FECKLESS: Obama Just Surrendered The USA To Al Qaeda

The Junior Varsity Community Organizer President compared al-Qaeda-linked terrorists groups as “Jayvee Team”, much like an amateur basketball team wearing Laker’s uniforms, yet they are still not Kobe Bryant. Just because Obama wears the suit and sits in the Oval office doesn’t make him a President.

  • Trust no one

    Just disgustingly stupid. But it’s what we’ve come to expect from this ignorant assclown!

  • ill_Eagle_Human

    Well, the
    “Jayvee Team”, that Obi had set back on its heels, and feels that he personally
    pulled the trigger on its leader, is now recognized in demeaning terms.
    Yet, the Benghazi attack was scary enough to cause moisture in his pants and “cowardice in the face of the enemy” from 5200 miles away!

  • Sgt Snuffy

    Obombaster just challenged Al Qaeda to put their money where their mouth is. Our southern border is wide open and over the past decade OTM’s have streamed across the border into our country, OTM “Other Than Mexican” They have found Korans and prayer rugs scattered throughout our southern deserts. The bad part about it, is that Terrorist from the middle east can pass themselves off as hispanics because of skin and eye color, this is not a racial slur hispanics and muslim are of the Caucasian race believe it or not I really don’t care it’s science not ideology. All a terrorist has to do is learn to speak a little spanish and they can fool most Americans. We already know Hamas and Hezbollah have training camps in Mexico and Guatemala and Iran has missile and training base in Venezuela. Put the dots together folks a world of hurt with martial law being declared at the end is on it’s way.

  • Arlinda2

    Obama is a traitor wrapped in the legitimacy of the Constitution inside the Oval Office aiding and abetting Islamic Terrorist killers by exonerating them before they’re tried, endowing terrorists with rights over citizens rights, punishing victims and blaming everybody but the Islamic terrorists for slaughtering us and we gave Obama another 4 years so he could exonerate terrorists again and again!!!! Ft. Hood had three killers: Hassan who Obama, as commander-in-chief, continues to pay his military salary of $278,000 annually plus benefits but denying all benefits to the dead and wounded military; Holder who not only legally identified the Islamic terrorist massacre at Ft. Hood as violence in the workplace but refused before Congress to use the word Islamic in any terrorist attack. Obama minimizes ignores, forgives and refuses to identify any and all attacks of Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism: he prefers work place dilemma or video trouble making, or man made violence. The Boston bombing occurred despite the vast mind numbing NSA surveillance security complex, the warnings by the Russian government that were deliberately ignored and the administration’s generosity towards the Islamic terrorists by giving them rights before they gave us critical info. In Benghazi Al Qaeda’s BFF in the White House served up the lives of our Ambassador and his small security while POTUS went to bed early. He said it wasn’t Islamic terrorism but an Islamophobe with a video camera. No one in Benghazi was charged with the attack and no one in Benghazi knew of the video until after the attack. But we, the self loathing electorate, reelected this despicable character for some unknown reason.

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