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  • Spam Sux

    I love the way the news is presented on this site, but I don’t come here
    that often anymore due to the excessive number of ads, popups,
    and screen freezes they cause.

    • fliteking

      Would not be this site causing the pop-ups, freezing and ads. I am here regularly. The most I get is one pop-up, often not even that.

      Clean the cache on your computer and run a malware program. The free versions work fine.

      • http://clashdaily.com/author/roncollins/ R.Collins

        My Nortons 360 must not be doing its job. I have a very clean PC and can attest to the same issues Spam Sux laid out.

        • fliteking

          It’s got to be a PC issue, I find no issues of spam and pop-ups here or on any of the liberty alliance sites . . . which browser are you using?

          And do you run any plugins on your browser such as Ghostery?

          Super Cookies are often a big part of the problem, Ccleaner will get rid of the little buggers, I run mine daily before surfing, and SuperAntiSpyware free version will get rid of cookies too, use the “quick scan mode”.

          • John in OK

            I agree. I use Ghostery and the only pop-up I get is the Duck Commander giveaway. And I only get that once.
            I also use Linux Mint 15 Olivia instead of Windows. A lot of the spam simply doesn’t work with Linux, and there are no viruses currently being written for it. And viruses written for Windows don’t work on Linux at all. Close the window and they are dumped.

          • fliteking

            Yes, I get a single pop-up for the give away, nothing more.

            I have a 3 year old computer I am going to migrate to Linux this year, see how I like it.

        • Sam Houston

          I use Ghostery as well on Firefox but find that it does cause me problems with Disqus and cross logins thanks to their use of that insidious Facebook Connect API. It is one of the collection tools that Farcebook uses to feed data to 3rd and tertiary parties, including the NSA. It matters not whether you are logged into Farcebook or even have a Farcebook account. I can’t use my Flixster account any longer since I started wholesale blocking Facebook Connect. They changed the API and I can’t use Flixster if it is blocked. I have no agreement with Farcebook nor do I have any account with them. What gives them the right to my very real and private information. A full-on invasion of privacy. I would be in jail or sued if I began gleaning information off their servers. I want to seek legal actions but I do not trust lawyers and could not stomach approaching the ACLU. Does anyone have any other recommendations?

  • Grayzel

    Thank you Steve Pauwels.

    • sjplwc

      Grayzel, my pleasure. Thanks for reading.

  • Al Chemist

    Without distorting the truth or out and out lies, the liberal/progressive/commies would never be able to forward their agenda. Expect them to ‘double down’ as the elections approach.

  • interestedobserver2

    Keep speaking the truth. Abortion is murder.

  • Steve

    Wendy Davis married an older lawyer & then dumped him as soon as he paid off her tuition which would make her a common prostitute.

    • armydadtexas

      More like a third rate HO

    • John in OK

      Given the cost of a law degree, that would make her a very high-paid prostitute! Which makes her a natural for politics.

      • sandman

        Actually it is just the opposite! most prostitutes are paid higher than that! over the same of longer amount of time anyway!

        • John in OK

          I’ll take your word for it. ;-D

      • chamuiel

        A Harvard Law Degree, at that.

        • Sam Houston

          Reptilian slime is all that comes out of Harvard. Lawyers are nothing like those before Abraham Lincoln’s time. Absolute scum of the Earth in most cases. Lawyers work in a corrupt “scratch your back” system. They only worry about making money and covering their arses. There, however, are a few like Senator Trey Gowdy who are worth their salt in fighting for legal justice and common sense.

    • Sam Houston

      He should sue her for half of what she now has.

  • dad666

    What is the Surprise here, Just another lying POS Dumocrap–Par for the Course.
    2014 NOMORE

  • armydadtexas

    Actually that is the top “M.O.” of the democ-RAT political machine. They have no shame. They lie more then their bed fellows the Communist party of the old dead soviet union.

  • Sgt Snuffy

    Yeah it’s what pro-abortionist and Democrats do all the time.

  • Sam

    Only a stupid liberal will praise and promote abortion of a baby yet protest the execution of a heinous killer.

    • Kaiser

      Yea, that needle prick, when we put him down, is cruel punishment. I’d say put a bullet to his head and it will be over in a second.

  • TrapRat

    scandelous slut…a liberal street-corner tramp. That’s why the dumb-o-crats love the
    little bee-atch.

    • chamuiel

      “Windy’ Davis is from the Northeast.
      She is not a Texan.

      She is a NorthEastern slut.

  • Ben Name

    He said a butt! heh heh heh heh heh

  • You Didit

    So who’s voting for the [edited]? Not pointing a finger Lol just saying

  • rizon

    Imagine the media outburst if Wendy Davis was a conservative and republican. She’d have been smeared so badly and no feminist or tolerant liberal would have cared.

  • anAmericanByChoice

    Also worth knowing:

    “In 1970, Norma McCorvey was a young, pregnant woman in Texas without
    the means or funds to access an abortion. She became the plaintiff “Jane
    Roe” in Roe v. Wade, decided in 1973, one of the most famous Supreme Court decisions of the 20th century.

    Norma McCorvey’s identity was hidden for another decade but, during
    the 1980s, the public learned about the plaintiff whose lawsuit struck
    down most abortion laws in the United States. In 1995, Norma McCorvey
    made news again when she declared she had changed to a “pro-life”
    stance, with newfound Christian beliefs.

    Who is the woman behind these different personas?”

    Read more here: http://womenshistory.about.com/od/abortionus/a/norma_mccorvey.htm

    • dchrist81

      Famed abortion lawsuit plaintiff says uncaring attorneys ‘used’ her

      ‘It’s so terribly wrong. That baby is entitled to life’

      There is indeed a recurring theme in which the pro-abortion attorneys were more interested in promoting their agenda than serving their clients.

      • Sam Houston

        Why can’t this woman sue those lawyers for false pretense? That would set up a precedence under Common Law to challenge the under lying validity of the Roe vs Wade decision. With that thrown out of Court, all abortion laws repealed by the Supreme Court decision can then be legally re-instated.

  • chamuiel

    The entire abortion thing was predicated upon lies.

    i, once had a pro abortion woman tell me, “we don’t care.”

    Reminds me of Hillary, and her “what difference does it make now?”

    these are the sick ways those on the left thinks.

    The pro abortion woman says that the lies helped to get the abortion thing passed by the court, and that was all that mattered.

  • Sam Houston

    Hell has a special place for those that murder under any pretense. In Japan, there is a Buddha Shrine in Kamakura with a small graveyard of headstones on a little tree filled knoll jutting off the side of the courtyard of the Smiling Buddha. I was told by my Japanese friend that is a place in remembrance of aborted babies.

  • AR154U

    So liberals lie???,.. OMG,. I always knew that! BTW, it’s not called a lie,. it’s called SPIN.
    Example: Jesus is in favor of gay marriage, because God is love,.. right?
    Example: Jesus is in favor of illegal immigration, because he loves ALL,.. right?
    Example: Jesus is in favor of Electric cars, because he wants the Earth clean,.. right?
    Example: Jesus is in favor of marijuana, because he gave us it to be happy,.. right?
    Example: Jesus is in favor of higher taxes, because it’s the Christian thing to do,.. right?

    • NoLibLiz

      And you would get great odds in Vegas that not a single person spouting that nonsense actually believes in the truth of the Bible or Jesus Christ.

      Is it not “very interesting” (think Arte Johnson if you are old enough to remember him) that they never defend their positions based on their beliefs–they only try to attack the opposite by twisting ours.

  • TopGuest1

    Wendy Davis murders!

  • Ann Wilson

    “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born”.
    Ronald Reagan

  • JuneUSA

    Is there such a shortage of good decent people to run for office that we have to put up with all the liars and crooks in the country? Why do we put up with them? We have enough in office, we don’t need to add anymore.

  • Scott Snoopy

    Davis is a typical liberal progressive Socialist Communist Utopian Marxist—SCUM. They will inflate their life story and lie to cover any inconsistencies in it; no matter how big the lie is they have to tell. They count on the sheeple followers of the SCUM to just nod their collective heads and accept the lies. The SCUM know they can pull these lies off because the sheeple have been afflicted by AIDS–acquired intellectual deficiency syndrome through the public indoctrination (education)system. This affliction ensures that the sheeple will not be able to form cognitive thoughts. Even if reality is proving the lies wrong the sheeple will believe the SCUM lies.

  • John in Brum

    If you say something often enough, whether true or not, sooner or later it becomes fact. Lefties have been doing this for years and nobody ever calls them on it.

    • NastyNate

      They learned it from you guys. You can’t blame them for fighting fire with fire.

      • quiltenlady

        No they didn’t learn that from us. The are born liars and that’s why they are known as Democraps ! It was proven that democraps have less genes in their blood and that is the cause that makes them liars and cheater. Plus it also the make them to steal and cheat too. So we need children ‘s blood tested before they are born so we can weed your kind OUT forever !!!!!

  • RLJR1


  • PeterSalinas

    Calling Democrats, “liars,” is redundant.

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