Media Deploys Foaming Phalanx Of Race-Baiters, Screaming About Michael Dunn Mistrial

Rabid race-agitator Soledad O’Brien seems to have stayed on at CNN after all, close-cropping her locks and disguising herself as weekend anchor Don Lemon.

Lemon, his obnoxious guest Marc Lamont Hill, and a gaggle of other slobbering, bug-eyed maniacs made a mockery of the TV news reporting profession this past Saturday, shrieking and jabbering hysterically about yet another racially charged, high-profile Florida murder case as its outcome was being deliberated and finally announced.

While it became increasingly apparent that the jury in the Michael Dunn case was deadlocked over the murder charge against him, an especially vitriolic Lemon and his crack squad of hired, race-grievance hate mongers made it clear that they think juries should ignore the law, and instead just vindictively railroad & convict, on any given charge, all white (or sufficiently non-black) men involved in incidents wherein a young black male winds up dead–regardless of whether the facts, evidence, and charges themselves warrant such verdicts.

Dunn, found guilty on 4 of the 5 charges against him, will be in jail for the rest of his life. But that’s not nearly enough for the vituperative racists employed at the likes of CNN and MSNBC.  They’re collectively caterwauling for their version of “justice” because they say it wasn’t done in the case of Dunn, a white man, who shot and killed Jordan Davis, a black teenager, in a confrontation in the parking lot of a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida, over a year ago.

The Left wants to aggressively dovetail the controversy around the Dunn case into a double-whammy freak show follow-up to last year’s George Zimmerman extravaganza, and they’re milking it for as much malicious mileage as they can.

Dunn’s defense was that he retrieved his pistol from his car and fired out of fear for his life, claiming that Davis threatened him with what looked like a shotgun while hurling abusive language at him when Dunn complained about the loud rap “thug music” emanating from the other vehicle.

The jury was hung on the first-degree murder charge against Dunn, but they unanimously convicted him on three counts of attempted second-degree murder (based on the presence of three others who escaped harm, who were in the vehicle with Davis) and on one count of shooting a firearm at a vehicle.

Lemon and his guests were outraged.  Never mind that Dunn will never see the outside of a prison again; the travesty, for them, is that the jury could not agree that Dunn’s actions rose to the level of premeditated, first-degree murder, or near enough to it for a lesser second-degree or manslaughter conviction.

Since the Don Lemons, Al Sharptons, and Jane Velez-Mitchells of this world were so crestfallen and furious about George Zimmerman being acquitted, they had really hoped and believed they’d get to royally lynch and “pin the tail on the honky” this time!  To them, this case turned out to be yet another Florida court failing to deliver justice upon another white guy who wrongfully killed another black boy.  Florida!  Such an evil, racist state, what with that evil, racist stand-your-ground law and all, helping whitey get off!  Never you mind that blacks are the ones who have benefited from the stand-your-ground defense disproportionately in the states which have it.

During Saturday’s report, Lemon was particularly shrill and unprofessional, repeatedly yelling about how “absolutely ridiculous!!” (he used that phrase over and over again) it was in the first place that Dunn or anyone would even try to persuade another party to turn down their loud music at a gas station.  The extremely upset Lemon screeched, “You go over, you start the altercation, and then you can’t deal with it and then you decide to shoot someone, and all of a sudden it’s someone else’s fault that you’re on trial for murder? It’s absolutely ridiculous!!(the wild-eyed Lemon is thumping his hands on the table and gesticulating desperately)

Lemon loudly, frantically bellowed again and again that there should be a “mind your own business law,” and wailed multiple times about how there is a gas station on every corner in Florida, and that anyone who has a problem with loud, violent rap music at one location should just flee (you just move your butt–your you-know-what!!) to another, instead of asking for those playing the music to stop disturbing the peace.   Lemon:  “I know people are saying Don Lemon is pissed on Twitter. Yes, I am pissed! I am absolutely pissed!”

Going even further with the race-baiting, the CNN talking heads used the occasion of the prime-time weekend news program to repeatedly, abrasively bemoan some supposedly racially oppressive modern America where young black men are constantly harassed and victimized by evil, hateful white men, routinely detained, imprisoned, and even killed on the streets by them for no reason, without the white men having to face any penalty, blah blah blah blah blah…of course, never in the slightest was the truth mentioned:  That young black males are only about 3% of the overall U.S. population, yet by themselves commit over 50% of the violent crime and murder.  Nowhere was it pointed out that black males are the ones who murder whites at an extremely disproportionate rate, compared to the other way around.  They’re just not interested in reporting the facts, at all.

Let’s face it, the jury mostly did the right thing.  Dunn’s highly dubious actions after the event gave the prosecution plenty to work with, but the state failed to prove premeditated first-degree murder.  Beyond that, given that the jury had the option of convicting on lesser charges, they failed to find sufficiently clear evidence for those either, further enraging people like Don Lemon.

Dunn’s story was nowhere near water-tight, but the defense nonetheless had a minimally workable angle, a card to play: For four full days after the incident, police failed to even search for the gun Dunn claimed he saw, at least anywhere other than the vehicle in which Dunn rode.  Dunn’s defense team said the gun could have been gotten rid of, hidden just about anywhere near the scene, by Davis’ friends immediately after the incident, and disposed of before the police searched nearby dumpsters, bushes, and so on.  Zimmerman defense attorney Mark O’Mara points out that, curiously not raised by the defense, was the fact that a camera tripod (which one would think could have easily been brandished in the manner of an apparent firearm to scare someone) was found underneath the seat of the Dodge Durango occupied by Davis and his friends.

So, in the final analysis, the verdicts make sense, as does the hung jury on the most serious charge:  There was sufficient doubt, to preclude unanimous agreement, about whether Dunn actually murdered/criminally caused the death of Davis, but his overall actions and pattern/volume of gunfire left jurors with the distinct conclusion that they amounted to attempted second-degree murder of the others in the vehicle.

State’s attorney Angela Corey (yes, the same Cheshire-cat see-you-next-Tuesday who orchestrated the attempted railroading of George Zimmerman) says she intends to retry Dunn on the first-degree charge.

As for why Corey went for first-degree murder in the first place, some experts speculate that it was specifically so that a twelve person jury would be impaneled; in Florida, juries of only six people (as in the Zimmerman trial) serve on cases where the charge is lower than a capital offense.  Why would Corey so badly want a jury of 12 instead of a jury of 6?  The reason, of course, again relates back to racial dynamics in our legal system:  A higher number of jurors increases the likelihood that some of the jurors would be black, increasing chances of nailing the honky.  Some experts also exclaim that everything having to do with our criminal justice system winds up being about race.

It’s a shame about Don Lemon’s on-air meltdown over this case. I’d been having hopes for him becoming a decent journalist in the months leading up to this episode because he had seemed to begin to transcend the usual full-time black victimhood-grievance; in one very bold segment a couple of months ago, he had actually called out blacks to put a stop to the gangsta-thug culture and so forth.  Now he has plainly done a 180-degree full-speed reversal.

Now, those who call thug rap music what it actually is–thug music–face the latest, freshest, absurd accusations of racism and bigotry, and so on, from the race-hustlers.  Likewise when referring to young blacks who dress, speak, and act overtly thuggish—call them thugs, and you’re targeted for the new reverse McCarthyism.  Of course.

Kudos to Gregg Jarrett of FOX News, by the way, for his public reaction to Don Lemon’s extremely biased debacle.

Jarrett was so appalled by Lemon’s horrible lack of journalistic integrity throughout the report in question on Saturday that he basically went to war with Lemon on Twitter, in what he says is the first instance in his entire career where he’s publicly criticized another news anchor.  Jarrett, an experienced attorney himself as well as a news man, had choice words for Lemon’s juvenile and unprofessional on-air prolonged outbursts.  Jarrett accurately said that Lemon wanted to act as judge, jury, and executioner of Michael Dunn, despite not having been privy to all the actual trial evidence, nor having any legal training or knowledge.  Jarrett called Lemon a “pompous, pretentious jerk” and “the Al Sharpton of CNN,” who “could use a measure of maturity.”

Characteristically, Lemon replied in a Tweet telling Jarrett to “mind your business, old man.”  On a later CNN segment, Lemon doubled down, saying that “old white guys have an old mentality,” which stereotypes and fears young black men.  Lemon proceeded to rant wildly, at length, about “old white guys in the media trying to claw their way back from obscurity by attacking other people” while the other CNN panelists nodded enthusiastically, flared their nostrils, bugged-out their eyes, and egged him on with even more anti-white rhetoric.

This is what the “news authority” has become.  A mockery.

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Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.

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