SEXING UP YOUR KIDS: Here’s What A School Has for Your 4th Grader

Here is a book called “It’s Perfectly Normal” that is on the UT extension web site as recommended reading.

Textbook Advocate Karen Bracken says, “I have no doubt these books are in our schools, we just don’t have any real hard proof.” Karen continues, “When I do my presentations on Common Core I bring this book with me because the National Sexuality Standards are strongly influenced by Planned Parenthood and It’s Perfectly Normal is written by Robie H. Harris who is associated with PP and PP endorses this book. So it is my ASSUMPTION it will be a recommended book for children 10 years and up when the National Sexuality Standards are implemented…I have been given second hand stories of parents from TN that stated this book is in the schools.”

The author of the book is Robie H. Harris, she  is a member of PPFA’s National Board of Advocates, and Planned Parenthood people helped her write the book.  After it was written, PP endorsed the book and even held book signing parties for Ms. Harris.

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IMG_7175-e1392848115593Cartoon Pictures of Different Types of Naked Bodies

IMG_7166What male sex organs look like

IMG_7169This page teaches how to use a condom

IMG_7176-e1392848249619How to Masturbate

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  • Joshua Shoff

    If it is YOUR responsibility as a parent to teach YOUR child, then it’s the RESPONSIBILITY of EVERY parent to teach THEIR child about their body.

    Then you get into religion, how religion teaches us that sex is a horrid abomination of a thing, Enter generations of people telling their children that “sex is bad” and other such things, because of… RELIGIOUS teachings, those parents suddenly are the parents that won’t talk about pregnancy, masturbation, or puberty.. Then who teaches them? Their first “boyfriend or girlfriend” who takes advantage of them, for them not being knowledgeable?

    If every parent was responsible, I would agree with your thought that the government shouldn’t have any say in this.. But you can’t force every person to teach every child what their child needs to know about their bodies.

    • Comrade Snarky

      I’m no fan of religion, and I’m especially no fan of people who deny that sex is a normal, healthy part of being a human being. That’s not the point. The point is that children as young as that can’t handle certain information, nor should they be exposed to it. In other words, if I want my kid to know about sex, I’ll sit him down and say, “OK, junior, let me explain to you how and why your body is going to start changing soon, and where babies come from.” But I’m NOT going to sit him down, grab a banana, a condom, and a jar of lube, and say, “OK, junior, here’s how you stick your weenie into someone’s bunghole.” The former is education. The latter is bordering on abuse. It’s amazing some people can’t see the difference.

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