CAT FIGHT: Geraldo Accuses O’Reilly of Stripping Obama of His ‘Majesty’ in Super Bowl Interview

Geraldo Rivera took on Bill O’Reilly Friday night over whether O’Reilly was disrespectful to President Obama in their big Super Bowl interview. Rivera gave O’Reilly some benefit of the doubt, but other than that thought O’Reilly was a bit too confrontational and didn’t give Obama the kind of respect a president normally deserves.

Rivera argued it was less like an interview and more like a meeting of the minds with the “President of Most of the White Guys of America” (O’Reilly) against the president of the rest of the country, and told O’Reilly that it was out of line for him to refer to Obama as a “community organizer.”

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  • johnny737

    Obama’s majesty?????????

  • fedup

    Geraldo Rivera snuck in some Colorado brownies. He got cottonmouth.

  • Mike_Travis

    No one with a shred of integrity respects Ovomit, for he is a Traitor, a murderer, a fraud, and more.

    As for Geraldo, he is nothing more than a water boy for the criminals in our society, in government and media, who call themselves “progressive” but who are in fact repressive tyrants who are destroying America. He is a pathetic loser for O’Reilly was for once, right and actually showed a backbone which he has been without in recent years.

  • guitargirl64

    This Obama interview was a softball game. Geraldo is an idiot sheep.

    • fedup

      no offense to the sheep, but Geraldo is a female ewe to the obamamites and crew.

  • TopGuest1

    Geraldo: Obama is responsible for stripping his own majesty – one lie at a time!

    And while O’Rielly maintained interview correctness – I thought he was lame!

  • don oesau

    Geraldo is just another leftie idiot.

  • Stephanie Mills

    Geraldo Obama gets NO respect from me…he’s a socialist and does not deserve it……

  • barto

    Stripping Obama of “his majesty”? What the hell, does Rivera thinks we are part of England or did he think Obama had a coronation when he was elected President. Geraldo is one of Obama’s biggest supporters especially regarding Immigration, he thinks all the Illegals should be allowed in and allowed to stay AND most of we Americans say HELL NO!

    • 2Shadow2

      Rivera is just another total Lemming. He honestly things this guy is royalty and majestic, just like Barbara Walters called Obama the Messiah a few weeks ago. Really? Have the Bolsheviks been waiting since forever for the return of Lenin?? It’s just like Mark Davis sitting in for Rush a few years ago said of his time in Washington State surrounded by liberals. “There are only two kinds of liberals: phony and crazy.” I would add that it is apparently possible to be both.

  • Majesty?

    “Majesty?” “Respect for the office?” I’ll respect the office when Obama and his wife respect the office, and not a day sooner!!!! Rivera, you’re an idiot and I wish FOX would fire you…..or pay you to go away!

    • 2Shadow2

      How about the guy in the oval office works for you and me. When hes shows respect he might get it. I give you what you give me. Let’s begin with all the sealed records and just go downhill from there the handlers.


      Respect is not automatically given; it must be earned. So far; Nada.

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    It seems like a lot of blacks and part blacks think they are part of a royalty and Americans should bow to them. Some even have Prince or Queen in front of their names. Obama is supposed to be president of the United States, not king nor emperor.

    • disqus_OQDh6kziY1

      Ok, weed call him daPrince.

    • jdmurchie

      Queen of the closet, I’ve heard.

      • mauser 98


  • Dempsey Coleman

    Last year when Rivera was talking about running on the
    Republican Ticket in New Jersey I wanted to laugh
    but being the only person in my Apartment I wanted to
    to not sound goofy.

  • 2Shadow2

    Geraldo is a washed up radical left news fabricator. O’Reilly has always been way to soft on interviews with Bolsheviks so he can maintain his “fair and impartial” logo. In contrast to his first interview with Obama he was far more directed to getting answers to serious questions. Which a job all media should be doing but aren’t. What O;reilly got out of the fabricator in chief was priceless. He moved him off his comfort zone and finally got him to stay even more damning things. Obama blamed Fox News for all the negativity around the IRS, Benghazi, and Obama Care (less) Really?? Like “all the other media lies with me but Fox isn’t on board with my agenda?” Unbelievable. Fire the POTUS immediately.

  • Sam

    I can’t stand Geraldo. He is a brainwashed liberal and has no business on FOX News telling anyone anything!

  • marineh2ominer

    His ” Majesty ” ? Azzhole Revera has finally gone of the deep end . There are NO majesties in America , even though the idiotic MSM keeps trying to annoint someone like the did with the Kennedy’s and now with the Obamass / Soetoros

  • cowboy bob

    Jerry Ribbers needs to get back on his verbal diarrhea medicine.

  • Dave

    Who really gives a $#!t about what these two liberal pu$$eys think? They’re both nutcases.

  • reggiec

    majesty (ˈmædʒɪstɪ) —n: 1. great dignity of bearing; loftiness; grandeur: 2. supreme power or authority: 3. an archaic word for royalty [C13: from Old French ..

    Obama and his messianic believers may think of Obama this way; I and many others certainly do not.
    Did not idiot Geraldo televise on gong battle plans during an interview with soldiers in the Middle East?

  • Steve

    Herwaldo is just another obammy arse kisser.

  • DOOM161

    I’m not a fan of OReilly, but Rivera forces me to take his side.

  • Chris

    What a load. Giraldo Rivera, aka Gerry Rivers, is an insecure boob and Bill should have held Obama’s feet to the fire instead of being such a pusss

  • Jeff

    Screw Geraldo, he is an embarrassment to Fox.

    • lbrack

      I agree that Giraldo is embarrassing but I think it is important that Fox shows both (or more) sides of an issue. Giraldo is a very good example of the Liberal who has been educated well beyond his level of intelligence and he represents his side very well in that respect. Although, many other people who support Liberal candidates are not well educated and just follow those who promise them something for nothing.

      Many conservatives and true Libertarians don’t seem to understand what they are up against, and exposure to representatives of the opposite vision is important to help them realize it is not possible to reason with these people. They are not reasonable and just go with their emotions. If you allow them to break things down to just an emotional level, their perspective is just as good as yours.

      Conservatives can’t allow issues to be discussed on an emotional level if they hope to convince Independants that they have a better approach to improving the mess we are in. I don’t believe we will be able return to the way it was, but it may be possible to stop the decline and gain at least some of the ground that has been lost. There are too many who have been indoctrinated in the public schools that are teaching emotion over reason.

  • TPM

    Geraldo is a “tool.”
    The Main Stream Media is so used to tossing (the annointed one) Obama “softball” questions that when someone actually puts him on the spot, they freak out.

    … and this (Obama) petulant, moronic, lying sack of excrement has stripped himself of his dignity.

  • Susan

    How can the term “law-abiding illegal immigrants” be Logical and not LAUGHED AT? It is an oxymoron like all Marxist ideology which wants to destroy Rule of Law with Rule of Man and arbitrary laws—which are unconstitutional.

    All people should be treated EQUAL under the law—giving “special rights” to lawbreakers destroys Rule of Law. It is a fact.

    • jdmurchie

      The only thing I see differently than you, Susan, is that our Constitution was written to protect the rights of U.S. Citizens and others here legally. A small point it seems but when you look at it the minor difference costs U.S.Taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars to incarcerate, educate, house, feed, give medical care and welfare benefits to people that aren’t really entitled them while some bleeding heart tries to figure out ways to keep them here. If they are here illegally put them on an inner tube and send them back from whence they came. They have not invested in the United States in any way and do not deserve to share the benefits paid for by others. There are some that would argue that it’s not my money they would be getting but the governments. I tell them that the govt has no money of their own. They have no money they haven’t taken from someone else first. What about the Federal Reserve? Every dollar printed by the Fed is a loan to the U.S. Govt that is to be repaid by taxpayer dollars. I digress, but, every dollar spent on non citizen aliens is borrowed and we have to pay it back. So, no, not all people should be treated equally under the law. Just my take on it. What do you think,?

      • Susan

        You misread my post. We agree. We have “Rule of Law”. No one can have “special” rights when we are equal under the law. Illegals break the law–they need to be punished—as ALL people who break the law. When you give exceptions for law-breakers you destroy the whole principle of “Rule of Law” and Equal Rights under the Law.

        • jdmurchie

          Ahh. You’re right about that. I should have seen that. I was going in another direction. My bad and apologies.

          • Susan

            No problem—I know how it is with the rapid 24/7 insanity being spilled out onto the internet….and how fast we (the sane ones) have to type and read, to just keep ahead of the crazy ones: those lying Leftists.

          • jdmurchie


  • jdmurchie

    Gerald Who? He is his own biggest fan. He is as inconsequential to the media/”news reporting” as a pissant is to strip mining. Geraldo is a token minority in the news business, that’s it. In a non PC world his place in the newsroom would be a go-fer. He has sucked at the teat of true journalists for his livelihood since day one. There, I said it. Now let the PC crowd call me a racist all they want. When they don’t have a leg to stand on in a debate they resort to the ever diminishing race card. Why? Because that’s all they’ve got and it doesn’t hold water anymore. They’re just too disingenuous to realize it. Disingenious- my PC fun for the day.

    • Joseph111

      barry is not the 1st black president – bill clinton was the 1st
      1. smoked dope
      2. played the sax
      3. slept with ugly white women
      am I right?

      • Ed

        including his wife

        • 48TENN

          I don’t think he went THAT low.

    • fstookey

      Very wel stated. Geraldo is a racist-communist in sheep’s clothing. I wish FOX would dump this abject fool. He contributes NOTHING to this world or humanity.

  • Graywolf12

    “MAJESTY” What is he talking about ? WE DO NOT HAVE A KING !!! Just because he thinks he is a king doesn’t make it so. He is an ex community organizer, flunky, underling for Bill Ayres and his destructive force funded by George Sorry. Geraldo should take his prejudice, racist attitude to Cuba and denounce his US affiliation.

    • The truth most set you free!!

      Geraldo wants an Ambassador Position. The administration is sending losers to other countries.

  • conservative

    The clown in the white house was and is nothing more than a community organizer.

    • RLC

      Community organizer equals trouble maker.

  • Raja

    Obama does not deserve any respect.

  • mark

    Respect the office, not the one sitting at the desk.

  • guest

    geraldo is an idiot. Obama doesn’t deserve respect. With the state of our nation he should be removed from his power and put in prison

  • fliteking

    As a nation we are entirely to tolerant of losers like Rivera immediately blaming white guys for everything in the world.

    At some point we need to reclaim our self respect . . . for ourselves and our sons.

    • Worried

      maybe its because white guys built the countrys, established order and laws. not one country on earth is a free democratic, successful country that was established by blacks, NOT ONE

      • taliesin319

        Little Gerry Rivers became oh so hispanic that way he got in on the ground floor of the please pity me I’m a victim of white oppression.
        Wonder what his reading was at his Bar Mitzva.

  • fed up

    It’s about time someone brought up the subject of his corruption and scandals. None of the liberal media (and that is most of them) will address this problem with this radical socialist. I only hope someone else will pick up the ball and run with it. Make this lying, deceitful Manchurian president answer for his dirty deeds. As for Geraldo, he doesn’t matter.

    • Ed

      Geraldo has never mattered!

  • bobwhite

    After royally screwing things up on a global scale for five long depressing years the Master of Disaster deserves scorn but not a damn bit of respect.

  • me1952

    LOL. That clown Geraldo. You’d think he’d be embarrassed to show his face after posting a selfie taken in his bathroom with only a towel around him.
    He looked exactly like what he was….a 70y/o man making a fool of himself.
    Geraldo do us all a favor and remember to take your dementia medication.

    • bobwhite

      No one can make a fool. They are born.

  • trugrits

    Geraldo is same as a bad joke. Who would want Geraldo speaking up for them? That’s scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    Geraldo-Obama-Majesty that’s is a farce any way you look at it.

  • Sodbust

    Mr. O needs to be kicked down a few levels from who he thinks he is and the power he seems to think he has.. Thanks Bill.. As for Geraldo, well you can guess how I feel about that SOB.. Sodbust

    • bill

      Respect is earned not given. This so called president did not earn any respect.

  • mort_f

    I might have some respect for O’Reilly, absolutely none for Obama though, if in his post mortems he did not excuse the POTUS just for policies that may have gone wrong. I will pose just one question to O’Reilly, Is there any act by the POTUS that even hints to an altruistic regard for the USA. He is competing for pomposity with the POTUS.

  • Chief RedEagle

    Rivera is a leftwing white hating liberal himself.He cant let the past go and constantly playing the race card that is why he got his nose broke years back for sicking a black man Roy Innis on a white boy who happened to be a white supermist.John Metzger.Rivera believes its ok to belittle white people but its not ok if its the other way around.He is a racist plain and simple.

    • RLC

      That would make him a RINO. He proclaims to be a Republican. All his actions
      prove him to be a racist. He’s always standing up for the “people of color” against evil whitey regardless of the circumstances or the facts.

  • viet68vet

    Relating to geraldo, sounds foreign to me, you can fix ignorance. However, you can’t fix the stupidity espoused by this idiot.

  • tacomatuttle

    Geraldo needs to return to his day day of servicing the aged had baba warbler


    Please…geraldo…go into the mountains and write a long, long, book. Please go Away!!!

    • RLC

      The mountains of his ethnicity. Puerto Rico.

      • The truth most set you free!!!

        We do not want him in Puerto Rico. He is a New Yorkrican. He can stay in New York’s mountains.

  • AppraisHer

    So, even the liberal Geraldo thinks being a community organizer is something to be ashamed of. Finally, something we agree on.

  • readmylipsnow

    Respect needs to be earned.

  • 48TENN

    God forbid that the President of the United States, or any other public government official, should be held accountable to the people….because they are black!

  • Worried

    dems cant stand the truth roflmbao

    • 48TENN

      It could have been a terrific interview, but 0bama was blatantly dishonest with O’Reilly. “..not a smidgen..” Really?!

      • American

        The interview was great! Obam was squirming! Did ya see his phony smile!!When in doubt SMILE!!!!!

  • Art Hock

    What majesty? He’s a fraud and an illegal alien.

  • ninammam

    Both Progressive Liberals!!!

  • ninammam

    Geraldo wants to bed Obama.

  • fliteking

    Hey, Geraldo . . .

    • medivac

      LOL !!! Agree on this one !!

  • ninammam

    Majesty?!!!!! What a Faggot!! Geraldo go back under that rock from whence you came.

  • medivac

    obama has never earned respect !!!

  • RLC

    These two, when ego met ego.

  • MikeS

    Don’t go there, Geraldo. You do not want to remotely look like you are defending that trash we have for a President. I have enjoyed your work over the years. Don’t ruin it. obama needs to be confronted.

    • American

      Obama needs to RESIGN!!!!

  • Lowell

    I don’t want to make this about race —– He is the first black president. ???!

    • WSict3614

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      • Lowell

        That’s pretty amazing! You know what that means? SHE CAN AFFORD OBAMACARE!!!

    • American

      Obama is not the first black president!! Obama is a mixed breed!!!

      • Lowell

        I didn’t say that, the article did! I should have put it in quotes, even though it was a paraphrase.

        You and I know better!!!

        ‘Course in CA. it would be true, because, there, if you are a boy, and say you are a girl then you are a girl. So I suppose if you are a mulatto and say you are black then you are black. Maybe even if you are white and say you are black, then you are black. Nah!

  • gfsomsel

    What majesty?????

  • James Kroeger

    Geraldo…you’re an idiot. Next stupid remark you’ll make is imitating Barbara Walters (another fool) and stating that “Mr. lord of the flies” (Obama) is the Messiah. What complete fools…somebody hit him with another chair!!!

  • possumpoop

    au contraire Gayraldo, Bill was too soft on him

  • bobk90

    Reagan was “disrespected” and Scum like Mister Cuban there just Loved it and praised it as the Best Journalism ever!!!! Suck It Ger-baldo

  • jeepdude911

    Fox needs to get rid of Geraldo.

  • tins6

    Geraldo would wipe Obama’s feet with his tears while O’Reilly a fencesitter
    looks on.

  • TL2014

    Gerardo the idiot.

  • Doc

    So, Dumb (Geraldo) is unhappy with dumber (O’Reilly) and we are supposed to care? As to the majesty thing; you can’t take what ain’t there.

  • stephanie wilson

    omg! i dont remember him b**ching about the bush was treated!!

  • Smilinjack

    Geraldo needs to disappear…………………..he s cockroach!

  • Noffie56

    That ass hole makes me sick. Anytime or whenever that idiot is on any Fox News show, I turn my TV to a different station. Why can’t Geraldo do the world a favor and just die!

  • J D S

    If I had any respect left for Geraldo, I have definitely lost it now!!! Talk about insulting. The truth is Obama was/is (whatever tense) a community organizer (agitator), but O’Reilly does not claim, nor has he ever claimed, to be the “President of all the white males”, thus leaving Obama to be the president of almost everyone else. O’Reilly should have really laid into him on that one. Talk about his racism showing!!! Obama a “calm & measured man”? Not exactly. “Cold and calculating”, yes. Did Bill strip him of his majesty? Hardly, but I wish to God he had, but maybe that’s not his job right now. Maybe God has reserved that job for himself, as apparently the mighty US gov. can’t, or just simply won’t, call this fraud out! God save our republic from the new “majesty”!

  • Fishface222

    1)Fox and friends loses at least one viewer every time Gerry’s mug shows up on Friday mornings.
    2) why the hell even do an interview if you are not allowed to ask follow up questions and press a little bit. I wish O’Reilly would have pushed more–even gave one of his disgusted looks with a “c’mon!”

  • Oldchopper

    Another “I’m on TV and you’re not” morons from TV land would make such a stupid statement. And he made it to one of his peers. That’s classic.

  • Bob Martin

    Wow Geraldo stupid me, I have always been under the suspicion that every president, congressional representative and anyone who works for the federal, state or communities of the United States are all “Public Servant” and Not kings nor gods who would deserve to be treated with majestic thankfulness and politeness.

  • suzyshopper

    Hey stupid Gerardo, he Was a community organizer!!


    Yep, Geraldo would have asked the Faker if he and Moochell were going to have tax paid lobster and hotdogs while they watched the SB on their tax paid TV in our tax paid WH……….

  • Mario

    I’m still trying to figure out why O’Reilly puts up with Rivera. He’s as far-left liberal as they come. I would not be surprised if Rivera didn’t get a “tingle” up his leg when he is thinking of Obummer. I would like for O’Reilly to ask Rivera just where he stands on amnesty for illegal’s. I can guarantee you that Rivera thinks they should get amnesty, even over those who are waiting to come here legally. He’s as much of a race-baiter as Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, and Farrakhan. Ask him that one question, O’Reilly, and don’t give him any slack until he answers it without any side-explanations. For those who may read this, and think I’m an O’Reilly fan – I’m not – neither am I a fan of Rivera.

  • Stan Parrish

    What? Are we supposed to call Obama “His Majesty” now?
    Obama would have looked better if he had given straight answers to straight questions. But he couldn’t do that without admitting he has totally screwed up the country for the last 6 years.

  • The Reader

    but but he was a community agitator Herr all doe.

  • Jederman

    Despite BO showing up without a tie, and seating O’Reilly in what seemed to be a chair with legs deliberately shortened so he’d be seated (Japanese style) lower than BO, and we can only speculate on what was going on of camera, BO allowed O’Reilly to strip him of his majesty?

    Rivera just isn’t keeping up with current events. The emperor has no clothes, and hasn’t for some time now. Period.

  • readmylipsnow

    Didn’t know Geraldo was a comedian.

    • American

      He missed his aclling as a comic!!

  • biloak71

    Wait a minute! There are three players in this thread; Obama, O’Reilly and Ruvera. All three, in my book, are not much. The despicable one, Obama. ( now he’s king of a U.S. monarchy? re: “majesty”?) He’s an anti-American radical, guiding the country downward. Then there’s O’Reilly. The guy that won’t let anyone talk, for fear of being one-uppud. A second-rate former CBS (local NYC) ambulance-chaser who has little talent, but a good amount of hubris to face off with Obama. I do give him credit for not letting Obama get away easy. Rivera’s a puzzle. Just over a year ago, he was thinking seriously of running for the Lautenberg senate seat here in Jersey…as a Republican! I liked him when he made numerous trips to the war zone to be with our troops. And then his liberal side becomes visible again. His opinions often come into question. He’s gotta be a lefty; for now. So:if all three were never on tv again, we’d all be better for it.

  • thefounderswereright

    what majesty ???

    • American

      He thinks hes a majesty!!

  • Nancy Sternberg

    Stripping the Great One of his majesty? Really? I didn’t know it could be done.

    • OSurse7775

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    • American

      That makes twp of us!!! Hey, Geraldo maybe you didn’t screw your head on right or maybe ya screwed it too tight?? Sit down and shut the hell up!!

  • armydadtexas

    Both of these blow hards are just that. I don’t waste my time or brain power listening to the Bully-Bill O’reilly or the loud mouth commie prick Geraldo. They have both become loud mouthed blow hards, that just need to go away.

  • Jinglebob

    There might be some openings over at MSNBC for Geraldo. He should be more thankful for Fox giving him a job back several years ago. Oh and take Juan Williams with him.

  • Driver_S

    Geraldo is a liberal defending idiot. Barack Obama’s “majesty”? Really? Obama has no majesty! Obama has stripped and shred all of the respect and reverence the office of President of the USA deserves. Obama has destroyed the Office of President with his narcissistic supreme ruler superiority attitude. Obama has no respect for our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Congress, our Laws, the Country or the people. Obama has disrespected our allies around the world and bowed to our enemies. Obama has aided and armed the very people that want to kill us and all “infidels” around the world. The very same ones that are killing Christians everywhere they are. Obama has incited division and violence in the USA with his directives and proclamations of ethnic and racist bigotry. Obama is a traitor and deserves prison……not respect.

  • kbrockm

    It’s just that Geraldo identifies more with grandstanding a__clowns than humble public servants, which is what the office of the President of the United States is SUPPOSED to be. (The latter, not the former!)

  • b glad

    Not near as disrespectful as Obama has been to the American people.

  • bull57

    Geraldo can kiss my arse. Anything that might make “His” president look bad might offend him. I would thing Obummers cover ups, scandels and lies would offend Geraldo, but they don’t seem too. I can’t watch Geraldo anymore that I can O’Reilly, they are both a couple of know it all big mouths!!!

  • Classictouchoc

    Geraldo, is one confused dude! So liberal it is actually funny.
    Yet, he blood lineage has rows of much suffering. The unconceivable pain his
    ancestors had in their lives under liberal socialist Marxist agenda. Geraldo
    is half Jewish half Puertorrican. Both Ethnic groups have endured humiliation
    under the rulings of evil people. We all know about the Nazi attack of Jewish
    People. Just throwing it out there, the constant berating of Israel by this
    administration is disgusting, to date what is going on in Israel. Now lets
    move on to Puerto Rico, lets fast forward to date! Obama, and his cronies
    have yet to help the Island Nation. The self anointed one, has yet to set foot
    and see first hand what is going on to get that Island out of its huge debt!
    Talk about disrespect Come on Geraldo WAKE UP and walk away from the Libturd
    FOG! Oye carajo, Despierta ya, que tu negrito que tanto defiendes No sirve pa’

  • Okwaho1

    Yo Geraldo, that so called “majesty” was a figment of your liberal lame brained imagination, just as was Al Capone’s Vault!! I can’t believe Fox actually pays you for the crap you concoct!

  • Mike

    Geraldo lost all credibility with me when he wasted all that television time going into Al Capone’s secret vault. That was such a piece of crap show. All that hype for a empty booze bottle and a lot of dust. Now he even lies about; not bringing race into it, but refers to Obama as the FIRST BLACK PRSIDENT. If that is not bringing RACE into the discussion, then what is? Why does anyone bother to discuss anything with Geraldo anyway? He showed the usual Liberal attack tactics. If the other person seems to be getting the upper hand in the discussion, then do your best to talk over him and not let him say anything. Geraldo is such a Liberal tool he should be in the plumbers tool box.

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