If You Hate Your Kids, Send Them to Public School

Y’know, when I was a wee lad growing up in West Texas, public schools weren’t all that bad. We started our day off with the pledge of allegiance, said prayers during football games, actually studied our nation’s founding docs, sang patriotic songs, and we celebrated the true meaning of both Christmas and Easter.

In addition to that pro-American bliss, nearly everyone and their dog graduated. It’s true. Dogs were actually graduating from school back then. I know. Weird, eh?

Indeed, out of our large graduating class there was only one drop out and that was my childhood buddy who left school to join the Banditos’ motorcycle gang. He had a tattoo before tats became hip and groovy, ubiquitous and virulently narcissistic. (Speaking of tattoos: Girls … if you’re going to get a cute butterfly inked into your shoulder, you must make the general public a promise that you will not gain 600lbs later in life and have that blue moth morph into a massive, faded condor that we all have to stare at. If that’s too much to ask, then please cease to wear tube-tops so we don’t have to gawk at that muted, colored vulture on your enormous back. Deal? Deal. Anyway, back to the good old days …)

When our parents dumped us off at school, they weren’t riddled with fear that our schoolmarms were going to morph us into domestic terrorists who think Che Guevera is the bomb. Our folks also knew that sexed-up teachers wouldn’t teach kinky weirdness to their twelve-year-olds. No, if their kids were going to learn about sex it would be done in the traditional way via their older brothers and their Playboy magazine stash in the alley behind the house.

Today, as far as public schools are concerned, it’s a veritable loaded-dice roll regarding how your kids will come out after spending eight hours a day with our “educators“. More than likely, Dad, unless you’re Bill Ayers, Khalid Sheik Mohammed or Russell Brand, you’re not going to be too pleased with what the public schools do with your kids’ noggins.

This week, a story surfaced about the father of a thirteen-year-old girl who got righteously ticked when his daughter showed him a pic of what the loons were lacing his dear daughter’s curriculum with. Check it out:

The father of a 13 year-old girl who was upset by a classroom poster that listed sex acts was shocked to hear that the poster is part of her school’s health and science curriculum.

As local Fox News affiliate in Kansas, fox4kc.com, reported Tuesday, Mark Ellis said his daughter, a student at Hocker Grove Middle school in the Shawnee Mission School District, was “shocked” by what she saw on a poster on a classroom wall in school. Ellis said his daughter took a picture of the poster and showed her parents.

Originally, Ellis assumed the poster to be a student prank, until he called the school and discovered it was part of the curriculum.

Why would you put it in front of 13 year-old students? He asked.

The poster, entitled, “How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?” lists sex acts such as: Oral Sex, Sexual Fantasy, Caressing, Anal Sex, Dancing, Hugging, Touching Each Other’s Genitals, Kissing, Grinding, and Masturbation.

Ellis said after being told by the school principal the poster was “teaching material,” he is now concerned about what his daughter is being taught in school.

I’ve got two words for that poster being put out by a public school to 13-year-olds: they are “holy” and “guacamole”.

Man, when I was thirteen I had no real idea what sex was. I thought it consisted of my mom and dad wrestling with their shirts off. At least that’s what it looked like when they didn’t lock the door that one Friday night that, try as I may, I’ll never forget.

Sure, as a young pubescent boy I was attracted to girls. But we did normal things back then to show our interest in the opposite sex like: pull the girl’s hair, or jump a tall ramp on our Huffy while they watched, or suck milk through straws shoved up our nostrils. Y’know … something to show our prowess. It was cave man stuff.

Now, certainly the aforementioned wasn’t pretty or too suave, but it never came into to our minds that if we wanted to show we had feelings for a fair lass we should do it via anal sex. But that’s what is being taught at frickin’ Hocker Grove Middle School.

Good Lord, parents. You gotta take reins of your kids’ brains and bodies and rip them out of the hands of these bastions of banality, communism and overt sexualization.

Do it now, before it’s too late.

About the author: Doug Giles

Doug Giles is the Big Dawg at ClashDaily.com and the Co-Owner of The Safari Cigar Company. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. And check out his new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.

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  • Marge

    Parents, these are national standards that means common core for what they want your kids to know and think is normal about sex nation wide. You may have decent teachers who will not even think about not teaching this to your kids but those God fearing teachers are few and far between. Even if you took your kid out of the class when it is being taught in class, guess what the other students will be talking about at lunch?

    • kktex12

      Since when is 2 + 2 = 5? Since when is the correct answer more important than how you got the wrong answer? Since when were the Founding Fathers called terrorists? Since when did Islamic terrorists contribute a damn thing to the founding of America or to our history up until they attacked us. The only contribution to American history was the piracy in the days of Jefferson. Which allowed the creation of the US Marines who kicked the crap out of the Islamic Barbary pirates. You need to educate yourself on the content of common core. It is a pathetic liberal rewrite of American history and an insult to intelligence.

  • Sharpshooter

    The end result of the NEA, “Common Core”, DOE, teachers unions, “diversity and “tolerance”! Any time that you allow liberals to inject their “indoctrination” into your children’s heads, all is lost. The idea that children can be taught “how” to think as opposed to “what to think” has gone by the wayside.

  • YouDontKnowMe

    If you h8 your kids send them to Doug Giles! He is a lunatic!

    • chamuiel

      only in the mind of a deranged liberal.

    • Wingedgodd3ss

      I don’t understand your post-did you read the article?

      • urbanvrwcmom

        I doubt if he can read. Literacy and critical thinking isn’t high on the list in these so-called schools.

    • M Green

      Yeah, with the great turn out of our progeny these days, he’s a real lunatic. STDs and abortions are a badge of womenhood and the Knockout game is just an exercise in heroism, afterall. That Doug Giles is a real nut-job for not understanding this.

    • dmbunce

      Yes! Send ALL your kids to Doug Giles and they won’t grow up to be like you!

  • Dave

    Sending your kids to “public school”, is child abuse and has been for decades.

    • M Green

      I know some people will say this is a silly comment, but when you look at what our kids are regularly exposed to in the schools and can get away with it, but those same acts would NOT be tolerated in a home setting, it’s pretty clear that public school is OFTEN child abuse. Look at the way our progeny is turning out? Teen pregnancy, STD, Abortions? Knockout game? Entitlement? Funny how these sorts out outcomes where considered indicative of mental disturbances caused by abuse before the schools started turning them out like this in droves. Now, it’s just considered typical teen behavior (even though some of those “teens” are in their 20s.)

  • Carol

    I so agree with this heading. They tried real hard to destroy my sons life and chances at a normal life. Public schools are cesspools.

  • thaidude

    Too late. It’s too late.

    • Robert Baker

      I wish you would quit saying that. It is never to late with God where all things are possible. There is a way, if you pray!

      • okihadit

        yes, pray, but there has to be a time when we got to act!

        • urbanvrwcmom

          That time is now!

  • OneNationUnderGod

    God bless you, man! Love how you shoot straight!

  • Twitch

    Homeschooling is a short term solution at best. The Liberals would just love to pass a law banning homeschooling and forcing all schools, even charter and private schools, to adopt Common Core. All in the kids “best interest” of course.

    • M Green

      The battles always come, but that’s not the point. The point is to 1) not put ourselves in a situation where we share the custody of our children with the state in the first place and 2) to stand at each other’s door with God, our weapons, and our Molon Labe hats. It’s when we give up our progeny freely and shove our hands in our pockets and look the other way that the tyrants win. That has ALWAYS been the point.

      • AZ Grammy

        Amen! I could care less what anyone thinks, all I care about is what God thinks of me. I know he would want me to fight for what is right and that is what I will do every time. This idea that we should all be shamed and silenced for believing in good and right and worry if we are being politically correct is ridiculous and needs to end.

  • kktex12

    Some socalled christian schools are not much better. There is a school in Lakeland Fl that is more interested in a donors money than a kid learning what he was instructed and then throwing a temper tantrum when he got a low grade. Teacher was forced out when teacher would not inflate grade.

  • Susan McHugh

    This story literally made me cry. It is outright sexual abuse and invasion of privacy. More parents need to band together and slap huge civil lawsuits on these deranged teachers and administrators. Money talks.

    • okihadit


    • AZ Grammy

      If I were one of the parents at this school, I would file a class action lawsuit and change a few laws. If parents do not demand changes with a show of unity, these type of liberal actions will just be ignored as insignificant. Parents, don’t worry about what others will think of you, stand up and show support for your fellow parents and their children. If we don’t fight for each other and stand up for what is right, nothing will get accomplished. You need to stand in support of this parent and many others that may just need to see a sign of strong support before coming forward. The tide is changing and it is time we all start standing up for the right side again!

  • Tim Stephenson

    Folks, students become like their teachers. “Old school” teachers – dedicated individuals in locally-controlled and Christian-dominated communities – were pretty good models. As one moves along the scale away from that, the dedicated individuals become dedicated to pushing something further and further away from what you want your kids to become.

    I taught for 13 years in a California public high school and feel I have some basis to speak. Most teachers are still dedicated, and trying as hard as they can to help your kids but unfortunately they face two crippling handicaps:

    First, most have leaned their ladders against the wrong wall – no matter how high you climb, you’re still on the wrong wall. Devoid of a foundation in Scripture, even if that core is never voiced specifically in classroom, these folks are not good role models.

    Second, public school teachers are forced to use educational materials from the State, which very clearly has leaned its ladder against the wrong wall, deliberately and eyes-open. Many private schools use the same materials, promoting the need to thoroughly vet any private school you’re considering.

    Give to Caesar what his Caesar’s – but your kids aren’t Caesar’s and should not be surrendered to the State for shaping. Nor should they be sent to the PINO schools (just made that up: “Private In Name Only”). Homeschool or for-reals-in-your-face-Christian-Private-School *whatever* the cost – yes, you may need to move out of your McMansion or sell your BMW, but your kids are the only thing you have of any value. Treasure them, protect them, build them up instead of tear them down.

    And if you want a great private solidly Christian college at roughly state prices, consider New Saint Andrews (www.nsa.edu). Our daughter went there, and I know another half-dozen other grads (one of which fills our pulpit often), and *they* are the sort of kid you want yours to become.

  • sixxfingers

    Ha! This is but one reason to avoid public schools. This article appeared in the Last Resistance several days ago: http://lastresistance.com/4410/holder-warns-teachers-disciplining-blacks-minorities/. Basically Holder is saying blacks get a free pass on whatever behavior they choose to exhibit or engage in. Which is tantamount to an invitation to blacks to assault whites.

    • okihadit

      yes, that’s where parents should get together and march on that dam school! any dam bully should be kicked the hell out of any school no matter what color the scum is!

    • AZ Grammy

      That’s true. People are purchasing guns and getting concealed carry license’s just to protect themselves because of the racial war the current administration is creating between people of color against caucasians. It is truly pathetic how far this country has come over the years to eliminate racism just to have it all destroyed over one administration’s power tactics. Holder is playing a very dangerous game and I fear many innocent people are going to get hurt before he is done.

  • worldwatchman

    Another PERFECT example why parents should remove their children from public schools. These people who make these decisions should all be hung up on stakes in the middle of nowhere. Damn them for this and their “progressive” thinking..

  • taliesin319

    Are you sure this isn’t Hooker Groan Middle School ? Those parents need to march on that school with rakes and pitchforks and demand the principle be placed in a pillory.

  • P Marz

    Home schooling is the way to go. It’s the only way you can be 100% certain what your children are being taught because you are teaching them. It may be logistically difficult and you may have to give up some stuff but your kids are worth it. Home schooled all four of mine two of which finished high school by age 16 and started taking college courses at the local community college. It’s so worth it. For your kids sake,do what ever it takes.

    • Dave

      Not only that, but more than likely the doctor bills will decrease exponentially. That was my experience after I started home schooling my kids.

      • okihadit

        true! their not around sicks kids all the time.

    • AZ Grammy

      You are so right. If we don’t put our children first no one else will. Our children come first before our own needs and desires. Homeschooling is the only way we can truly protect our most precious gifts from God. We owe it to them to keep them out of harms way and that includes the public school system.

  • CountryBoy

    The Progressive’s have taken over the education system and have been Brainwashing our children for years….

    Is Obama’s America becoming too much like Nazi Germany ??

    1) Nazi Germany nationalized education and God was eliminated from the schools.

    2) Under Nazi Germany, God was mocked and religion was pushed out of public life.

    3) In Nazi Germany it became fashionable to mock Christians and the Christian faith.

    4) Under Hitler sexual promiscuity was encouraged.

    5) Once the Nazis took power, they implemented gun control and later took all the guns away from the populace.

    6) Under Hitler, abortion was made safe and legal.

    7) German health care was taken over by the Nazi government.

    8) Nazi regulation of business got wildly out of control.

    9) Adolf Hitler authorized massive increases in government spending.

    10) Hitler raised taxes dramatically to pay for all the social programs.

    11) Hitler opposed free market capitalism.

    12) Nazi Germany was a totalitarian police state that monitored everything the German citizens did.

    In Nazi Germany there was NO freedom of speech and WE are losing ours…

    • okihadit


    • AZ Grammy

      Hmm, I see a familiar pattern here. Anyone else? Seriously, are we really going to take this laying down people?

    • TexasJester

      Nazi, short for Nationalsozalismus, German for National Socialism.

      There’s a reason I occasionally refer to al obama as der Fuhrer…

  • Bill

    This kind of thinking is what is wrong with America; public schools are what has made America a great nation. Parents who send their kids to private or religious refuse to pay the taxes to support the public schools and then want tuition tax credits for their private school tuitions.

    • RedStateKitty

      Today’s public schools are an example of what is WRONG with us. When did you attend government schooling? If you are a recent grad (within the last 20 years) then you too have been brainwashed and indoctrinated.

      • Jim Huston

        Today, yes; although there are still pockets, mostly in low-density rural school districts, which approximate what we used to be taught. I graduated in 1967 and received an excellent education.

    • Hjordis Owens

      We were one family that DID pay those taxes while homeschooling our own children. And the public school is not what made America good; at least not since the 1800’s.

    • ttpog

      We home educate AND pay taxes for schools that we do NOT use. Same goes for every home educator I know…..genius.

    • Dave

      You are an effing liar. People who send their kids to private schools do not get out of paying taxes. Even if they did, why should it matter? They are not using your tax dollars to educate their kids.

    • Gorni

      Bill, they were great and in fact 2nd in worldwide standings. However, when Carter took over during his administration, the standing went to he11 in a handbasket and we now rank 18.

      The bottom line is that sex education with the discussion of anatomy and biological aspects are accepted, but the act of sex and foreplay discussion is NOT acceptable of students in middle school.

    • dmbunce

      You should really have some knowledge of the facts before you come on here and make such incorrect statements. It really makes you look bad.

    • CharlieFromMass

      Until we became more concerned about “social justice” and less concerned with education, you were right.

      Public schools were great until about 1970-80, when the Civil Rights movement and and the general malaise that hit America during that period struck. Then, in the 1980s, education reform became a big deal, and we kept trying new stuff before giving other new stuff a chance to see if it would actually work, while replacing things that were known to work.

      Public schools could be great again. First we need to get the Federal government out of them and return it to local control.

    • alreadytold

      Thank you but, home schoolers do most certainly pay their taxes. you are ignorant of this fact. Need to home school.

    • Jeff Shouse

      Bill: You don’t know what you are talking about. Everyone pays state and federal taxes to fund public schools. Even the childless pay. Parents who send their kids to private schools pay for both the public AND the private school.

    • JRJ21

      How long have you been in this coma?

    • AZ Grammy

      Hun, you really need to lay off that cool aid, it is destroying your brain cells.

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ Dave the Barbarian

    Say, that poster with the sex acts is against the law! Any private citizen showing pictures like that to minors would be in beaucoup trouble!! SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!

    • Oldmonkey

      Unfortunately describing the acts if lacking in profanity or vulgarity it’s not necessarily so. For years the book “Show Me” was available in school libraries. The book after a case after reaching the Supremes, was banned from distribution in the US in 1982. When description without pictures no longer meets legal muster is likely up to the individual state


  • bill

    this is your liberalism at work !!! beter put the kabash on them ASAP

  • Hjordis Owens

    It’s so aggravating to see parents allowing these things to happen to their children and not do anything about it. If both parents are working (which is not the mode of their parents in the last decade) there are ways to co-op with other parents to protect their children before they are totally immoral and lost as was the children of the founding fathers in Holland before they found a better home. Parents. . .DO SOMETHING!!!

  • happy feet

    quit calling them public schools! they should be called government run schools!

    • Dave

      Government Indoctrination Centers.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      I call them Dens of Inequity!

  • Wes

    Geez. Psychological molestation of impressionable young teens. And one day those brainwashed kids will wake up and wonder why they’re pregnant drug-addicts and have STDs. Way to go, public schools. Ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery.

  • Thomas Sharp

    Government run schooling is indeed the Highway to Hell.
    I am impressed when one can make it through with any integrity left in tact.
    What we build up at home is quickly destroyed by the lunatic fringe that has become the mainstream “educator”.

  • Jeff Shouse

    Clearly, sending a child to a public school today is child abuse.

  • LTsiao

    Yup, sums it up nicely. My youngest, 16 and male, said his “health” class had nothing at all to do with health and was all about sex, nothing about abstinence, just about self-gratification and how to avoid STD’s. He said it was “lame” and all the kids hated it.
    But, my children have always known to ask me and not take anyone’s word for it. Example: When my oldest (now 21) was entering middle school, the older kids told him that if he drank Mountain Dew “his balls would skrink”. I kid you not! He was, duh, concerned and asked about it, needless to say, I cleared that right up. Later, I laughed until I could not breathe!
    The point is-talk to your children, make sure they are getting the truth from you! Ask them each and everyday what is going on, look thru their assignments, look thru their social media. You are responsible for them until they are adults!

  • Christian-Patriot

    When you take God out, it opens the door for evil to invade.

    • okihadit

      and that’s what obuma wants, to rid us of GOD!

  • deseartu

    That’s why my child is in a private Catholic school. Regardless, of how much it costs I will take out all the loans in the world before I send him to a Public Nazi brain washing regime!

    • Flavius Josephus

      Just notice that most of the politicians that have been in Washington for a long period of time have their children in private schools.

      • TexasOlTimer

        Obama took away the pilot school voucher program for the disadvantaged children in D.C. to allow them to go to private schools and then sent both his girls to a private school.

        • urbanvrwcmom

          I’d like to know how many parents of the children who lost their vouchers, also voted for Obama? Some of those children were students at the school where the Obama sisters are enrolled. Looks to me that the elite didn’t want their children around those “ghetto brats from the projects”. Leftists have always been opposed to needy minority children having the opportunity to attend private schools, particularly religious schools. Once it was made known that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas attended Catholic schools, that opposition intensified. I believe if my parents were allowed to have vouchers, my siblings and I would have turned out better than we have. I’d say that becoming a follower of Christ and embracing conservatism is what turned things around for me.

        • Flavius Josephus

          Obama’s War on Black Education
          By Derrick Wilburn

          Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/08/obamas_war_on_black_education.html#ixzz2qyobREAB
          Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    • RedStateKitty

      I wouldn’t trust the Catholic schools at this point. Their faculties are pretty well all “credentialed” and indoctrinated.

  • dogface

    I remember when the Lord’s prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance was in school.. Some card carrying Commie got it removed because she was an atheist and a Commie and didn’t like it.. Why we changed our whole education system for one psycho broad is beyond me.. I think Kennedy might have been President, that would explain it.. Home Schooling is the answer I think.. Solve the debt problems too.. The school system bleeds the taxpayers to death..

    • AZ Grammy

      I agree completely. Lets see how far the public school system gets when all good parents that truly love their children start removing them from public schools and homeschool them instead. I would love to see all public schools close down for good.

  • saywhat?

    The “grinding” thing really confuses me. When I was in high school I remember monitors at our dances making sure there was NO grinding going on. And they were serious. If there were any touching of torsos, they would be in there separating you right quick. Granted, this was private Christian school…but when did we go from chaperoning dances to make sure babies aren’t made on the dance floor to posting “grinding” as an acceptable thing to do to your date? It’s so odd.

  • pysco

    This is why the US has fallen to 37th in quality of education in the world. Common Core (Pearson Corp) is nothing more than Social Engineering… Since we dropped the STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) we have fallen, all the leading nations in the world still use STEM.

    • AZ Grammy

      Pearson offered me a full time job and I turned them down based on what they stand for. My granddaughter is attending Connections Academy and I just found out they bought Connections. I asked the principal if they had any plans to incorporate Common Core into the curriculum and he flat out lied and said no. This year it is nothing but common core. This will be her last year with this school.

      • RedStateKitty

        AZ Grammy, why complete the year? My daughter’s friend in Colorado Springs (a fairly conservative community) just pulled her children out mid-term. There’s no time to waste! By the way, my daughter IS homeschooling and I’m hoping my son’s kids will be too (they’re younger).

  • Mr Richard Allan David

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/536415279763727/Dedicated to the
    destruction of the government run public education monopoly and indoctrination
    of America’s youth. We desire to encourage parents to opt out of the system and
    choose better alternatives including home schooling, private education and
    on-line education. Public education is a criminal cabal of big government, big
    labor and big business. They don’t care about students or teachers. They only
    care about power and money. Public education is the vehicle for maintaining a
    permanent dependent class. It must be dismantled if our republic is to survive.

  • Mr Richard Allan David
  • AZ Grammy

    For those that know my stance on this subject, I say get your children out of these public indoctrination centers and homeschool them the right way before these lunatics completely corrupt their little minds. They are starting with them as early as kindergarten because they feel if they can get to them this early in life, their minds will be easy to manipulate than when they are older. This is no joke folks, it is only going to get worse. Don’t let anyone convince you that you do not have a right or a valid reason to pull your children out and homeschool them instead.

  • Michael Skok

    I really think some people are too poor to send their children to anything but public schools. And the government is making sure that homeschooling is illegal like in Germany. Parents should take an active interest in their children’s education and make them question everything they learn and warn them about the dangers of our liberal education–everyday.

    • ttpog

      Home education is legal in every state and territory in this country. Some friends of ours who home educate their children are among the poorest (monetarily), yet they manage beautifully. Taking an active interest in your children’s education would necessitate their removal from the pagan, non-teaching, indoctrinating places known as government schools. Otherwise, you are knowingly and deliberately placing them in harms way.

      • Michael Skok

        I’m not sure about that. I went to a community college recently. They said they have zero tolerance for physical violence. That was my problem in high school. I got into a lot of fights with bullies. The college let me challenge them on the theory of evolution. That’s the most important thing a parent should teach their children–to learn about the creation theory from sources like Answers In Genesis and Creation.org, and teach their children that God’s Word, the Bible, is true from Genesis to Revelation. Parents also need to make sure their children don’t watch a lot of TV. That was my problem also. I should have studied harder instead of spending so much time watching the boob tube, listening to music, and going out for cross country.

        • ttpog

          Which part are you not sure about?

          Yes, AIG and Creation ‘dot’ org are great resources that we use often. You are right about TV. We have televisions, but they have no cable/satellite hook-up, so we use our tv’s only for our own DVD’s, and we greatly limit the time usage with our children. We never made the ‘big switch’ back in 2007 or 08, so we don’t even get local stations. Even too much good TV is harmful.

          • Michael Skok

            The last two sentences. Otherwise I agree with you 100%. TV is a major distraction and disruption in our children’s education–much more than public education.

          • ttpog

            I believe TV and government schools are equal in the harm that they cause. You advocate that parents ‘need to make sure their children don’t watch a lot of TV.’ That is because you know of the harm it causes. Government schools cause harm also as the above article proves, but parents keep sending their children to the equivalent of the front lines of a war zone, fully aware of the dangers they will face. It is a proven fact that children are being harmed in government schools. It is a known fact that TV harms children. You advocate to protect children from one, but not the other.

          • Michael Skok

            Exactly what in public schools must we protect our children from?

          • ttpog

            Surely you jest! Did you not read the above article? Government schools are normalizing sodomy to the children and hyper-sexualizing them. Same-sex perversions are promoted in nearly every school. If you don’t have a problem with that….sad. Some states force children to share restrooms and showers with other students of the opposite sex simply because this super minority of students are confused about what sex they are and demand access to the restroom of the sex they choose to be. Many government schools now have ‘dress the opposite sex’ day which promotes cross dressing. Common Core has hit nearly every government school in this nation. If you are unaware about Common Core, you should remedy that. Common Core alone is sufficient reason to remove children from these schools. The government schools will take young girls to get an abortion without parental consent or knowledge. They expelled an elementary boy whose pop-tart happened to take the shape of a gun as he was eating it and he thought it was funny. Another six year old boy was suspended for kissing a girl on the cheek. The school suspended him for sexual harassment. This boy didn’t even know what sex was, but thanks to his school officials he was exposed to words he was too young to even be contemplating. But according to the poster in the above story, kissing is normal, just a way to express their feelings, right? Just this past year at a school in CA little kids were being forced to kneel in front of elementary school administrators as a form of punishment.

            Do some research for yourself if you are truly interested in what government schools are doing to harm children. The list is endless.

          • Michael Skok

            You’re right. Things are really getting bad out there. It’s hard to believe. I think you can thank Planned Parenthood for that.
            Why would a young girl be taken to have an abortion? Is she pregnant? Did she have sex already? With who? A teacher? A nine year old boy?
            I don’t understand how we let the federal government get into our schools. The federal government doesn’t give any money to our schools. So they should stay out of our schools.

          • tr60

            “promotes cross-dressing…”
            I grew up in the early ’60’s, you wanna know where I learned about cross-dressing? Milton Berle and Bugs Bunny!

            You sound really up-tight. You do realize that some people are just born gay? When I was in 2nd grade there was a kid in the 1st grade that just seemed so girly. It was a small town, he had normal parents (I often worked with his father on farm-labor crews), I guess he was just accepted. He grew up, went to college, became flagrently gay and died from the plague. I felt so badly for his parents.

          • ttpog

            Nah, not uptight. However, no one is born a same-sex deviant. No one has ever been born one, and no one ever will. Poor kid from 2nd grade…..

        • tr60

          Teaching the Bible and creation would be fine – in a theology class. Please don’t confuse the theory of creation – a bronze age myth, with science. Evolution is an observable fact, like lightning and gravity. Theory is about how it operates and so far Darwin has been spot-on.

          I remember my grandfather commenting on how much hogs had changed within his lifetime of 80 years. Evolution works out over millions of years.

          • Michael Skok

            It’s evolution that should be taught in a theology class. It is unscientific. Life cannot come from non living things. Life can only come from life. If you want to prove evolution then let’s see you life from non living matter in a laboratory.

          • Michael Skok

            Correct: “Let’s see you produce life from non-living matter in a laboratory.”

          • ttpog

            You state: ‘Evolution is an observable fact….’. LOL!

            PLEASE show me a fossil of a dinosaur turning into a bird….or…or…since it is observable…..show me the apes turning into humans. You did say it ‘is an observable fact’. Anything will suffice, just show me the evidence, the observable evidence, of anything turning into anything else…..I will wait….LOL>>LOL>>

          • tr60

            Will that do you?

          • ttpog

            LOL!!! That would be a pterodactyl….genius. Show me a t-rex turning into a feathered bird….or any animal turning into some other kind of animal. I will wait…..LOL!

          • tr60

            The animal above was called an Archaeopteryx

            You’re talking about events that occured over 65 million years ago. Not too many people had cameras in those days.
            Birds did not descend from T-Rex’s but both had a common ancestor. Here’s an artist’s redition for you:

          • ttpog

            Again….just show me the evidence, the observable evidence, of any animal turning into any other kind of animal.

          • tr60

            There are a number of scientific disciplines that you seem to be utterly unfamiliar with: biology, geology, paleontology paleontology to name a few. A basic mastery requires 4 years of study at a university, another subject you may not be familiar with, and has an admittance requirement of a high school diploma…something else you seem to be lacking.

            I could probably play you a “Transformers” movie and you’d take it for real.

          • ttpog

            This is your statement: ‘Evolution is an observable fact, like lightning and gravity.’ I have repeatedly asked you to show my the observable evidence of evolution. The key foundation to the theory of evolution is that animals evolve into other kinds of animals. SHOW ME….since, according to you, it is observable….genius.

          • tr60

            I don’t think you could be educated.

    • AZ Grammy

      Hi Michael, why do you think the government is trying to make homeschooling illegal? I have been homeschooling for years now as many others have and I have not heard that our way of teaching our children is in jeopardy. Please include links and sites where we can research this further. Thanks!

      • Flavius Josephus

        Farris: Obama May Ban Homeschooling!
        Criminalizing Home Schoolers
        By Kristin Kloberdanz/Modesto

        • ttpog

          Sure, liberal/progressives would like nothing more than to ban home education. But, it is still legal in every state and we have no plans of giving that up.

        • tr60

          As I remember my teachers, most of them were women, with families who put in 60 hours a week between school and their own homework of grading papers and preparing lesson plans.

          For people with the academic training of teachers, they are grossly underpaid. Get off the union kick, the union thugs you fear don’t weigh half as much as you do.

          • Flavius Josephus

            Underpaid? How much of that federal money goes to the unions and how much to the teacher? There are a lot of excellent teachers who deserve to be paid commensurate with their skill level. This is a matter to be worked out between the union and the teachers, not the tax payer. If one teacher is excellent and one is lousy, should they be paid the same?

          • tr60

            Ok, how much goes to the union? Until you can show where 1¢ of government money went to a union, or a union boss in lieu of a salary, or went anywhere except the school treasury, then you’re just blowin’ smoke.

            Teachers should be paid enough to begin with. The right money will attract the right people

          • Flavius Josephus

            Why does our money go to trade unions?

          • tr60

            Unions support, usually, the Democrats because they sure won’t get any help from the Republicans. The air traffic controllers learned that lesson the hard way.

          • Flavius Josephus

            Public unions are paid with taxpayer money and make 20-25% more than their non union counterparts. So why should they expect support from Republicans? It is only in recent years that unions were associated with organized crime. Jimmy Hoffa and Santo Trafficante are two names that come to mind. Have you not read why cities like Detroit (General Motors), Chicago, and the entire state of California are on the verge of bankruptcy? Had it not been for the leadership of men like Scott Walker and John Kasich, you could add Wisconsin and Ohio to the list. italy, Spain and Greece all serves as example of union corruption.

          • tr60

            1. Public unions are not paid with taxpayer money, unless you are referring to the employees themselves. Do you want them being paid by private interests? Have the fire department protect a richer person’s house while your’s burns down?
            2. Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in 1975. Traficante died in 1987. Their influence and relevance have long been over; “in recent years the unions have (NOT) been associated with organized crime.”

            3. GM caused its own demise by bad management. (Read the Wiki on Roger Smith.) Much of Detroit’s problems have to do with the decline of the American auto industry. When it goes from having one company making half the cars sold in the country to the entire industry only making half the cars, things are going to get bad. Ad in a Fascist state government that is allowing private interest to steal the people’s assets, like the public art collection, and it’s all the power in the hands of the wealthy few against the very poor many.

            4. The California economy is doing much better – since they elected a Democratic governor and legislature. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/terry-connelly/california-economy_b_4298008.html

            5. On the other hand Wisconsin and Ohio have been going downhill since their respective Republican administrations have taken over.

            Here’s one about Ohio and the effect of losing public service (union thug) jobs:http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2013/08/26/right-sizing.html

            How does “italy, Spain and Greece all serves as example of union corruption.”? What it does serve is to show the failure of austerity programs.

          • Flavius Josephus


          • Flavius Josephus

            Read it and weep. I recall when he won over the unions and thousands of Wisconsin citizens kissed the unions goodbye.


          • tr60
      • Michael Skok

        We have an answer from Flavius Josephus. I don’t remember where I read it. If you type “Homeschooling under Attack” in your search engine, you will come up with several topics. One of them from the Catholic World Report is titled “Homeschooling Under Fire at Home and Abroad.”

        • ttpog

          It has always been under attack and most likely will always be. However, it is legal in every state and we don’t plan on giving in to these attacks at all.

          • Michael Skok


    • TexasOlTimer

      It isn’t possible to home school kids in a one parent family as so many are today. Then with so many working several part time jobs or both parents working to try to make ends meet, it also isn’t possible. I wonder if that isn’t part of Obama’s plan to stop home schooling without actually going after those parents as they are doing in Germany. But then that might be his next step. We have seen cases where children have been removed from the home where they were home schooled for ‘education neglect.’

      • Michael Skok

        Isn’t there anybody else to help? A friend, a relative, a neighbor. Anyway, the only objection I have against public school education is the theory of evolution. We should at least teach our children about the creation theory.

      • CherryAnn1000

        I totally disagree. We made some major changes in our lifestyle, but my husband has always been the breadwinner and I have stayed home and raised and educated our kids. We don’t have a boat, RV, new cars, etc., but we have godly, contented kids who actually know math, reading, and spelling and have something viable to offer this world. Even single parent homes can do this if they just work around their work hours. And the end result is very worth it.

        • ttpog

          I think you misread TOT’s comment. I think you two are on the same page.

    • tr60

      An education IS liberal. Anything else in indoctrination.

      • Michael Skok

        Like I said, public education is okay with me, except for the theory of evolution. We need to teach our children about the creation theory, to spend less time watching TV and playing outside, and to study hard.

    • CherryAnn1000

      Homeschooling standards are different in every state, but in my state (Oregon), one of the most lib in the nation, homeschooling standards are very relaxed and fair. I homeschooled both my boys for 16 years and they turned out as fabulous young men who actually KNEW something. And as far as being too poor, perhaps, but homeschooling, by and large, is very affordable and easy to do if you are willing to make some changes in your lifestyle.

  • sirwiley

    Tolerance with failure of eternal vigilance has allowed criminals to control this nation from the president down. Criminal perversion is destroying childhood, innocence and good sense. No wonder there are school shootings. Evil rules from the Whitehouse down.

    • Jim

      Will you be running for president in 2016? You have my vote!

    • Evan White

      Public School Tolerance is horrid. Public schoolers must worship gay rights and the rights of muslims. Muslims and gays getting along together , not gonna happen. If you wanna call any religion a Hate Group look no farther than Islam. Strange, atheists/socialists can easily put up with the hate of islam but can Christianity hateful. The Muslims are the hateful ones, not the christians.

  • Flavius Josephus

    Go into any inner city school and you will find that every and i mean every public schools is a dangerous hell hole that receives millions of taxpayer dollars every year. However, most indoctrinated Blacks and Hispanics in these communities will never go against the Democrat Party and demand vouchers for their children.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      That is generally the fault of the students themselves…not the teachers. As for why urban areas go Democrat…Republicans have all but abandoned attempts to get the vote in those areas, resulting in “Democrat by default”.

      If the teachers were at fault, any decline should be across the board…but it’s not.

      • Flavius Josephus

        The teachers in these communities tend to be the worst, so the unions send them to these communities. We all know how difficult it is to fire a union teacher. Because they are union, they know they get paid whether they care or teach or not.
        As for the students, you take these kids minus the hoodlums and the thugs and put them in home school or safe private or charter schools and they thrive just like other children.

  • Stan Parrish

    I grew up in the panhandle of Texas and that is the way I remember it too.
    Then we moved to liberal lala land up in Seattle. The difference caused me a severe case of culture shock. Education standards were so low that my 7th grade education in Texas carried me the rest of the way through school. Kids had no respect for adults. Drugs were rampant. My schoolmates had a set curse words I did not know the meaning of. Standards of moral behavior and decency were non-existent.
    And they called all that crap progress.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    My wife and I home school our children. We wouldn’t have it any other way! It is so good not having to put up with the crap in the “public indoctrination system.”

    • TexasOlTimer

      I went to school in West Texas long before Doug Giles did (based on his picture!) and his description is so true… except I can’t remember anyone dropping out. Our schools weren’t ‘dumbed down’ for the ones that couldn’t excel. As a class we frequently got together and worked with those kids to help them.

  • Bulldog74

    You don’t have to confine it to West Texas or elsewhere in the Heartland — heck, I went to public school in southern California fer cryin out loud…there too we used to say the Pledge every day and sing patriotic songs. And for that matter, it wasn’t even at church that I heard many of the traditional Thanksgiving songs and Christmas carols for the first time — it was at school. (For those who are into diversity, I also learned about Hanukah.)
    Oh yeah, and BTW I also learned to read, write and do math — something that a lot of today’s students (and some of their teachers) can’t say.

  • red55bird

    Government run schools with Big teachers unions, have taken teaching to a all time low. Common Core put out by the Government, has taken reasoning away from children, to it’s all about testing, testing and more testing, Ask your children about Capitalism and many won’t even know what your talking about, America history may start with the twenty century instead of when the colonials first game to America. Children today when ask to sign their name can only print their name because they stop using cursive, a pretty big shock to me for when ask to sign your name they have to print. Private schools or home schooling is the only change children have for a better education today.

    • tr60

      In 1976 I tried to buy my first car. The title was rejected because I printed my name. A printed name would require two witnesses because it was indicative of me being illiterate.

      • AG Dot Com!

        My daughter has discovered that daddy making her learn cursive when she was little is starting to pay off – her teachers compliment her on her excellent writing ability. I assert strongly that an ability to write properly in cursive, with a real writing implement, is indicative of character and education.

  • AG Dot Com!

    I’ve already had several libtards née socialists come at me claiming school is the “proper place” to teach all of this, including the obligatory 60s child/self-proclaimed femiNazi/voted most likely to be a lonely old cat lady. THAT one called me a perv because I don’t think graphic sex acts should be taught to 13-year olds. These idiot socialists cannot see the correlation between their failed “education” programs and the disintegration of our families, society, and culture.

    • Waterdawg

      As a principal of a public school I can assure you that not all public schools are the kind of institutions described in this article. Our schools were governed by a conservative local school board. We said the Pledge of Allegiance each and every day. We did not have sex position posters. Our local school board advocated abstinence only. I I used corporal punishment instead of suspending students. I had posters throughout the hallway with proverbs from the Bible. Home schooling is a piece of the puzzle for sure. Private schools are a piece of the puzzle. Public schools are a piece of the puzzle. But…the puzzle to solve is how to raise children in a society that celebrates sin at every turn. Radio, magazines, television, movies, neighbor’s houses, your own home and so on and so on. We need to call it as it is. We live in a sinful nation. Until we return to God it will continue to be so. Some public schools are only part of the problem. I have seen the problem and it is us!

      • AG Dot Com!

        You, Principal Waterdawg, are a symbol of hope and a national treasure in my opinion. Your school should be a model of how our public schools should be run. I live near, and work in, Detroit. You can only imagine the mess we have here, for a laundry list of reasons. My own daughter’s schools are not so bad, but still rife with socialist ideas, “common core”, and overstep on the part of the school from time to time. Her teachers know my name and I am not afraid to go in and speak to them when, for example, my kid comes home and can recite the 5 pillars of islam but doesn’t know the Bill of Rights – or even what that is. To reinforce my presence I go in and teach classes from time to time on the Korean war. Next month I am teaching the kids cold weather awareness (I am former Army).

        I salute you and your efforts. You should be speaking before town councils across the nation. God Bless you.

        • Ben Name

          yes why teach religious tolerance. It’s not like our country was founded on it.

      • NoLibLiz

        The problem just liberal school boards or sex posters on the wall. It is the overwhelming assumption of evolution, the overwhelming, aggressive pushing of homosexuality just to name a couple of issues.

        Then you have the “period” system when you get to middle school which is counterproductive to real education. Say your daughter is really turned on by a science experiment and just as she is starting to get into the groove the teacher comes along and says “times up.”

        The point you make about “Radio, magazines, television, movies, neighbor’s houses, your own home and so on and so on” is certainly true as well. I don’t listen to much music but my guess is that 99% of what teens listen to is not fit for listening.

        • Ben Name

          wait, homosexuality is part of evolution? Does this mean my boys are regressive?

      • Ben Name

        yes, those posters should be on college dormroom walls.

    • Ben Name

      I don’t want my boys learning about no nazis of any kind. I hear those from femi-land are the worst.

      Ahh, your boys aren’t having sex at 13?

  • Texas1Der

    I’m a conservative LCMS pastor in Texas’ most liberal city (Austin) My wife and I have two sons; one now in college, the other in high school. The older boy attended Lutheran schools through the 8th grade, the younger boy through 5th grade. Then, in large part due to family logistics, they attended public school the rest of the way. Yes, public schools tend to be somewhat anti-Christian and in large part laughably ignorant of what Christianity actually is (the older boy had an interesting debate with a history teacher who tried to tell the class that St. Paul wasn’t a Jew). I believe that the largest problem isn’t the schools themselves, though. After all, once your kids are out in the world, they’ll be facing challenges to their faith all the time. The real problem is that Christian parents and churches are failing miserably in teaching their children basic, solid Christian doctrine and the biblical record upon which that doctrine stands. My boys are both very comfortable and confident in discussing their faith with fellow students and teachers, and can reasonably refute things like the Big Bang, evolution, denial of miracles, denials of the divinity of Christ, etc., in a winsome manner. It all gets back to “train you children in the way they should go…” instead of just carting them to church occasionally and assuming that makes them both Christian and capable of defending their faith.

    • RedStateKitty

      I feel strongly that a Christian Worldview needs to be taught in church, in the youth groups and in the adult Sunday Schools. That will help individuals to understand how pervasive the indoctrination is in our culture.

    • NoLibLiz

      Yes, once a child is well grounded in faith and knowledge they can participate in the public school system but I certainly would not put my kids into one until they were old enough to defend their faith, at least in their own mind.

  • Doc

    Leaving a child in public school is a act of child endangerment.

    • Ben Name

      right. I’d worry about all the abortions I’d have to get if I had girls and they went to public school.

  • DrBobNM

    Doug, really brilliant piece. Couldn’t decide between the straws up the nose or the butterfly morphing into Mothra. being the most hoot-worthy. Anyway, what does a parent do if they cannot afford to send their kids to something other than public school? The schools are what has to change, not us pulling out. We pay property taxes, so the educational system should reflect the values of the majority, not the radical leftist minority. How the schools change is the tough question, but it is one that has to be faced. Perhaps the first thing is to abolish the teacher’s union, and force accountability.

    • CherryAnn1000

      Homeschool, doctor. It really costs considerably less than public or private school, and the quality of education is outstanding. I did it with both my boys and I highly recommend it to others. I guess what’s important is is your childrens’ education important or not? Can you make some necessary changes in your lifestyle to accommodate one of you teaching? We did and we don’t regret it.

      • DrBobNM

        we are and do. Its great, but not all can.

    • ttpog

      I agree, with Cherry, homeschool. It can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be. I have seen it done as well with very little monetary investment at all as those who spend much.

      Read the book ‘The Harsh Truth About Public Schools’ by Bruce N. Shortt. It explains why government schools can’t be changed and why we must pull children out. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it, and it is quite long. Nothing is more important than the safety of your children. Government schools cause harm as the above article proves, but parents keep sending their children to the equivalent of the front lines of a war zone, fully aware of the dangers they will face. It is worth any change and downsizing necessary to protect them from the damage and harm these schools are causing. Home education is not expensive. It is probably less expensive than government education. Our children don’t get sick as often as children in school do. We save money on Dr’s bills. They don’t have to have what all the other children have, we save money there as well. If cost of home education is a deterrence, rest assured it costs as much or as little as you want it to.

      • DrBobNM

        thanks. for all those reasons, we are homeschooling. I was talking about the families who do not have someone at home who can do the schooling

        • Ben Name

          They can just do it at night or in the morning like I do.

      • Ben Name

        I don’t want my kids to be a good example for anyone else’s kids. that’s one of the reasons I home school.

        • ttpog

          Well, I do expect my children to set a good example both to their own siblings and to others. Glad you are homeschooling. No better option.

          • Ben Name

            Yep. I like to keep them close to daddy.

    • Ben Name

      Parents can homeschool their kids. I got through HS so I know exactly what my kids need to learn.

  • AR154U

    Public school is a wonderful place for your kids to experience LIFE !! They will learn little and be filled with knowledge beyond their years,.. especially when it comes to the drug and sex culture being pushed on them ! Conservative Parents just need to do their job and be there for them when school just isn’t !,.. and remember. These other peoples children will someday be working either for you, or right along side you in the workplace years later!

    • Ben Name

      I know, right? I’m working two jobs while my girlfriend won’t have anything to do with my two boys. I come home at 9pm and home school them until 2am. then I am up at 5am to catch the bus to my first job. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

  • CherryAnn1000

    Well said, Doug. I, too, grew up when public school actually had something to offer. Not any more. Folks, do you really care about your kids, who they know, what they are taught? Then homeschool them, please. You will be glad you did.

    • Ben Name

      My public school offered pregnancies.

  • Michael Geer

    http://www.aintnotruthlikeit.com/timely-commentary.html – scroll down to Schools Jump The Shark

  • Evan White

    I am a homeschooler an i am 16. I know well a girl who goex to Eastern Alamance High. i considered her to be a kind Christian girl till i figured out what ” things ” she had been doing and that she was going out with a pothead. Gross. I am a devout Christian .

    • AG Dot Com!

      You sound like a smart young teenager. Keep your head on straight, listen to your elders, and ask them questions. Faith is key. You will go far and achieve great things.

      • Ben Name

        yeah. disregard that poor grammar. being christian is all one needs to do in life.

  • anarchyst

    “Public school” advocates decry the purported “lack of socialization” that they accuse home schooled students of being lacking in . . .
    Let’s see… rampant promiscuity and drug use, bullying (while those who defend themselves are treated MORE harshly than the bully), insane “zero tolerance” policies (that criminalize ordinary childhood behavior such as playing Army or using one’s finger to simulate a gun), “values clarification” and overlooking bad behavior, textbooks that are written by communists that criticize America’s faults while overlooking much more egregious faults (communism, et.al.), It these are the “socialization” skills that public schools provide, I want no part of it.
    Parents who send their children to public schools are guilty of child abuse . . .

    • Ben Name

      public school girls put out though. If you have boys you should send them to public school.

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