FINALLY: Black Thug Charged with Hate Crime in New York ‘Knock-Out’ Attacks

A 35-year-old from New York has been arrested for at least seven knock out attacks around Brooklyn.

Barry Baldwin is accused of punching his victims to the ground in a spate of attacks carried out between November 9 and December 27, police said.

All of the victims were women, and most were Jewish. In one case, a 78-year-old was knocked to the ground as she pushed her great granddaughter’s stroller.

Baldwin, of East New York, has been charged with six counts of assault as a hate crime, aggravated harassment and attempted assault.

He also faces menacing charges and one count of endangering the welfare of a child after a mother who had been punched fell on to her seven-year-old child.  

‘Everyone will sleep a little easier,’  Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind told the New York Post. No one in our community should live in fear.’

In the first attack allegedly carried out by Baldwin, on November 9, a 78-year-old great-grandmother was knocked to the ground in one blow.

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  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    But you can’t have guns to protect yourself! Coumo is an idiot!!

    • CowboyUp Mayer

      I agree with you C. V. S., if you shoot one or two of these IDIOTS they will think twice about playing this stupid game !

      • texasnomad81

        You are correct Mr. Mayer ! You don’t hear about Texas having this problem. By no means is our state anywhere near crime free but this type of crap is a major no no here, and something we don’t mind emptying a clip on !

        • BigJohnL

          A clip?
          Don’t you mean a magazine?

          • Birdmanphil

            Thank you BigJohnL It is a magazine unless you are using Half Moon clips(Revolvers) or strippers on a SKS or similar but they only guide the rounds to where they go. It is a Friggin. Magazine!!! This isn’t a rap song!

      • 4grands

        Why stop at one or two?

  • charles_1

    I’ll believe justice is served when he actually serves a lengthy prison sentence for this. Our system is too willing to buy any excuse and these thugs out.

  • Clovis Robinson

    I would like to be alone with him about one hour in a jail cell just me and him. That is all it would take. God wouldn’t want me to get too much excitement in one day.

    • ravenmoon

      See I was thinking 5 minutes but with an hour I could take my time on the punk.

  • cynicrealist

    never will come the day when you will see this thug or any other of his “ethnicity” be taken out of a FEDERAL courtroom and sent off to any federal prison after he does his time if any in a state court. dream on america the liberal press will not have the balls to follow that story to its end!!!

    • aemoreira81

      Spoken like someone who is mentally slow. Why I say that with confidence…if you’re complaining about this, you should have flunked out of high school by grade 11.

      Libertarian lesson of the day: states’ rights. If a state and the feds have a law covering the same matter (and last I checked, the only states without hate crime laws are AR, GA, IN, SD, and WY), it is always the state’s responsibility first unless the state law doesn’t cover the act, or there is something “interstate” or “international”. As such, those complaining for one’s sake can only be seen as mentally slow.

    • BigJohnL

      America is always capitalized.
      You should have learned that before you came to my country.

  • Cole Vidrine

    Good for his ass. I could only hope that he gets locked up with some white JEWISH guy who knows KRAV MAGA and whips his ass daily. KIDA

  • bobbi

    this guy is a little old to be playing such irresponsible “ASSAULTS”, not games, “ASSAULTS”!!!

  • Lloyd Hargett

    Somebody get a rope . . .


    Someone should have “Popped a cap in his ass”, that’s right can’t carry in NY, try that here in AZ fool.

    • Pete Dup

      Or Alaska!

      • texasnomad81

        OR TEXAS !!!

        • BigJohnL

          Or PA.

          • T Bone

            Or NC.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    35 years old. You can understand a teenager (maybe 15) making a bad mistake, A thirty-five year old going around punching out old ladies is just too pathetic for words. Throw the book at him,

    • dixie williams

      randy, a teenager who would do this is seriously deranged and needs help, no excuses.

      • BigJohnL

        He needs lead poisoning.


      Throw the IRS tax codes book at him. He would be crushed by the weight.

  • tom perry

    His family will say he was such a good boy. Pillar of the community. and so on and so on. Probably don’t know his father. Father is also portrayed as a wonderful man.

    • Jessi

      Exactly, so easy to predict. His momma will be all over the news saying “He’s such a good ‘boy’ he don’t be hate-n nobodies. He just signed up last weeks to finish his GED*, he be goin’ to church fo’ times a week and he be full of dat spirit. After he be gettin’ that GED he gonna be go-n an gettin’ schooled on fixin’ flat tires which means he be gettin’ a good payin’ job. Iffin’ these racist po-leeces and Jewish folk put him in jail, cause my boy, my baby, he didn’t do dis he won’t be able to pay my rent or my heatin’ bill, and it’s cold outside and it ain’t right that I’ll be freezin, you’s be killin’ an old woman cause I won’t have no heat. He ain’t gonna be able to give my gran’ babies momma’s support for dem 13 babies to his 11 baby momma’s. Iffin’ you peoples put hims in jail you be stealin’ food outta them innocent babies moufs. Dis just ain’t right…he be such a good boy. Why you people gotta be doin’ dat to him?”

      (*GED-Remember he is 35)

  • John R. Brimer Sr.

    Where o where is the President ?. Was this another one of Obamas son`s?. Must have been brought up under neglect. The boy`s in the pen or going to love this one gee one who will fight back when they put him face down on the floor!.

  • dixie williams

    I can’t understand anyone any age doing a thing like this , a 78 yr old grandmother, and women . He’s supposed to be a GOOD boy, A pillar of the Community, really ! Enough is enough make the punishment fit the crime maybe then it will put a stop to all this insanity because that’s what it is . INSANE

  • Cliff

    he would not have been gotten a hate crime but for the fact he hit a Jewish person if he would have hit a christain nothing would have been done hate crime wise.

    • Mary

      I was wondering that myself. Could the New York liberals have feared Jewish retribution if they didn’t keep the blacks in check? I’d like to see this happen in other states as well, not just NY.

  • ginny_cw

    Less than human, vile being.

    • BigJohnL

      Definitely closer to his monkey ancestors than some.

      • UnCL3

        Or like the W00kie, MoocHelle

  • Judy South Foreman

    Wonder what kind of excuse Eric Holder, Rev Jessie or Sharpton will come out with to protect him. EVERYONE of them, no matter what race should be charged with a hate crime. Throw their butts in prison for life and put them on a work plan where they will work even if they are chained up to give to their victims their payck for life. They should lose their “rights” when they threw that punch.

    • Ricky Barnum

      Exactly. Love to see those demogogues justify it somehow and cause more divide among the American people than they already have. Race politics. The real racists they are.

  • Gabrielle Alyse

    The title is a bit misleading. This is the second black man to have been charged with a hate crime in regard to the knockout “game.”

  • Archer Andover

    To find out who rules over you, find out who you cannot play the knockout out game with.

    • Pete Dup

      I CC. They’ll find out quick who they shouldn’t mess with! No matter what color they are!

    • Pete Bohnhof

      You have totally misapplied that quote from Voltaire, back to community college for you!

      • Archer Andover

        You used the word “totally” inappropriately (you write like a 14 year old girl). And it’s “back to college “with you”, not “for you”. Community college indeed.God, how I loathe RINOs. What typical, silly dope.

        • Pete Bohnhof

          Says the moron who doesn’t understand Voltaire, you probably thought it came from a movie, lmaoooooooooooo.

          • Archer Andover

            Do you celebrate Christmas? Here’s a quote from your vice-president: “I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he explained, “. . . Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.”

          • Archer Andover

            Are you, like, TOTALLY lmao? Haha! 14 year old girl.

          • Pete Bohnhof

            You seem to be fixated on 14 year old girls. Is it only girls, or do you molest young boys as well? We saw you hanging around the school bus stop, we are on to you, and your end is near.

          • Pete Bohnhof

            Crickets, of course. Scary when you know that you have been caught, isn’t it. Be seeing you, lmaoooooooo!

  • Palomino

    OK……this idiot should never see the light of day again, but what about the many hundreds of rogue black packs who have done the same thing? They still roam the streets looking for helpless victims….we are NOT safe unless you’re packing!

    • KD

      …and even then you’re not so safe. These muggings happen so fast it’ll make your head spin. You’ll be lucky to draw and point, much less get off a well-aimed round.
      The very best defense is your head on a swivel. Great way to live, eh?

      • Mary

        I took a course on this at a police station. BE AWARE of your surroundings. Be careful when you get out of your car. If you see a gang of questionable people around, wait until they long pass before you leave your vehicle. Try not to walk into questionable crowds alone.
        When I answer my door, I always peak out. If I’m not expecting a serviceman or someone and a questionable person comes to my door I don’t open it. Try not to walk the streets during the late night hours.

        If I’m walking and I hear someone walking in back of me I’ll look over my shoulder to see who or what is in back of me. If I feel uneasy I’ll walk into a store or place of business even if I had no intent of going in there.

  • KLJ

    If he was arrested already why are we not seeing his actual mugshot rather than the police sketch? Is this to protect his identity when they drop the charges on him?

  • DaBear

    God’s will be done.

  • KD

    “Finally”, indeed. Now that the “blood lust of the racist crazies” has been sated we can expect to wait another 3,742 racially motivated assaults for the next B on W “hate crime” charge.
    Satisfied? Me, either.
    Why so angry you may ask? It’s not just the crimes, though they reek. It is the absolute lack of consistency in law enforcement and adjudication. Not charging a hate criminal with a hate crime only serves to perpetuate those hate crimes. Enough, already.

    • Mr Tony

      Wouldn’t ALL knockout crimes be “hate” crimes? Surely not LOVE crimes.

      • Don.B

        Out house.

      • KD

        Don’t know, since there are some strict parameters that define “hate crime”, but there’s no love fest going on that is for sure.

    • msueh

      You REALLY think that blood lust has been sated? Not as long as øvømit is sullying our White House.

      • UnCL3

        White Hut

        • msueh

          yeah. I stand corrected :-D

      • KD

        Of course not. Hence, the quotation marks.
        And I don’t really hold that it’s blood lust per se. More like we won’t rest until justice is finally done and our Nation back on the right course.
        I don’t give a hoot about skin color, I care about character.

  • rascallyrabbit

    If the victim had been a white Christian male would be SOL.

  • lgs

    So he thinks he’s a bigshot? Picking on a 78 yr. old woman? Right! Punk!!!

    • ravenmoon

      I personally want 5 minutes alone with this punk to show him how it feels to be punched in the face while not being able to defend himself, due to the broken arms which would be the first thing I would do. Punks like this make black people look bad, as not all of us like this sort of thing.

  • Brian Murphy

    He should get hard labour for 30 years for premeditated murder of old women; put him in jail with perverts and murderers and see how brave he is then.

    • DaveO

      “perverts and murderers” ? The democratic party.

  • Nolan Ashman

    One of Bammie’s chilluns?

  • Bobbala

    ‘Everyone will sleep a little easier,’ Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind told the New York Post. ‘No one in our community should live in fear.’

    Blacks will not sleep easier … his arrest leaves them just as safe as before — no better, no worse.

  • msueh

    it’s about time. now if this arresting is consistently applied to all the punks doing this…

  • UnCL3

    Hate crime?
    That’s otay, we hate him back.

  • Tattoomama

    Da’am barry–yo shor is one brave n – – – –
    . . .

  • KikenJuden

    I heard they dropped the hate crime charges because blacks can’t be hateful because hate implies the victim doesn’t deserve it and everyone knows all whites are guilty for slavery and every horrible thing that’s ever happened in the world.

    • Cathy

      You are a creep. Someone should kick you kiken.


      Some might be guilty of those charges if one was living in 1840. It’s 2014 and we have affirmative action.

      • KikenJuden

        Well slavery wasn’t illegal in 1840 so there would have been no charges to be guilty of.

  • crosshr

    Hang him and feed to the dogs !

    • Matt

      Dogs shouldn’t have to eat rotten food. He should be crucified then dismembered and thrown in the middle of the ocean.

      • Anita Hale

        That’s right because dogs get sick, too, from what they eat sometimes. They can handle road kill, but black criminal carcass? No.

  • Mary

    Now that they’ve finally done something in NY why don’t the other states follow suite and instead of the media hiding it and police forces look the other way, finally do something about it. Just last week, a couple in Charlotte, NC were severely beaten and saved by passerby’s who dialed 911 on their cell phones. Reports on Top Conservative news say, the media never reported it and the cops never pursued the case and closed it even after the woman was able to snap pictures of the perpetrator’s on her cell phone. A similar situation happened in New Orleans french quarter a few months back.

  • Mot

    He is only getting charged because his victims were chosenites. None of them were Whites.

  • Mary

    The knockout game is spreading to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand involving African immigrants against the white Europeans. I wonder how much more the people will take before severe backlash happens.

    • Gabrielle Alyse


      • Mary
        • Gabrielle Alyse


        • Emily Raya

          I just read the comments on that top conservative news article and they are the MOST hateful, racist things that I have ever read

          • Mary

            Maybe if the mainstream news started publishing the truth folks wouldn’t have to turn to alternative news sites to seek the answers. By the way, you say you find the comments on those sites racist. Don’t you find it racist that an incredible amount of blacks are striking out at mainly white folks, a few asians and latino’s in the knock out game. Even an Indian dude in Harlem who was mistaken for a white dude got knocked out.
            Do you find that okay, but white folks are racist for negative comments about it? If so, your logic is twisted.

          • Jordan

            Indian mistaken for white?? Is that possible…I believed your statements until now Mary lool

          • Mary

            There are many light skinned Indians that can pass for white, even some latino’s and asians. I’ve met them off and on through the years. By the way, the story was posted on WND a few months back by Colin Flahtery, author of White Girl Bleed A lot.

          • Garth

            Jordan, you need to get out more. I’ve seen Indians who could be mistaken for Whites, and Asians with whiter skin than I have. I just met a mulatto girl who looks like she could be from anywhere in Italy. It happens, believe it!

          • cathy

            I also read that article and I believe it was on Yahoo.

          • Umbriago

            Yes, Caste in Hindu Communities is often based on perceived skin color especially in the old Northern Indian States. The Southern Tamil States are much darker in skin pigmentation, much darker than West Africans even. If you haven’t lived out that way, you are unaware of the variations of racial and ethnic Indian-Asian origins’

          • jtl1

            During the Cincinnati riots an elderly black woman was beaten up when she was briefly mistaken for being white–she was an albino.

            As soon as one of the perps recognized her true race and announced it to his fellow thugs, they immediately stopped pummeling her and went off in search of real whites to beat up.

          • Wayne Wilhelm

            Actually, the most racist things you have ever read is the racism of the blacks conducting the attacks. And then, extremism begets extremism. If blacks weren’t the most racist, vial, and extremist race around, the comments being posted won’t be so extreme.

          • Garth

            Sometimes the truth conflicts with Leftist programming, Emily. The real racists are those blacks attacking Whites, Asians and Jews, yet you fail to grasp that concept, or you are just another racist ass-hat.

          • Bret

            Actually Emily is correct, the comments after the two topconservativenews pieces are very hateful. But what Emily fails to understand is that when an ethnic group (any ethnic group) chooses to participate in things such as “the knock out game” they invite comments such as the ones posted. In her warped logic she chooses to focus on the result of bad behavior rather than the cause.

          • YO VINNIE

            Sticks and stones.

            Words may offend one’s ego but the knock-out game can result in death. Who are the real criminals here?

          • Emily Raya

            I don’t like to judge the many because of the actions of a few. You can say that the individuals are bad people, but it will take more to convince me that an entire race of people is bad.

          • Anita Hale

            I wouldn’t call over 1/2 of our country’s violent crime being committed by younger black males “a few”. They are our biggest homeland terrorist threat. It’s the same everywhere, in every nation.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            Black males between the age of 16-24 make up between 5-6% of the American population. Surely not all 16-24 year old blacks are committing violent crimes. She means it is unfair for the entire black race to be demonized because of the actions of a fraction of the population, and she’s right. Look at it this way: men commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in the U.S. and the entire male population is not demonized.

          • Anita Hale

            No one is demonizing the entire race, but blacks are the most violent and irresponsible of any other race. What does one call that?

            Black males between the ages of 16-45 commit over half of all violent crime even though they are only 2-3% of the population. Put those numbers in any other scenerio or race and it’s epidemic of the highest degree.

            White males outnumber black males about 7.5 to 1. You look at it this way, if white males were committing violent crimes at the rate of blacks males our country would be a total war zone with no place to hide..

            Your argument is totally irrational.

            By the way, remember a “fraction” can be 99/100. Hopefully black criminals won’t become that large of a fraction of their race.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            No one? Are you sure about that?
            Compared to women, men commit a disproportionate amount of the violent crime in our country, yet the entire male population isn’t demonized the way the black population is. The best example I can think of to better explain what I mean by that is this: I’ve heard white women say they cross the street (if possible) if a black man is headed their direction. Most don’t say the same if it’s a white man headed their way, but it’s a fact that whites are more often accosted by other whites than any other race (between 83-85% of crimes with white victims have white perpetrators). And women in general are much more likely to be accosted by a man than another woman. If all men were demonized to the proportion that black men are… Do you see where I’m going with this?

            And sorry, I didn’t know I had to spell everything out for you. I figured it was a given that I meant a smaller fraction of the black population.

          • Anita Hale

            Did you even read my post? It’s clear to even a child what the color of crime is. You are either LD or you just don’t want to understand these statistics. I would assume it’s both.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            Yes, I did and I responded accordingly. The gender of violent crime is also clear.

          • Anita Hale

            What’s so disgusting is that you would even try to defend these criminals. YOU are the worst kind of racist because you won’t call out your own. You’re a very sad, but typical, black.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            Show me one comment in which I defended any of these criminals. I’ll wait. And wait. And wait.

          • Anita Hale

            Show where you’ve called out blacks to stand against this sh*t! If you don’t, you’re no better than they are.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            So… you’re not going to show me the comment in which I defended the criminals? I’ve said on multiple occasions that those that play this stupid “game” are cowards and should be punished. I guess you expect me to include that sentence in every one of my posts.

          • Anita Hale

            I said, where have you called out these black pieces of sh*t? You have not done that and you won’t. Therefore, you’re no better.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            Would you consider what I said (about them deserving to be punished for their crimes) to be calling IN “these black pieces of sh*t?”

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            So… you’re still not going to show me the comment in which I defended the criminals, or…?

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            I’m not sure how much more I can break this down for you, but I’ll give it another go.

            Black males commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime when compared to other races. Black men as a whole are demonized. Men commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime when compared to women. Men as a whole are not demonized. Do you get the point I’m making now?

          • Anita Hale

            P.S. What could ever be more racist than the blacks who are committing this epidemic of crime on whites? Those who would so stupidly try and defend them are the real racists as well.

            Like I’ve told you before….the last year of current record, black males raped 47,000 white women..that’s in ONE YEAR!

            ZERO white males raped black females the same year.

            If there was ever a hate crime, rape is it.

            Don’t bother with the stupid interjection that some rapes go unreported because that works both ways. It doesn’t help black numbers one iota, but probably makes them much worse.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            Do you know off the top of your head approximately how many white women were raped by white men in the last year of current record? Probably not, but it’s much higher. Hate crimes are not just related to race but sex as well. For once, we agree. Rape is probably the most widely committed hate crime.

          • Anita Hale

            In 2010, the latest stat, police reports there were 84,700 white women raped of which over 40,000 were committed by black males. That’s almost 1/2 of the perps being black….do you understand that?

            White males outnumber black males about 8 to 1, so that means a white woman is 4 times as likely to be raped by a black than a white male.

            That’s quite an indictment against black males, along with all their other negatives. Yeah, being a white woman I won’t go near them for any of the obvious reasons.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            Also in 2010, 78% of rape/sexual violence involved an offender who was a family member, intimate partner, friend, or acquaintance. According to your logic women should be more cautious of those listed above rather than those they don’t know. Is that the case? Nope. So many women are dangerously unaware that the face of rape is more often that of someone they’re familiar with than that of a stranger.

          • Emily Raya

            Your percentages are completely made up. Show your sources. Based on the research I am doing right now your numbers are completely inaccurate.


          • Anita Hale

            from 20 Years (1973 to 1992) of Surveying Crime Victims…
            ”…Blacks thus committed 7.5 TIMES more violent
            inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only
            one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on
            a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: Blacks are
            committing more than 50 TIMES the number of violent racial crimes of

            crime figures for 2007
            committed 433,934 violent crimes against whites, EIGHT TIMES as many as the
            55,685 that whites committed against blacks.”

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            You use statistics that aren’t even from this millennium to back up your biased agenda, lol. At least give us something less than 5 years old.
            Funny, I remember interacting with a user on this site that made this exact quote weeks ago. Coincidence? I think not, lol.

          • SiRobertson

            Hey, genius. those numbers ARE from this millennium! Gov stats are gov stats. Many are complaining that the obama admistration refuses to put out gov stats since 2008. Gee, I wonder why?

            Are you suggesting black crime has gone down since POS has been in the WH? If you are you’re really stupid.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            Any year before 2000 is not within this millennium.

          • Emily Raya

            Well, neither of your links worked for me but I am going to maintain that I will not judge a person based on race, but by their actions. I also will continue to judge people’s character on a person by person basis, not as a whole.

          • Anita Hale

            You can claim ignorance is bliss, and just keep your mind and eyes closed.

          • Anita Hale

            I just clicked on it and it works just fine. You can just pretend ignorance is bliss and be sure to keep your mind and eyes closed.

          • Anita Hale

            I just clicked on and they work just fine. Ignorance is bliss, huh?

          • Anita Hale

            You sound just like Gabrielle Alyse, aka “Gabzilla”. She is only concerned with what these savages are labeled rather than the violent crimes they commit. How sick and convoluted is that? Wait until one of these crazy, out of control blacks does something to you or your loved ones and you’ll do a 180 real fast.

          • Emily Raya

            This man is a criminal, I am not denying that. If a black guy or a white guy or anybody attacked my family I would hate him for the violence, not his race. It doesn’t matter.

    • Ed

      Hopefully not much more!!!

  • RomyMon

    What a coward! Preying on old defenseless women! And this poor excuse for a human being calls himself a man? He is lower than an animal! When this piece of horse dung goes to prison, he will get a dose of his own medicine!

    • crazy farm girl

      hey! horse dung is still useful as fertilizer… he is lower than the parasites found in horse manure…

      • RomyMon

        Yeah, you’re right. Horse dung is useful but this coward is as completely useless as Eric Holder and his boss, Obummer! My apologies to the horse!

  • OffensiveAndPeculiar

    Hitting women, Jewish women, OLD Jewish women? This guy is a pathetic sissy. He is not going to do well in prison.

    • Stryder51

      No, he won’t. There are “organizations” in prison who will get to him.

  • maxwedge

    Bullet to the Head…good Stallone movie.

  • slrassoc

    carry a gun and shoot these people and it will stop

  • zenith

    Prison justice is going to be great—-society will NOT get the news from inside the walls—bummer

  • R.C.

    Where’s the outrage from the white house. “That senior citizen woman pushing her grandchild could be my mother pushing my child in a stroller”. But maybe the president doesn’t feel any obligation or responsibility unless the victims are black and the suspects are a race other than black.

    • Chubby Freen

      Outrage? I expect Dear Leader approves of the “Knockout Game”. One of his executives from DHS has his “kill whitey” website back up, bigger and better than ever, with free video downloads. Check it out: To his credit, the white-hating, gay-hating author of the website does refer to Dear Leader as a “white sex offender”, and a “Traitorous Mulatto”…

      • paintinc56

        Keep posting this website & send it to the P O S, leftist propaganda machine media, newspapers & politicians. If Glenn Beck were still on the air this pile of racist S H I T, the DHS one, would be fired. That is why Soros/media matters got Fox to fire him Beck.

    • Nanci Alley

      Do you think Obama will be outraged? He will only be outraged that the perp committing the crime was caught! Since the majority of the prison population is black then he will not receive any jailhouse justice. I still say hang him in Times Square as a detriment to further crime! Let us see him laughing when they put the rope around his neck!


      obama feels no obligations to anyone but himself even though he is a public servant.

      Now watch some politically correct, pea-brained liberal call me a racist because I used the words public SERVANT to express his job description as president.

      obama doesn’t play the knock-out game, he has his own called “throw them under the bus.”

      Just imagine the courage it took this piece of fly $hit, Baldwin, to attack a 78 year old grandmother walking with her grandchild.

      There was a video last month showing a yute (My Cousin Vinnie), attempting to hit a woman as he was playing the knock-out game and things went terriblily wrong for him. The woman and a good Samaritan bystander beat the living daylights out the perp. Justice served right on the street.

  • Longhunter

    Somebody get a rope and I’ll gladly volunteer to kick the chair out from under this POS.

  • OldNorthState

    There now…. and “everyone will sleep a little easier”. Meaning, “…now that we’ve nabbed the one odd person in New York City perpetrating these minor incidents.”
    Idiot liberal politician… I trust he’ll be the next to get banged in the head by one of the remaining 5000 street predators.

  • Chubby Freen

    Notice we don’t see an actual photo of the perp. If everything means “something”, then, this lack of a photo might also mean something. Stay tuned to THIS case…

  • Ben Dingover

    The one thing that is sure is that ‘The Left Wing Media’ and the White House will depict the arrest as a paranoid White & Jewish reaction and that Barry Baldwin is just another little slightly older Sweet Little Trayvon who could have been Barry Soeterro-Obama’s ‘Other Brother Barry’ from Kenya. Now watch the left wing lawyers seep out of the woodwork pro bono of course.

  • Jeff Noncent

    Well this country is in midst of racial cheos

    • carsrus

      Chaos, and it is all because of the LIAR, obama who has DIVIDED US and set race relations back to before the Great MLK jr said his wonderful speech on the Mall. King would be turning over in his grave seeing the DESTRUCTION obama has done to relations between races! barack hussein obama will have a legacy that is one of division and hate!

      • NoLibLiz

        Carsus, perhaps you did not mean to imply this but it sounds as if you see all what is going on as starting with BHO (“obama who has DIVIDED US”).

        While he has sins galore to lay at his feet, he is just the LATEST tool being used by those who have no patriotic loyalty and see anyone not in their group as slaves to be used up and thrown away.

        They have had their plans in play for at least 100 years–think Woodrow Wilson, income tax, federal reserve, John Dewey, etc.. Then after a while along came Johnson and the “Great Society” and the drug of victim mentality which enslaves so many more people for more generations than southern plantation owners ever did. The list goes on and on.

        We have the same thing going on now with Obamacare. It is totally obvious that the real object of that travesty has nothing to do with improving healthcare or providing it to more people. It is just one of the latest tools they have employed to exercise more control and extract more money from the great hordes of the ignorant.

        They have always known that what would not be accepted or could even be accomplished by force in the short run could be brought about with little no resistance in the longer run. They are on track with their plan and if we just look around us and see Obama we are at even greater risk.

        • WellNowDear

          Yes, the Holders, Jacksons & Obamas are crooks but, you are right. Each individual whether black or white is responsible for becoming informed. We have become a culture of dummies willing to be anyone’s pawn. Droves will believe anything CNN, MSNBC or the latest media rag turns out.

      • Anita Hale

        I hope you will look up the truth about MLK. He was nothing like the media portrays him to be. He was a degenerate that the FBI began bugging because of his association with a well known Communist. He was a proclaimed Marxist and spent his traveling time having sex and drunken parties with white and black prostitutes. He plagarized most everything he ever wrote and was merely a black commie tool.

      • Jeff Noncent

        That’s so true

      • Jeff Noncent

        that’s the truth he not only divide this country he make it worst than 10 years a go and that’s the reason we have a lot of murder in these country

  • carsrus

    Can someone tell me what the stats are on the numbers of violent crimes committed by Blacks? It seems every time I read about a heinous crime it is caused by someone of color!

    • Mary

      Top Conservative news keeps a record of every crime committed in most of the states. They have become one of the sole voices on the internet that records these offences. Storm Front occasionally carries these stories as well but a lot of folks feel uncomfortable going there. However, you can read the forums without joining. Just this week, they covered that slasher story rather well and had pictures many of the news sites refuse to print.

      • carsrus

        Thank u, mary, i am looking it up now.

    • Anita Hale

      More than 1/2 of all violent crimes are committed by black males ages 16-45, even though they are only 2% of our population. We have a huge black male crime problem that the media covers up.

  • michael lawless

    looks just like his daddy barry o

  • Dick

    Why do we have to hear of this from the UK or Australia? Is it time for Conservatives, Christians and “non-Obamaites” to boycott the newspapers and television in America until we receive the truth? Also, our wonderful politicians in Washington will find a way to get this scum off.

  • Nanci Alley

    Seems to me that the only way to deter this type of crime is to start public hanging’s of these individuals! When the black men cowards feel the rope around their necks then we will see how sorry they are. I don’t think we need to support another one in prison we just need to end their sorry existence on the planet! Too much of this bullshit going on & people have even been killed! Hang him in TIMES SQUARE!

  • WaterboardingBud

    What a shame all these women had to get hurt by this hate filled racist thug. If just one of them had ever studied our Constitution and believed in the wisdom of our founding fathers and taken the 2nd. amendment to heart that one could have just saved everyone some misery, saved the other victims from getting hurt, saved the taxpayers from maybe a million dollars in legal fees to defend this thug over a period of years. Yes if just one of them had been prepared to defend herself this thug would now be pushing up daisies in the cemetery and a clear message to all other racist thugs would be loud and clear that if you think you can walk about just attacking people you hate then you are going to get shot dead by one of them. Not the cops, not the lawyers, not the newsmedia. Not some prison. But from a well informed citizen who refuses to become a victim. Remember people, the cops won’t be there when you get attacked. Self defense is a do it yourself responsibility. Now give some thought to what you must do if you want to live free.

    • gloria

      I agree. Even Detroit’s new Police Chief is a believer in good citizens being armed as a deterrent to crime. I’ll bet the crime rate will decrease under his tenure! I also have relatives who are teachers and believe in arming some of the teachers, with training and no public knowledge of which ones are armed. We will save a lot of kids lives that way. The guy who shot up the movie theater in Colorado was not so crazy as people think. He knew that of all the 7 theaters in the area premiering the same film, that only one did not allow guns because it was in a mall! It is no accident that he chose that one

    • WellNowDear

      Yes, we have become a nation of irresponsible people. Self-defense is MY responsibility. The police are minutes & sometimes hours away. As an adult & parent these women are not only responsible for defending themselves but, also their children.

  • PatCindyCunningham

    The thing is, what will this Punk be charged with and how long will he be incarcerated?
    As far as I am concerned he should never see the light of day again and enjoy the freedoms our forefathers have fought and died to give all Americans. His hate has made him a menace to society and should be dealt that way.
    Of course Race Baiters would say it’s a crime against humanity that so many of our Black Men are in Prison. To that I say: SO? If you want black Men out of Prison, instead of ramping up the hatred that gets them in trouble in the first place, work to educate and stop whipping up hate and violence. In many ways People like Sharpton, Jackson, and everyone at MSNBC are guilty as charged.
    This thug, rationalising that it is proper to hit elderly Ladies or Women in general makes his crime undefendable. He should not get out of prison until he is very old. Then, hopefully someone will come up behind him and punch his lights out.

    • Mary

      Another person who emboldens them is Eric Holder. He made it clear he wouldn’t charge offences against blacks who attack white folks. He even dismissed charges against the panthers who threatened white folks at the polls and even some radical panthers made a public statement to kill white folks and white babies.

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Very good point! Although, it was Barack Obama who appointed Holder and is now protecting him. Lately, Holder has been quiet and I believe that is for Political reasons as everything that is Barack Obama is political and, seeing how an election is right around the corner.
        There is a long list of race baiters and both Holder and Obama are at the top of the list. In fact the whole Democratic Party is race baiters. Without that and the Ghetto’s they have made, their base would dry up and fizzle.

    • WellNowDear

      Yes, these corrupt con-men are guilty as well. Years ago it became fashionable to blame other people for ones criminal bent. Many people warned of the danger in allowing that. Of course the Media took it all up and it became the norm for “low-information” immature people. If you commit a violent act, first blame your parents then blame society. It you are in public school blame your class mates because they didn’t treat you the way you WANTED to be treated.

      The GREAT hallmark of Liberalism/Socialism is immaturity. Immaturity blames other people for ones’ own faults; is irresponsible. Immaturity looks for short-term solutions for long-term problems. Immaturity driven by impulsive, emotional over-reactions, makes very flawed decisions based on the “feelings” of the moment.

      What America needs now is mature, rational leadership and judgement.

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Sorry it took so long to reply. I guess discus was frozen as well. Anyway, that was one of the best replies I have ever seen. Thank you for the response. In my estimation Liberals know the ‘Rules For Radicals’ by Saul Alinsky by heart. Or if not that, the American Communist Manifesto. Of course the Manifesto only tells of the aims of Communism, Rules For Radicals tells them how to do it. Conservatives need to read these words and know them as well. If you don’t understand your enemy you can’t defeat them. Make no mistake, we will defeat them.

  • gloria

    I hope this loser gets put away for a long time. But, what if those were white, straight, Christian males that he attacked? Would he have been charged with “hate” crimes???? I think not. That law should be repealed. Any violent crime is fueled by hate, no need for a foolish law that protects only certain people. We are all equal under the laws that existed prior. This law that can be used against a preacher teaching biblical truths about marriage. It has been happening in Canada for a long time.

    • NoLibLiz

      Agreed. “Hate Crimes” is just one more tool in the PC police tool chest and another example of politispeak.!

    • WellNowDear

      It’s a shame that Black leaders hate their own people so much that they will not make ANY effort to reduce the crime rate of young black men. They are instead just greedy con-men using their own people to enrich themselves and further their political aims. The wasted lives of so many is a sad thing.

      • gloria

        Very true – and Coleman Young and Kwami Kilpatrick former mayors of Detroit – Look how much they did for a city that is 85% black. They along with the unions is why Detroit is sunk. It is just a shame that men who braved the streets as police and firefighters in the 70’s and 80’s while violent crime was at an all time high, are having their pensions penalized because of all the corruption. You will enjoy the movie “Run-Away Slave.” on Amazon.

  • SGT Big Dawg

    After the many times this kind of crime has taken place there have been only 3 charged with a hate crime. The first was the young black man who knocked out the Jewish man and then the young white man who knocked out an elderly black woman and now this POS thug wannbe. Why have/are they not ALL charged with a hate crime ? This started back in 2005 and was called the ” polar bear ” game that called for young black men to knock out white people male or female. Yet it took a Jewish man getting knocked out to have the correct charge of a hate crime filed against him. Again why ? You want to know why more young black men are in prison simply look at the latest FBI numbers of crimes and who commits them. It’s simple math in that when you have a certain race or ethnic group that is committing the majority of crimes then of course you are going to have more of that race or ethnic group in prison. Pretty simple facts but as we all know the Democraps and race baiters don’t pay attention to the facts as use what they want to further their lies.

    • gloria

      This “hate crimes” law was engineered and promoted by homosexual activists so it can be used as a hammer to pound down any of their opposition. It was never anything else and with this law sitting there dormant it can be pulled out at any time by the dems like a sledge hammer. You should get a copy of “Run Away Slave”. It is very enlightening and features some oustanding black conservatives. The man who is featured in the movie calls the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton (and most of the Dem party) race “pimps.” He was a former chapter leader in the NAACP, until he refused to speak at a pro-abortion rally and then found out the organization does nothing for black people.

  • Nana

    These thugs know Obama has their backs, that’s why they think they can get by with this!

    • norinco

      Watch Obama give him a pardon as he leaves office….

      • Val

        OBAMA should be in PRISON with him.!

        • gloria

          Yes I agree and throw the Clintons in too. That would be a step in the right direction for our country.

  • gary360

    Put him in with the skin heads, they care ‘practice’ on him. What a ‘brave’ individual, should be beaten to death in prison to save the tax payers some money.

  • Fletch

    Wait and see how well he plays that game in prison. He may very well be on the receiving end…in more ways than one. Hello, my bitch!

    • 820 REDHORSE

      His future days will be filled with tossing bubba’s salad several times a day!

  • Sylvester Jones

    If they’re unarmed they need to fear the criminals, including corrupt government.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Too bad he didnt run into someone with a 9 mm Glock 17.Now a lot of taxpayers money will spent to care for this garbage.

    • TPM

      Not a lot of Glocks in the Gun Free Zone that is NYC.
      Thanks to outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomturd and other progressive NY politicians, it’s against the law to protect yourself and your family in NYC.
      YET, Bloomturd (who is now just a private citizen) has an army of armed bodyguards. What a freakin hypocrite …

      • 820 REDHORSE

        Gonna get worse with the new mayor di assio!! He’s a sworn commie/mosslut lover and dedicated anti-American!

    • chesterlab

      It’s NYC. Law abiding citizens aren’t allowed to have guns there. Only the criminals are.

  • StingRay

    When the Klan was strong, this never happened.

    • d

      Think it’s time fro the clan to rise again ?

      • StingRay

        We can only hope.

        • Anita Hale

          wish they could start cleaning up beginning in the WH.

          • StingRay

            Bless you, dear!

          • Anita Hale

            Keep posting…people are waking up to the truth of racial crime and inferiority.

    • jameshd

      Actually, it did. Except the whites hit the blacks. But that was many years ago, and the situation has reversed now.

      • StingRay

        Which is exactly what I meant. Because of the savage’s fear of the Klan, he would have never done what he’s doing now.

        • aemoreira81

          Except that the Klan killed innocent blacks. As such, they lost their moral authority.

          • StingRay

            How do you know “innocents” were killed? All that really mattered was instilling fear. And that’s gone and we’re seeing the result.

          • aemoreira81

            Because they murdered numerous civil rights activists (Medgar Evers, James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman), and the four girls at the 16th Street Baptist Church. When the blood of even ONE innocent person is on your hands and it was preventable, you are a thug.

            The Ku Klux Klan is almost like Islam…except that its members are not Muslim.

    • aemoreira81

      …because the Klan was carrying out these crimes! In some cases, they also had the backing of local government.

      • TexasTemplar

        and the klan members were all Democrat…the city and state governments who supported this were all Democrats

      • StingRay

        The Klan, as well as the average white person, understood that blacks had to have a healthy fear of white people or what’s happening now would be the result.

        • aemoreira81

          A healthy fear does not include the denial of God-given Constitutional rights.

          • StingRay

            You’re assuming American blacks are deserving of the same rights as American whites. They are not, just as the Founding Fathers knew. You cannot put savages on the same level as civilized people; when you do, you get what we are now arguing about.

          • aemoreira81

            By virtue of blacks being H. sapiens, they are deserving of the same rights whether you like it or not, as those rights are not granted by humans, but by God. That is not up for debate.

            As for those who are savages, they’re in jail.As such, you have no grounds on which to complain at all.

          • Anita Hale

            So many black males can’t seem to have both Constitutional rights and freedom from fear of swift reprisal. At least when the Klan was around the innocent ones didn’t have to worry about being assaulted and murdered so much of the time like it is now. Seems that’s exactly what is required to keep these blacks in line….it’s obvious by comparing history to what’s happened since.

          • aemoreira81

            At least when the Klan was around the innocent ones didn’t have to worry about being assaulted and murdered so much of the time like it is now

            Except by the Klan itself! They murdered innocent blacks…like the 4 girls in the 16th Street Church, or those whose only crime was to try to purchase firearms.

  • Val

    The charge should be attempted MURDERS, if he hit them in just the right spot they could have died.! GIVE him LIFE, make others think before doing this awful act..

  • McFerguson

    Wait a minute…the new Mayor of the Big Apple, de Blasio, a dyed-in-the-wool commie, will probably put this slug on his staff as an enforcing goon…

  • John Rustic

    Barry, same name as the Pres. Funny coincidence, now lock this fool up for life or hang his a$$

    • gloria

      Obama should use the line he used to canonize Travon Martin who was a burglar and doper training for worst crimes and Obama said “this could be me”. Yes that is right he is a liar, murder, thief, druggie and pervert… so this guy should get the same honor.

  • Rickers

    NYPD’s finast get the guy!! Now throw the key away..

    • d

      Better yet, take him ten miles out of town and let him try to get back. Weather will take care of him. No coat.

      • TexasTemplar

        d, that’s karma of the instant variety. It would be the perfect punishment for this animal.

  • Paladin

    As I look outside the wind is howling… the temperature with the wind chill is minus 44; then I read the above headline… a black man is being charged with a hate crime.

    Put the two together and I’ve concluded that hell has indeed frozen over.

  • Snoopy

    Oooooo… Big Bad Ghetto punk, punching women. I bet his “friends” are really proud of him!
    Throw him in prison with some REAL criminals and watch them play HIS game!!

    • jameshd

      Are you implying that this isn’t a “real” criminal? Since when are assault and attempted murder not real crimes?

  • disqus_Eh7aK6ca5A

    Enjoy your time in jail, Barry, those convict sure love a plaything. Maybe they’ll play your game with you since you seem to enjoy it so much. You’ll have lots of time to play it. They don’t like guys that beat up Moms of babies though; don’t get caught in the shower by yourself, and don’t drop that soap.

    • 820 REDHORSE

      he’ll just learn how to be a better criminal and change his name to mamuke hussien obamamalama! With the new progressive mayor in NYC he may even be hailed a hero!

  • Doc Holliday

    A macho POS. Blindsiding old women? Wow, that ought to get him a trophy among his frinds. Well, do you reall have frinds if you’re that low of low-life ? Mutual animals, perhaps.
    I say – GET A ROPE. Head to the won square and hang him in front of the rest of the scumbags for all to see.
    Attidude ajustment time.


    Yep, another feral animal proving how tough he is…. NOT! Throw his worthless body in a wood chipper. Put a few of these vial pieces of garbage in the morgue and this stuff will fade away.Somebody does this to my family and there will not be any need for a court date. MOLON LABE!!! nsa dhs gfy

  • amyjo57

    I am glad these horrible attacks were finally labeled as hate crimes, truly I am. The victims were all Jewish, considered a persecuted minority. If his victims were all white women I bet they wouldn’t have given it hate crime status

  • tinkerunique

    The “politically correct” has made a black-on-white assault into a hate crime ? WOW. Before, it was just a simple assault.

  • sniper

    This animal needs to be tortured to death.

    • ginred


  • sbruce1154

    What a coward! He is too weak to try that to a real man isn’t he. I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his miserable life.

    • John Stratemeyer

      Next to the biggest, most potent, homosexual rapist in captivity.

  • Al Chemist

    Ah, yes, another parasite headed to prison (maybe), where he will be fed, clothed, sheltered and given medical care for years on the taxpayers dime. There he will be trained to hate even more than he already does. Perhaps there he will convert to Islam as many Black men do. When he is released, he will be even more danger to society…especially White Christians. Too bad. There is a solution. A rope is cheap and it could be reused.

    • francoamerian

      I agree 100% with you. A rope is cheaper and more of a permanent fix to the problem of scum like this piece of dog crap. Why put him in prison and feed and clothe him at taxpayers expense. When he gets back out of jail he will most likely pick up here he left off. He may even graduate to outright killing his victims instead of sucker punching them. To hell with him and anyone like him. Plenty of innocent people are tired of scum like this.

    • kal1and2

      I’m all for recycling

  • Nikita63

    I am nearly 69 years of age but I always carry at least pepper spray and I’ll tell you this: If attacked and not knocked out by the sneak attack these cowards Always pull, he would not be walking away from his victim and likely not walking; EVER AGAIN. Jerks like him are why ALL our weak and elderly and all females at least, should have arms and a permit to carry concealed and the training to use them safely. Even the Detroit police chief has COVERTED; a Californian who went to Portland Maine with an attitude but learned the truth and is NOW an advocate of licensed concealed carry for public protection because; in his own words and judgment, IT WORKS!

    • John Stratemeyer

      If I were a woman, I’d always be packing. The bad guys don’t worry about it…

      • Nikita63

        I am licensed and have a concealed carry permit but as of yet, do not feel the necessity in my town. I am sure that given the lawlessness of this administration, the time WILL come and so, I will be ready, when it does. Fortunately, it seems the police in my town are sympathetic to lawfully licensed citizens as a boon rather than a problem.

        • John Stratemeyer

          I think all of that is great, but would add that violence can happen anywhere. If you have the license to carry, then take advantage of it.

          • Nikita63

            Carrying in a lunatic liberal state is more likely to get you into trouble so you have to be judicious about carrying. As a somewhat safer alternative to retaining my 2nd amendment rights I ALWAYS carry Pepper spray but in this state, you need a Firearms Identification card to even carry THAT! It is the only state where that stricture is law as far as I know so you can guess which one it is and, it is not CA, CT, or NY!

        • Seeks_the_Truth

          Nikita, have you ever thought that others carrying might be the reason you don’t feel the need to? While I hope the time never comes when you feel forced to carry, but your safety could be from those already taking a stand.
          Just a thought.

          • Nikita63

            I most certainly have and I spend a fair amount of time honing my skills at my local sportsman’s club pistol range I HOPE TO NEVER HAVE TO USE THE SKILLS ACQUIRED OR THE WEAPON BUT, I WILL BE PREPARED IF THE NECESSITY ARISES. As to the carrying decision, I don’t usually because others I know and trust in my community do and I know who they are in addition to the local police in a community of about 25,000. where we pretty much all tend to look out for each other, since we are relatively isolated, here
            on Cape Ann. I am an army veteran as well and am licensed, disciplined and competent to use firearms at lawful need under the law as is my right; at least, for the time being.

  • angry1

    Lets see what Obama,J Jackson and A Sharpton have to say?Or better yet WHAT THEY WON’T SAY!

  • craigmayberry

    I carry and anyone attempting this had better be good, otherwise I’m going to empty the mag.

  • Anita

    I think they should give him his trail. After being found guilty he should be turned over to their families for his punishment. Anything goes.

  • kal1and2

    too bad those women didn’t have a gun and travoned his sorry butt before as many got hurt

    • cinci Jew

      I agree, had he been shot he would never try this knockout crime called a game again especially if the shots were lethal. I would have taught him a Jewish lesson and fought back and made him regret messing with me.
      We can thank Obama for this breakdown and the increase in crime since they know that Eric Holder won’t do anything to prosecute them.


    I am glad they finally charged someone with a hate crime. It sucks that the only reason they did was the victims were Jewish. How about all the white people who were victims?

    • Barto

      The Jewish are also white I do believe and if you read on you will find that he is facing charges for hitting those other white people…..please don’t use your anti-Semitism where it is un-warranted.


        First of all I am not anti-Semitic. What I was stating is for the last year and half the police have not filed a single HATE crime against anyone for the knockout game. Now recently there has been victims in NY which the police identified as Jewish and now there are HATE crime charges. This is a fact stated by both the police and the MSN. Why are you trying to make it something it’s not. I am well aware that they are white but the police did not identify them as white they identified them as JEWISH

        • Gabrielle Alyse

          Catching the perps and proving beyond a reasonable that their crime was racially motivated are the problems. Of those that have been caught, three (including the guy in this story) have been charged with hate crimes.

          • Anita Hale

            He was charged with a hate crime then it was suddenly dropped with no explanation. Probably more interference from the racist pig, homo Holder.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            I asked where you got this information from. Can you post the link to your source?

          • Gabrielle Alyse

        • Barto

          You are the one that attempted to make it something that it is not as you used Jewish as if it were a “race”. Also, I for one believe the police started reacting toward this as a “hate crime” because of the public outcry.

          • ARETHEYNUTS

            No that’s not true, the article stated they were Jewish

          • hfhfhfghgh

            Might want to check your bible. I think God chose the descendents of Jacob(Israel) specifically as a race.

    • Gabrielle Alyse

      Why does it suck? And why does the victim’s religious affiliation matter?

      • Anita Hale

        Thought this would interest you.

        From Anna Maria Perez

        • 2 hours ago

        Michelle Obacca is the first female I have ever seen that is so ugly that the media fawning had no choice but to choose her ARMS to praise. As hard as they tried they could find nothing nice to say about her looks, so they took the path of least resistance and act as if her tree hangers are something to gawk over.


        • Gabrielle Alyse

          Cool. You found someone that agrees with you. That doesn’t mean anything, lol.

    • gloria

      White, straight, Christian males and pre-born babies are the only un-protected classes of people and therefore, no “hate” crime can be committed against them. I suppose they think the assault and murder of these are not based in hate??? These bizarre laws are the work of the left wing Dems and their aim is not honorable. As long as we allow them to occupy positions of power this lunacy will continue and worsen.

  • E Wolfe

    Upon conviction, he should receive ten years, for each conviction, served consecutively, with no early release.

  • Jason O

    Hit 50 Caucasians, nobody bats an eye. Hit 2 Hebrews, the city loses their minds.

  • John Johnson

    Just beat him senseless and leave him to bleed out like he did his victims.

  • larryincamden

    Charged by whom? City, county, state or federal?
    Bet it was not Federal or state

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Charged only with N.Y. State Crimes!

  • johnanaguski

    Can’t be a hate crime ask holder the thug was black, they don’t commit hate crimes according to him.

  • Carrie

    I’m not saying he should have done *this*, but had he wanted to be certain to avoid hate crime sentencing, he should have hauled off and punched ONE black guy amongst the mix. Then his dumbazzed defense attorney could claim all of his punchings were just “simple assault” and not remotely waged by racism or sexism.

    I’ll be keeping an ear out for his sentencing… provided the jury even finds him guilty.

    • John Stratemeyer

      “Hate crimes” are just one more means of putting cash into the pockets of the trial lawyers. Only the act can be tried, not the “thought” behind it.

  • John Stratemeyer

    What? A black guy charged with a “hate crime?” The not-very-reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can’t be far behind.

  • Don’t Even Try It!

    Send his ass to N Korea and let little Kim’s dogs have some more fun. The dogs would probably enjoy some dark meat! ;-)

  • AR154U

    Only Jews and minorities are protected by hate crime laws ? Won’t this generate more hate ?

  • TXSoldier254

    If Obama had a son, he would look like Barry Baldwin.

  • petraone

    This big tough guy,35yrs old has nothing better to do with his time than to roam around Brooklyn and punch out old women and mothers?Well,guess what? He can prove how tough he is in prison when the ‘Ladies’ there come to call on him. I would pay money to see that

    This is also why I am going for my concealed carry permit.So if I’m ever approached or followed by a group of teen-agers,black,white brown,yellow or pink doesn’t matter,my hand will be on my weapon.

    • lorlan4

      Count me in if you need a contribution for his welfare after he goes to prison.

  • AppraisHer

    Black man knocks out white, mostly Jewish people in Brooklyn…local kerfuffle.
    Black gangs knock out white people in Philly…local kerfuffle, no arrests
    White man punches white gay…FEDERAL HATE CRIME, Federal prison.
    White man slaps black baby on plane…FEDERAL HATE CRIME, Federal prison.
    The new, “improved”, progressive justice system for Fed protected citizens only.

  • hiskid1964

    convict him than gas him

  • Go Hugga Tree

    Dear Leader de Blasio will no doubt see to it that, when Baldwin is tried, he is acquitted.

  • Bob Martin

    Good but what about all the others who are doing this as well to other people?

  • JL Brown Jr

    Its about damn time, the one white guy that could caught (with)Holder could not charge him fast enough, all this time, the blacks that have been doing it, were getting bassy neigh the attacks.

    • hfhfhfghgh

      wtf are you saying?

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    This guy is only charged with State crimes, he isn’t charged Federally! I wonder why? Hmmmmmmmmmm, can’t see why?

  • armydadtexas

    This perp is nothing but a Thug assed COWARD. He probably sucks off the tit of government, because he is too lazy to get out and work. Instead, he sneaks up on WOMEN and ELDERLY and JEWS and conducts a sneak attack. He is a gutless, p.o.s. A real bitch. Why the federal government has not stepped in and charged him with a HATE crime goes straight to the White House and the Obama Regime’s RACIST Attorney General Eric (Comerad HOLDER.) This regime has done more to perpetuate ansk between people groups then any other in US History.

    • roseville1973

      Where is Jessie Jackson and the likes on this, come on its a hate, raciest crime where are they?

  • Dave

    Obama will find a way to make him as a victim and grandmother will end up as the one who attacked!!!

  • TexasfedupGramma

    Why not a picture of this cowardly black thug? Does he look too much like Obama’s son? Too bad none of these women were carrying…they could have scraped what little brains this thug has up off the pavement and saved the taxpayers some money!

    • roseville1973

      His mother, if they can find her or his grandmother, aunt, or some one will come out and say what a good boy he is, they just don’t understand why he would be arrested for this

  • lorlan4

    At thirty five, you have to wonder where he gets his income from, to be able to walk around beating people up. Does not look hungry from his picture. If someone can figure out how to do it, send a few of these tough guys down to Dallas for us.

  • getthelibsout

    sucker punching old women…that kinda street cred will serve him well in lockup

    • Anita Hale

      Hopefully a bunch of tough guys in prison will see him as a new piece of dark meat.

  • sdmiller

    America’s first black president will not comment on black racist violence against whites. This is what white America will have to look forward to from America’s president? Blacks now feel they have the OK from the top!

  • The Quadfather

    He sure is a brave man punching old women. I bet the coward hit ‘em from behind. It’s about time he got put away. Hate crime? you bet!

  • Mary

    Update: Hate crime charges dropped and downgraded
    The suspect was first charged with hate crimes, as all of his alleged victims were Jewish, but these charges were later downgraded, though no explanation was given.

    • Anita Hale

      Doesn’t that just figure! He sucker punches a bunch of old women and gets his “hate crime” charge dropped. The white guy in TX who punched ONE old black man is still charged with a “hate crime”. This is outrageous and is REAL racism, not just words!

      • Gabrielle Alyse

        Where did you read or hear the hate crime charges against Barry Baldwin were dropped?

        • Anita Hale
          • Gabrielle Alyse


        • Anita Hale

          Don’t you even feel foolish for following my comments everywhere so you can “down” vote them? You must have no life whatsoever! It must suck to be you.

          When I was your age there was no end to social outings and fun. I sure wasn’t obsessed with following someone’s opinions around. YOU NEED A BOYFRIEND!

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            What are you talking about, lady? No one is following your comments. I haven’t even been home, much less on my laptop for the last 3 hours.
            I don’t have a boyfriend, but I am dating someone. A white man actually, lol.

          • Anita Hale

            Yeah, riiiiight! Just keep hoping you’ll find a white that’s liberal and stupid enough to keep company with you.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            He’s from a conservative family but is an independent like me.

          • Anita Hale

            You’re no independent. I’ve read enough of you to know you’re a big time liberal. If his family is conservative they’ll hate it when they realize who you are.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            You think you can tell me my own ideology? You really do have a bit of a superiority complex, lol.
            I’ve met both his mother and father and they love me :)

          • SiRobertson

            I KNOW I can tell you your political ideology because I’ve read enough of your comments. You may or may not be registered as an Independent, but that doesn’t define your leanings and every one of yours is liberal. 100%. Liberals (progressives) are the ones ruining this country, our economy, our culture, our standing in the world, our military, our moral, our jobs, etc.

            I’m sure you don’t know the definition of a liberal/progressive, but you most certainly are one, independent of not.

          • Texas Patriot Wife

            Si, she will never leave you alone. EVER. If you keep talking to her it will just get worse. I have no idea why she is here except to harass and annoy people who want to discuss their views with others of the same views. She is a progressive/Marxist troll and is here to make trouble.

            TERMS OF SERVICE: No response to cretins ,misogamists, anti-life supporters, users of profanity, users of sexual references, pro-gay supporters, anti-Christians, pro-Muslim, progressives, anti-2nd Amendment supporters (especially if you are not American), anti-veteran or a non-supporter of our troops,feminists, anyone puerile or if you are unable to understand what you have just read

          • Texas Patriot Wife

            Si, don’t listen to this person. She fabricates things out of her mind to make herself feel more important. She comes to conservative sites to cause trouble and angst. Please don’t talk to her! You will never get rid of it.
            TERMS OF SERVICE: No response to cretins, misogamists, anti-life supporters, users of profanity, users of sexual references, pro-gay supporters, anti-Christians, pro-Muslim, progressives, anti-2nd Amendment supporters(especially if you are not American), anti-veteran or a not-supporter of our troops, feminists, anyone puerile or if you are unable to understand what you have just read since some posters seem to have this problem.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            I’m not sure why you think I care who or what you think I am. I don’t.

        • Anita Hale


          • 20 minutes ago

          Blacks are intellectually inferior. That is just a scientific fact. They have IQs generally that hover around 80 (compared to U.S. Caucasians which are around 102, Chinese which are around 108, or the Ashkenazi Jews who are up around 116), they cannot generally compete in the schools and so they flounder; as a result of lower intelligence they cannot behave as responsibly, are incredibly prone to violence, babies out of wedlock, and so on and so forth (not unlike one sees in the wild). We need to come up with a solution that doesn’t just integrate them into society, but that accounts for their intellectual deficits and their being prone to violence (much like a wild animal). Until we come to grips with that, this will all continue and just get worse. The Left has done Blacks an incredible disservice by adopting the rhetoric that they are no different, that they have the same capabilities, and then rewarding their bad behavior with EBT cards, SNAP (food stamps), section 8 housing, free medical care, Obama phones and so on. What do intellectually inferior creatures do when they are so rewarded? They multiply and propagate the exact same behavior. This is clear for all with eyes to see, whether in the public housing projects in NYC, section 8 housing in Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, and so on.
          Go to Yosemite. You will see signs up about not feeding the squirrels. The sign is there because feeding the squirrels causes them to multiple, to reproduce at higher levels, and then they become dependent on this artificial food supply, and the end result of that cycle is starvation and death. This is not rocket science.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            Oh look! You found another ignoramus to keep you company! I’m happy for you.

    • Igor

      Probably due to pressure from the Just-Us Department. You know – that guy named Eric Holder, chief Lackey of pResident Obambi, the “equal justice for all” upholder?

  • Nadeem

    Wonderful that he’s been brought to justice, but why is he a ‘BLACK THUG,’ and not simply a ‘THUG?’ It troubles me that this is pertinent enough to be the second word in the title – why is this relevant?

    • Anita Hale

      He IS a black thug who’s been making race an issue by assaulting only Jews and whites. The Left wants these racial distinctions so they also get to have them when it’s the color of crime.

      • Anita Hale

        Here’s another comment from a realist on another link…


        • an hour ago

        Acorn Scums = NEGROES
        Obamacare Navigator Scums = NEGROES
        Mobs robbing stores = NEGROES
        Knockout game assaulting & Killing Whites = NEGROES
        Lazy Welfare Mooches = NEGROES
        Car Jackers = NEGROES
        Rapists = NEGROES
        Murderers = NEGROES
        Destroyers of Inner Cities = NEGROES
        Gimmiedats = NEGROES
        The Real Racists = NEGROES
        Why white people need concealed carry permits = NEGROES
        Unknown Baby Daddies = NEGROES
        Drug Dealers = NEGROES
        Sons and Daughters of Ham = NEGROES
        Cursed by Noah to be the ‘Servants of Servants’ = NEGROES
        Destroyers of Nations Worldwide = NEGROES
        98% who voted for Obama only because he’s Black = NEGROES
        Will Murder you for your Sneakers = NEGROES
        Destroyers of America = NEGROES

        11 1

    • Kevin

      Cause that’s what he is, if it was a white man doing this to black elderly women. It would be allot worse type of labeling if it was a white man. About time they call it for what is. Why can we call our race white trash thug if they do something very bad like this. But the African Americans can’t, (well some). He’s black, and he walks up and punches Old people (women) in the face, that’s a thug. So he is a BLACK THUG. IF HE WAS WHITE, HE WOULD BE A WHITE THUG. Get the chip off you shoulder, and call stuff for what it is.

    • Anita Hale

      What’s wrong with you? Are you black or just a white guilted moron?

  • jgbrite

    Now that they have one (1) charged, they will use him to pretend they are not racist bigots. Breathing will be a hate crime for white folks now that they have a token black to point too.

  • Moonlight Gambler

    Hmmm…appropriate punishment……probably 30 days community service..About right?

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