ON FIRE: Former Obama Fan Goes On Rant, Burns Her Obama Shirt

This young lady has come to the light. However, she leaves out some of the most egregious of his crimes, such as ObamaCare, Benghazi and the IRS Scandal …but still not bad for a former Obama Zombie.

  • Esther Williams

    Well done, young lady. And most importantly – you looked good doing it.

    • charles moore

      Some people are still led.

    • Rattlerjake

      She’a still a bleeding heart libturd. Give her a week and a welfare check and she’ll vote democrap again. Brain dead is still brain dead! She’s a female Barney Fife!

  • AG Dot Com!

    She was doing so good right up until the end there where she essentially absolved him…. hm…

    • Yoikes

      She knows all too well that if she didn’t do that she would be branded a racist.

    • charles moore

      You got it.

  • Zundfolge

    Come to the light? Sounds to me like she’s still a leftist that is just upset that Obama didn’t snap his fingers and create the Marxist paradise in America he promised.

    Glad she’s no longer an Obama Zombie, but I seriously doubt she’s going to join us on the right and help elect a conservative in 2016.

    • charles moore

      She is still an Obama zombie.

      • Zundfolge

        Actually after listening to her rant I think she’s probably now a LaRouche Zombie instead of an Obama one.

    • Lori

      Now she may be teachable! Government in it’s rightful place is good and necessary. What we have today is a bloated corrupt leviathan that is threatening to choke us to death in ways that would make Dewey and Hitler proud.

  • pointdan

    Imbecile x 10 . . . .

    • American

      Don’t be so hard on yourself!!! ROFLMDAO

  • CaptTurbo

    Wow! There may still be hope! What do you know? She’s a libertarian. Good for her!

    • d

      You heard about the local small car dealer who refused to take a car for a trade in because it had a Obama bumper sticker in the trunk lid.

      • CaptTurbo

        Funny. I had my old ’87 VW Vanagon Syncro (4WD) restored last year and the body shop had a board with all the Obama stickers they had removed doing collision work. I told them that no body shop who supported the usurper would be working for me. They said “Relax, we pull them off the cars and use them for targets on the gun range”. lolol!!!!

        • Pablo Descartes

          Someone should produce a dart board with barry’s face on it, guarantee it’d be a money maker.

          • CaptTurbo

            Obama toilet paper was a big hit!

  • American

    Common sense prevails at last!! Thank you dear God!!!

  • Yoikes

    She’s not wrong, but she still doesn’t get it either. But I suppose the enemy of my enemy is my friend!

    • taliesin319

      In this case, no. She did not do her homework before and she stands for nothing that would benefit this country since she is still a proud liberal. As such, she will fall for the next worthless thing her demented party instructs her and those like her to do. Welcome to the world of the permanently dumbed down low information voter.

  • Panors77

    BO is NOTHING like Bush. Quite the opposite. She still sounds like a spoiled rich “valley girl” brat tho, LOL.

  • paulyz

    She actually angry with Obama because he isn’t LIBERAL enough. She is still a Liberal. And she states that, “There, I resolved myself.” Really? By her voting for Obama twice, all the rest of us suffer. I am sure she thought all the warnings about voting for Obama were from “racist” ignorant morons……….She woke up too late and would probably vote for Hillary. It isn’t just the President, it’s the Liberal Democrat Socialist Party & all the federal government dependent selfish Democrat voters………….

    • charles moore

      You don’t take this clip seriously? She is still an Obama Fan. She comes out after he has been elected twice and can’t legally run again?She does not mention Benghazi where four Americans were killed or the IRS that can affect all Americans. or Obama Care which affects all Americans. In other words, she doesn’t mention the insult to Americans but she does mention that he is ‘ “as bad a Bush”. This is a clip to again shift blame to Bush and away from Obama.. She is still an Ardent Obama supporter who doesn’t care about Americans and is still carrying water for Obama.

  • KonaGabe

    Obama is 10 times worse than Bush. Taxes go up and up, Freedom goes down and down.

  • JoAnn Barrick

    Another BRAINLESS OBOT !!!

  • TPS12

    Too late.

  • NoLibLiz

    Notice, she has no suggestion for what to replace “government” with. She just wants to share love and peace–until someone comes along and robs her of everything she owns, captures and enslaves her. THEN she will want some “government” to save her. Really, I suspect she would be looking for rescue long before the dire scenario I describe but sometimes the point needs to be super obvious so it can’t be ignored.

  • msVickiFlorida

    I was impressed until she forgave him because he is a tool. Still excusing the POS

  • Ralph Frank Watzke Llb

    But she didn’t burn her bra…. :)

    • Doc Holliday

      She didn’t have one on.

  • warpsix

    Welcome to the Real world

  • me1952

    BHwahahahahahahhaha. You dimwit. This is what you get for your mindless worship of an unknown Chicago thug. Just another low information voter. Go join your friends at Occupy Wall Street and make sure to stay near the rape tent. You’ll need it for your protection from other dimwits like yourself.

  • finally1985

    All the info we know now about O.. was being reported 6 years ago. Too bad a bit of research was not done before she fell for a smile and smooth words…then we could have avoided all this….

  • Stand_Down

    This indoctrinated little filly had ZERO idea why she hated President Bush. But at least she is catching on to the disaster that is Obama

  • nunya

    Where the hell was she in 2010 and 2012? She probably voted to give zero more time because bush had screwed things up so bad. Then she realized all the stories about zero and the NSA, IRS, Drones, DOJ, Benghazi, Fast and furious were all TRUE.
    She is an ideologue who will probably vote for hitlery in 2016, so my advice to her is she should just stand asside and let the grownups (TEA Part Conservatives) fix the mess that both parties have created like we always do when America is on the brink.

  • Reelman1946

    The arrogant apostles of toxic socialism are a virus that infects gullible nations…
    “Genius” American democrats actually believe the Socialist Utopian Model
    (monster gov-meant/high debt-taxes-borrowing/secularism) somehow fits America…LOL….
    they must be the dumbest humans ever made…
    Democrats and their sheep spend half their time boldly lying/smearing/demonizing and making fantasy promises….
    its what they must do……its all been done before…ask Fidel or other miserable stagnant nations…

    The kneepad libmedia clucks on about how monster control freak gov-meant socialism will get us that utopia…
    That utopia never ever ever arrives!!! (its purgatorial misery gets here in 5 years though)


    • tom69

      WoW! people, What about kindness and forgiveness. At least she is Learning and can now see clearly the lies that have been spread, and where this
      administration is headed.

  • kay

    Idiots–millions of them–

  • monacall

    To bad so sad how you feel now it’s a little late. You shouldn’t have been so gullible when he was running. When was your first indication he was lying? When you got into obozocare? Was it the IRS attacking the tea party or was it fast and furious when the PERSON YOu ELECTED out another socialist in charge of the doj? When was it. Oh I bet I know when it was when people you love lost ther health care when it was personally effecting YOU. That’s when. You and the rest of the idiots that voted for this traitor twice deserve all that comes down. But guess what someone that is constitutionally minded a fiscal conservative will bail you out. Like we do all the time. I just hope you and others like you get out of this self righteous attitude and start thinking about your children and their children before you vote again. Quit being so stupid THERE IS NOTHING ILL REPEAT THIS THERE IS NOTHING FREE SOMEONE IS PAYING FOR IT.

  • Anthony Alexander

    She is an idiot………and how do we know she isn’t a plant to perform this act. As a conservative I find this phony………………While she bullet lists what we already know…what is she proving here other than her “performance”

    • Bonk

      I hope you’re wrong – perhaps she did it to send a message to all of the people of her age that were duped and still are clueless. I remember my that in my teens and twenties (some half century ago) that I called myself a democrat. Life’s experience taught me the true meaning of a democrat, or liberal, so it was around the late twenties when I realized my values aligned with conservatives. I blamed LBJ for the Vietnam war, but my eye opener was the realization that SS is legalized theft by the government.

      • Anthony Alexander

        Come on!!!! She is such an obvious PLANT she needs a POT….

  • pduffy

    Too late. The damage has already been done.

  • FireBlogger

    Welcome to adulthood young lady.

  • Louman

    I believe she was anti war, and that is why she did not like Bush, so she voted for someone who declared war on the American people. She still has much to learn.

  • d

    My neighbor, who was a die hard Obama fan, was so P O’d about the Obamacare insurance ( he thought he wouldn’t have to buy it) scraped the Obama/Biden sticker off his Subaru. WOW !

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      And now he, and all the others like him, should never vote again.

      • Jojo2014

        They should bleed out from their asses!

  • justathinkin54

    From the mouths of babes. Another low information voter. She even admitted to not even looking into what he was about until after he was re-elected and this my friends is why we are where we are.

  • freedommonger

    I believe that if all of the “former” Obama fans burned their Obama t-shirts, there really WOULD be Global Warming!

    P.S., Too little, too late.

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      I’m with you about the “too little, too late” thing. Not feeling all that forgiving when I think of how so many of us were shouting about what would happen with this tyrant, all of which has come to pass. And remember all the unspeakable names we were called for our attempts to channel Paul Revere? Nope. Too little, too late indeed.

  • Wes

    “The institution of government is the problem.” Oh my goodness… She gets it! She’s seen the light!

  • caskinner

    Now if we could only burn the damage this criminal squatting in our Whitehouse has done.

  • jaxtom

    Too bad he wasn’t in it…

    • freedommonger

      Didn’t go with his mommy jeans.

      • chclttrffls

        Nothing goes with mom jeans.

  • poowg

    Wonder how long it will be before the EPA shows up–air pollution don’t ya know, burning without a permit.

  • Jojo2014

    Maybe with another 10 years of maturity she’ll really understand how much damage she and her compatriots, in their ignorance and lack of due diligence, wreaked on our Republic by helping to elect and reelect this traitorous scumbag. One can only pray to God she has learned from her mistake and doesn’t repeat it by helping to elect other statists/ Progressives in the 2014 midterms and in the 2016 presidential election.

    • http://www.arizonadon.com/ Arizona Don

      She is still an idiot and 10 years is not enough for her to “get smart.”

  • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

    So did she get turned down for an obamaphone or something? Sorry, too little, too late….

  • Carl Mayo

    so she’s irate because obama isn’t far enough to the left?
    at least she’s consistent.

  • http://americaisboiling.com/ frog-out-of-kettle

    This girl gets it. Hope the EPA doesn’t pay her a visit for hazardous dumping of the T-shirt because we all know it’s a pile of manure.

  • Niku

    She doesn’t like Obama, and I don’t like Obama, but I would never say that she’s on my side. She’s just an ignorant, simple-minded girl whose opinions are not worth following, anymore than the type of shoes she favors today. I want no part of the dream world in which she dwells. I want no part of her, and I hope I won’t be hearing from her again.

  • buckofama2010

    She should have left it on and burned it so we have one less moron to vote stupidly next time

  • Nam1

    Obama likes um young and dum!!… Race doesn’t matter.

    • http://www.arizonadon.com/ Arizona Don

      Wrong it matters to obama. He is the chief racist in America!

      • Nam1

        Your right Don, he’s an equal opportunity racist. Oh, by the way, like your hat, I have one very similar.

        • http://www.arizonadon.com/ Arizona Don

          Thank you.

  • http://www.arizonadon.com/ Arizona Don

    She is cute and has an attractive body. But! We may all be happy she finally sees the light and that is an improvement but to vote for a man like obama in the first place shows total ignorance. We never knew where he is from for sure, we still do not know what qualified him to hold the highest office in the land and we do not know what qualifies him to be commander in chief. He has no experience in anything productive to this nation. I could go on and on but to be precise we really know nothing about him because he has hidden his background from us the very people he is to be representing and yet he is destroying the United States of America while we just sit back and say good luck? Maybe the liberal progressive communist democrats do but I will not! This first black president has caused this nation to go backward in nearly every aspect we as a nation used to excel in. Total failure is what obama has accomplished in two terms. I guess you progressives should be proud! It appears it was your goal as well.

  • 19gundog43

    Anyone want to bet she doesn’t turn around and vote for the Hildabeast?? Still has a head full of mush.

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      Of course she will. And yes she does. Maybe she’ll be hungover on election day and won’t make it to the polls.

    • Allen Arnold

      The “Hildabeast”! Haven’t heard that one. I love it! Got a great big laugh! Can I use that?

      • 19gundog43

        Feel free to use it/ I got it I believe for Neal Boortz.

  • Rachel

    She is a naive idealistic college kid. There are millions of them. Glad she realized Obama’s just another big Govt lying socialist. I hope they all do.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Well, it’s a start. She’s headed in the right direction but she needs a lot of tutoring. The point is she’s opened her eyes!

  • speedle24

    So what? This dingbat will be the first in line to vote for Hillary (or whomever promises to bring world peace to the planet) in the next presidential election. This is no help at all. Our only hope is people like her will become really disillusioned with politics and go back into hibernation for a few years.

  • texas57

    IT’s a start………………….

  • bbyank

    Ohhhhhh what’s the matter girl Obama didn’t live up to your expectations? I don’t feel sorry for any American voters who elected Obama the Liar and his Base who preached this HOPE AND CHANGE BS. Live with it people, you morons voted for the guy. I hope those who elected Obama loses their jobs, healthcare coverage, pay higher premiums, and tax the heck out of you..Maybe then you dumb voters will use your brains for once. I got a laugh at the gullable, stupid Americans who fell for Obama’s BS.

  • chclttrffls

    So it took this little cupcake FIVE YEARS to figure out what the people she probably called “stupid”, “evil”, and “racist” knew way back then. Pardon me if I don’t celebrate her late arrival at common sense.

  • pduffy

    Oh, and one more thing….you might want to check that birth certificate before you go into the voting booth and throw the lever (or press the flat-screen), and give some guy that you have no idea where he came from the firepower to destroy the planet with a press of a button because he said he wanted ‘change’.

  • Daniel Gray

    At least one obamie has come to their senses (obamie is an obama zombie, or one that will kiss his arse no matter what he does)

  • Michael

    Another person who’s eyes have been opened. (Sniffle) It’s a beautiful thing.

  • Medic614

    Too little, too late.

  • HongryHawg

    I hope the younger minions will listen to her, since they don’t trust the older ones.

  • D-man

    She is just as full of bull scat as she was before she put on the shirt or fell in love with words,rhetoric,and posturing.She is naive to the point of scary and I hope that this generation never controls our government ,the nation wouldn’t last a presidential term if this new age mush head becomes the norm and not the exception.

    • VicccUs65

      Agreed, 2016 she will be out for Hillary, She will swallow a repackaged Hillary-branded version of Obama’s lies and march to the polls to elect another libtard POS…assuming anything is left of the country by then.

    • mb

      compare this little slut to the 16 year old pro-life girl that was attacked the other day by the professor…our pro-life girl is courageous to stand up to these clowns…this little tart could only manage to burn a shirt…

  • James Anderson

    Amen! You go girl! However, sadly to say, most of the liberals who endorsed him for Dictator, oh I mean President, still do. He can do NO wrong, in their eyes, no matter what he does or says. As one individual said, “He could take the cutest little puppy in front of the White House and slaughter it in front of the cameras and they would still love him.”
    Oh, you did leave a few things out, like, FEMA camps, massive ammo purchases for the DHS, Secret Deals with foreign nations, murders in Benghazi and a multitude of other things. But, you still did a fantastic job and I am happy to see one person admitt that they made a massive mistake.
    I do agree, there is no difference between Republican and Democrat. Keep speaking up!

  • stbaumsb9155

    it’s just sad that obuma wasn’t wearing that shirt!!! do you know any other president so hateful of America or that ran down America and the Constitution, along with the American people EVER?? has any other President been given the FREE ride by the lame stream media, with all of his gaffs and stupid remarks that were totally insane, you have partially woken up!!

  • red55bird

    To late girl you done sold you soul to Obama, and turn this nation into a Socialist country, burning your shirt of Obama is not going to make it with me girl, hell the damage is already done because of people like you.

    • medic2003

      Don’t bash her for realizing it even now. We NEED people like her to learn the truth and vote for people who will uphold the constitution. Won’t matter who the president is if the Congress is just full of big government scum.

  • Mort Leith

    She’s STILL a mindlessTW1T because she has allowed herself to be brainwashed by the LAMEstream liberal media that Bush was BAD,, when in fact he WASN’T ! !

    90% of the bash on Bush actually belongs to the liberal Controlled CONGRESS that had majority control the entire last TWO YEARS of Bush,,
    get a clue already you young g00-g00-Heads…

    • dmbunce

      Wow! I thought I was one of a few that really knew the truth! Glad you told the truth for people to see. Bless you Mort!

    • medic2003

      She was right about Bush on some levels. He was bad. NDAA, the Patriot act the dhs, all unconstitutional crap as bad as it gets. Compassionate conservative just means I’m big government, I just want you to believe I’m not. War on terror? Cmon, that is just a way to give themselves license to skirt the constitution and go attack whoever they want because hey they are terrorists. Was Bush as out of control as Obama? No. You can’t just say he wasn’t bad though. I bought into all his crap, voted for him twice. I damn sure never voted for Obama or his ilk. There are people and very few of them that want to follow the constitution. Bush was not one of them. I’d have to applaud this girls for.at least realizing Obama is a fraud and least hating him as much or more than she did Bush.

      • John Hand

        I supported Bush, but as time went by I heard him say more than once that “Islam is a religion of peace.” After the second time I wrote a letter to him and threatened to shut off all donations. Of course I never saw a reply but I never heard him say it again.(LOL, yes, he heard me.) But then I slowly began to realize that Bush also was not the man of God I thought he was. I learned that he comes from the Methodist church, which I do not feel is interpreting the Bible as it was written. But at least he went to a church while in Washington. After a couple of token appearances in the beginning, Obama has never been seen in a Christian church since. Of course we all know he does his praying on a rug.

    • pduffy

      “Allowed herself to be brainwashed”. Probably not. I don’t think there is that much upstairs for her to allow it to be washed away.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Still a valley girl idiot.. She will be easily propagandized again and continue to vote for liberal skum.

  • fidlin1

    Once is enough, but twice, you’ve got a lot of ‘splaining to do Lucy!’

    • Deborah G

      OMG you folks are making me laugh, I bet 1/2 the readers have no idea what we are laughing at old Folks like us (-:

  • RayR55

    Another liberal idiot trying for her 15 minutes of fame. Get a life loser.

  • USPatriotOne

    And then there was LIGHT…!!! Now if can get the rest of the un-useful brain washed idiots to see the light our Nation might have a chance! If not We Patriots will have to do all the heavy lifting like usual to save our Nation..!!!

  • http://www.il-ccw.com/ Paladin

    I’m sorry but all I could here instead of the musial score that was accompanying this… film… was “Aquarius”.

    She’s just one mind trip on LSD away from the whole ‘free love’ movement.

    • Deborah G

      hahahah now you are showing your age Too funny

  • WileyPost

    Holy Moly! She just violated EPA Title A, Section; SS; Burning an Obama Shirt in the Public Domain; Don’t worry, as soon as the smoke trail is pinpointed; a DHS drone will deliver it’s package and we’ll have one less potential conservative dissenter, terrorist, instigator, right wing nut-case. – signing out; Agent 43ll; NSA Internet Team-Watching Internet Terror (NIT-WIT) NOTE: Confidential; Mr. Holder’s Eyes Only.

  • mb

    hot little babe though…

  • themadplumber

    maybe this can be the start of a new party, The burning shirts, the hot tee’s, i like that one,
    Ill burn my shirt befor i give it to you party, Or how’s the burning shirt enlighting me as what a Liberal is?

  • mb

    I’m guess that her mommy and daddy have good jobs and are not on welfare or she’d still be “blowing” his horn…

    • Deborah G

      Now now he doesn’t let girls blow his horn silly man

  • gipbmac

    its sad that every time I hear about or read about some stupid speech or current event issue that obumer is going to give I just laugh and ignore it because he has absolutely no respect or relevance as to what is going on – no one respects him any more – he’s a sad sick joke…

    • SadAmerican4America

      No one respects him anymore? I NEVER respected him. From the moment he said “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” I KNEW HIS AGENDA FOR AMERICA.

  • Merlinever

    Although this young woman is now on the right track, she’s still a little short of seeing the whole light:
    When she listed Obama’s crimes she said, “You seized the authority to assinate Americans without providing any evidence of their guilt

  • http://www.voteforliberty2014.com/ VoteForLiberty

    I welcome anyone who sees the light but, and I’m sorry for this, as hot as she is this girl is as dumb as a box of rocks. I quit listening to her the first time she said how much she hated GW and just watched because I thought she was going to take off ALL of her top.

    • John Hand

      Yes, VFL, if she had taken off her top that would have been a REAL vote for liberty.

  • mb

    after watching the video and reading some of the comments it finally hit…the reason she’s so pissed off is because she is acting out as if she was dumped by the high school QB that whispered sweet nothings in her ear just to get in her pants…once he had his fill and the conquest started getting old he dumped her and moved on…he humiliated her so now she needs some kind of revenge to make herself feel better…

    • Deborah G

      LOL true

  • BamaReb

    If anyone could not see this punk they call a President as to what he really is from the beginning they need help in a bad way. It made me sick the first time he was elected and all we had on the other side was a communist clone of the same breed. We really did not have a choice in 2008.

    • GenEarly

      I missed the whole Bush family NWO history from prior to WWII, so I grant some mercy to the young lady. If you want a bigger army don’t demonize the new recruits, comrades.
      Let’s get her some range time…………

    • Deborah G

      We had a choice better a Rhino than a commie

  • JoeBlake

    What about her fading Obama poster?

  • dave

    All she had to do was check his voting record before she voted for him. Like many other whites,she probably thought that would be waycist.

    • Deborah G

      I checked him out the first time I heard him speak as a Senator because I said to my husband” God save us now, all the liberal morons will make this creep our next President. T” That was two years before he ran for office. I warned everyone , of course the freebie gimmie pigs were all for him. A totally [almost] racist vote except for the stupid vapid women who fell all over themselves trying to prove how liberal they were.

      • Marsha

        Deb. I’am with you!! I could see through his Marxist way from day one!! All anyone had to do was read some Chicago papers and know he attended Progressive (Communist) meetings and his party tried to get rid of all the banners & signs that touted him “As the man from Kenya”!!!

      • John Hand

        Hey Deborah, you do know that Obama was the assigned one to be president don’t you? Something had to be done to take the USA out of the picture so that Israel could stand ALONE in the End Times as predicted in the Bible for centuries. So how to make Obama a president? Well, first he had to be a senator or governor or something. Hey, let’s have him run against a favored Republican for US senator from Illinois. But how to have him, this unknown do nothing black man come out of nowhere and be the US senator. I know, let’s dig for dirt on the Republican. Let’s break some laws and dig into Jack Ryan’s divorce records that were SEALED by the court and see if there is any dirt there. Hey look at these records we were never supposed to see because of the children involved. Jack took his wife, one Seven of Nine Borg Jeri Ryan to a sex club and asked her to have sex with him in front of others. It’s all right here in the divorce decree. Let’s get this into the news immediately! So then one Jack Ryan resigned from the campaign, and the way things have been going in this country he should have stayed in because apparently no one cares about sex scandals anymore, and since the Republicans could not come up with a viable candidate in a short time, Obama became US Senator. Two short years later with nothing in his resume as a senator, he is president. Was this fate? Was it providence? We don’t know, but it had to happen.

  • dontdoitagain

    Well, now she’s done it. She’s polluting the environment and probably does not even have a burn permit. There are noxious chemicals in that shirt. The EPA will be doing an investigation. She took exception to Obama, so she is also a racist hater and maybe could be charged under the hate crimes laws. Reverends Al and Jessie may have to intervene, maybe have a protest in front of her house, replete with fiery rhetoric until she is led out in chains. The IRS probably wants to know why she has so much money that she can afford at least 2 shirts…

    • SadAmerican4America

      Just send her to BO’s FEMA camps.

    • John Hand

      Is burning an Obama shirt in your yard the same as burning a cross in a black liberal’s yard? Seems like it would be.

  • Deborah G

    Welcome to the Tea Party LOL Nce to see a kid with brains but sad to see one so disalussioned by Varrack Obama……join the club. He is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. I agree.

    • FletchGuy

      Shes definately not Tea Party material as she is mad Obama isn’t liberal enough which is scarey.

  • eman

    She is unhappy with Obama because he is not liberal enough. She is still a liberal little idiot.

    • SadAmerican4America

      You hit the target! That is the issue with ALL liberals who have defected from BO. It’s ONLY because he wasn’t liberal enough!

      • eman

        Right you are. That is what scares me, the idiocy of the liberal electorate.

    • John Hand

      Yeah, that bit about he (Obama) refused to close Gitmo shows how uniformed this little 47 percenter is. Obama tried to close Gitmo, but his advisors and the military said no way, keep them there for multiple reasons. Obama has been trying to go around Gitmo by bringing detainees to America and lawyering them up to go to court, so in a way he is overriding the purpose of the place.

  • John Stratemeyer

    She’s certainly come a long way, but it’s plain to see that she still has quite a ways to go. I hope I’m mistaken, but my guess is that she’ll soon be jumping on the Hillary Rodham “What difference does it make? Clinton bandwagon.

  • Prof. T.

    why is it that no one on this thread heard her finish with Govenment itself is the problem…I suppose she is pissed because another Communist didin’t acheive utopia as Marx promised and anarchy must be the answer! please don’t insult anymore boxes of rockses –lol

  • ItalianScallion

    He is worse than Bush, because he HATES this country, Bush didnt.

    • Marsha

      Bush was o.k. and the military love him!! They hate Obummer!!! I know a 3 generation military family and they can’t STAND Obama!!! Bush was NOT a LIAR and as weak as Jimmy Carter was-at least he didn’t LIE like Obama does!!

      • frustrated

        I wish some military people would fix our problems.

      • sootsme

        Bush is Tweedle Dum to Obama’s Tweedle Dee, just better at it. The PTB just used O to match the new, “improved” American demographic…

    • John Hand

      He (Obamascam) is just worse than Bush? Is that the best you can do? Very weak in your delivery. Repeat after me: Obama is MUCH worse then Bush. Again: Obama is MUCH worse than Bush. Now repeat 100 times.

  • refuse2lose

    Bet your house this little mush-brain will be standing in line in 2016 waiting to cast her ballot for Hillary Clinton…

    • Doug1962

      I agree.

  • Up Huff

    She was doing alright until she got to the 3:25 or so mark. She’s not going to have much luck sucking up to Islamics either. In fact, she’d be getting more of what she burned her Tee shirt for… in spades.

  • TomT

    Now lets see you burn a HILLARY let Benghazi t-shirt up. And I Islam promotes Islam Terrorism.

  • Rob Price

    This is beginning to happen more and more frequently. The “rats are finally starting to flee the sinking ship!! Or, they finally found their good sense!

    • SadAmerican4America

      The rats may be fleeing the sinking ship, but they already sunk the ship for the rest of us. Stupid people! They STILL make me angry. I have no sympathy for any BObots who have finally seen the light. I just hope that they are majorly affected by BO’s agenda. I have been, and it hasn’t been fun, so I wish the same fate on all of them!

  • Sgt.Thuglas

    She shoulda popped out those sweet tits when she pulled that nasty shirt of to burn it.

  • Jose

    Hey where’s Liberal Chick these days?

    • sandman

      Looking for matches?

  • SadAmerican4America

    She and her ilk put BO in office TWICE and allowed him to CONTINUE destroying America. So, to use Commie Pelosi’s words: “What difference does it make?” now that the ObamaBOT has seen the light and is whoopie whoopie burning a shirt? She’s left the rest of us, who were smart enough to know HIS AGENDA for the U.S. — it’s called “fundamental transformation” — to pay the price for her stupidity. She was too stupid to understand the meaning of the words. So now, the U.S. exponentially goes into the drink and she’s just burning a shirt? Big whoop! America is on the decline because of her and the rest of the BO cult!!

    • jORDAN

      Hillary said “whAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE”.

  • Liberty

    Hmm…now expect this smart little cookie to be in trouble for hate speech! But I see as HOPE for the younger generation!

  • Marsha

    Duh!! I could have told you what he was from the beginning!! We tried to warn you people that he was a “Phony” and a Marxist from one of the most corrupt cities in the USA!! ” LIAR of the Year” should be Liar from the beginning!!!!

  • John Hand

    I am not impressed young lady. You can not go through life thinking that ALL government is bad. You criticize Obama, but I feel that you were ineffective and incomplete in your criticism. The way you talk, it sounds like you might be happy if the Taliban came in and took over, you know, no organized government and all that. Oh, wait, they might make you cover your little body head to toe, then put some more cover on so that no only can no one see in, but you will not be able to see out too. But don’t worry, one day they might cut off your head, and then you won’t need to see.

    • sootsme

      Relationships are based on force or logic. Which do you suppose government uses? She is correct, even an airhead can figure it out, if they will but take an honest look…

  • Sylvester Jones

    She’s dead on.

  • reggiec

    Most people do not wake up until they are actually harmed themselves .

    First they came

    Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the cowardice of German
    intellectuals following the Nazis’ rise to power and the subsequent purging of
    their chosen targets, group after group.

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak
    out– Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak
    out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak
    for me.

    Insert your own classifications!

  • chuckles

    guaranteed Hillary voter. She has no clue about anything even now. Moron.

  • TycoMA1

    Well she got Conservatives confused with Republi-Commies. Other than that at least there is some light making it’s way into her darkness. Maybe next time she will f’ing listen and pay attention to what she thinks is a good idea rather than going off half cocked and fantasy minded.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      ***Maybe next time she will f’ing listen and pay attention to what she
      thinks is a good idea rather than going off half cocked and fantasy

      Maybe in another twenty years.

      • TycoMA1

        Good call!

  • dave

    This airhead’s brain matter is like a metal BB in a large aircraft hanger. She going to start breeding soon, doesn,t that scare you ?

    • TC

      Scares the SH|T outta me! She’ll find a dood dumb enough to impregnate her then she’ll go on welfare. You’d be surprised how many white women are on welfare today!!!!

  • Ridley

    So she had no idea what was going on for a couple of years until she “googled” the news? She is still a moron and has a lot of growing up to do.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Squirrel: cute little animal, head full of nuts.
      She’s not smart enough to bother looking at the background of the liberal she voted for, before she voted. Now she’s unhappy with him. Five years ago she didn’t want to hear anything against her messiah.

      • frustrated

        Give her a break. She was young and dumb. At least she wised upped. VERY few young people have.

        • Daniel F. Melton

          Wised up? More like she’s disappointed that “o”boy was not as lib as she’d wished. I’d keep this one at arm’s length or further.

        • chronovisor

          she’s STILL dumb but not as young…and she hasn’t “wised” up, she complaining obozo ISN”T progressive enough!

  • Jakob

    Anything to get you ass seen on the internet…….

  • Lawrence Behr

    I just read most of the posts here, maybe you should listen again as to what she said.
    She spelled it out loud and clear! it is the established government period!
    It does not matter who is the potus, it is the entire system that is so corrupt that they know now that we know now and that is why they are afraid across the board of Americans owning firearms especially “assault “weapons yet they assault the American people daily with their belief that o”bastard is the great savior and will “transform America”…well he has done just what he said he would do…Still have a job?
    As for the girl… are you single and looking?

    So go ahead take your best shot folks I am not some little girl, I am a full grown BEHR

  • Medic01

    I got the distinct impression she was trying to show her body more than speak her viewpoint(s?).

    • Flashing Scotsman

      You say that like it’s a bad thing. Personally, I’d like to see more.

    • chronovisor

      yeah? and i would be DOWN with that…….obviously she lacks brains but does have a body

  • oldironsides

    Daniel Greenfield on Front Page just filled in some details about this so-called Obama Girl burning her shirt. Turns out her reasons for doing it aren’t what you may may think.

    “The video is going viral on conservative sites so I thought that it might be a good idea to provide some context.

    Carey Elizabeth Wedler is Adam Kokesh’s girlfriend. Kokesh is a radical anti-war activist who worked with Code Pink and MoveOn.org. He briefly had a TV show on Putin’s RT propaganda network.

    Wedler has been pulling the “I’m no longer an Obama fan” routine for a while now over the usuals for the Ron Paul crowd, mainly drone strikes on Al Qaeda terrorists.

    Like Kokesh and the rest of that crowd, Wedler is a sick twisted individual filled with hate for her own country. You can see a sample of that in her post after the Boston Marathon bombings: “The Victims of American Terrorism”.”

    Read the rest here along with the embedded links: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dgreenfield/about-that-girl-burning-an-obama-shirt-viral-video/

    • chronovisor

      yeah i got the same feeling that obozo ISN”T “progressive” liberal enough again read my above post, this fool is NO conservative

  • Lowell


  • deseartu1

    Now she needs to keep waking up all of her friends!

  • sootsme

    Josie Outlaw’s little sister! Awesome…

    • chronovisor

      awesome? she’s WHINING he’s not liberal enough!

      • LHS


      • Betty Bryant

        She’s an anarchist. Sounds like she wants no government at all.

  • chronovisor

    this is EXACTLY why ONLY landowners should be voting in fact if you pay NO taxes you should NOT be voting PERIOD! naive gullible mo ron

    • sandman

      Yes! and at one time in Our Great Country, you had to be a land owner to vote! at one time it was the law!!

      • chronovisor

        yeah and it’s TIME to bring it back and the very least ANY one on the government teet does NOT get to vote under any circumstances, and i would INCLUDE federal employees!

        • sandman

          I would say if you are a landowner, or active duty military or a veteran you should be allowed to vote, all other? sorry bout your bad luck, but this Country is so far in debt, that only those with as the pres. likes to say “skin in the game” should be the ones calling the shots as far as those elected to office! I know there is an argument that land taxes are only local, and yes it is true, so at least in local elections have only the land owners and active duty/veterans voting in local elections, and as far a federal? only those with taxable income will be the ones who are able to vote! which would leave those who have “Earned Income Credits” for a return would have to forgo their rights to vote, and like I said only those with taxable income…….

          • chronovisor

            woh woh woh! yes by all means military men should be allowed to vote, he!! they should probalby get TWO votes for serving! when i say “fed” employees i mean the parasites that work at irs, epa, doe, etc etc and when i say “government teet” i mean welfare recipients (wait is that a “racist” term yet????)

          • sandman

            Oh Yea! I knew what you meant, and totally agree with it! The powers that be should be giving U.S. either this, or term limits, one or the other!

  • blusportie

    She’s bright enough to see that King Barry’s a POS, but not bright enough to grasp much else about reality. Gotta start somewhere, I suppose.

  • digdeeper

    Government as it is today is corrupt….she hits the nail on the head with that but it’s not the way government is supposed to be. If it were operating on Consitutional principles and our representatives took their Oath of Office seriously, defended, upheld, and abided by it, they would essentially need only to defend, uphold and abide by our unalienable rights and liberties….and stop the madness of thousands of legislative restrictions that limit our freedom. We need term limits, which i believe our founders had in mind. Serve your country as a representative for a time then go back to the private sector and be subject to the same laws you passed. No perks, no pension for life, no subsidies, no bribes and special interests. They have nothing to do with governing this country. And by the way, it’s government by THE PEOPLE…those elected to represent us. They won’t buy into term limits so we have to get them out of office when their time is up. Two terms…and then adios. And the libs and progressives, the communists in congress, (google it!) they are guilty of treason,violating their Oath of Office and working against our constitutional form of government. And that’s a crime.

    • LHS

      Exactly. Been beating this exact drum for DECADES. Do it. Do it. Do it.

  • lizaz

    It’s a good start…….

    • Lever Gun will Travel

      Well a start to somewhere. She could easily be stepping off onto the hippie anarchist trail based on the rant.

  • AFSarge

    Wait a minute! She burned an obama shirt? She is a stinking right wing raciest! She is White and is speaking out about obama and burned one of the almighty’s shirts with obama’s picture on it! She is a racist! Okay, that is enough, I almost threw up on that one! Well, I guess this might be her first baby step and an awakening to conservatism, maybe. We can only hope that she is starting to see what we have been seeing for a long time in government. I’m praying that she will blossom like many others have done and join the fight. If possible, support and mentor her, but above all let her decide what is right based on facts and not belittle or through jabs at her pushing her back. Her views at the moment may not be aligned totally with ours or your way of looking at things, so don’t try to push her in to something she may need some time to get comfortable with. To many people today do not have patents and turn off people that would otherwise become allies, trying to push their point of view. We all need to stop that and give people like her some time to absorb what they are seeing and coming to. I remember as a teen, going to a church after a long time away from it. I left because of bad behavior of the church elders. Trying to come back I was turned off by the over zealous, if you are not there every day praying and getting in the face of others about their sins, you are not really a Christian, types. It took years before I went back and found a church that was not that way. Just remember, it took you sometime to get where you are today (Rome was not built in a day) so give people time and mentor them. Don’t dump a bunch of stuff one them and turn them off. I really think that is one of our biggest problems today, not having patents and mentoring skills. Not everyone can do that, but count yourself as blessed if you do have those skills and help the rest of us!

    • Clint

      I probably have all the patents that I will ever have which, by the way, is zero. It is patience, waiting for these 18 year old kids and young adults to wake up, be mature enough to see people like Obama for what they are, before they elect them to office. AF Sarge, I assume you are a veteran. In the 60’s the voting age was dropped from 21 to 18, best I can remember, because everyone said, “it was not right for someone 18 or older to be able to enlist, and sacrifice their life for this country, but not have the right to vote”. Sounds noble and good, don’t you think? When I enlisted at 17 y/o in 1961, my parents had to approve with their signature. Four months later I was married, again it required my parents signature. Had I been able to vote at that time I shudder to think to whom I would have given my vote. Why is that you say? The answer is, I was just as immature as this young lady, and did not have the life experience to be able to choose wisely. It has taken this young lady 5 years to realize the fraud Obama is. Do the math, If she was 18 when she voted the first time for Obama, she would now be 23 years old, having voted for him the second time. If she thinks that burning a tee shirt of Obama and his likeness somehow rights the wrong and immature vote, twice, she has not grown and matured very much since she was 18. Kum Ba Yah is great for the campfire, but it is deadly when voting for leaders Sir.

      • Lever Gun will Travel

        I don’t know…I thought Kum Ba Yah songs sucked when they first started singing them campfire or no.

        And yes a little consistency would be good on when a person is an adult or not. If you can fight and die for your country, or be forced to through a draft, then you should have some say about who the leaders are. Of course you should also be old enough to decide if you can drink or smoke. The whole ‘we’ll let you get shot but that cig is bad for you’ thing is a bit silly.

  • Clint

    How does a sane person even respond to an airhead like this? I’ve got it! She should move to Houston, Texas. and run for Sheila Jackson Lee’s seat, or maybe California where the field for idiots is wide open. There’s Pelooser’s seat, or Frankenstein’s seat, Boxer’s seat, by the way, that reminds me of my first dog who was a real boxer and was much prettier and smarter than Barbara. If this young lady has finally realized that Obama is a fraud, I can only hope that she is wiser before she, and her cohorts, vote for another of equal un-qualification. Burning shirts is one thing. Maturing to the point that politics is not a joke is something else entirely. Who was it that ever said that someone matures at 18 years old? When I was 18, I thought I had it going on, and I really didn’t understand just how immature I was. I was in the U.S. Navy and married and working on my first child as hard as I could, but as my daddy used to say, “I was not dry behind the ears”. Neither is this young lady, but she will wake up one day and realize just how immature her actions and words are.

    • Willi Wonka

      Clint: She may be among the few who are beginning to understand. Do not trample the seedlings. Regardless of how “grown up” you were, these kids might have it tougher in the future than we ever will. And before you go ranting about how tough we had it and how strong we are…their prospects are shrinking at an alarming rate.
      Try reading into her words about the system, you might discover something.

  • ed28

    She is just too stupid to know what she wants. Very sad. Elected Obama and “laid back for a few years” Turned on th news and found the Obama mesiah had created change, he turned himself into “George Bush”.

    O.K. sweetie pie, you can stop trying to prove that you are a brainless liberal, we believe you!!!

    • TC

      She’s an excellent reason why women should never have gotten the vote. If anything, she’s too stupid to vote!

      • ed28

        It has nothing to do with her being a woman. It has everything to do with her being a brainless liberal who now feels like her own decision to vote for Obama just provided him with an opportunity to piss in her corn flakes bowl.

        Stupid is as stupid does.

        • TC

          ed28, you need to grow a pair. Women reason with emotion, men reason with logic, except for queers who reason with FEELINGS, just like a woman.

          • ed28

            TC, apparently yours are big enough for a whole crowd of dorks. I think you should change your strategy and grow a brain. I know it will hurt, but when you practice for a while, thinking will seem quite natural, even to you.

          • TC

            I have a brain, I also have cojones. You, apparently have none.

          • ed28

            Maybe you should try using the brain, if you really do have one.

          • TC

            ed28, I do use my brain. Apparently the woman in this video did not use hers UNTIL FAR TOO LATE. Using your brain quickly and in time requires cojones, which she does not have and you obviously do not have.

        • TC

          Yes she was a brainless liberal. The great majority of brainless liberals are women, homos, carpet munchers and college professors. Most have never had real jobs.

  • sandman

    What the air head is wishing for, and she has not a clue about it, is a true conservative government, with conservatives that believe in and honor the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, word for word the way they were written by the Founding Fathers! Which also by the way also believe in limited government outreach! not like the current cabal in power!

  • gloria

    This is an example of dumbed down mind-numbed idiots that our public schools and universities are churning out by the millions – thanks to us paying the tab. After her little tantrum, she will just vote for the next liberal heathen like hillary. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten her. However, I do love it when liberals attack each other, like the old west robers who shot each other after they robbed the train.

  • sandman

    Where is a wardrobe malfunction when you need one?

  • Jon Carry

    The fact that anyone could have been so stupid as to have fallen for Present Øbama is sad. But this girl has woken up, a bit. So, I am going to keep watching her take off her shirt and burning it, over and over, with the sound off.

  • b glad

    The problem was and is not Obama, it his liberal socialist ideology, to which this uninformed mindless being still adheres to. Yes, Obama lied and people are dying, but the way she is selling to peace and love doesn’t work and now she is even more dangerous, because she is blind an actually thinks she can see.


    She is now targeted by the EPA for air pollution. DUCK

  • NiceJoeGreen

    In her wrap-up at the end, she indicates the she finally gets it: Government is a BAD thing. A necessary thing, admittedly, but something to be avoided whenever possible. As Thomas Paine wrote, government is a “punisher”; it is not a device for nurture in any form. Those who believe that Government can “help” are just flat-out wrong. Our Society needs to stand up and take on it’s role of doing “good” and helping those who need help. We need to tell Government to get its grubby fingers out of our social programs.
    Instead of judging Congress by how many laws they pass, we need to judge them by how many they REPEAL!

    • 7up

      Government doesn’t automatically equal badness. It usually heads down that path because of greedy or power hungry people in it and lazy people who are complicit with it. The founding fathers knew these things and told us to have limited government. They should not be providing your food, shelter, retirement, healthcare, etc. Those things are up to you. The job of government should be to organize the country, keep the peace and uphold legitimate laws. That’s ALL it should do.

      • NiceJoeGreen

        Government is a necessary evil; there is nothing “good” about government. As Thomas Paine wrote in contrasting society and government, “the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections; the latter negatively by restraining our vices…the first is a patron, the last a punisher.” We need government, but it is best to avoid it as much as possible.
        It is totally wrong for the government to get into the business of “helping” people–that is not what government is supposed to be for. Most people used to understand that critical principle behind our system, but the majority of today’s Americans have never even thought about it, let alone understood it.

  • GQ4U

    She does mention ObamaCare in the first 60 seconds.
    I wonder how long it will be until the EPA shows up to fine her for environmental pollution for burning that shirt. I for one feel violated having to see the shirt that bears the POS usurper POTUS image on it.
    I did notice she never offered a solution for big government intrusions.

  • CharInOhio

    She mentions Obamacare and IRS but under different pretenses /not fully as to the damage they do ……..or will do …….. but that isn’t bad for a former Obama supporter . Obama was SO bad to her that she now HATES ALL GOVERNMENT LOL …….. Oh well …… who could have seen that coming ? :)

  • runnindeer

    Okay so she hates him now. But she is just about as smart as the flower children of the 1960’s were. She’ wants to spread love and peace ” – good for her but while she’s spreading all that love and peace there must be military to keep her little back side safe from those terrorist that she apparently doesn’t seem to feel are real, and while she hates George W. Bush for war apparently she doesn’t understand that war is why she has the freedom to make her cute video and to live in a Nation where she is allowed to speak out about how she hates American politicians and Government in general.
    I wonder if her parents or the landlord had to replant grass in the spot where she put the t-shirt while it was burning. Nice way to start a grass fire and burn up a good lawn.

    • rabbit

      explain bushies war to all of us.. how the hell it happened, what reason did he have to bomb those people, and why pull out before it was over??

      • runnindeer

        Why do you feel the need to demand of me to explain that to you and to all those you feel need to know? Especially since you have no respect for Past President Bush ( as obvious by your childish name for him) and none for me ( as obvious by your rude attempt to demand instead of request with a reasonable post.
        Why don’t you try to do this instead ; consider and explain why terrorist managed to highjack and fly our air plains into the World trade centers, and Pentagon on 9/11? Explain how the Democrat president Clinton when in charge of world affairs during his tenure as President , failed to get Bin Laden when our military was well in vicinity of him and after he Ben Laden had confessed to being the master mind of the attack on our American embassies in Africa , and the terrorist attack on our Navy ship?
        Then consider and try to explain why this current president has decided to pull our troops out of all areas where we have made progress ? ( that is IF you have the ability to put aside your own prejudice long enough to think clearly! FYI – if you begin by trying to blame our own Government for the attack upon our people on 9/11- do not bother to try to speak to me again rabbit.

        • drdbiggs

          Well said.

  • Daniel Corcoran

    She is truly one of the “common core” students that have been indoctrinated by the libs. Her intelligence level seem to be high but her common sense levels are just short of a few bricks. Too bad she couldn’t have thought for herself and done her own research instead of following the mis-news medias. Of course when you are not taught to learn then you can’t really learn.

  • miprecinct9

    Obamabot without a cause?

  • Blither box

    She was still part of that dangerous bunch of bolsheviks that didn’t want to know anything about the traitorous clown they placed on a throne as a living god.Nope she still has 666 on her head and will wear it for the rest of her days.When I get to the MY People holder at the end of the ride,I don’t want any of the beasts there.

    • VicccUs65

      Yep, in 2016, she’ll be out there lining up with the rest of the lemmings to vote for the Corkscrew Hillary, she’ll have gotten all her “news” from NPR, Colbert, Stuart and MSNBC.

  • Jim

    I want her phone number! She’s hot! Give me a year and I’ll wake her up to Constitutional conservatism.

  • TC

    Took the dumb bimbo this long to realize supporting Obama was stupid. She’s an excellent reason why women should never have gotten the vote.

    • Buyerbwear

      Not all women are that stupid, TC.

      • TC

        No, but MORE THAN ENOUGH women are stupid enough to vote for Obama. The great majority of Obama voters were women.

        • TC

          Women reason too much with emotion. That’s dipshits like Obama get elected….doesn’t matter anyway. There will not be elections in 2016 because of the upcoming “emergency.”

  • Tom K.

    Some folks take a long time and a lot of punishment to finally come around. It’s mainly a lack of critical thinking ability. ( You know, if we do “A” then we will get “B” or even “C” ) Critical thinking is NOT taught in Government Schools whose teachers and administrators are unable to accomplish critical thinking either. It’s called Generation ” Duh – Huh !

  • Stuart

    She didn’t mention that Obama has instructed the VA to eliminate any symbols of Christ in the chapels.

  • Snoopy

    I am a vet and I would tell him to go to hell!

  • 7up

    She didn’t list all the lies and crimes, but that’s ok, because this video would have been over 2 hours if she did. Anyways, at least people are starting to wake up.

  • Aaron M.

    Votes for Hillary in 3…2…1 (years)….

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Barack Obama and all leftists, burn me up!

  • batlcrewzer

    Isn’t this the REAL fear you boys really hide? Oh well, here are the grisly facts:

    ” A majority of women (55%) cast their ballots for
    President Barack Obama, while a majority of men (52%) voted for Governor Mitt Romney, according to Edison Research. ”

    Now at a minimal Progresive rate of 3-5% per election cycle, for those who can, do the math. Now for the coup de gras:

    “and Latinos (76 percent of women versus 65 percent of men
    voted for Obama).” This is our personal avatar……..

  • JayT

    The most egregious item I saw in her video was she seemed to be upset that Anwar Alwaki was taken out. U.S. Citizen? Are you an airhead? When you: meet with the 9/11 Jihadists shortly before they hijacked the planes to fly in the N.Y. Towers as their spiritual leader which in reality was to make sure none were going to back out, you then help publish an Al Quada magazine showing how to make bombs in your mom’s kitchen while continuing to publicly call for attacks on U.S. civilians and military targets, you move to Yemen before the FBI can close the noose around you while helping to set up new bases there to attack the U.S. umm this means you aren’t a citizen any longer as defined by your actions…not a scrap of paper. Going by her logic murder was committed on most of Field Marshal Romel’s Nazi troops during the WW2 conflict in North Africa. Why? Because think about all those Nazi’s in tanks and on foot that were killed without a trial and due process it doesn’t seem right eh?

  • AR154U

    She’s HOT !,.. I bet that little liberal honey has had a lot of abortions !!!
    Obama is so sad she no longer likes him based on his race, he may just sign another executive order making himself happy again !

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