GUERRILLA PARENTING: Teach Your Kid How to Sense BS

“One of the most salient features of our culture is there is so much bullshit.”
Harry G. Frankfurt, Princeton philosophy professor

How many of you have met the book smart 4.0 magna cum laude lady who, in regard to street smarts, is a magna dumb loopy chick? What about the poor honey who is neither book nor street smart? What a shame, eh? My goal for my girls was for them to own the twain. My wife and I pushed our daughters to academic excellence; we insisted that they strain their brains so they won’t sound like Katy Perry when they open their mouths.

That being said, as much as I wanted my little rays of sunshine to have a high GPA (not that a jiffy GPA means squat anymore given the bogus bunk being taught in school) I wanted them to have an equal or higher level of street smarts: what some would call a sixth sense, an otherness, a discerning spirit, a fourth dimension, or what I call a well-honed BS Detector (BSD).

Street smarts will give our kids the shrewdness to see through the veil of crap most guys, governments, gimmicks, gadgets, gurus and evil girlfriends live behind. Being the helpful guy that I am, I want to help you help your kids whet their BSD and overcome any proclivity they have to becoming as sharp as a sack of wet rats and assist them to discern that which is detrimental to their lives—even if it’s all dressed up as the greatest thing in all the world.

Bad dates, greasy politicians, scum sucking marketing leeches, PR mooks, agents, corporate America, late night infomercials, televangelists, used car salesmen, and mechanics all love the gullible dolt who has a weak dung detector.

Therefore parents, one of the most important things you can ever do for your offspring is to help them become a shrewd and skeptical young ‘un who cannot be bamboozled by people, places, and ideas that seek to do them harm.

So what is bullshit?

You can call it bull crap, or the nicer sounding Latin term “stercore tauri,” or simply bull, horse hockey, bollocks, gobbledygook, humbug, Reverend Wright, tall tale, propaganda, fiction, lie, bunkum, spin, or truthiness. Whatever you want to call it, BS can be defined as: “Communications where reality and truthfulness aren’t nearly as vital as the ability to manipulate the audience to get it to do whatever one wants done.”

Unofficially, the term BS wove its way into the American whoop and warp back in 1915 when Theodore Roosevelt screamed it after he saw an ugly bearded woman carrying a temperance sign. The earliest attestation mentioned by the Concise Oxford Dictionary is in fact T. S. Eliot, who between 1910 and 1916 wrote an early poem to which he gave the title “The Triumph of Bullshit.” In American slang the term came into popular usage during World War II.

As your children plow through life in postmodern times they’re going to be hit with a tsunami of sewage coming from various institutes and people. I know it’s cruel, it sucks, and it’s a shame that our kids have officially missed out on the Leave it to Beaver scenario that many of us were fortunate enough to have lived through. But it’s no use crying about it. We must make certain our charges can deftly navigate the crap-laden rapids of our culture and come out of this thing smelling like roses.

To keep it simple, tell your children that their BS detector is essentially, as one comedian said, that little voice inside their heads telling them to listen to the little voice inside their heads. It’s an internal salvific alarm alerting them to the fact that they’re in the process of being bamboozled. It will be to their own detriment if they ignore this in-house salvo. If they hone and listen to it when it screams, they’ll be the wiser, safer and richer for it.

Everybody has a BSD. Obviously, some folks have better ones than others. No matter where your kids currently are in their abilities to spot BS in all of its varied forms, if they will apply the following three simple principles I guarantee their dates with morons, their purchases of stuff they don’t need, and their gullibility in regard to the MSM’s propaganda will diminish, and they’ll take on a shrewd life-saving edge:

1. Become a skeptic. Our English word skeptic comes from the Greek word skopos, which means someone who scopes things out. Whether it’s a car or a polygamist cult or a current politician, train them to look under the hood a little bit more, would ‘cha pops? An easy exercise to increase their righteous doubts is to have them stand in front of a mirror with their arms crossed and one eyebrow raised, look down their nose and say, “yeah, right” in a sarcastic tone. Have them do this about 100 times every morning before they’re off to school. Yes, parents, it is your job to make your kids healthily suspicious before they date it, buy it or vote for it.

2. Trust your Gut. God has hardwired us so that when we are in danger, or when we’re getting scammed, or when we’re about to say, “yes, coffee sounds great!” to an axe murder that our body, mind and spirit freak out. Our “gut” will check us, and the little voice inside our head will start calling us unflattering names in an attempt to get our attention before we get raked over the coals. Remember, your gut check/BSD is your friend, and never forget this maxim: When you are picking up on something, you’re picking up on something. Pay attention, por favor.

3. Hang out with mature, sharp and successful people and allow them to speak into your life. I know for young people it’s not sexy to hang out with people other than their peers. However, if you’re honest, young person, most of your friends are dumb-asses with very weak BSDs, correct?

Young person, if your parents, grandparents, pastors or whoever are successful and have enriched, happy lives, sidle up to them because they can sharpen your BSD. They have expertise, experience, honesty, and a spiritual maturity that you can roll into your profit if you surround yourself with them . . . and if you listen.

Yes, young blood, you can become wise beyond your years and by osmosis have a highly-attuned BSD which will set you up for safety and security by simply befriending and adhering to the counsel of mature, righteous adults. Yep, older folks who have been there and done that bring many things to the table that your goofy BFF cannot provide. Don’t blow these people off. Matter of fact, the more you surround yourself with wise counselors the more life is going to kiss you on the mouth rather than kick you in the butt.

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About the author: Doug Giles

Doug Giles is the Big Dawg at and the Co-Owner of The Safari Cigar Company. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. And check out his new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.

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  • Abby

    Shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. To many Christian kids have been sheltered from the real world and have no clue how to deal with those trying to deceive them because they just don’t think that way. They have been taught to trust and obey but not to discern.

    • DLKeith

      Don’t believe the malarky that discrimination is wrong or bad. Prejudice, yes. Discriminate, necessary. The controllers want us to refuse to discriminate which is as Abby said, discerning. Also, tolerance is not equal to indulgence. Abby is right saying that phrase from scripture.. We must be shrew and innocent.

    • Ben Name

      Is serpent the word of the month for the circles of the right?

      • Debbie G

        I think one has just appeared in the flesh.

  • Steve

    It is the Godless libturd kids waiting for their gov. handouts who have no survival skills.

    • MyRoseHasTHORNS

      True but they leech onto the other person’s innocence and wanting to help and suck the life out of them.

      • Ben Name

        you said, suck. heh heh heh heh.

        • MyRoseHasTHORNS

          Once upon a time-many many many years ago- in Honors English; my class arrived to see F U CK, SUCK and DUCK written on the board. After we seated, looked around to see if anyone else thought the teacher had gone stark raving mad, we all silently waited for her to ‘lecture.’ She (Mrs. Dolce) pointed to DUCK and announced “you may use this work at anytime in my classroom,” she then moved her chalk to SUCK and instructed “This work may be used appropriately in my classroom.” Lastly she pointed to F U CK and warned “this word my never be used in my classroom.”

          Ben- You SUCK and please REMOVE yourself from my classroom and chalkboard…

          Thanks, BYE!

          • Ben Name

            Bye. thanks for the life lesson in personal expression and for limiting my first amendment rights.

          • Outlawit .

            No one should have to limit your vulgar speak. You SHOULD know its inappropriate .

          • Ben Name

            But I should still have the choice to say what ever I want.

          • WILDCATF4F

            I have seen that the majority of teachers today, get to the point where they have reached the level of ‘TENURE’, and at that point give up even trying to be a ‘PRODUCTIVE’ member of OUR society!, so if the teachers in the school district are part of a UNION!!! then
            #1, take them out and put them in a Private School where they will be rewarded for the effort they put into the studies, and when they raise their hands, they will be acknowledged and get the attention they need to finish the assignment.
            #2. for every assignment they are given spend 10-15 minets with them to spot spelling errors, and to be aware of what the assignment is!, (please bear with me if my MS gets in the way of the matter I am writing about).
            #3. add you’re own assignments to what they have, and as I did with my children. We watched shows on the ‘DISCOVERY-HISTORY channels and they can tell the average person they meet how, and why the ‘Earthquake’ happened and why we might need to watch out for effects here, as a consequence.
            #4. I found that the time I spent might have had some wanting to watch some ‘popular’ show, but what they now can answer questions that most of their age group stutter to ask about, and many of the older generations look up with a ‘I’ll be HORNSWAGLED’ look on their faces and I have the small grin of ‘You’re Welcome. on my face.
            #5. I Personally made them study the U.S. Constitution/U.S. Code, and while it has had little overall effect, it shows up very strong when it is time to vote, and the smile I have when they take the time tells me that for every time they were upset that I made them do it, they can see the BS, through the haze we are forced to strain our eyes from, and know from instinct that they need to keep the eyes and ears working to avoid the BS that is just down the street or coming down the road.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            I HOMESCHOOL so don’t need to actively worry about what is being taught AND my child scores well above grade level in all areas and had a college reading level since 5th grade.

            Your advice is very good though for those who allow their children to be public school educated. I would advise active listening with the history/discovery and especially science orientated television/cable shows as many have an agenda that bleeds through.

    • Ben Name

      heh heh heh heh. You said turd.

      • Debbie G

        Hey Beavis, are you on the right blog? Try Romper Room.

        • Ben Name

          No, this is a conservative website. It’s where I belong (to something).

  • Al Chemist

    Nothing would be more valuable to a kid or young adult that an effective BS detector. A lot of people (many, many adults) do not have one. That is the perfect explanation for why Obama and his liberal/progressive/commie administration are in power.

  • 19gundog43

    Doug seeing what rowdy young ladies you and your mama-san raised you can speak with complete authority. I cannot believe Christian parents that raise such little dumbazzes. First rule…get our of the government schools. Second… don’t expect the Church Lady to educate your kids every Sunday regarding their religious training.

    • Buyerbwear

      Amen, and again I say, amen!

  • Buyerbwear

    Man, we need to clone this guy!

    • Ben Name

      For target practice?

  • Thomas Sharp

    Outstanding perspective Mr Doug.
    I have given your book to several people that were struggling in raising Righteous and Rowdy daughters. They have all loved it, as did I.
    I am now taking this to the granddaughter level, turning little princesses into precious treasures that are street savvy people who know what they want in life. No BS

  • BS Detector

    Hey! Cool!

    When someone tells you two things that seem to contradict, don’t just gloss it over, assuming there must be a reasonable explanation. Find out why. Try to remember what the person says, and then call him on it when he contradicts himself.

    And of course, don’t be alone with someone who is physically able to hurt you unless you really know them well. There’s safety in numbers.

  • Mark Robn

    You can call it bull crap, or the nicer sounding Latin term “stercore tauri,” or simply bull, horse hockey, bollocks, gobbledygook, humbug, Reverend Wright, tall tale, propaganda, fiction, lie, bunkum, spin, or truthiness. Whatever you want to call it, BS can be defined as: “Communications where reality and truthfulness aren’t nearly as vital as the ability to manipulate the audience to get it to do whatever one wants done.”

    Reverend Wright — that’s priceless! LOL — hahaha — good one, Doug!

  • Igor

    I call it Obamaspeak. Same drek, different person.

  • CharlieFromMass

    So very true. When I classrooms working, the amount of gullibility and subservience I saw from so many kids was scary. Just as scary- the kids who were so skeptical, you’d have to drag them by the scruff of their necks to the windows to show them the sky was, in fact, blue.

    Having a good BS detector- vital. Knowing how to use it- potentially life-saving, or at least life-easing.

    • fiftysevenchevy

      lets start by stopping the cursing ourselves, get rid of using the computer 24/7 get rid of being on your cell phone 24/7 and actually talk to to your kids one on one, half of you parents don’t even know who your kids are. You spend more time playing with your cell phone, your kids are listening to their friends because they actually listen. And your kids are like you they want to belong to something, group gang, something ” that actually cares about them” they say wake up AMERICA, I say clean up AMERICA , start with your mouths, how many of you can actually go through a day with out saying one swear word, then you want to know why your kids say things, well hello!!!! Then try dressing decently, just because its the fashion, girls, women not every one wants to see your boobs hanging out or showing, dress with respect, and that goes for men to, you want to teach your kids to recognize decency start with yourself, and treat your child with decency, (actually pay attention to them), you don’t need a book to actually do “common sense”, just respect each other, and clean up the language, my son once told me mom, the only reason people use swear words is because they don’t want to learn better words, he is a decent professional today. Wake up America, it starts with ourselves. Mrs 57

  • Outlawit .

    He left out time share salesman


    AS is the case with most of the Subjects we need be aware of, I say.
    LOCK & LOAD!!!

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