about her daughters, except to use them as props.

    when the Judge said he was going to give her daughters to her ex husband, she said o.k.

    There was no room in her life of a gold digger for two daughters..

    Like most liberals, she has no problems lying.

  • mac12sam12

    Is she Joe Biden’s niece? Stand up Chuck!!

  • Paladin

    Of course the lies shoe tells are Bush’s fault.

  • mule man

    30 plus years wearing a badge ,I dealt with a lot of “trailer trash” she sure fits the profile

  • texas57

    what a piece of work………………………

    • 48TENN

      She’s a piece of something.

  • randellmd

    She’s definitely a spawn of satan; lies and insults handicapped ppl; definitely a demokkkrat proggy!

  • Darlenam

    Wendy Davis proves that a Harvard Law Degree “ain’t” what it used to be. Doesn’t matter what she says her sheep will follow her to the voting booth just because she and them are dems, I know, this voting virus runs in my family with one exception…..

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Skipped those ethics classes, did she?

    • rollo rodriguez

      Derp! Hey, are you slow? Obama peed on that degree five years ago,ese!

  • Libertarian Soldier

    If democrats have a soul, they wont vote for another compulsive liar. I’m not saying that the democrat cult has a soul. I’m just saying, if they did…

  • yochect yerquez

    If Debbie Washer Man Schlutz had an evil spawn, it would look like Wendy Davis.

  • AR154U

    Wendy Davis is a wonderful shining example of a progressive liberal female politician ! She receives nothing but accolades and applause from fellow progressives after every lie and horrible remark !! Enjoy Texas !

  • servant1jkb

    How do we know, for sure, if a P.L. democrat is lying?
    Are their lips moving?

  • servant1jkb

    GOLLY GEE! An another very thoughtful, kind, considerate, remark, from a Demo- RAT, Progressive Liberal, a true P.L. D. And the rest of us are surprised? After all this from those who state, that we want dirty air, and water, and are willing and eager, to push Granny and her wheel-chair, of the cliff, and have the mentally ill children fend for themselves, right?
    However guess what? We shall all be “Judged”, by the same standards we pass onto others!

  • Guest

    Is there a lower form of life on this planet than a democratic politician? I think not.


    AW!! Wendy had it so bad in life.How about half of the children in the world=no food no clean water.Wendy your sin has found you out.Better now than facing GOD.Lost people in sin try to cover their sins where as saved sinners confess their sins to Jesus that means they are born again(John 3:16)Are you born again?God loves us/do we?

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