• Marge

    I wonder if their was something sinister behind this crash?

    • billyjshafer

      Well lets see. Nine people on a plane that hits the water.Plane not torn up and floats while everyone gets out. Only one to die. Is connected to an Obama scandal Naw nothing odd about that.

  • Mary

    She may have had a heart attack. At my age, I think the shock would do it to me. Even if it were pure coincidence and not a planned incident to get rid of her she reaped her just desserts from complying with an illegal scheme. The Lord is always watching and what goes around comes around.

    • 1angryamerican

      Bet you voted for Obuttface didn’t you

      • Mary

        No, I never voted for him either time. I’m Conservative.

  • Timur

    Did she have a bullet wound to the head? Plane crashes do that you know…

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    How convenient! Meanwhile, Ron Brown’s body lies a mould’ring in the grave….

  • Randy131

    Conspiracy? Then one should ask why would this woman be killed? Answer: Because the Hawaii long form ‘Certificate of Live Birth’, that Obama published on the internet in response to Donald Trump’s questioning of Obama’s birth place, right before the 2012 national elections, where Obama won re-election for another term as our President, has been investigated by an official law enforcement agency in the USA, and the results of, that prove without a doubt that it is a forgery, is now being presented to the Alabama Supreme Court for a decision on whether Obama is constitutionally eligible to be President of the USA, was given to Obama’s representatives by this dead woman, according to Obama. This dead woman was the only person who could deny that she gave Obama’s representatives this forgery, which then would put the culpability of this forgery on Obama himself, and/or Obama’s representatives, who supposedly obtained this forgery from this woman for Obama. With the death of this woman, Obama and his representatives now have deniability of knowledge of this document being a forgery, and now there is nobody that could deny they obtained it from this dead woman.

    • Co2

      Remember Andrew Breibart? And the one who performed the autopsy? Now this.

      • Randy131

        I believe Andrew Breibart was murdered.

  • zknight2

    Barry Soetoro just like the Clintons is leaving a trail of dead people in his past.

  • ExVariable

    Well, if one thing is clear, it’s that Hussein Obama is a delusional marxist.

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