TERRIFYING VIDEO: Diving Boat Sinks into Ocean Amid Screams as Passengers Scramble for Their Lives

PHUKET: A dive boat sank in the Similan islands with a ”frantic rescue” required to save all on board, was revealed today. The dive boat “Aladdin” with 13 on board was not registered and operating near the park illegally, officials said.

On a second boat nearby, Swedish diver Dennis Karlsson, 46, took dramatic images showing the panic as the Aladdin quickly sank to the bottom about noon yesterday. It was between Bon Island and Tachai island.

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  • Abby

    Scary stuff. Thank God they are all ok.

  • Nick Santos

    This is horrible!

    • markinla

      Ships and boat sink every day.

  • Gilly

    I’m so glad everyone lived. Remind me to check the registration of the boat and the captain’s credentials before I decide to leave on a boat.

  • AR154U

    Another soon to be Princess Cruise ship Captain in the making !

  • http://www.myvollara.com/texas Ancoman

    What’s the world coming to when 13 people are screaming for their lives & some idiot just stands there videoing the whole thing?

    • TIMedWork

      A qualified observer would see that others were already assisting. There is only so much railing space available for rescuers to use. Crowding the railing in a feigned effort to ‘be of assistance’, would only hinder those who were already affording ample help; as all were rescued, apparently the help was sufficient. And the cameraperson was also, apparently, sufficiently qualified to understand that, reacting to other people’s panic would be of no use, and possibly even harmful.
      This video record, however, can be used by each of the passengers to assist in their legal claims. It would seem that this wisdom overcame any inclination towards a kneejerk reaction to pandemonium all around; otherwise known as a cool head in the midst of panic.

      • Patriot

        Well said.

    • Ricarrdo estavans

      Someone had to document this incident.

    • Rattlerjake

      Could be that the person filming could not swim. Maybe the crew of the rescue ship asked it’s passengers to stay out of the way to prevent more injuries, there could have been 50 people on the rescue boat and it would be ridiculous for all to get in the way trying to rescue 13. Wake up moron!

    • earlwatters

      its called the obama factor as the USA sinks into a black hole ABC,CBS,NBC,,CSMBC ,stand back and watch with out a wimpier and say everything is ok the capt. is still at the wheel the ratings are more important then saving the good old USA

    • markinla

      They were stupidly “screaming for their lives” since another boat was nearby. The sinking boat was small and there was probably plenty of time for everybody to get into the water and the undertow from a small sinking boat is not that signigicant. They were screaming because they were likely women just screaming hysterically for nothing. It doesn’t appear anybody died.

    • sargeant rock

      Maybe boats don’t sink in Sweden and he was fascinated….

    • fistdeyuma

      You have no idea what the events were so you have no right to judge. Since they saved everyone it is clear that whoever was taking the video was not needed. Sometimes such a video can help save lives later. This is one of those clear cases where you can teach what not to do. Getting in the way is one of the not to do. Standing back and filming the event did no harm, other than to give a troll an opening.

  • SGT Big Dawg

    It’s obvious that all people survived so there was at least enough and most likely more than enough rescuers.

  • JS

    It seems like excessive panic for a boat full of trained scuba divers who had ten minutes to get out of the cabin and just jump in the water.

  • sargeant rock

    I have been to Phuket several times as my wife has family there… It is a beautiful but major tourist trap for Europeans and Australians.
    Its not far from the island were they made the James Bond movie “Man with the golden gun”
    The water is warm, clear and absolutely wonderful to dive in and spear fish….
    I do not understand what the panic was all about unless the divers could not swim….
    Especially with another boat right there to rescue them.

  • fistdeyuma

    I’m amazed no one died. It was not clear but it seemed as if people were trying to get into the top of the sinking boat instead of getting out of it.
    The guy who dived head first is a total moron. He could have struck his head and drowned in seconds. With ropes and help feet away a guy climbed up the side and into the enclosed top deck of the boat. From safety to danger. Perhaps he had a loved one there and wanted to help them, so I cannot really judge that action, but is seemed strange.
    Whenever I go anywhere with my wife I look for escapes and talk to her about what to do if something goes wrong. Where are the exists, were are the safety devices, what is the plan? When it hits the fan it is those fastest to react are those that live. Knowing what to do will save seconds off an escape and seconds can be the difference between life and death.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Once people start screaming in fear, their logical thinking ability turns off. Fear has to be converted to controlled thinking. but that takes self-control and training.

  • Kahr50

    Did you all hear about the new dive site in Phuket? It is located between Bon Island and Tachai island.
    Come on – no one died so it is not that tasteless…

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