THIS IS BRUTAL: Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing (VIDEO)

Here is a video of a bunch of southern Utah hooligans barbie jeep racing! Video filmed by Nate Whitlatch, Brad Whitlatch, Phil Whitlatch, Mike Wilson, Gunnar Lindstrom

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  • Taloola

    Who has time for such foolishness while our world is going to hell?

    • DJYahtzee

      The ability to laugh is one thing that sets us apart from cockroaches.

      • DrBobNM

        liberals laugh at things (different than conservatives) so what’s your point? :-)

        • mac12sam12

          The point is lighten up!

          • DrBobNM

            my (subtle) point was that the stmt was cockroaches don’t laugh, and I just said liberals laugh, but we all know liberals==cockroaches.

    • boone1

      Hey you have to have fun even when I was in the military we had to take some R&R time.What’s your damn problem anyway!!!

  • Kini

    Too Funny!

  • Red55bird

    Oh to be young again.

    • perry

      i use to do crazy stuff like that when i was younger,and now i feel the pain everyday cause of it ,if they only could look into the future i bet they wouldn’t do it anymore

  • TPM

    Loved this video! …
    It was funnier than Jessie Jackson being stranded in the parking lot of a KKK Mart :o

  • rick0857

    Too bad my a$$ is far too old for this. Were I 35 or so years younger I’d be right there with them!!

    • boone1

      Hell I’m 66 and would do this looks fun to me.

      • Rattlerjake

        Yeah, but at 66 if you get injured, obuttheadcare would have you put to sleep!

        • boone1

          Sorry I pay cash for everything.I don’t need nor will I sign up for obamacare.

          • Rattlerjake

            Guess you’ll pay cash for the IRS fine for not signing up. :^O

  • AG Dot Com!

    MAN SPORT!!!!

  • DrBobNM

    are they trying to give Duck Dynasty a run for its money?

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    Me and my friends used to do this with our kids 3 wheeled big wheels ! It was a blast. Just be sure to bring extra bikes with you cause you gonna break them !

  • tarfu

    The sheer horror when the front wheel at the 2:18 mark breaks off and hurdles uncontrolled toward the unsuspecting spectators below…I couldn’t watch.

    • KJ

      And that’s precisely these athletes needed to be in tip-top form–in the event of just such an emergency.

  • Pamela Braman

    We are probably paying for these guys to play on unemployment

    • Don

      We are probably paying for your unemployment as a professional jerk.

    • angryplbr

      Seriously, you don’t have a hobby?

      • Don

        Yeah she has a hobby, as being a b**tch. How dare anyone have fun on her watch!

    • Nate Whitlatch

      actually we all have full time jobs haha

  • Fripperton

    Looks like fun.

  • Jim Schafer

    help! ! !Send Ken or G I Joe, QUICK

    • kamikazecowboy

      kens not man enough. like they say, Barbie fakes it with ken she only comes with GI Joe. And will this be a new competitive sport at the redneck games?

      • KJ

        They should try mounting LazyBoy recliners atop a set of toboggans and racing them downhill.

      • Jim Schafer

        I still have my G I Joe, I just forgot about him. I also have his jeep and the Morse code as well as the big light that goes with him—we still could send him with enough other G I Joes to assist and maybe from a battalion or two.

  • jaxtom

    No wonder our auto insurance rates are so high!!! ROFLMAO!!!

  • jeepdude911

    I wonder if the Gunnar Lindstrom mentioned is the same Gunnar Lindstrom who used to be an off road motorcycle racer some time back. Looks like fun.

  • Marlin208

    LOL, after all the blood and guts, what did the winner get? A little pink broken car, that’s it? Great job , loved it.

  • Dave the Barbarian

    Finally something useful a ‘Barbie’ car can do!

    • Igor

      The only useful thing a Barbie car can do!

  • angryplbr

    Howling out Load, amazing, but pointless.

  • Ed Songer

    Ha ha ha that’s hella funny? Gives me ideas?

  • Marty

    Hilarious. My buddies and I used to go “big wheelin” on the road to the Red Rocks Amphitheater outside Denver. Good times, lucky we’re still alive.

  • Joseph111

    I just wasted a minute of my life …

    • Rattlerjake

      At least it is carbon neutral racing:^)

  • KJ

    Somebody contact the IOC. I think they’ll want to consider this sport for the next summer Olympics.

  • depaz

    Their parents are spending thousands to send them to college (presumably). Wonder if their classes are this challenging. . . . .
    The future of our nation. We’re doomed.

    • Steve

      oh lighten up. a bunch of rednecks having fun. But a yuppie like you wouldn’t understand.

      • depaz

        I’m hardly a yuppie. And I have no problem w/ anybody having fun. It’s just amazing that this would end up on a “news” page . . . . .Guess it was a slow day.

    • Haterofhaters

      None of their parents are spending money on them, and they’re all more successful than you.

      • depaz

        You don’t know me, so you have no idea of how successful I am. If they’re not college age, they’re fresh out (just look at ‘em). SOMEBODY spent $ to educate them. So they take a piece of plastic and bump their way down a hill. OK, so it’s fun. I’m surprised they had the common sense to wear protective gear. These are just the types to get seriously hurt w/ these stunts then turn around and sue Mattel (or whoever makes the car) because the warnings don’t tell them it’s not made to be ridden on a ATV track.
        And for the record, I’m retired after a very successful career in the corporate world.

  • JoeBlake

    Which one is Steve-o?

  • worldwatchman

    Hahahaha…………only in America.

  • AR154U

    Men and their toys !!! LOL.. from reading the other article of extreme lesbianism and their twisted description of rape,.. this too will someday fall into that category !!

  • Nate Whitlatch

    this is us! like our page on Facebook!

  • Emily C

    OMG They have been doing that for a year and a half . Their barely even good . Imagine how bad they were when they first started ?

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