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Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and managing editor of ClashDaily.com

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  • Gilly

    Keep buggering on…and do it with a smile.

  • ExVariable

    Since it is hard to see how instinct restraint enables civilization, the morals that restrain our primitive instincts tend to be despised.

  • Fido Shery

    Attention students: This has all the arguments for decisively defeating your liberal teachers and professors: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

    • Ben Name

      This review is from: The Lanterns: Liberty’s Beacons on Freedom’s Path (Kindle Edition)
      Typical radical right wing garbage. Fodder for the delusional and confused. Plots and schemes for the conspiracy theorists. What absolute nonsense!

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