FUNNY STUFF: Hilarious Parody Video, ‘What Does The Farmer Say?’

Life on the farm is hard, good thing we have this video to show us what the farmer says!

  • Abby

    Farmers…we love you!

    • antiliberalcryptonite


  • Duke

    Doesnt Food and Veggies come from the Gov.?
    Hey Liberals……kiss this guys azz and just say THANK YOU when you meet one.

  • Carrie54

    hahaha! love that he includes his kids

  • Sam Houston

    No illegals were harmed in the making of this film. Come to think of it. There were no immigrants tending that cattle or harvesting that corn. I thought Farmers could not survive without illegal immigrant labor? It would only appear that the large corporate growers need illegal immigrants to use as economic slave labor. Hmm, most of those are in California and we all know who runs that State.
    BTW. Nice parody. Thanks for not having a Molly Cyprus Montana face on a twurking cow.

  • randellmd

    and obozo has tried to kill as many of those jobs as he can.

  • orange_capz

    Where parents have many choices to advance their children’s interests, inheritance is a superior moral choice to options such as nepotism.

  • Donald Joy


  • Owl


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