Raising Boys That Aren’t Metrosexual Pussies: #5 Make Sure Your Son’s Not Estúpido

One way to foment the female chauvinist pigs is to make sure, mom and dad, that your son is incredibly smart. You must make certain that he not only has a well-fed wild streak, a willingness and ability to lead in life, that whatever he gets his hands on prospers, and that he will tackle evil wherever and whenever it raises its ugly head, but that he is also the most well read boy on the block.

Parent, if your son stays dumb (and I’m not referring to children with learning disabilities) then he boosts the malicious stereotype that the fem’s are shoving up our society’s tailpipe, and he unwittingly sets the stage for a worse mañana, at least as far as masculinity goes. Mom and dad (and especially dad), don’t give the female chauvinist pigs any ground by pitting one form of masculinity (leading) against another form (reading).

Parents, teach your rough and ready boy that:

1. Serious studying is not just for Poindexters and geeks.

2. Studying, learning and holding intellectual discussion are all part of being masculine.

3. The intellectual target you’re aiming for him to strike doesn’t look like Tommy Boy or Homer Simpson; but rather more like King David, William Wallace and Sir Winston Churchill.

4. It takes guts and nuts to tackle the various sciences and no matter what his Beavis and Butthead friends think, serious study is not for “wusses.” As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite. Reading, meditating, gaining understanding and knowledge and staying abreast of what has happened and what is happening on this world’s stage is so hard that the effeminate, the little Sally’s, the prancing, petite male poodles won’t do it; they actually avoid it like Rosie O’Donnell does Jenny Craig.

5. God intends for him to be sharp and to not be a bastardization of his great gender. Then, Daddy-O, go to work to get your kid a killer library. Spend the cash!

6. The rowdy realm of ideas and debate can be just as fun as any sport. It fact, one of my greatest joys is when I get to go toe-to-toe on the radio, TV or over dinner with a flaming liberal or raging atheist. Yeah, it is right up there with hunting Africa’s green hills, nearly.

Finally, parent, can you imagine the angst when Hollywood and the multitudinous, hijacked-by-feminists universities can no longer play the stooge card when it comes to men because the sons you have raised have engaged their brains and have not opted for anti-intellectualism? Can you picture, mom and dad, how the faces of the female chauvinist pigs will contort and how their stomachs will gurgle with acid as the stereotype they’ve worked so long and hard to prop up no longer works because you, the parent, have raised your son to be intellectually astute?

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Raising Boys That Aren’t Metrosexual Pussies: #5 Make Sure Your Son’s Not Estúpido


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  • Abby

    Parents with today’s schools, it is on you to teach your kids the truth about our great country and the courage of the men who fought against all odds and were victorious. Hope and courage is what kids need.

  • Steampunk Sweetheart

    If men only understood how attractive some women find men who are physically strong, intellectual, well-read, and who dress well (nice jeans and a button-down work shirt, *swoon*) and are well-groomed without using more products than a female news anchor…brains, brawn, and looks will get you everywhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.barrett.188478 KSJeffersonian

    I can attest that being intellectual and being a real man are not incompatible. I am an attorney, who most people would classify as a redneck — drive a truck, obsessed with hunting, enjoy camping, etc.

    My son is 6’2″ and 200 lbs. (down from 220 at high school graduation, because earning a chemical engineering degree in 4 years takes too much time to really hit the gym). His greatest joys in life are hunting and backpacking. He drives a 12 year old F150 4X4. In 4th grade, he was “kicked out” of the accelerated reading program because he tested at the 12+ grade level. To get credit for reading a book, that book had to be within 2 grades of the child’s reading level, so there were no books with age appropriate content for which he could get credit.

    This summer, my son will work at an Exxon-Mobil research facility in New Jersey, before returning to school to earn his doctorate in chemical engineering. (He has yet to decide on a school, but graduate schools are pursuing him.) Those he will be working with are from Ivy League schools. I can hardly wait to hear about the reaction these eastern elites have when they realize that my son, despite coming from Kansas and showing up in his truck, is in all likelihood smarter than they are.

    • Gundog

      WOW!! Well done dad. What a son. He must make the metros pi$$ in their skinny jeans!

    • dogface

      Good Stuff.. I was the only one in my electronics class that had tools in my car when the teacher asked if anyone could loan him some tools.. I also could put a computer together ( the stuff inside that box) faster than anyone in the class.. My grandson, his mother told me, starts his math homework with the hardest problems first.. That a Boy!! :-)

    • Thomas Sharp

      You sound like a proud papa, rightly so.

  • CharlieFromMass

    Excellent article. Too many in pop culture have tried to make men look to be blundering idiots- we, as men, need to encourage our future generations of boys to understand that is indeed okay (and desirable) to be intelligent.

    • jubilee

      What we don’t realize, is IF men start acting like idiots, the average woman will LOSE. I even see polygamy coming up the forefront thanks to homosexual marriage. Many of us want guys who will lead,as sure as we have a cycle.
      Thanks for showing a black man plucking his eyebrows like a girl. Many in the black community have known this for a while that our boys are acting soft, starting with the PIERCING of their EARS. I’m black BTW,
      If you go to a function, you will see White and Asian guys looking normal while the Black guy has two sets of earrings in his ears, and some of them BIG DIAMONDS..even some latinos but not as much

  • http://whatmenthinkofwomen.blogspot.com.au/ Whatmenaresayingaboutwomen

    This is the aim of feminists, to turn men and boys into wimping, burst into tears at the drop of a hat while imitating the actions of females, whom they deem to be perfection itself. The site “The Good Men Project” is just such a site on the web that promotes the feminist moronity and promotes the metrosexual behaviour they want to see all men undertake.
    If behaving like a little boys while imitating female behaviour, that site does the job well. A typical progressives’ left-wing, anti-male, pro-feminist menagerie that has more to do with cross-dresser and female imitators than any self-respecting male would want to imitate. They even recommend that men get “fat”. One would have to switch off their “stupidity” alarm to go anywhere near it.

  • Gundog

    Another out-of-the -park article Doug! I was so lucky growing up in the 50s. No one was pussified, My dad was a man’s man without having to shout it from the rooftops. I learned from him just by being around him. My former pastor resigned so he could devote full time to the ministry of mentoring young men on being Christian men. He believed young boys and young men haven’t enough role models to teach them how to be men. Sad!! Now I’m waiting for little Chris-tine to chime in with his little balls of crap and try to bring everyone down.

    • http://www.facebook.com/john.barrett.188478 KSJeffersonian

      Although my son aged out of Boy Scouts over 4 years ago, I am still the Troop Chaplain for the local troop. The reason I decided to stay, despite the BSA letting openly homosexual boys join, is that I can be a role model and I can still preach Christ to the boys and other adults. The message I had for the January camp-out was about Jesus’ manliness. He was a carpenter, when carpenters had to hew large beams out of logs and put them in place. His Apostles included at least 4 and possibly 8 commercial fishermen and one terrorist (Simon the Zealot). Jesus was powerful enough in body and personality to induce those men to leave their former lives and follow him. Men like that would not have followed a wimp.

      Until about 120-130 years ago, Christianity was a manly religion, not the touchy-feely, feminized religion so many churches preach today. I dare say that Christians from the mid- to late-1800s, back, would have declared the doctrine of most churches today to be heresy and sacrilege. I did a search, and if I recall correctly, it was 11 times that the Bible declares either that effeminate men are accursed or that they are a curse on a nation. (How many of the preachers and church hierarchy in our “main line” denominations fall into that category?) This is independent of God’s condemnation of homosexuality.

      God expects men to be men. We are not to act like women, we are not to think like women. He made us different than women and he decreed that we are to be the heads of households. We are to lead women, not follow them. Paul was quite specific that it is because it was the woman who was deceived by the serpent, that women are not to teach men in our churches. Women are not to exercise authority over men in our churches. Yet most of our churches are run to please the women.

      We cannot please God, if we act like women.

      • Gundog

        We cannot please God if we act like women. Outstanding. Have to remember that!
        Thank God for fathers like you. A fantastic idea for staying in the BSA. If all Christian men left it would be left mainly to the metros and homosexuals. God bless your efforts. Thank you for pointing out Jesus’s true nature. I am sick and tired of the type of Jesus portrayed to our young today. Pasty, skinny, wimpy, hippy-looking Nancy boy. I read many years ago a book called “No More Christian Nice Guy” Paul Coughlin, author stated that Jesus was no bearded lady. Another good book for young men would be “The Way of the Wild Heart” by John Eldridge. We need more strong Christian men leading our youth. God bless!!!

  • Gaines Bruce

    I am hoping to interject as much of this wisdom into my grandsons as I can. It will be difficult with all the government interference in public education but this universal wisdom is important. As to turning off the female chauvinist pigs, that should not matter at all as plenty of other good looking women will be looking for a robust thinking man when they come of age.

  • NonPCHeathen

    I have to say I enjoy this series. It speaks a high level of truth that our society does not want to acknowledge.

  • armydadtexas

    LET BOYS BE BOYS. STop trying to feminize them. It causes GENDER CONFUSION. But that after all is what FEMINAZIs want, now isn’t it.

  • Thomas Sharp

    Mr Giles, thanks for this excellent series.
    Teaching boys to become Men is the job of every Dad on the planet.
    Now training the Grandsons too. They are turning into awesome young men that are indeed worthy young princes.
    “First to fight for right and freedom, and to keep their honor clean.”

  • Miko

    13% of the general population
    86% of the crime
    64% of the prison population
    Please post and repost!!

  • Miko

    The baby boom dope smokers brought us 50 years of the feminist movement and only boys are feminine… while girls behave like whores.

  • The Survival Wire

    Trying to do my part. One son, a Colorado Karate State Champion, earned a $92,000 academic scholarship to CWRU and the other, a football and lacrosse star, has been invited to John’s Hopkins Gifted Student program; at 13 years old. These boys also go to church and have been trained in marksmanship, archery, skiing, snowshoeing and politics.
    And, for Miko, guess what, we are American who happen to be black. The problem is not DNA, the problem is left wing governmental programs and processes have indoctrinated large numbers of people into thinking that bad and self destructive behavior is the norm.
    “Our representative government” has been rewarding and encouraging the destruction of the family, antipathy toward God, decency, dignity and responsibility.
    It is up to US to fight back against these degenerates. What can you do today?
    1:Get elected at a town, or county level- attend 3 meetings and you are in. Bring your boys & girls with you to town meetings.
    2: Take your boys & girls hunting, fishing and camping
    3: Carry your sidearm, a knife, a flashlight, a mini 1st aid kit and whatever else you need so your son sees your “EDC” every day carry.
    4: Join the NAGR, JPFO, NRA, RMEF, PF, DU, QU and local arms collectors association, etc., and take your kids to the meetings and dinners.
    Please post and repost!

  • dchrist81

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