WHOOP-ASS: Allen West, ‘Faux Commander in Chief’ Thinks ‘Beards, Turbans, & Hijabs’ More Important Than Vets

Speaking at CPAC earlier this month, Lt. Col. Allen West had some very harsh words for President Obama on the subject of the military and veteran’s benefits.

West’s primary issue in this clip is the reduction in force of our military, as well as deprioritizing of training and equipment in favor of progressive, feel good policy initiatives that, frankly, do nothing for readiness. As long as this administration continues to focus on nonsense like undermining good order and discipline by breaking long traditional and obvious common sense rules of uniforms instead of what is actually necessary for a modern fighting force, a “faux Commander-in-Chief” is about as kind and delicate a description as Obama can expect from a soldier like Allen West.

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  • PapaBear1130

    Colonel West stands up for veterans and flies in the face of the liberal agenda.

    • American

      Love Colonel West .. He is what America needs and quickly!!!!

  • Pat De ESposito

    How the so-called government treats our vets is a national disgrace!
    The so-called ‘rules of combat’ are designed to maximize damage to our troops.
    They are ‘protecting America’ in Afghanistan? How?
    We have lost 2000 troops. That’s 4000 parents who will never see their child standing ever again. Ask them what we are accomplishing in that satanic hellhole !
    Congress…wake up and order some backbones. You are beyond pathetic !

    • jjkrjw

      The wussification of the Pentagon is responsible for all these deaths. 75% of deaths there have occurred during obama’s presidency. He hates our military, I do believe, and wants to cut it to nothing and discourage good people from enlisting by cutting benefits. Homosexuals and women have added new problems–sexual assault. AND, there are more sexual assaults on men that on women.


    Keep this in mind!, the result of all this is.
    LOCK & LOAD!!!

  • freedommonger

    Think about how different America would be right now if it had been Allen West in the White House for the last 5 years! For one thing – Putin wouldn’t be laughing every 10 minutes!

  • worldwatchman

    Or, in other words……Obama isn’t worth a damn. You’re right

  • geneww1938

    Allen West may not be the most brilliant person in Florida, but I have not heard of any Florida politician that is half as good. The RINOs, Liberals, Socialists, Muslims and Communists hate West … but he has my vote anytime.

    • jjkrjw

      Col. West happens to be quite brilliant. Have you ever heard him speak about history? Not just OUR history, but history of the world and even ancient history. He is definitely not short of IQ points.

      • geneww1938

        He is Brilliant … mine was an understatement …no-body else can touch him in an intellectual and honest debate. The RINOs and press get him behind his back.

  • killer62

    Damn I love (and respect) this man!!

  • LHS

    How on earth did this man lose his last election?!!

    • RLC

      It’s that N. East influence. Once they relocate to Fl, they bring their liberal crap with them.

      • carlcasino

        Amen RLC, It’s happening all over the South. The Calif. Libturds moved to Colorado and the snow birds that craped in their nests up north have moved south.
        Next Election cycle should exclude Lawyers and Snow Birds.as candidates.

    • OzzWorx

      Vote fraud!

    • lokiswife

      Fraud, and a voting commissioner who saw nothing wrong with one area with 175,000 registered voters who turned in 244,000 votes (mostly for the little twit Dem who campaigned on rich daddy’s money). The same kind of fraud that happened all over the country…

  • mb

    imagine is Col west had been appointed instead of hagel…

  • Chicago Zephyr

    Just another reason I/we love getting his emails. We know where he stands, we know what he loves, and we know he has our backs (and we have his!).

  • Janice Foster

    Mr. West what do you expect this muslim to think? Many Americans have come out of their walk around sleep and are now understanding what the most put in office in D.C.
    We need support to impeach the dictator!

  • abqblondie2

    Love Col. West, a true patriot.

  • 48TENN

    West for President!

  • Sam

    Allen West would still be in congress if not for voter fraud in Southeastern Florida.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Allen West is a true American and not a black whiner like the one in Washington.

  • Clint

    With Col. West at the helm, you can bet Putin would be taking a different tack, and wouldn’t be so smug.

  • Sam Houston

    Thank you Colonel West! Spoken like a true Vet and Patriot.

  • Hitched

    As surely as water will wet us, as surely as fire will burn, the lights of liberty are found in the pages you turn: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • bushwacko

    That “thing” in the W.H. couldn’t carry Col. West’s testicles!!!!

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