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  • AR154U

    Those girls receive hundreds of dollars for a couple of hours or a days worth of “work”. To build a portfolio showing work in the entertainment industry (even if it is twerking in a rap video) isn’t easy. You have thousands of unscrupulous characters preying upon tens of thousands of men and women vying for a few jobs in the entertainment industry. It’s this very culture that moves a lot in the entertainment industry to abuse drugs and alcohol,… and some encourage it to cope!

  • John Kirkwood

    Your girls are a testimony to the integrity and character of their parents! Truly blessed!

  • Rick Rowland

    Doug, Wow, well said! I recently moved from FL to NE GA to a more family friendly area but that does not replace or ease my intentions on being a “traditional father”… Thank God, so far I am winning!

  • akoby

    Way to go Doug! It is about time a Dad stands up and says how important it is to a girl to have a father guide her into womanhood. Thank you,

  • Stealth

    I totally agree Doug. THIS…is MY take on it. LIBERAL FREEKING WOMEN!!! And WHIMP-ASS boymen who won’t stand up to them… I remember a family who used to live across the street. The Father, a cop.. had married the blond cheerleader ( who never got out of that mode ) and was divorced with several children. This idiot woman not only DRESSED like most raucus teenagers…she actually allowed the 16 yr. old daughter to wear the shortest/tightest short-shorts imaginable that on the back ( left side ) said in large letters “TOUCH….. and on the right side, THIS”…. This is whats wrong with the educations system, the politics etc.. It is mostly voted for and SUPPORTED by LIBERAL WOMEN who have minds of mush! As a man, I have NO respect for ANY of these women. In fact, I booted out my now ‘ex’ wife when it became apparent she was a ‘disease-brained lib’… I mean, WHAT woman in her late 50’s wheres tops totally exposing their midriffs?? Answer? TOO MANY these days and I ain’t impressed. You bozo she-men out there are all spineless- JUST to have a women in your freeking bed… Idiots..

    • GUNDOG

      THANK YOU!! I can remember dating a great Asian gal years ago who told me she was voting for John Kerry …so long Asian girlfriend. Dumped her right there. That sucked, but has to be done. I am also sick of these TV shows who keep showing “fathers” as a bunch of dumb azz losers or worse, homosexual fluffy “dads” AGGGGGGGGG!! . Can’t stand watching such crap!!

    • CherryAnn1000

      The family across the street must have been the Kardashians. They seem to fit the bill.

  • victorbarney

    Problem is that our society discounts the “Dad” anyhow! It’s all part of this “women alone” voted for “fundamental transition of government” into Marxism, the only unforgivable sin by the way! Welcome to Adam’s world, who totally means a “nobody”(discount) in this world, unless a Marxist and/or alternate life style “dude!” Here’s the caveat men, Obama also is our “women alone” Old Covenant “scriptural scapegoat” and we’re still a nobody, unless called out of this world, which also has been predetermined! Ouch! p.s. I call it the 6,000 year old first-born blood covenant of DEATH, where we “men alone” also were otherwise discounted…

  • James in Texas

    Great post, Doug!
    You and your wife understand that if you bring them into this world, “They are Your Responsibility, and You are held Accountable”!

    • TPM

      I subscribe to Doug’s philosophy on raising kids.
      BUT, the majority in this country no longer does / or never did.
      You have far too many progressive politicians / pimps telling you “it takes a village.”
      Our education system has become daycare for school aged kids, because their parents are too lazy to feed them.

  • mackadoo

    Unfortunately, our popular culture, political correctness and government policy, has diminished the role of the father in the family unit. We are now paying the price and it ain’t gettin’ any better.

    • sam

      That’s exactly right, these sperm donors get to keep being irresponsible because the government will pay for their inability to man-up. In essence the government pays the sperm donors to remove themselves from their offsprings lives. Government payments also allows the girl’s family to escape any monetary responsibility for their offspring’s activity as well. When responsibility isn’t up to anyone there is very little, if any, incentive to teach or expect moral behavior.

  • nancyleecole

    I agree with almost everything you are expousing here but the only thing I disagree with you on is that you wrote yourself as dad and not Dad. That is a big position to fill and if you are filling it the way you are portraying, you should spell it with a capital D at the beginning not dad. God Bless You Doug!!!!!

    • monacall

      I understood the importance of your article even if it had a small d rather than a capital d I’m sure most people would agree. But your right he SHOULD have capitalized the “d”. Sorry some people are always correcting others to just “say something”. Is it ego? Is it control? Why is this? I don’t get it. A great article for which WE all agree and understand and someone comes in with huh “you should have used a big d instead of a little d”!!! Lol. Critizing!!!!
      SORRY I’m bad I know. Oh and feel free to tell me my errors. I got huge shoulders been told by a many of people of all my errors.

      • Ben Name

        You should have use “we” rather then “WE”. You really didn’t need to be that emphatic for us to get your point.

  • PatrioticInfidelInPA

    You hit the nail on the head. I read your book and soon after got my daughter into archery (the movie Brave and Hunger Games helped peek her interest) got her and my wife shooting handguns, AR’s, etc. Your book helped get me the insight to do the “right thing” for my Punkin. Thank you Doug for all your insight and if I get to FL, I definitely have to come to your church.

    • gundog

      God bless you Dad!! You will never regret it.

  • wandamurline

    Unfortunately, for so many of this young girls, there is no DADDY in their lives….so many are in a single mother situation …. but this could be remedied…..if the daddies of these single mother children were found and made to pay child support, I believe that they would soon learn to wear protection and if the welfare checks and free food stopped coming in to these irresponsible girls, they would decide to get on the pill. Unless we change the atomosphere of unwed mothers there will always be an overflow of girls who get used and abused and become slaves on the streets.

  • futurelife

    Look at America and who voted for who…. kids are brainwashed at schools, come home to convert their parents and today’s parents want to be “friends” to their kids, not parents and so we have ALL children anymore. That is what is in DC, a bunch of children. As for this jerk, he saw money also, so he went as his daughter. UGH isick and greedy and the desire to be “liked” by his daughter.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Let me put it this way. If a ” step dad ” can turn a young girl around and straighten out her attitude/life ANY ” real ” Father can. I became an ” instant ” father when I got married. This young teen to put it bluntly ” hated my guts “. It wasn’t an easy path but this 14 year old finally got the message that I wasn’t there ruin her life, but to turn it around. I have to say that my ” step daughter ” now loves me as a stepdad and she is in her late 20’s now and a lawyer. How did I do it. I was ALWAYS there for her when she needed me, and sometimes when she didn’t want me there. I did what all fathers do, step up to the plate and do what is needed to be done. At the age of 16 she was being stocked by a young boy that wanted her ” attention “, he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and even broke into the house and robbed us. Well to make a long story short, he showed up a few days after the break in to see my step daughter (not knowing we knew he was the one the broke in). My step daughter was else where in the house and I led him into the kitchen. As we walked into the kitchen I pushed him against the fridge and told him as I stuck my ” knuckle knife ” an inch from his face. that if I ever caught him around the house, or my step daughter again I would send his family jewels home in a box to his dad. And as he ran out of the kitchen I kicked him in his (fill in the blank) and told him if he had a problem to send his dad to see me and I would be happy to repeat what I said to him. That event is what changed what my step daughter thought of me. From then on I had no problems being in her life and having her respect/love. Now as I said, she is a grown woman and a lawyer. So dads, sometimes you have to do things that aren’t in the book to get the job done.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Buyerbwear

      We need to clone you! Blessings to you and your step daughter–to your entire family. You sound like an awesome dad.

      • sovereigntyofone

        God Bless you and your family as well :o)

  • loran

    10 to 1 odds that these girls you talk about came from divided families. That is a family(if one can call it that) where their was no father and a mother who only cared about how much money she could get from the liberals in exchange for her vote. We should all thank the progressive, liberal Democrats for their well intentioned, but stupid bleeding heart ideology. It’s so true that children from complete families, and ones which hold God in their hearts, are ready for the world as responsible citizens.

    • Ben Name

      are you saying mother’s are incapable of raising decent, solid kids?

      • loran

        There are very, very few single mothers who can do this. That’s a fact. How many studies have been done with this same result? Children raised by complete families(mother and father) are better equipped to be successful out in the world. They are more productive citizens and more willing and able to raise whole families of their own.

        • Ben Name

          How many studies have been done that show that women alone can not raise the children you feel fit to be productive citizens?

          • loran

            You see, you’re liberal employing typical liberal tactics of manipulating the debate. Your question implies that I have claimed that ALL single mothers are guilty of this. I never stated that. But, I am saying that the majority of single mothers DO NOT, not CAN NOT raise children to be educated and productive citizens. There are numerous studies as reported in numerous books which state this. Just read some books by different authors. I’ll give you some suggestions. Charles Murray and Thomas Sowell for starters.

          • Ben Name

            “You see, you’re liberal employing typical liberal tactics of manipulating the debate.” In other words, this point of view is unfounded because you have to chastise me rather then just stick to your knowledge.

            Which books of Murray and Sowell specifically dealt with single women raising children and what exactly makes them experts in the subject?

            What you are exhibiting is reflexive defensiveness. It usually comes on when you know you are wrong about something and someone calls you out on it. Rather than owning up to one’s mistake the perpetrator often resorts to making back-accusations.

          • loran

            No Sir, you are trying to force someone else to do the research which you should be doing your self. Are you really that lazy that you refuse to do the research? I will point you to “Losing Ground” by Charles Murray. From there you are on your own. I really do not care what you think of me because I have been educated and enlightened.

      • Mys77

        Incapable, no. Overwhelmed, yes.

  • Willard Eversole

    you are right on target..i wish that all of the young girls that have a child and and not married should have a paternity test and confirm who the father is,and then have him brought be fore a judge and get at least five hundred dollars per mo.and if he fails to pay,put him in jail until he comes up with the money.these bums need to stand up like a man and be a father to his child,if he dont then quit protraying your self like a man,,

    • Ben Name

      It’s crazy how many metro-sexuals are fathering unwed babies these days.

  • Doc Holliday

    Doug Giles is 100% correct. However, the dudes that need to be reading and taking repsonsibility are so busy doing drugs and each other, they don’t give a rats patuty. All they care about is their next piece, a grill & a hit.
    Most of these long gone dads don’t even care about mom and dad unless they can get some cash from them. These are the bottom of the barrel scum trash trying to figure out a way to get on welfare on their own.

  • anarchyst

    Parenting is never easy, but, if done properly, the end product is well worth it.
    Staying away from what is called “entertainment” (and public schools) is a big factor in raising strong, independent-thinking children.
    Being an “unpopular” parent can be a good thing, despite the anguish that “comes with the job”. Not kowtowing to every fad that comes down the pike can go a long way . . .
    The entertainment industry (guess who runs it??) portrays ALL (white) men as doofuses and dolts who cannot even tie their shoelaces, are belittled by smart-@ssed children and women, and are generally denigrated to the point of being “unnecessary” (except for financial support). Children see this cr@p and automatically assume that “that’s the way things are in the real world”.
    Limiting access to garbage entertainment can go a long way in raising strong self-sufficient children and shaping a child’s worldview.

  • Mys77

    The failure of the black people as a whole for both sons and daughters is the FAILURE of black fathers.

    • JoAnn Dolberg

      Mys77: Failed-as-fathers are the trouble also of white, yellow, red and brown people too.

      • Mys77

        Not at all to the degree of the black community. Their community as a whole, are completely dysfunctional.

        • francoamerian

          It wasn’t always that way. Blacks have learned to become dependent on the government for everything without working for it. This applies to poor white trash also. The Liberal Democrats such as Obama want to keep people dependent on the government for everything. What better way to guarantee getting re-elected. If your constituents see you promising them freebies such as food stamps, Obama phones and welfare they will keep voting you in.

          • taliesin319

            Cut all the freebies and put everyone with his hand out to work on the highways and infrastructure. If they wish to learn while they work provide the means but only if they study in their off hours and go to class in their off hours. If they do so give a small increase in wages. No work-no pay. 3 meals for poor kids winter and summer. Dad pays part of child support and when he is trained and in a job pays fully over time what he owes. Mothers if at home are only paid help to dependent children if their children are attending classes daily-all grades and mom attends PTA along with their dads if she knows who they are. This permanent underclass has got to be gotten rid of.
            No hard working person should carry even on sloth for a single day, never mind for 3 generations.

          • Ben Name

            who will pay for the highways?

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            Why do we need roads? Because the government doesn’t allow things like the Moller Skycar to progress. We need roads because the government has kept us shackled to them. We’ve had the technology for personal aircraft for decades. It’s not “who will pay for the highways”, it’s “who keeps us dependent on them” ? Like Government itself.

          • Ben Name

            Why is then that in our cities the people most often talking about mass transportation (trains and busses, carpooling) are in the government and those most complaining about poor streets the civilians?

          • Ben Name

            It’s so easy to live off the government.

    • Ben Name

      why are black fathers failing?

  • Sunshine43

    Great piece!

    • Ben Name

      yes she is.

      • Freddy Neat Shee

        Yeah. NIce slander.

        • Ben Name

          It is a nice slander. Would you like a slice?

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            Yes, but I want mine with no whipped cream this time. That redi-whip stuff kind of sucks. No offense or anything.

          • Ben Name

            none taken….oh, a masturbation joke. classy.

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            ?! What do you slice while masturbating? Hmm.. on second thought, maybe I don’t want to know… That which has been seen can never be unseen and all.

            No, I figured you were talking about a slice of purple pie, or something, like this one made from Okinawan Sweet Potatoes. Purple being the latest trademarked color of the homosexual crowd and all… and an American Football team.

            It’s a little more sweet than regular sweet potato pie, and thus doesn’t need any whipped cream. Besides, redi-whip does suck. Are we really going to argue about the relative benefits of redi-whip over, say, French Vanilla Cool Whip™?

          • Ben Name

            oh. that was so clear. thanks for cluing the world in on you backass intelligence.

  • c69101

    Billy Ray is a disgrace!

  • Samuel Clemens

    People, marriage is no longer a prerequisite to having children. The democrats use “the poor hungry children” as the reason to increase taxes. The reason the children are hungry is they don’t have a family to feed them. Most of the time, it is a single woman with a current boyfriend. Fathers no longer exist. Any man that creates a child and does not support that child has no right to call himself a man.

    • francoamerian

      AMEN to that.

    • Ben Name

      who are you talking about? All the white people in my neighborhood are just fine.

  • Colleen Phillips

    Doug certainly has a way with words, and I love the visual imagery he creates with his vivid description of the rappers video he witnessed. No one hates rap more than I do, and this so-called music genre has inflicted untold damage on our youth culture with it’s misogyny and glorification of violent crime, drugs, and prostitution.
    I would like to put in a word in defense of dads, though. Naturally, I know there are plenty of men, most notably in the African American community, who have completely abdicated their role as fathers in teaching and guiding both their sons and daughters.
    However, I also know that there are plenty of loving devoted dads who have made every effort to raise their children well, to be good examples, and to communicate positive values to their offspring, and sadly, the best efforts of great parents are sometimes not enough. As hard as it may be to understand, some daughters (and sons) discard all they’ve been raised to believe, and choose a path of self-destruction, sometimes with permanent tragic results. Sometimes those kids come to their senses and return, like the Prodigal Son, and sometimes they don’t, and those fathers (and mothers) are left brokenhearted.

    There are so many factors that determine how kids turn out, both genetic and environmental, and the parents and the home are not as significant as we would like to think. I’ve studied child development pretty extensively, and recommend reading “The Nurture Assumption: Why Children Turn Out The Way They Do” by Judith Rich Harris, as a starter.

    So, if your children turn out well, don’t be so arrogant as to think you deserve all the credit, and, unless you are an absolutely horrible parent, if your kids go astray, you probably don’t deserve all the blame either.
    Our modern society has heaped 100% of the onus on parents, causing many of them to drown in undeserved shame and guilt. Prior to WWII, if a kid went bad, everyone judged him/her to be a bad kid, period, and offered sympathy to the distraught parents. Now, if a kid goes astray, everyone blames the parents, which removes responsibility from the kid for his lousy choices.

    People gripe about the difficulty of the “Terrible Twos,” but fact is, with a two-year-old, you, as the parent, are in complete control of making sure your child does what she should do.
    That kind of control is much harder to achieve with a rebellious 14 or 16-year-old, unless you tie her to a chair and never let her leave the house.

    • Ben Name

      I remember when the same was said about Rock-n-roll.

      • Freddy Neat Shee

        And talkies!

  • Ajean72

    Rap was never meant to be an avenue for hatred against women, instead it has become what you see in front of you. Rap in the beginning, was meant to be a form of poetic musical expression which was entirely positive. Instead it has been bastardized and turned into a weapon for class warfare, breaking families apart and glorifying violence. The lawmakers and politicians use it as well to spew their anti-white sentiment on the black community as a whole. Until more people come forward against this music, as Tipper Gore once did for explicit lyrics, then the mainstream media as well as our youth will continue to be held under its destructive spell. I am pretty sure that Kurtis Blow is shaking his head right now.

    • Ben Name

      The same can be said for almost every genre of music.

  • CELT1

    I honestly think that a lot of Americans are losing their minds. And yes, I am serious. I don’t know what is happening here in America but it is not good.

    • francoamerian

      celt1. you are right. The problem is America is being dumbed down and it’s morals corroded by Hollywood, the main stream media and so called singing artists. Too many of today’s youth think it is cool like Miley Cyrus to show your ass in public, smoke dope or sniff cocaine. They simply have no moral guidance. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

      • taliesin319

        Add to that, entirely too many Minister, Priests and Rabbis who think
        mentioning that every choice has consequences will result in loss of members. Heaven and hell did not vanish and the Ten Commandments have not been rescinded. Those who leave the Congregation due to being offended will leave behind fewer and better Christians determined to be parents.

      • Ben Name

        I just caught my kid playing grand theft auto. I took it away and told him not to let Hollywood corrupt his brain.

        • Freddy Neat Shee

          Or, for that matter, Twycross, Leicestershire, UK. Which is where Rare (the makers of GTA) are actually from. Dumb@$$.

          • Ben Name

            Whatever! Mr. No it all.

    • Ben Name

      Yeah. This all started with Madona strutting around with her underwear showing around the edges of her clothes.

  • Mari Upthegrove

    Great article.

  • CherryAnn1000

    Love it Doug. I think the dad you showed (Billy Ray Cyrus) is one of the worst examples of parenting on the planet; one only has to see his absurd daughter with your tongue hanging to her navel to know this girl did not have a dad like you or my husband.

    • Grizzly907

      He has another daughter and shes not a sperm dumpster skank. So is it his fault or did Hollywood contribute to Miley going off of the rails?

      • Ben Name

        You must know Miley really well to know she is a sperm dumpster skank.

        • Freddy Neat Shee

          Who doesn’t? I mean… hell, price of admission on that ride is a bracelet or something, right?

          • Ben Name

            Yeah. NIce slander.

  • taliesin319

    I had a dad almost 74 years ago that had your philosophy and what’s more the girls throughout my elementary and high school years also had dad’s who were fathers and involved in every aspect of their lives. Of course in those days we were not allowed to date before the age of 16. Then, the boy had to be brave indeed to pass muster with a girl’s dad who was invariably flanked by her brothers when asked to be seated. Miley
    is the product of one, cowardly dad. Either that, or one driven be greed.

    • Buyerbwear


    • http://113tidbits.com/ tony greene

      I’ll put all my shekels behind the dad being greedy..

      • Ben Name

        Greed is often the root of evil.

    • Freddy Neat Shee

      Back when I was dating, I never sat down to one of those meetings without being armed.

      The first time a dad decided to whip out his Walther P38 to “clean” it while I was waiting on my girlfriend to get ready, I waited until it was disassembled, and took out my Freedom 555, set it on the table, and said “Oh, wow! a service weapon from World War II! I didn’t think I’d ever see one of those in real life. This is what I use today (this was back in 2002). Ammo’s expensive as all hell, but you can’t beat a 50 cal for stopping power, don’t you think?”

      That girl is now my wife :-)

  • Steve Barnett

    If adults were requiered to get a license for parenting like we have to get a license to drive, then BRC and his wife would have had their permits revolked long ago. Righteous commentary Doug.

  • Grizzly907

    Most of the sluts in said video never had a dad in the house and were raised by a single mother.

    • Jane18

      …and had some non-working bum living with her, that probably beat on her, cursed her, calling her a “heifer”! That term comes from Africa, with the single and married men having sex with women, they call this “grazing”. I really feel sympathy for the black men and women that try to live right and raise their children to be something and somebody.

      • Grizzly907

        I feel bad for them as well. We have hood rats today because LBJ created the dependancy class so they would ensure that democrats would keep getting elected. They removed the Dad from the home and this is the end result, and a 20 trillion dollar price tag as well.

        • Ben Name

          Not to mention the decades of poor education, bad jobs and substandard living conditions.

          • Grizzly907

            That’s the scourge of liberalism and the welfare state. These people chose their lifestyle and practiced or practiced a crap culture.

          • Ben Name

            You are right. People chose to live in crap, be poorly educated and work the worst jobs possible all to gain that little handout from the government.

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            Hey, anything that lets them continue murdering their own children at a rate that would make Eichmann jealous. 500,000 black children a day are being murdered by their own mothers so that the mothers can delay the inevitable single parenthood at least until they’re in their teens.

            And hey, once they hit 20,000,000 blacks killed by their own mothers, the Democrat party gave them a (half) black President!

            But remember: Never taking responsibility for your own actions means that someone else will have to take care of you! You may live in crap, be poorly educated, and work (HA!) the worst jobs possible, but at least you don’t have to earn any of it! :-) So you can spend your time with “alternative revenue streams” like crack, meth, and pot sales :-) All while saving some money away to enhance your ride (because your ride is more permanent than your address).


          • Ben Name

            Hee Haw! Where’d you crap out that 500,000 per day statistic? I mean what reputable source did that FACT come from?

            Nice that you have no clue about what it is to be poor, colored, or uneducated in AmeriKa.

            Oh yeah, Obama is a Nazi. Ha!

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            You’re right – should be 500,000 per year — 20,000,000 murdered since 1973…

            That’s still a much higher percentage of the population than whites, hispanics, or any other racial group. Blacks are aborted 4 times as much as whites, while only comprising 12% of the population as a whole. And here’s the bonus: They’re exterminating themselves! Voluntarily! Eichmann would be proud! imagine, being able to con a bunch of Jewish people into murdering 20,000,000 of their own people just by giving them a half-Jewish president! :-) You have to stand in awe at the ability of democrats to lie to others.

          • Ben Name

            Thanks for clarifying that. You almost sounded like you were reporting, err, entertaining on Fox News.

            Shut the front door. 500,000 per year. Are you talking globally? What’s your source? I’d like to verify that figure. And are you sure it’s voluntary? Do you know what that word means?

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            I’m trying to locate the figures for more years than just 2010 — I know I’ve read it somewhere that the total number in the last 40 years is something like 18,000,000 blacks, or 450,000 per year, give or take, on average, in the United States alone.

            At the moment, my google-fu is only strong enough to find the statistics for 2010, which showed something like 761,651 abortions performed during that year, 37.5% of which were non-hispanic blacks (total of 287,119 blacks, statistically speaking). This is much lower than the 450,000 average number since 1973, so I’m trying to locate the statistics for the other years.

            The stats on 2010 are from the Centers for Disease Control, at this location:


            While blacks consist of 12% of the population, they do consist of close to 40% of all abortions, so abortion disproportionately targets blacks. This is discussed at length in an article in BET’s website here: http://www.bet.com/news/health/2013/04/01/commentary-why-are-black-abortion-rates-so-high.html

            “Voluntary” is a very grey area with respect to abortions among teenagers — it is possible for a “parent” to drive her daughter to the local planned parenthood and inform her daughter that she will be having an abortion. This is completely illegal in most states, but the teenager often doesn’t know this. Also, a large group of people could be convinced that it is in their best interest to not have as many kids, so they will not fall into poverty. Margaret Sanger’s “The Negro Project” talks a lot about this — convincing black preachers to tell their congregations that the way to make sure they have more money and success in life is to not be “burdened” with as many children. In that case, if the congregation really truly believes that, would they really have a choice? They would feel pressured to have an abortion for the betterment of their own race (which is complete crap, but it’s what they actually believe at the time).

            If what you meant by “voluntary” is that they aren’t legally forced to get abortions against their will, then yes, the abortions in the US to which I refer are “voluntary”.

          • Ben Name

            That’s funny, because according to your source, in Table 12, Reported abortions, by known race/ethnicity of women who obtained an abortion and reporting area of occurrence — selected reporting areas,* United States, 2010, only 148,261 Non-Hispanic Black women reported having an abortion. Also, non-Hispanic Black women only accounted for 35.7% not 37.5%, while non-Hispanic White women accounted for a larger percentage 36.8% of abortions in 2010. Where is your outrage at white people?

            I would also like to point out, from the BET.com source, “Researchers do admit that these numbers might be flawed. They wrote in the report that most states don’t have abortion rate data based on race/ethnicity…They also admit that this report doesn’t answer why these rates are so high,” also, “In the end, these recent abortion findings shouldn’t spark outrage…”

            “…convincing black preachers to tell their congregations that the way to make sure they have more money and success in life is to not be “burdened” with as many children.” This statement without any context could also easily mean a message of not getting pregnant to begin with. It speaks nothing about abortions only not having too many children.

            As far as Voluntary goes, you said these abortions are done voluntary. I mean’t nothing by the word. I was asking you to define what you meant by it. From your sources, no conclusions can be drawn about why these abortions are being done, only that they are being done. I really do not see the ground that you stand on.

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            OK, this is going to be… difficult, I think, but try to follow along:

            Assuming that I transposed the numbers, and said 37.5% when I meant 35.7%, 36% (let’s round for easier numbers here) is still 3x as high of a percentage as the 12% that make up blacks as a group in the US. Whites make up 72% of the US population, and account for 37% of abortions.

            Rather than talking percentages here, because that will get to be a bit… tricky, let’s talk whole numbers:

            # Births in 2009: 4,136,000 (closest I have to year 2010)
            Total Abortions = 762,000 (rounding up from 761,651)

            White Abortions = 281,940 (using rounded numbers 762K * 0.37)
            Black Abortions = 274,320 (using rounded numbers 762K * 0.36)

            White Births = 2,977,920 (4136000 *.72)
            Black Births = 496,320 ( 4136000 * .12 )

            % of Whites Aborted Instead of Born: 9.47%
            % of Blacks Aborted Instead of Born: 55.27%

            Blacks are aborting their babies at over 4 times a higher rate than whites. If you are black and able to see this, congratulations! You’ve won the coin toss that allows you to be alive. You are slightly more likely to be aborted than born if you are black in the US.

            And once you consider that Planned Parenthood sets up 70% of their locations in black or minority neighborhoods, it really makes sense. It’s almost like the founder of PP was trying to get rid of a certain group of people….

            (whatever you do, don’t read “the negro project” by Margaret Sanger, or google something like “black holocaust” — it may warp your world view).

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            Also, it may be that my 450,000 a year statistic is an average over all time since 1973 — the reason that it’s so much lower now is because there are simply fewer blacks now, probably due to the higher abortion rates in the past. It appears we’re at a state now where we have almost as many blacks born in a year, as the average number aborted per year since 1973. So it appears that Margaret Sanger’s project to destroy the black population is marching on, with lots of help from Democrat/Socialists since 1973. Democrats have not looked at blacks differently since they fought to keep them enslaved in the 1860’s, fought to segregate them in the military in the 1910’s, opposed civil rights legislation in the 1950’s, introduced a large government dependency (slavery) program in the 1960’s, focused on ensuring that as many blacks as possible exercised thier “abortion rights” in the 1970’s and 80’s, and, most recently, Democrats were the party of the only US Senator to decide to not show up to Obama’s inauguration in 2008 (Robert Byrd, Grand Kleagle of the Democrat Party of West Virginia).

            Once Democrats have ensured that blacks were keeping their end of the bargain by voting Democrat and killing off their own offspring, for 35 years straight, the Democrats threw them a bone and allowed a half-black “man” to be elected POTUS, but made sure they found one that was extreme in his desire to see blacks being able to kill off their own race (“I don’t want my daughters punished with a [black] baby”). He was also the most extreme US Senator regarding abortion at the time, including opposing a bill that would require hospitals to treat a baby that had been born less than an hour ago and is still alive as a living human being. Due in part to his opposition to this law, when a baby is born alive during an abortion procedure, that baby can continue to be kept in a linen closet until dead. What a victory for human rights. Or not.

          • Ben Name

            “…since 1973…there are simply fewer blacks now…” Ha Ha Ha. This is so far from the truth. According to the US Census in 1970 there were 22.6 million African Americans growing to 38.9 million in 2010. Democrats are trying to eradicate African Americans is balderdash.

            Your blind hatred of the Democrat Party has caused you to either fabricate a point of view or to be persuaded by the far right into believing their propaganda. Either way you should reevaluate how you understand information.

          • Ben Name

            You have failed to notice that I am pointing out that according to the sources you are using that those figures are not accurate. You can not also use data from two different sets (births in 2009 and abortions in 2010) as equivocal data. That’s called making an assumption and not fact based research.

            Also, Planned Parenthood only performs abortions in very special circumstances (less than 3% of their total budget nation wide goes to this specific service – see their annual budget posted on their website). Making this correlation goes exactly against your argument. Planned Parenthood focuses on prevention and planning, not abortions as you have been mislead into believing.

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            I’ve updated my previous post to include birth rate statistics from 2010. Note that there were 3% fewer births in 2010 than 2009. In 2009, there were 495K black births, and in 2010, there were 480K. So there’s that.

            As to your “Planned Parenthood has only 3% of their budget dedicated to abortion” claim, the far-right wingnuts over at slate.com have a different take on it:


            Planned Parenthood provided 334,000 abortions (give or take a thousand human beings) in 2010. Let’s look at the 2010 stats above and see that there were 762,000 abortions TOTAL in 2010. So Planned Parenthood, in the US, provided 43 percent of all abortions in 2010. With only 3% of their budget tied up in gas chambers abortions. Heck, if they could just up their mass-homicide budget to 6%, they could have provided almost all the abortions in 2010!

            Also, if they could just try a little harder and update it to 36% of their budget, they could abort every living person born in 2010! How’s that for reducing the carbon footprint! Go PP!

            And look at it this way — by only spending a mere 3% of their budget (which is crap, BTW — as they count everything they do as a separate service, so the budget looks different) on the mass slaughter of blacks in this country, they have managed to control the black population by over 20,000,000 people in 40 years! How’s that for efficient! Now, the leading cause of death among African-Americans is not heart disease, crime, etc. It’s their own mothers by far, and 43% of those mothers chose Planned Parenthood as an accomplice. Now those are numbers that the Party of the KKK can be proud of!

          • Ben Name

            According to you source, again, that number of abortions were for the year 2011. So, let’s not apply it exactly to 2010, okay?

            After your African American population debacle I am finding it hard to find any credibility in your facts.

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            Hey, whatever makes it easier to sleep at night :-)

            But it’s not “my” African American population “debacle” — it’s the Democrat Party’s — Enough people finally have access to enough information to be able to prove that there was never a “party switch”. All of a sudden, the millions of African American deaths over the last few decades, supported by the same Party that fought a war to keep slavery over 100 years ago, start making sense.

            As to your being butthurt about the numbers — the 2010 counts for abortions (very easy to find via google) is 333,964. So now, we’re talking about 44 percent of abortion in 2010, instead of 43. I’ve been using numbers from close years to not make it look as bad as it actually is. This is the second time I’ve done this. And in both cases, you fell for the trap, “called” me on the number, and got pwned.

            Here’s a hint: Serial killers tend to have the same patterns. Year-over-year, they don’t change a whole lot until they’re caught. This is the same with organizations as well as people. So getting stats from one year off will typically give you very similar statistics from the target one. In order to make someone on the ‘net appear pedantic, like they like to argue over trivial, insignificant things, just pick some stats that are from a slightly off year (but in the other person’s favor), so when they take the bait and point it out, you can show that things are actually worse for their case than the numbers they are arguing about.

            They aren’t my facts — they’re the Centers for Disease Control’s facts, and demographic facts from US Census info. And that’s what scares you the most.

          • Ben Name

            Wow! which source are you going to use? These figures for 2010 are all over the place. Are you just choosing the ones that make your racist point of view valid so…..”you can sleep at night.” (BTW I could careless about your lies. they do not keep me up at night.)

            “As to your being butthurt about the numbers…” The only part of butt that makes any sense about these numbers is the asinine way you use them.

            “They aren’t my facts…” Then why are you claiming them as a basis of your argument?

            Also, with the crap you said about the African American population shrinking since 1973 I really can’t take anything else you say seriously.

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            In point of fact, there are 18,000,000 fewer African Americans alive today than there would be had Planned Parenthood not targeted blacks. And it’s clear to see why that is — check out the book Freakonomics sometime — they look at it as an interesting coincidence, but I tend to think it was by design.

          • Ben Name

            Planned Parenthood does not target African American people. They work in impoverished communities. These areas just happen to be over populated by ethnic people due to institutional racism.

            Yeah yeah, here comes the race baiting argument. If you choose to go that route then please bring more facts.

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            I think you may be addicted :-)

            OK — In a letter to philanthropist Albert Lasker, from whom she hoped to raise funds for the project, Sanger wrote that she wanted to help:

            a group notoriously underprivileged and handicapped to a large measure by a ‘caste’ system that operates as an added weight upon their efforts to get a fair share of the better things in life. To give them the means of helping themselves is perhaps the richest gift of all. We believe birth control knowledge brought to this group, is the most direct, constructive aid that can be given them to improve their immediate situation (Sanger, 1939, July).

            My source for the above, by the way, is the virulently pro-life group Planned Parenthood, as quoted here:


            The above quote is very interesting, and has two points that I wanted to examine:

            1) To give them the means of helping themselves is perhaps the richest gift of all.

            Here, Sanger sounds positively Republican in her desire for the self-sufficiency of a people. It sure is a pity that the Democrat party has done everything in its power to remove that self-sufficiency and replace it with government “assistance”.

            2) We believe birth control knowledge brought to this group, is the most
            direct, constructive aid that can be given them to improve their
            immediate situation.

            You have to stand in awe at Sanger’s ability to decorate how she really feels in a way that makes it look like she’s not a racist. Let’s translate the statement above into something a little more… direct, while retaining exactly the same meaning:

            “Blacks could improve their immediate situation most directly and constructively by there being fewer blacks.”

            And that’s directly from a letter that she was writing trying to get funding! Do people sometimes lie in fundraising “ask” letters, or formulate one in order to more directly relate to the potential donor?

            So are Sanger’s own words, used in a fundraising letter, and downloaded from Planned Parenthood’s own site, enough facts for you?

          • Ben Name

            This does nothing to prove that Planned Parenthood targets African Americans specifically. Not to mention the linked document is not used for fundraising purposes. It’s called a Fact Sheet. Please stop twisting your facts around.

            Good try though.

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            Maybe I was unclear. This section here was also part of the “fact sheet”. In fact, if you click on the link above while in a recent version of Firefox, you can use CONTROL-F (or for you, probably “OPTION-F”), and type “negro project” (without quotes). The first thing it finds, on the right side, towards the bottom of the page, is something about “the negro project”, and is the quote that I referenced. In that quote, Planned Parenthood specifically says:

            “In a letter to philanthropist Albert Lasker, from whom she hoped
            to raise funds for the project, Sanger wrote that she wanted to help:” (along with the quote that I also pasted there).”

            So it was a letter to someone for the purpose of raising funds for “the project” (Birth Control Federation of America, later renamed as Planned Parenthood Federation of America).

            So — and I know this will completely blow your mind here — the “fact sheet” is quoting from a “fundraising letter”, which I also quoted from.

            It makes me wonder about you. You’re starting to sound rather… desperate.

            As for her not targeting blacks in particular, how about this quote from Sanger:

            “We should hire three or four colored [note: by “colored” she means “black” – FNS]. ministers, preferably with
            social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most
            successful educational approach to the Negro [note: By “Negro”, she means “black person” – FNS]. is through a religious
            appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the
            Negro population
            [Note, by “exterminate”, she means it in the same sense that a Dalek would use it, but in a less soothing voice. -FNS], and the minister is the man who can straighten out
            that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious [Note: By “rebellious”, she means “uppity”] members.””

            I hope this helps clear things up for you :-)

          • Ben Name

            Uhm, that was Sanger asking for funds nor targeting African Americans not Planned Parenthood. Wow! what your mind will believe to make your point.

          • Freddy Neat Shee

            I’m not the original source of the facts — that’s what “these are not my facts” means. in other words, I have sources. And these sources don’t even know who I am.

            You, on the other hand, have realized that you have no other argument to make, and so you latch on the same tired thing you bring up after misinterpreting what I actually said. If you had an argument, you would have used it by now. But you don’t.

            So now that you know that abortions disproportionately target blacks (by a factor of 4:1 as a percentage of live births within the race), how does it feel to be assisting in the genocide of another race? Is it truly “whatever it takes, as long as a democrat wins” ? I feel pity for you.

          • Ben Name

            awe, you pity me. You care. That’s incredible sweet.

            “I’m not the original source of the facts…” So you are distancing yourself from your facts. That’s how you are putting it.

            By the way, how’s the population of African Americans doing today? Has it fallen below the 1973 count?

    • Ben Name

      You must know these “sluts” personally to know they were only raised by their mothers.

      • Grizzly907

        Based on statistics its a very good bet that they are.

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