Pastor Defends Richard Sherman and Says Roger Goodell is the NFL’s Biggest Thug

The biggest “thug” in the NFL is not Richard Sherman or Richie Incognito; it’s Roger Goodell.  A guy who tries to toughen up his wingman in the trenches is Spartan, not criminal.  And Richard Sherman’s biggest mistake is not what he said, but how he said it.  If he would have smiled and rhymed he’d be the next Muhammad Ali, but in the heat of the moment he came across more like Homey the Clown.  Personally, I love me some Homey!

If Erin Andrews had interviewed David after he defeated the giant of Gath, he would have been holding the dripping head of Goliath and the world would be a twitter about how “class-less” he was.  It’s The NFL – not The View!  At least, not yet!  Give Roger Goodell a few more years and it’ll be the Cirque du Soleil.

No commissioner has raised more ire than the league’s current honcho.  From allegedly sabotaging Rush Limbaugh’s bid at ownership to his silence in the face of Tebow’s lynching; from rolling out the rainbow carpet to sexually politicize the league to making it virtually impossible to play defense, Roger Goodell is the game’s greatest foil.  Offensive players may love him because he’s padding their stats and their contracts but defensive players are being taxed to death with fines.  I guess they’re paying their fair share.  If the league had any integrity, they’d simply go to a two hand touch rule for quarterbacks and receivers; but if a genie ever gives me three wishes, at least one of them will be to have Goodell get stuck in an elevator with James Harrison … on webcam.

Uh-oh!  Richard Sherman was “too animated” in the post-game interview.  He was “classless!”  If they wanted “class” they would have gone to Russell Wilson.  Sherman is a warrior, and gladiators don’t ask “Mother may I?”  Look, I’m pretty sure that the producers that told Erin Andrews to go to Richard Sherman and not Russell Wilson, had an idea what they were going to get.  They probably got more than they hoped for, but it will only add to the drama.  Now we have Peyton in the white hat going against Sherman in the black – a remake of High Noon with Manning as Gary Cooper and Sherman as Django unchained!  The NFL loves this!

I’m not telling anyone that they shouldn’t be harsh on Richard Sherman or that they must love him, but I am critical of the bandwagon that would stone a guy based on someone sticking a mic in his face, ten seconds after he’s just been in a brawl.  In today’s game, all the prima donnas are receivers, they’re divas, and it’s not even debatable.  And now, Goodell’s NFL has exacerbated that by putting an imaginary zone of protection around them.

There are only a handful of guys that can still own the best receivers in the business even though all the cards are stacked against them.  The “shut-down” corner is a Jedi!  And when they nullify the best athletes in the game they deserve a little leeway to chirp about it!

Richard’s critics are upset that he’s not Luke Skywalker and they speak of him as if he’s Darth Vader – but Sherman is neither, he’s talented, rebellious and a bit bent – he’s Han Solo.  I don’t know about you but I’m sick of a league full of Lukes!   There is nothing more pathetic than the typical athlete in an interview – “At the end of the day, (insert inanity here).”  “It was a real team effort.”  “We’re taking it one game at a time.”  “For an 0-11 team, they’re really solid, well coached and loaded with talent.”

Queue Colonel Slade’s flame thrower, I just threw up in my mouth.

Do you know why they all sound the same? Because they’ve been “coached” on what to say by their agents.  Do you know what an agent is?  A Lawyer!  And that’s why sports interviews are completely forgettable and usually make the science teacher from The Wonder Years sound like Socrates in comparison.

Why?  Because a bunch of metrosexual, pajama boys who couldn’t pass their bar exams are playing Cyrano’s sock puppet and all the while they think they are jock-whisperers.  We just have to lump it and hear the same safe answers to the same lazy questions ad nauseam?   Maybe that’s why most of us preferred Ditka, Mora, or Dennis Green to Bill Belichick in a post-game interview: because they are real, because they are raw and because they don’t sound like they went to sensitivity training with Stuart Smalley.

In a world full of false teeth, fake tatas, imaginary girlfriends, Carlos Danger, phony birth certificates, debt clocks that stop functioning, politicians that pass laws they don’t read, celebrities with no discernible talents, Christians against Christ, president’s that don’t inhale, presidents that do, and Bruce Jenner’s jowls; it’s freaking refreshing to have clarity.  Even if he is more Marquis de Sade than Marquis de Queensbury, I’ll stand with Richard Sherman.  He’s an original and he backs it up.  Folks, it’s entertainment, you’re not hiring a youth minister.

On the same day as “the rant,” Bronco’s wide receiver, Wes Welker takes out his former team mate, Aqib Talib, and everyone is losing their mind about a dude who talked a bit of trash.  So a cheap shot that takes the best player off the field and puts him in rehab for the whole off-season isn’t even mentioned.  Why?  Because Welker didn’t talk about it or foam at the mouth?  The guy who offed Hoffa didn’t talk about it either, is he not a thug?  Does he have “class?”  Some guys aren’t James Bond – some guys are Conan the Barbarian – and some of us like them both!

Yet, the piling on continues.  So let me set something straight about the best corner in football: there is very little that separates Richard Sherman from Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.  All three have a chip on their shoulder for being passed on in the draft.  They all play with an attitude.  They all think exactly the same thing about being the best and even about the level of their opponents.  What separates them is a filter: a shut-off valve.

While Aaron and Tom may only think it, Richard thinks it and says it.  And maybe that’s what we mean by “class,” – having that filter that cuts off the tongue from the mind.  But don’t dismiss Sherman as a pariah, he has room to grow.  We all do.  In a league of canned speeches and hyper political correctness, I for one appreciate the raw honesty of Clubber Lang!

My Chicago buds keep reminding me that my all-time favorite player, Walter Payton, would just hand the ball to the refs after he scored.  And I have to remind them that Walter was part of that really super-humble Super Bowl team that made that really crappy rap video about how they were going to win it all, the day after they had just lost to the Miami Dolphins.  I think that’s what is called “selective humility”?  Then again, how do you think Dick Butkus would sound if he had been mic’d up against Green Bay?

So let me get this straight: the son of a garbage man who works his tail off to climb out of Compton, falls 1/10% short of being Valedictorian in a High School that hasn’t seen a student athlete get a scholarship to Stanford in 50 years, has the biggest play of his life in the biggest game of his life against his biggest enemy in the NFL, and the coach that allegedly tried to torpedo his place in the draft decides to chirp strong a bit in the heat of the moment, and I’m supposed to treat him like he blamed Benghazi on a YouTube video?  Child, Please!  #LOB

About the author: John Kirkwood

John Kirkwood is a son of Issachar. He is a Zionist, gun-toting, cigar-smoking, incandescent light bulb-using, 3.2 gallon flushing, fur-wearing, Chinese (MSG) eating, bow-hunting, SUV driving, unhyphenated American man who loves his wife, isn't ashamed of his country and does not apologize for his Christianity. He Pastors Grace Gospel Fellowship Bensenville, where "we the people" seek to honor "In God we Trust." He hosts the Christian wake up call IN THE ARENA every Sunday at noon on AM 1160 and he co-hosts UnCommon Sense, the Christian Worldview with a double shot of espresso on He is the proud homeschooling dad of Konnor, Karter and Payton and the "blessed from heaven above" husband of the Righteous and Rowdy Wendymae.

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  • AR154U

    More shock and Awe from one little rant,.. right after a very big game I might add !! I see nothing wrong with this young man’s reply to a stupid reporter and the network director that urge her on !!! Sherman can play ball for my team ANYDAY !!!!

    • Del Sharp

      Agreed. I couldn’t really understand Sherman, in the interview, but I still don’t know what his “crime” was.

      • pysco

        Being an Esshole.

        • Kenneth Kirkham

          Apparently you must have a lot of experience at being an “esshole”. The only person I see really behaving as one is you. Go troll some forum that actually values your input.

          • pysco

            Since you brought up “troll” how you doing at the Chicago steam baths trolling for fags.

    • Donut

      Right on…….and, don’t know if anyone else said it……..commentators on tv didn’t……mention that Crabtree had just shoved Richie Sherman in the face……as he put out his hand for a shake, etc…..

  • AR154U

    Mr. Sherman is about to receive a good media public whipping from his White Liberal Masters !!! Enjoy Kunta Kinte ,.. I mean Richard !

    • pysco

      Sherman was being an Esshole to another black player, but since you want to envolve the race card, you’re an Esshole too.

  • Bulldog74

    Actually, once I got over the initial shock I thought it was refreshing to hear a player give other than an Front Office-sanctioned response.

  • Bruce Vain

    You’ve lost it Kirkwood! Although I agree with you on Roger Goodell. He’s Mephistopheles.

  • Steeler Nation

    Roger Goodell is to football what Barack Obama is to the Constitution.

  • Satchmo

    Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Joe Louis were consummate professionals. All this crap started with Ali and we’ve been cursed ever since. And Goodell is an idiot.

  • mercury

    Admittedly, my initial reaction was that of disgust, but with a little more thought, I realized that this was the Shakespeare of post-game interviews. While most of those stupid post-game interviews have all the excitement of a bowl of cold oatmeal, Sherman’s rant was a grande burrito filled with jalapeno peppers! Seriously, who would you rather watch – let’s say the BCS college championship game with – Sherman with his fiery rhetoric or someone like Payton Manning, who compliments his opponents for their fine play and good efforts?

  • Gretchen Hall

    The promotion of this kind of behavior is unconscionable. AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A PASTOR? do you let your children watch?

    • johnanaguski

      The look on Andrews face told it all total disgust and misbelief.

      • Kilroy

        Maybe if Andrews was holding Pom Pons and not a microphone she wouldn’t have been so shocked.

    • Kilroy

      Some guys don’t flip the switch as fast as others. You don’t shove a mic in their face as they’re walking off the field with emotions raging.

    • Eagles_76

      He’s a pastor like Sharpton and Jackson and they are worthless.

      • Bruce Vain

        You’ve obviously never read the Parson before if you think he’s like those revs. He’s so conservative, he makes Limbaugh look like a bed wetting liberal.

        • texas57


    • grinner

      You must be a tree hugging shiny happy Joel Olsteen lover.

  • d4texas

    Classless ghetto thuggery. Bad image for the Seatle. I hope this idiot thug gets beaten and burned multiple times throughout the next game. Winners, especially alleged “professionals”, should show some humility and respect for their opponents – fellow athletes who made it this far. What kind of example is this idiot showing our kids, i.e., young kids in sports? Is the next player interview going to try to top this rant?

    • Woody

      And, what kind of example for kids is your rant? Sherman may have been somewhat classless (I didn’t see his interview) but, you are no better.

      • chuck g

        Not even close.

    • grinner

      “What kind of example is this idiot showing our kids, i.e., young kids
      in sports?”
      Well d4texas, how many kids do you have..? Maybe you ought to teach your kids discernment. Yea yea yea, you were talking about ‘other peoples kids’. Well I say mind your own business about how other people teach their kids, liberal..!!

    • Patriot1

      Your kids should be looking to you as an example of how to behave not some athlete. You know next to zilch about Sherman yet you feel free to call him a thug. What does that make you? Cool your heels and get a grip! Maybe then you can set a good example for your kids!

  • johnanaguski

    Definitely someone that graduated from Stanford would certainly act with some class that Sherman apparently does not have.

    • grinner

      So by this statement, you’re saying that Stanford is ‘liberal free’.

  • Chris P

    The author has no clue about life on this planet. Being proud of wasting resources is about as dumb as you can get.

  • Scirel


  • Chief47

    I agree with the writer. Roger Goodell is the biggest thug in the NFL and he is a tyrant and a dictator. He has sat back on his fat cat behind all season long and done nothing about the horrific officiating in the NFL. If you were to look at virtually every game played this season, there were incorrect officiating calls that either cost one team the game or completely turned the tide of a game. And not a darned word about it from their so-called leader. I think it is about time that Congress remove the NFF’s anti-trust exemption and let the cards fall where they may. The game has become one big joke under Goodell’s so-called leadership or lack thereof.

  • pysco

    Its not an argument over Goodell or Sherman, The pastor defended an Esshole.

  • bjreg3

    The pastor is probably as big a moron as Sherman

    • Becky

      Wow, what an impressive argument. Since you said it we should all be convinced. Have you heard of the pot and the kettle?

      • bjreg3

        We’ll it’s at least obvious you have 2 moving parts, both interchangeable , and both stink. The jerk is classless, seems you like that behavior. How sad, truly sad.

  • ansonheath

    Cannot recall – for a long time – getting as much enjoyment in reading an article, as I did with this one – made my day, Pastor JK!

  • regulus30

    when I say this guy going off I turned my TV off and thought to myself;; this is going viral.

  • Ralph

    I guess most on this comment section do not care for a little taunting! Seems like the sensitivity meter is running overtime!

  • Coffee49

    I havent watched an NFL game in 3 years, they are equivilent to MTV in my book, actually considering cancelling Direct T V an cuddling up with a good book like catcher in the rye or guns and ammo

  • mexxet

    Goodell is the primary reason for the spiraling demise of the once great NFL.

  • JBQ21

    There is something wrong with Richard Sherman as well as those who go out of their way to support his rant. No argument about Goodell. So, what is a pastor doing defending a raw man of the streets? He is worth defending yes but as for defending his actions, no. So, the pastor is trying to prove that he is among them. If you walk with fleas, then you might get a few. His criticism of Walter Payton is unwarranted. As for Wes Welker, it was a cheap shot.

    • Becky

      I suppose you missed the part where Kirkwood touted Payton as his all-time favorite player. What he stated about Payton’s participation in the video is simple fact. The Bears went 15-1 that year. They were riding high and for good reason. Why are so many people across America talking about Sherman is because of his adrenaline induced rant. Other great players, like Curt Warner, the Seattle running back, went largely unknown in spite of their skills. Kudos to Sherman for making his name a household word.

      • Libertarian Soldier

        More likely drug induced!

        • bitterrootbill

          Wrong answer. Ask any wide receiver in the NFL who is the best corner in the league. Hell, ask any CORNER BACK ! Richard Sherman can talk the talk, but he also walks the walk.

          • Libertarian Soldier

            So, he’s talked you into it and he’s talked all of them into it, too?

            Best cheat? Yeah! I’m with you. Best technician; best athlete, best corner? Not even close.

      • JBQ21

        Curt Warner is worthy of adulation. He played for Penn St and led them to the 83 Sugar Bowl and a national championship. He wasn’t controversial. My favorite Kurt Warner, quarterback, worked checking stock at a grocery store before he made it big and won a Super Bowl. Richard Sherman is a complete fool. He is a dunce and deserves all of his criticism. Pastor Kirkwood without a doubt insinuated that “Sweetness” was an “Uncle Tom”. Kirkwood obviously wants to hang out with low lifes in his vision of religion and lower himself to their level instead of upgrading them to a level of a Curt Warner or a Kurt Warner.

        • John Kirkwood

          Sorry JB, have to break in here. I insinuated no such thing about Walter. I not only love him and consider him the best running back to ever play the game but I built a bar for him and met him on a number of occasions. Becky is right, my comment was about the Super Bowl Shuffle and the ’85 Bears, who were far from wallflowers. How you could construe any of my comments to add up to an “Uncle Tom” is beyond me. But thanks for the opinion.

          • JBQ21

            It was kind of you to respond. My comment was based on her observation which obviously was not the greatest. I didn’t say your comments. The comment was based on those of “Second Hand Rose”. This is just one more instance of going to the “horse’s mouth”.

        • bitterrootbill

          Richard Sherman is far from being a fool or a dunce. He has a degree from Stanford in communications..They don`t award those to fools and dunces!

          • D Paul

            In this case, they must have.

          • Libertarian Soldier

            Proof that you can graduate from Stanford and still be a buffoon. You can take the fool out of Compton…

          • bitterrootbill

            ESPN: Seahawks’ Richard Sherman is NFL’s best cornerback

            Posted on November 12, 2013
            By Nick Eaton

            Seahawks star Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the NFL, according to ESPN.

            Sherman beat out the likes of Arizona’s Patrick Peterson, New
            England’s Aqib Talib and Tampa Bay’s Darrelle Revis for the top spot in ESPN’s rankings, compiled by network analyst and former NFL corner Herm Edwards.

            Sherman celebrates his team’s performance in the final minutes of
            Seattle’s 33-10 victory over the Falcons on Sunday in Atlanta. (Kevin C.
            Cox/Getty Images)

            “I love his length and his competitive demeanor,” Edwards wrote of
            Sherman on Tuesday. “He’s a very confident player, and he does a great
            job playing in man coverage. He can play zone, but his strength is
            getting his arms on WRs in bump-and-run and disrupting routes.

            “He’s also a good tackler in the open field. I think his ball skills
            could improve a bit, but he’s a really solid player in that system, and
            has four interceptions this season (tied for third in the NFL).”

            Peterson, who has excelled this season with Seattle’s division-foe
            Cardinals, ranked second yet his stock is on the rise; Edwards wrote
            that Peterson could soon be No. 1. Talib was rated third and Cleveland’s
            Joe Haden ranked fourth.

            Revis was fifth in ESPN’s rankings. At the beginning of last season,
            when he was with the New York Jets, Revis was widely considered to be
            the NFL’s best cornerback until he went down in Week 2 with a
            season-ending knee injury.

            In February, Revis and Sherman got into a bit of a tiff on Twitter about who was the better corner.

            Rounding out ESPN’s list were Chicago’s Charles Tillman, Miami’s
            Brent Grimes, Tennessee’s Alterraun Verner, Denver’s Dominique
            Rodgers-Cromartie, Kansas City’s Marcus Cooper and San Francisco’s
            Tramaine Brock.

            “To be an elite cornerback in the NFL, you need to have mental
            toughness, ball skills, excellent change-of-direction ability, pattern
            recognition and closing speed,” Edwards wrote.
            “The top corners are the guys who not only want to take on the
            challenge of single coverage with no safety help against the
            opposition’s top wideout, but the ones who can win that matchup on a
            consistent basis.”

            This year, no opposing quarterback has thrown Sherman’s way more than
            six times in a game, and out of the 41 times his coverage area has been
            targeted, receivers have made 23 receptions, according to statistics
            from Pro Football Focus.
            Combining the season’s numbers, PFF rated Sherman third among corners in
            the league, trailing Revis at No. 1 and Verner at No. 2, though Sherman
            has played more snaps.

          • Libertarian Soldier

            So, Nick Eaton, and Sherman have talked you into believing he’s better than three of the dozens of better corner backs that don’t openly brag about how they cheat and don’t openly brag about themselves!

            I wouldn’t ever put Herm Edwards up as an authority and don’t know how he can be considered an annalist. He couldn’t even analyze what’s wrong with any of the teams he ran into the ground. Herm Edwards is known for two things: The “miracle in the meadow-lands” which was a fluke that any corner would have made famous in that position and how to squander the Rooney Rule time after time.

            Keep searching that web, looking for someone as gullible as yourself!

  • Rexkwondo

    A pastor who references Homey the Clown and Django in the same article! Dude, I wnat to party with you!

  • Taco

    If the receiver on the 49’s is as bad as Sherman says he is then there is no way Sherman is the greatest defensive back in the NFL. A mediocre freshmen defensive back in high school could have covered him.

  • chronovisor

    bout the only thing i agree with is what a thug roger goodell is

  • Anthony Alexander

    This guys a bully, that’s guy is not…..who gives a S_IT!! The National football league (National Felon League) is a haven for felons who are aggrandized to icon status by the money TV and promotions of sports gear; clothing, etc. This is a good example where too much money being paid to under qualified people being paid beyond their real qualifications and worth turn unproductive selfish and self serving. They are bunch of overpaid primadonnas who seek every opportunity for self aggrandizement. This overgrown simian is a good example. Multimillion dollar salaries to play catch? Its all BS….

    These mental midgets make millions in salaries. Go ask them you can’t make the mortgage or property payments see what they say….They won’t care so why should you sit there and watch them??. It never ceases to amaze me of the credulous nature of the average American who is caught up in the football, basketball, baseball viewing world on TV trying to pay their bills with reduced paycheck all the while the people they are watching are being paid millions…. they are nothing more than suckers, stuff their fat faces with more food and cheer for their favorite chump. It’s all BS. These players think they’re tough but deep down they are pu__ies. The only guy who had guts recently was Pat Tillman who proved his worth on the battle field. I say draft these NFL players into the armed forces and let them help us fight the next war then we’ll see how tough they are.

  • John Kirkwood

    Oh, there’s a lot of people disagreeing with me about Richard Sherman but get this – not one person has disagreed with me about Roger Goodell. What does that tell you about today’s NFL and it’s current direction? I would like to see a polling company take on Roger Goodell, I bet his numbers would be lower than Obama and Congress!

    • texas57

      do what homey ?? love the pic parson………………now off to a .500 Nitro :) Giles has a pretty good smoke in this one. just sayin

    • Bo_Kassa

      John…great article!!! I’m with you 100% not only about Goodell but also Richard Sherman. I wish all these PC (politically challenged) individuals would go back to the cesspools they crawled out of.

    • bjreg3

      Goodall is a jerk, Sherman is classless and the “writer” of this article, delusional.

  • vtrobert1800r .

    So the NFL has another mouth. I think the guys in the league do a good enough job of taking care of their own. I don’t remember everyone being so up in arms over some of the things Deion Sanders said. As does Richard Sherman, he simply had the talent to back up his mouth. It was only after he found God and developed some humility that Sanders was embraced by life after football. Anyone remember Duane Thomas, Brian Bosworth, Hollywood Henderson, how about Tyrell Owens?
    I for one think it’s remarkable for a man to overcome the obstacles he has. I submit it is no small accomplishment to get into Stanford, even as a football player. I also believe it refreshing that the Seattle DBs have developed the persona they have.

  • Becky

    OMG, what a bunch of cry babies. I’m willing to bet that no one here watches football because they are looking for classy fare. His post game comments were arrogant, true, but he was still on an adrenaline high and he had just had words with Crabtree that had annoyed him. If a team member of your favorite team had done something similar and had just made the play that got them into the superbowl, you would all be a lot more forgiving. Get over your self righteous ranting. Great article, Kirkwood. Ignore the haters who use classless verbiage to call another man classless. Most of them are just ticked off that their team didn’t make it.

    • skyjalopy

      Don’t think so. I’m a Seattle boy born and Washington bred. GO HAWKS!!! I love the hawks, but I hate poor sportsmanship. Not just Sherm’s actions but Crabtree’s as well. Also in other sports, the likes of LaBron, Rodman, McEnroe, and so many others. Is this type of behaviour, the way you want to see being copied by our children. Must be since so many condone it. This type of behaviour reminds me of a pathetic liberal gimme-gimme whining because their EBTS card was blocked. I love the sport, have issues with lack of true sportsmanship. GO SEAHAWKS!!!!

  • all4HIM

    The very reason after 40+ years of an avid NFL fan I have lost all desire to watch another game ever ! Most of the blame can go to goodell no cap on his name as I have 0 respect for him. There have been some great men in football and still a few but very few and like everything else in America the scum is rising to the top to quickly kill off this great nation and sport.

  • Bo_Kassa

    The press goes way over the top in their infringement on players and coaches immediately following a highly emotional and physically demanding contest such as Sundays games. Although I don’t approve of Sherman’s actions I far from condemn him for this event. Sherman was just reacting in an emotional manner to a situation that had just happened. The stupid, ignorant and prying sideline reporter, who has never taken a snap, never played a minute of football (and if she has not nearly at that level) was totally out of order. What is the purpose of her even being there? She has never played or experiences the game first handed, only a spectator! Football is a violent game, played by violent people and that is what most folks like about it. I could do things during the game and on the field that I would get arrested for if I did that to someone on the street. That fact alone was truly one of my main attractions to the game. Sherman came up rough, earned his way to Stanford, graduated with honors from there and has become one of the best defensive players in the NFL. His edge as is with most players, is their ability to turn it on when required. The silly reporter, sticking a microphone in this players face immediately after the game was actually much more repulsive to me then the mano e mano comments made by Richard Sherman. I wish he would have told her to: “get lost b___tch.” The NFL rules, fines and regulations are totally ruining the game I used to love and play. Rejoice it is less then 70 days ’til March Madness!!!!!!!

  • Tonto

    I think Sherman was geeked up, Goodell got right in his pants just like he wanted to….psychological warfare put the hurt on Sherman….That’s it in a nutshell. And for the talking heads and the rest of the dingbats out there that are sending this BS into the upper atmosphere are just talking for the sake of talk. Pathetic when taking a close look.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    Probably just the drugs talking!

    This isn’t warfare. There are no real trenches and if there were trenches, he wouldn’t be in them. Also, the game was over. This wasn’t, “A guy who tries to toughen up his wingman in the trenches…”

    Remember, this is the guy that is upset that Harbaugh, his former Stanford coach didn’t draft him. Can you imagine this guy on a Harbaugh coached 49er team? I think that was a good call.

    Also, the game was over; the interviewer asked him to take her through that last play. That’s not what she got. She got a narcissist, wrongly claiming to be the best corner in football and demeaning his opponent, yelling it like a maniac on drugs.

    Doesn’t anybody remember this guy and the other corner, Browner being suspended for using speed, um, Adderall (brand name for amphetamine) last year? Can anybody tell me why Browner wasn’t playing in this game? That’s right, because he was suspended again, this year on a random test. From what I’ve seen on camera, you can justify a speed induced meltdown all you want. It’s still a speed induced meltdown. Classic!

    Oh, I would like to point out that last year Browner and Sherman appealed their suspensions on a technicality, that something in the chain of custody process wasn’t strictly enough adhered to (instead of accepting responsibility for their cheating), having their suspensions overturned.

    The NFL does continue to test for performance enhancing drugs like the prescription amphetamine but unlike the rest of the workplace in the real world, they don’t test for cause. They really missed this one because that’s classic drug induced psychosis.

    • Hoss

      The trenches comment was obviously referring to Incognito.

  • grinner

    This is spot on. Goodell sucks. Sherman is a beast and a joy to watch.

  • Princeton

    Payton Manning has “class,” I’d rather have him court my daughter but the writer here is right; his interviews are painfully bland and boring. And they’re meant to be. It’s the friendly lie that we all have to put up with now because of political correctness and it’s a sign of a dying civilization that we feel the need to.

  • Cleaner

    Full disclosure – The Parson (John Kirkwood) and I are best friends, we preach at the same church, we record a radio show together and this will likely be a topic on tomorrow’s show.

    Having said that, here’s my take on this issue:

    I couldn’t care less. I saw it live, yeah, he was brutal, but truth be told I just don’t care. Our nation is sinking into a black hole of immorality, our economy is depleted, we’re living off the treasury printing press and our children’s future is looking like something from a Ridley Scott flick or George Orwell novel.

    Inasmuch as I don’t care what the Krispy Kreme governor of New Jersey did on a bridge, I don’t care about Rob Sherman, General Sherman or was it Bobby Sherman? I do care about things like Benghazi, however.

    With that on the table here’s some brass tacks reality – these are tough men. These are men who channel their inner warrior – Spartan, as John said – they are tough, rough and ready. Competition brings these things out in men. Ethan Krupp should be crapping his pants over this, but real men? Not so much. Dig?

    I do have a solution to the Bobby Sherman / Mrs. Crabtree issue, though, wanna hear it? Here ya go…

    Let these two men settle their differences out in the Octagon. Yeah, that’s right, more violence. Know why that’d be a good thing? As a former cage nut (and current couch watching cage nut) I can tell you that when a fight is over, even if the combatants once despised each other, it gets left on the MMA threshing floor where it belongs.

    They could sell it as a PPV, with the proceeds going to the charity of their choice. They’d shake hands as men once they’re done bloodying each other’s noses, liberals would be appeased the melee was resolved and the funds would be going to a good cause. Seems like a reasonable plan IMNSHO.

    Finally, the wonks here lambasting Pastor Kirkwood for being a pastor as well as a fan? I have three words for you:


    We’re men, it’s what we do, okay?

  • DOOM161

    Goodell’s media stooges wanted a 49ers/Patriots stupid bowl. They didn’t get it so they have to crucify somebody.

  • Cruncher Block

    I enjoy watching the Legion of Boom. Sherman is one of the best. Still has some rough edges. Hopefully, he grows out of it because he has a very inspirational story.

  • Neal Avery

    Aw, Come On! Crabtree is the one that palmed Sherman in the face and wouldn’t shake hands and interfered with Sherman’s interception. Why are people mad at Sherman? Because the talking heads were pulling for SF and Denver. Get Over It.

  • Jay Whale

    Who made the decision to have the Super Bowl at the North Pole. I want his job for half the pay, and I promiss never to have a Super Bowl north of Georgia.

  • Patriot1

    The best Clash Daily piece ever, bar none! Why can’t we enjoy our beautiful game without pansy libs ruining it for us like they have everything else? Go Sherman and Go Seahawks!

  • Deepizzaguy

    I just like the sports media endorsing the Denver Broncos as saints and Richard Sherman as the Cactus Jack Slade character in The Villain. Goodell is the worst football commissioner in NFL history. Richard was excited because his team won a tough football game. His comments did not offend me. Go Seahawks. Just win baby. Richard reminds of Clubber Lang III in Rocky III. A boxer that had a chip on his shoulder because he was the best boxer in town.

  • armydadtexas

    I really don’t understand what the big deal is. Sherman had just made an outstanding play in a Championship Football Game. Some ditz from Fox Sports started questioning him. He was still fired up over the play and responded. If that was over the line, then Football is doomed. I don’t like Seatle, nor do I like Sherman, but hey, give the man his due, HE MADE AN INCREDIBLE PLAY. If he hurt Crabtree’s feelings then Crabtree best retire and get out of the sport. Football is a MAN’s sport, where MEN act like MEN. If you don’t like that go to a ballet instead.

    • skyjalopy

      The problem that I see is fairly simple, and Sherman and Crabtree are just the two latest meatheads to show it. It’s called SPORTSMANSHIP and to fail at this is worse than losing to the worst team in the world. What’s even worse than that is that we as a society sit back and either watch these self-centered boobs act like Neanderthals with apathy or actually approve and condone their behaviour. This is of course picked up by our children and learn that if you make the big leagues, you can act like an ass with impunity. Because if my hero/idol acts this way, than that must be the right way to be. Yes this IS football and not ballet, but a TRUE MAN still treats his opponents WITH RESPECT. I’ve heard of more civility on a battlefield than what some of these so called pro-sportsmen. So we ignore/condone the idiocies of the pro sportsman, teach.our kids that its acceptable all in one fell swoop. Its sad.

      • armydadtexas

        You must have seen and heard two different football games then I did.
        Sherman made a great play. After which he walked up to Crabtree and stated “Great game” Crabtree pushed him away. That from a mic that recorded it.
        Both did this in the heat of the moment.
        I really believe the rants about “sportsmanship” are unfounded and are based on sour grapes.
        I don’t like either The 49ers or Seatle. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I am just saying, these two excellent football players had the nerve to show emotion and are getting a bunch of crap about it in return. And the folks doing this have the gall to talk about “sportsmanship” come on.
        I guaruntee there was trash talking throughout the entire game. After wards, the friendships returned, along with fishing trips and enjoying each other and the family.
        Stop trying to woosify Football and get over your-self

        • skyjalopy

          I’m not trying to wussify football. And getting over myself is not the issue. My issue, and we all have them, is that a person cannot watch any sport these days without seeing a player fail in the sportsmanship that used to be taught to all of us. I used to umpire little league baseball and softball and it has reached all the way down to the 10yr old players. The ability to lose gracefully and win with decorum is lost. SPORTS IS ABOUT THE GAME. THE STRUGGLE TO WIN. Not about “you aced me out of my god given right to catch that pass, so piss off” or “yeah, we creamed your butt now kiss mine pansies”.. the rest of my issue is that we as a society actually condone and beg for this type of behaviour. It’s not just about Sherman and Crabtree, they are just two more in a never ending list of players that have forgotten what it means to have “integrity in the game”. To show emotion is one thing, to trash talk is understandable. But escalating to physical outburst is uncalled for and is demeaning to the player, their team, and the intelligence of the fan. And every time someone tells me to Get Over Myself when an issue of lost morals is being discussed, just proves that our society has fallen further into degradation, that the integrity and character of said soiety

        • skyjalopy

          Armydadtexas, my other post is NOT personal to you. Don’t make it personal. What those of us “who have the gall to say about sportsmanship” are trying to convey’ at least myself personally, is where is the honor? Where is the integrity? What kind of character is one displaying? What is being taught to the young by their heroes and idols with these types of outbursts? Your avatar claims that you are the father of a US Soldier or that You yourself are one (THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND/OR THAT OF YOUR CHILD!!!!!!!) so I ask you to think, what would our military be if it was without integrity, honor, a high character? Should we expect less from those who influence the mindset of our young who will one day be in charge of our larger institutions? Just a query, no more no less. Be of Good Courage and long live the Republic!

    • God Mann

      Football’s a man sport. Now, if we can just get rid of the pink in October…

  • John Kirkwood

    He sticks his hand out and says, “Hell of a game, Hell of a game,” and he’s met with a paw to the face by Crabtree. Vindicated? No, but it does bring perspective.

  • Stanton Lore

    Wow. the author really got his feathers ruffled. poor poor guy. So the white guys are the villains. at least we know where you are coming from.

    • bitterrootbill


  • WASP

    Well, Rev. Opinions are like A-holes. Everybody’s got one. Now we heard yours. Yeehaw!

  • pissed off conservative

    the game of football is a bunch of sissies now..can you imagine dick butkus or jack lambert playing in todays nfl?? they would be fined every play just for hard hitting is a violant game played by tough it should be.. i dont like todays many rules and regulations..just let these men play as hard as they cant even hit a guy nowadays without getting fined .. i love football but am getting sick of the fines and prima donas

  • grumpybill

    I hardly watch pro football anymore, and it is because I am sick of all the hot-dogs and idiots that have infested the game!! While I applaud all the efforts to make the game safer for the players, it has become nothing more than an endless parade of stupidity. And think that Roger Goodell is a JOKE for a commissioner, with NO guts and NO backbone.

    To make the game what it ONCE was, we need MAJOR rule changes. I would propose the following:

    1) Absolutely NO end-zone celebrations, to include kissing your arm or doing some ridiculous dance. This is a TEAM sport, NOT one of individuals making a score! Any violation of this will result in forfeiture of one game’s pay, and a one-game suspension.

    2) Absolutely NO taunting, to include that toward another player or the crowd!! When you do this, you demonstrate everything SPORTSMANSHIP does NOT stand for!! Any violation of this will result in forfeiture of one game’s pay, and a one-game suspension.

    3) If you feel the need to wear “dreads”, they MUST be kept in a hair-net, and totally inside your football helmet. We can see your number on your jersey, but we MUST be able to read your name on the back of your uniform.

    4) When you are being interviewed, you do NOT need to keep telling us “you know” after every 4th word. No, we don’t know, so please refrain from asking us like we are stupid or something. If you feel you must keep asking us, you will not be interviewed until you can break this extremely annoying habit.

    5) Unless your father or grandfather played in the NFL, you may NOT display “Jr” or “III” on the back of your jersey. Emmitt Smith was a “III”, but did not feel the need to display that on his jersey, so what makes you better than him?

    6) NFL Football is a hard-hitting game, but intentionally causing unnecessary injury to another player (like the old bounty bowls) will result in criminal prosecution as well as forfeiture of pay.

  • John Stratemeyer

    Roger Goodell? He’s made his share of stupid mistakes as Commissioner, but a thug? What did he have to do with the Sherman interview, which has been overdone anyway?

  • Michael Geer

    Goodell doesn’t even rise to the level of thug. He’s an empty suit stuffed with pretentious bulcrap ruining the Game ..

  • armydadtexas

    To all you ass clowns that are trying to woosify football>>I am NOT a Seatle fan, but the play Sherman made was incredible. The man had every right to SHOW EMOTION and to be fired up about it. Some folks need to get over themselves and lighten up. Football, like it or not is a MAN’s sport. Where men can act like men. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    • grumpybill

      Regardless, men need to act like men, and not some crazed gorilla. Sherman needs to grow up and learn how to control his emotions!!

      • armydadtexas

        Oh boo hoo! Go play with dolls.

        • grumpybill

          Fk yourself

          • armydadtexas

            And the ground you walk on>you fool

      • God Mann

        So, tell us about the time when you made a championship game-saving play and was physically rebuffed for congratulating your opponent afterward. Tell us how you were so in control of your emotions when being interviewed about it.

  • mercury

    Interestingly, Rep. Allen West came to almost the same conclusion as Pastor Kirkwood – though he makes no comment on Goodell. See:

  • isis5551

    Sherman is not only intellectually smart, he’s physically smart, and IS one of the best Cornerbacks of all time. Way to go Richard. There is enough PC crapola today. Please don’t allow it to happen in sports too. Kick Arss and ask questions later.
    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Lou Holtz on tv last night, was also a mamby-pamby!

    • armydadtexas

      I do not like Seattle, period. But you are correct, Outstanding play. I still don’t understand aLL THE SNIVELING. P.C. whining going on. Football is football. It is a MAN’s sport. It is a sport where MEN can be MEN. Trying to fault a player 15 seconds after the game ended for being fired up is an attempt at wossifying the game. Sherman is an outstanding player.
      I don’t have to like a team, player or sport to understand what an outstanding play is. That was incredible.

      • God Mann

        Gee, I would think that the pink accents worn during October would be the first clue that the NFL has gone soft.

  • God Mann

    Read the bio of the author at the bottom of the article. I knew him when he was a God-rejecting young man with great flowing manes; a really tough guy. His father is one of the greatest men of God in the world who is supremely devoted to teaching Scripture the way it’s meant to be taught. It’s riveting to hear him. John Kirkwood eventually came to know Christ, and he is greatly influenced by his father. Great article, John!

  • KC

    It was a great athletic move by Sherman tipping the ball away. But I don’t hear anyone congratulating Malcom Smith! If he doesn’t catch the ball and complete the interception, than it’s 2nd down and 10yds for a first with the 49ers having 2 T.O. left.
    Hey, Malcom, GREAT JOB!!!!

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